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For Better or for Worse

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.The First Morning.




As morning broke Garak woke up in the usual way. His internal clock as always impeccably woke him nice and early to be ready for another long day at the Central Ministry. For a moment he was confused as to the extra warmth in his bed. Then the last night came back to him in a rush.

Watching the lights of the city go on together, the kiss and the awful fight that followed and then unbelievably Julian showing up at his door that same night. After finally getting things cleared up they had come together most wonderfully.

Garak smiled as he opened his eyes to this new day. Julian had said that every day he wanted to fall asleep in Garak’s arms and wake up every morning the same. So far they were doing well in that regard and Garak reflected that this was the first of many to come.  

Presently Garak was holding Julian’s back to his chest, “spooning” he believed the term was. Julian’s long legs even bent with his own curling into him so completely. Julian’s bare shoulder was so tantalisingly close that Garak leaned in slightly and indulgently breathed in the scent of his new lover. In some ways it didn’t feel new. More like he and Julian had finally progressed to the next stage of their long relationship.   

Julian’s scent brought up images of last night. Oh the sounds he had made, those little moans and curses. And then he had begged. Begged for him! Oh and the feeling of being inside him, his Julian. That first moment of sinking himself into his tight heat…

Too late Garak realised his mistake as blood flow was decidedly redirected down south. As it was his crotch was lightly cradling Julian’s arse. It wouldn’t do to simply evert into his still sleeping mate. Really he had more control than that! He wasn’t some fresh faced youngling.

Then Julian shifted subtly against him and Garak had to repress a groan. Maybe he was a little out of practice. Very carefully as to not wake Julian Garak shifted his hips away just enough to put some space between them.

For a moment Garak thought he had been successful but then Julian huffed in his sleep and wiggled back following Garak’s retreat. If anything Julian was pressing more firmly into Garak than before.

Garak took a deep calming breath. He could feel his body wanted to respond, wanted to bloom and evert. Why did Julian have to feel so good? It was time for some more decisive action. Just as Garak was about to move back again to put an even larger gap between them Julian wiggled against him. This time in a far more apparent motion.

Garak narrowed his eyes suspiciously. Propping himself up on an elbow he peered over the lovely length of Julian’s neck and shoulder to catch his expression. Julian might have been asleep but the slight curve of his lips that gave him away.

“Good morning my dear. Having fun are we?” Garak said lightly.

“Mmmhmm, but not as much fun as you seem to be.” Julian replied unabashed and this time he blatantly ground his arse into Garak’s slight bloom.

Garak’s breath hitched and without a witty retort he allowed himself this moment just to lie back down and enjoy the feeling of it all. Lying in the warmth of his room, the sun slowly rising over his homeland as he lay in bed gently rocking his hips with his mates. He could get used to this.

Garak felt his slit bloom further as he partially slipped out. He was still doing his best to hold himself back but the little breathy moans Julian was emitting were really testing his control. As he slid further between Julian’s cleft he couldn’t help groaning at the delightful friction. Julian’s own movements became more urgent and on a hunch Garak slipped his hand over Julian’s hip to investigate the state of his neither regions.

“Oh yess.” Julian moaned tilting his head back. Julian’s member was already hard, hot and full.

“Who’s having fun now?” Garak smirk into Julian’s neck giving it a bite and a kiss. Julian’s only reply was a contented sigh as Garak swirled his thumb over his shafts dripping head. The digit becoming slick with pre-come.

For a while they simply moved together. Hips and pelvises rocked languidly and Garak’s hand squeezed and slicked up Julian’s cock. His own now fully everted throbbed as it slid between Julian’s firm hindquarters. The friction was teasingly good but not quite enough as he was clenched between them.

Julian’s movements suddenly change from lazy to desperate.

“Shit!” Julian swore and launched forward to grab the bottle of oil that had been left on the bedside table.

Quickly he handed it back to Garak and Garak knew what he wanted. It was what he wanted too. Like a well-rehearsed dance Garak slicked himself up while Julian automatically bent his knee up opening himself wider for Garak. Still loose from their coupling earlier Garak’s hardness sank into Julian’s tight heat with ease. Both men moaning their pleasure at being joined so intimately again.

Garak’s hips snapped forward and a fast pace was set. They writhed on the bed together, Garak’s chest to Julian’s back with Julian’s top leg flung behind Garak’s knee that bent up to opened him further. One of Julian’s hand grasped at the bed covers while the other reach behind to grip Garak’s jutting arse cheek. Garak’s arms had managed to wrap themselves around Julian’s torso. One hand firmly holding Julian to him while the other worked in rapid rhythm on his throbbing shaft.

Their movements became rougher then Julian gasped loudly bowing his tight arse into Garak firmly. Julian shuddered as his scent filled the room and his fluid coated Garak’s hand. Now Garak truly let himself go thrusting in to the hilt one last time while enjoying the way Julian clenched uncontrollably around him and the tightness in his gut clench almost painfully. Garak muffled his own shout into the back of Julian’s neck as he came filling him up completely.

The room stilled and all that was left was their heavy breathing as they recovered from their exertions. Garak found himself stroking Julian gently from chest to belly, around to hip and then back again. What a perfect way to start the day.

But eventually the day had to be addressed so against what his body wanted to do (stay curled up with Julian) Garak eased himself out of Julian’s warm body and out of bed. Julian grumbled intelligibly but otherwise didn’t move looking far more likely to drift back to sleep.

When Garak returned from the bathroom it was apparent that he was correct. Julian was still in the same place he had left him. Garak chuckled deeply.

“Julian. Julian dear you need to be getting up.” Garak said gently while standing over the bed.

Julian rolled to his back and glared lightly up at Garak. This time Garak chuckled louder. Julian looked absolutely dishevelled. Splayed out as he was over the rumpled sheets with his hair a mess, his neck mottled with love bites and then of course partly covered with the evidence of their earlier carnal activities. He was glorious and Garak looked down on him with not only amusement but adoration.

“Come now. If you don’t get up soon you’ll be late for your shift.” Garak continued unfazed by Julian’s glare.

Julian only grunted at first but did sit up with one hand coming up to rub his face.

“Yes your right I know.” Julian shifted uncomfortably and looked down at himself. “Ah, I’m going to be needing a shower. You wouldn’t mind would you?”

“Of course not and I would like nothing more than to grant you this, but I am afraid there is a problem.” Said Garak gravely.

“What’s wrong?” Julian asked looking worried.

“My water rations only allow for one shower a day and as you can see,” and Garak gestured to his own naked body “I am also in need of a shower. But I do have a solution to this little predicament of ours.”

“You do, do you?” replied Julian fairly certain he knew where this was going but it was fun to play along. 

“I do but I’m afraid it may be a personal sacrifice on both our parts.” Garak said and still kept a straight face but his eyes were sparkling with mirth.

“Oh dear, how personal?” Julian said also trying to sound serious.

Very personal. We would be required to have our shower together.”

“How dreadful.” Julian said in mock horror but instantly smiled as he accepted Garak’s outstretched hand. Garak easily help Julian to his feet and was eagerly lead to join Garak in the shower.    


They soaped each other up enjoying each other’s gentle caresses and Julian reflected that this should be more awkward than it was. In every relationship he had ever been in there was a period where both parties were still figuring out how to be together.

He and Garak however moved around each other like they had been doing it for years and yet it was all such new territory. Both men were happy to use this time in an unhurried exploration of each other’s bodies. Julian lathered his hands with the foamy Cardassian soap and revelled in the opportunity to trace Garak’s scales and follow the patterns they made all over his body.

Garak did simular by following the contours of Julian’s muscles. Garak carefully washed away the leftover fluids of their night and morning together and while he touched Julian quite intimately the caresses was more soothing than exciting.

Under the water of the shower they could just be together and once they were both suitably clean they just held each other until the water stopped.



Once Julian had dressed (in his cloths from last night) he went to the kitchen and dining area to find Garak. Garak had somehow managed to dress both quickly and impeccably looking every bit a prominent Minister for Cardassia. He moved through the kitchen with ease and Julian stood a moment just to look over him feeling incredibly lucky.

Garak was looking extremely handsome in his sharp dark suit but it wasn’t just a desirable partner that Julian had gained it was so much more. Garak was someone who was endlessly intellectually stimulating for him and while Julian knew he had yet to conquer the labyrinth of Garak’s mind he was certainly up for the challenge. That was part of the fun after all.

He knew Garak in ways that few did, there was the chance that Julian was the only person alive who knew him so well. It was a privilege that Julian would never betray.

“Ah there you are. I got you some breakfast using your ID number, I hope you don’t mind.” Garak said gesturing to a plate on the table.

“My ID? How did you..? Never mind.” Said Julian shaking his head. Of course Garak knew his ID number, there was no point asking how and Garak smiled innocently as he joined him at the table with that infuriating sparkle in his eyes.

Julian looked down at his plate and saw that he had been given his favourite breakfast food too. He could make a big deal about it but really it was quite pleasing to have a partner that knew him so well. Instead he happily accepted the Tarkalean tea he was offered.  

After a few bites of breakfast and sips of his tea Julian brought up something that had been weighing on his mind. He wasn’t quite sure how to fraise it or how it would be received but after all their past misunderstandings Julian felt it would be better if he was more direct than their usual conversations would allow.

“I’m going to have to run back to my quarters to change before heading to the hospital. I can hardly show up wearing this.” Julian started and grimaced looking down at his rumpled clothing.

“A wise assessment my dear. What would your colleagues think?” Garak said with clear amusement his eyes also lingering on Julian’s state of dress.

“Yes well, I expect I’ll be back here tonight.”

“I certainly hope so.” Garak said looking thoroughly pleased.

“And it’s likely I’ll be faced with the same problem tomorrow…” Julian prompted hoping Garak would see were this was going.

“Oh I really hope so.” And Garak’s smile turned almost predatory.

“So…” said Julian leading.

“So?” Garak razed his eye ridges questioningly and then turned back to his breakfast. 

Julian had to resist the urge to lung across the table and strangle him. He really did love the man but he could be so infuriatingly obtuse when he wanted to be. Instead Julian looked to the ceiling in a bid for patience.

“So what if I brought my cloths here?” Julian said in exasperation. He had started confidently but when Garak’s eyes flicked up to meet his he suddenly felt nervous. “I mean really, it seems like the most practical thing to do.”

“It does sound that way.” Garak said carefully, perhaps even nervously too. “If you are going to go through all that trouble you might all well bring all your things over. No point keeping a room you no longer need.”

Julian smiled wide.

“That would be quite selfish of me. Keeping a whole apartment empty with resources stretched as thin as they are.” It was a little of an over statement. Cardassia had been making great strides lately but that really wasn’t the point of the conversation.

“In that case I am duty bound to insist that you hand over your temporary living space as soon as possible.” All of Garak’s serious tone was ruined by the smile in his eyes. “For the good of Cardassia of course.”

“Of course. I’ll be out by the end of the day.” And Julian managed to bow his head respectfully before breaking out in a deep chuckle.

“Cardassia thanks you for your swift response in this matter.” And Garak soon joined Julian in his laughter.

Julian promptly finished his breakfast and then had to get going lest he be late for his shift. Before leaving he stopped for a long goodbye kiss. Both because he wanted to and now because he could. Garak certainly didn’t mind and nuzzled into his neck before releasing him for the day.

It was only as Julian was walking out to his quarters that the enormity of all that had happened really sunk in. He was with Garak, he Julian had finally taken the leap and found someone to love and that loved him in return. To top it all off he would soon be moving in with him. No one would be taking the smile off his face today. Julian wasn’t sure he could stop if he tried.