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Prepare for Trouble

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Auror Davidson was really quite worried by the man that was before her. Scamander had rushed in this morning flustered, his usual peacock blue coat replaced by one of the same cut, but in a darker green. His battered case hung by his side, and he smiled. His gaze didn’t meet hers, but that was hardly unusual. He was fidgeting where he stood.
“Do you want some tea Mister Scamander?” She asked, and his smile grew brighter and he nodded.
“That would be spectacular, thank you.” He was as polite as always, and she quickly fetched him a drink in his favourite cup – the one with basilisks painted on the side. He turned it in his hands as he sipped, eyes lighting up in sheer enthusiasm.

“Basilisks are truly remarkable creatures. Incredibly powerful of course, but so easy to produce it’s a wonder that we don’t get dark wizards trying to use them every day. Basilisk cases do tend to tidy themselves up quite nicely. Odd colouration on this one. Normally the eyes aren’t blue, perhaps it is a variant. …” She was used to him rambling about basilisks, it was a familiar topic, but something about his words worried her. He seemed to notice, and took another sip of the liquid, his nose screwing up just a little in dislike. He was too polite to say of course, and the cup at least distracted him.

“Are you working on anything interesting at the moment Auror…” He fumbled for her name and she sighed, trying not to be hurt by the fact he had forgotten again.
“Oh yes! Davidson. Great work with the escaped Runespoor, and some marvellous detective work with that evisceration curse, real headscratcher that one. And I hear you survived a curse designed to remove your lungs – gave yourself gills and dove into the river? Bloody smart move there.”

Davidson nodded, suddenly a little tense. There was something clearly wrong with Newt. She hoped he hadn’t been listening to too much of the office gossip – someone or other was always saying that Newt wasn’t good enough for the director, that they had little in common. It seemed that he had been studying the director’s case notes. He swung his case around in front of him.
“Sorry, you probably didn’t want to talk about that, it must have been painful, but really excellent thinking.” He looked down at the floor, and she reached out to squeeze his hand.
“It’s alright.” She told him quickly. “I don’t mind.”
“Thanks.” He grinned before beginning to monologue. Unfortunately, this monologue wasn’t about the different breeds of puffskein.

“Now, what is the training program you’ve been using for junior aurors? There’s been some horrible modifications to the slugulus curse floating around Europe. People’ve been expelling slugs made of raw meat, or on fire. Even anapneo can’t help if you’re choking on fire. Confringo is always an issue, quite messy when things explode while you’re working with them. And there’s been some remarkable charmed objects. I was studying a pair of shoes which forced the wearer to dance until they died of exhaustion, and-“

“Mister Scamander.” The director greeted him, and Davidson felt a sudden wave of relief sweep through her. He could fix this, get Newt to calm down and return to his normal adorable self, overenthusiastic about something other than how humans could torture each other. She already missed his enthusiasm being focussed on animals. “It has been too long.” The director continued, and Davidson cursed under her breath.

They had argued. And Newt was desperately trying to repair their relationship by trying to turn himself into the kind of man the department had expected the director to end up with.
“It has.” Newt agreed, reaching out to embrace the director.

“Should I worry?” Came a very very familiar voice from the doorway, and Davidson turned to find herself faced with Newt Scamander. She looked back to the figure who was embracing her boss. He didn’t look at all surprised, which ruled out an illusion. And if Grindelwald was trying to infiltrate MACUSA, she could only assume he would make a better job of it.

“Not at all.” Her boss answered. “I was just greeting your brother. Theseus, I see you’ve met Auror Davidson?”