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Frerard Shots

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Some people hated winter and would get depressed in the long bitter cold months. Not Gerard though, nope, he loved the cool chill on his skin, how pretty it was when it snowed. Which it had done last night, so Gerard was up and bundled up tight to go out and grab a few pictures of the pristine white while it still looked clean and glistening under the sun, not spoiled by human footprints yet, just a few doggie paws indented in the snow. It almost hurt to look at, but it was just so pretty.

"Hey, babe, what're you doing? Snow?"

Gerard pointed back toward where Frank stood on the porch. "Frank, no, get back in the house, you'll get sick."

Frank scoffed. "No, you're gonna get sick and I'm going to catch it from you."

"I'm bundled up, you're only in a t-shirt and pajamas." Gerard observed and Frank examined himself, yeah, only a tee and thin pajama pants. Frank just shrugged. "Frank Anthony Iero, are you listening to me?"

And usually Frank would laugh at him for sounding like a worried mother-hen, but right now he wasn't in the mood. "You're not my mother, you sure as hell ain't my daddy, you're not going to tell me what to do."

Gerard flinched and blinked a few times, taken aback. "I wasn't trying to tell you what to do, Frankie. I'm just worried is all. Please, let's go inside."

"You're not the boss of me." He folded his arms and leaned against the pillar on the front porch. He was cold, he could feel chill-bumps running up his bare arms and he shuddered, his toes becoming numb. But he was stubborn.

"But I really wasn't trying to be your boss. It's really cold out here." Gerard shuffled towards the porch, and any other time Frank would've smiled at how cute he looked, basically waddling because he was wrapped up in so many layers. He looked like a little kid lost in oversized jackets.

"Cuz this ain't fanfiction." Frank muttered, eyes boring into Gerard as he came up on the porch.

"Oh, god, that again? Ugh. I get so sick of this, Frank, I really do." Gerard went right past him and opened the door to go inside and out of the chilling cold winter air where it was warm.

Frank followed him into the house. "Me too."

"I shouldn't have to suffer because of it. It is not my fault. Our relationship and how we fuck is none of their business." Gerard went on as he struggled to unbutton and unzip jackets, getting his scarf hung in a zipper and growling cutely.

Frank sighed and started helping unbind his boyfriend from his winter clothes entrapment. "I'm sorry, Gee, I just hate the way they see us. Like I'm your bitch and you dominate and rape me."

Gerard pulled his hat off and threw it on the coffee table, his hair sticking up every which way. "But I don't dominate and rape you, it's just their fantasies, you know. You are my bitch though." The little shit grinned and Frank wanted to kiss him.

"I think you got that wrong, sweetheart." Frank snickered as Gerard finished unbundling.

"Why does their shit bother you so much? I'm not your daddy, Frankie, not even when we get kinky. So why do you let a bunch of girls who some don't halfway know the mechanics of gay sex get to you?" Gerard asked.

"I don't know, Gerard, teenagers know a lot about sex these days." Frank said, like Gerard didn't know that.

"I said some. Should I maybe send out a tweet? I can say; by the way, I'm a bottom and please stop assuming Frank is because your opinions hurt his fragile ego." Gerard grumbled.

Frank huffed. "Now you're just getting mean."

"And what do you think you do to me, Frank? You act like being a bottom is demeaning. Is that what you think? Is that what you think of me?" And Gerard seriously looked stricken.

"No, it's what they think. I'm your bottom and your bitch because you're the lead singer, you're taller, you're older, you outrank me. I couldn't possibly top because you're so dominate."

"That's really stupid, for one. I mean, not all doms top, and not all subs bottom. I just happen to be a sub who bottoms. And I don't think I outrank you, that's just ridiculous. You don't bottom because you don't like it, simple as that." Gerard flopped down on the couch, free of winter coats.

"It just upsets me. It really is ridiculous." Frank said, hands on his hips.

"What does it matter anyhow? I mean, so what if some want to imagine you as a bottom? It's just their preference, right? It doesn't make it truth." He picked a cookie up off the table and began nibbling on it.

"They think it is though. I hate that they think so little of me."

It took Gerard everything he had not to snort.

"That I'm not good enough to top. Simply because I'm smaller than you. They see me as a child." He brought one hand up to scratch at his hair.

"Well, they're wrong. I don't see you as a child. I see both of us as kinda childish, but that's beside the point." Gerard licked the crumbs off his lips and then his fingers.

"Like I'm supposed to just sit on your lap and you're supposed to dress me up in dresses and call me a good girl." Not that he saw a damn thing wrong with men wearing dresses, that wasn't the point though, he was just frustrated.

"We both know I'm the girl." Gerard sighed, his obvious femininity aside, he decided to humor Frank.

"They say that's sexist to assume the girl is a bottom or a sub."

"Okay, yeah, but not if it's her choice. It's sexist to not accept girls who are girly and submissive, just like it is to not accept girls who aren't. I always assumed they thought the bottom was the girl because both girls and bottoms.. you know, receive. Not because the bottom or the girl was automatically subservient or submissive. And also, you plop your bony butt down in my lap whenever you please." Gerard nodded toward him.

"Your lap is soft and squishy." Frank said defensively.

Gerard narrowed his eyes. "And your butt's bony, Frank, bony and hard."

Frank sighed. "I didn't mean soft as an insult, I like that you're soft."

"I know. Being soft isn't insulting, being hard isn't either." Gerard sighed. "I just don't want them to define our relationship to you."

"Me either."

"Then don't let them. Also I plop down in your lap plenty.. usually when you're buried deep inside me, that's a much better time to be in your lap." Gerard grinned.

Frank sat down beside him. "Yeah. I guess it doesn't matter what they think."

"I don't want to top or dominate you, if it helps."

Frank smirked. "I don't know, dominating me inside the bedroom would be okay if you got you a sexy dominatrix outfit to wear."

Gerard rolled his eyes and moved to straddle Frank's hips, arms wrapping loosely around his shoulders. He rubbed their noses together. "I like being in this position better." He said and pecked his lips. And Frank couldn't agree more, smiling as Gerard pecked his lips a few more times before deepening the kiss.

He wrapped his arms around Gerard's waist, holding to him for dear life, like he'd float away if he didn't. Gerard had pulled away from the kiss and Frank felt the singer's long fingers running through his hair, scratching slightly at the scalp and Frank could have purred like a fucking cat. Instead he hummed and buried his face in Gerard's chest, breathing in his natural scent. Fuck fanfiction, this was total heaven. Heaven was never in the afterlife, heaven was right here with Gerard.

"I really wasn't trying to boss you, you know. I was just worried. You shouldn't go out in ten degree weather in a thin t-shirt and pajamas."

Frank let out a weary sigh. "I know, Gee, I know."

"I mean though, I see your point. Why do they assume every relationship has a dom and a sub? Why do they think every relationship is BDSM? I mean, it's okay if it is, as long as there's consent and isn't like some shitty Fifty Shades or Baby, It's Cold Outside thing. But not every relationship is about who's dominate. I guess it is kinda frustrating though if you're a fan who likes reading fiction of your favorite thing and all you find is this one-sided debate. You'd think there'd be plenty to read of you bottoming-"

"Oh, god, there is." Frank mumbled into his shirt.

"And plenty of me bottoming for people who like that to read it."

"There's not, babe." Frank looked up at him for a second. "You bottoming is like a small exclusive club. And some fans who like me to bottom will sometimes harass fans who like you to bottom." He returned his head to Gerard's chest. And he said some fans, not all fans were that bad, some were actually quite civil. Really sometimes the issue really got taken too seriously to be so unimportant.

"That's shitty. There should be something for everyone. Maybe I should go and write stuff. I could have me bottom more in some short fics."

"Maybe write yourself more in short shorts in those fics. And you wouldn't be popular."

"So? They'd still be there for anyone who wants to read them.. like you."

Frank snorted and nuzzled Gerard's chest. The vibration of him talking felt nice. "I can really see you writing smut about you getting fucked."

"Hey, I once wrote a song about prison rape. And moaned like a whore on stage to demonstrate how it would sound. I am not an innocent virgin, Frankie." Gerard stated.

"I know.. the boners you gave me, you little shit. Glad I had a guitar to hide behind." He wouldn't comment on Gerard's past with Bert during the time Prison was wrote. He wanted to believe that it was just to make him jealous back then, that's what Frank told himself, but Frank always knew somewhere deep down that Gerard really had feelings for The Used singer. It ended pretty badly. And Frank was there to pick up the pieces.

"Poor guitar, having to be dry-humped in public." Gerard tsked.

"Yeah. It liked it."

And Gerard giggled and continued to twirl and play with Frank's hair. It felt so soothing, he could have fell asleep. Gerard didn't believe in the next sentence he was going to say particularly, but was going to use it to make a point. "Also, wouldn't it seem like if the bottom was the girl in the relationship that the girl would be in control? Don't they know the bottom always controls the relationship? Because the bottom has something that top wants and can't live without and they could easily take it away. It's just science."

Frank huffed. "That's like saying all men can't control their desires and are slaves to their dicks." Well, okay, maybe that was true of some people in general, but not Frank.

"I was talking about their checkbook." Gerard deadpanned.

Frank shook his head. "Right, of course."

"That's just another stereotype is all I mean. See how ridiculous assuming sounds?" Gerard reasoned. "It isn't fair to people."

"Yeah, babe, I get it. They sometimes don't, but whatever." Frank sighed. "I just got sent a email detailing why I was a bottom and a bitch. They said they were sorry, they meant to send it to someone else. They apologized and said it was just their preference and they didn't care how we fucked in real life, but yeah, I got that they were bullying others who didn't want me to bottom in their fantasy world."

"Well, that's not right of them. That's actually very mean."

"Yeah. The fanfiction issue itself doesn't really matter to me, I don't even read it and take it seriously." Frank said. "It's just.. I just felt like maybe I'm wrong to just top all the time. Like I wasn't being fair to you." And so, Frank's real issue was finally revealed, as Gerard figured it would be if he talked to him long enough.

Gerard petted him. "You're plenty fair to me, Frankie. I like being fucked, you don't. Nothing wrong with that. I don't feel I'm missing out on anything."

Frank let out a dry-laugh. "You never have the urge to fuck something?"

"Maybe your mouth." He squirmed as Frank poked him lightly in the side. "Fleshlight would be kinky. But no, my dick gets plenty of play. You never ignore it or leave it out.. unless we're playing that way."

A grin tugged at Frank's lips. "We haven't done orgasm denial or milking in awhile. Maybe I should get the spreader bar and handcuff your wrists to the bed and play with you until you're crying and begging for release."

And Gerard's cock twitched hopefully. "That may very well warm me up, Frankie."

"Yeah?" Frank nipped at him through his shirt. "Then let's get to that." Frank then stood, lifting Gerard up with him to carry him upstairs.

Gerard squeaked. "No, Frank, put me down, you'll hurt your back carrying my fat ass."

"Shut up, Gerard."

"Fine, you'll fall and kill us both!"


He didn't fall or kill them both. He sat Gerard down as soon as they got in the room and was kissing him, a hand going down to rub his dick through his pants. "Oh, you brat. You naughty brat." Frank turned him around and wrapped an arm around his waist, reaching between his legs to fondle him some more. "You cum and you'll get a spanking."

"Can I still get a spanking if I don't cum?"

Frank literally slouched against Gerard's back. "That isn't how it's supposed to work."

"But I like spankings.. by you.. across your lap, wiggling while you smack my bottom.. and oh, yeah.." Gerard bit his lip and giggled.

"I'll put the cockring on you for the spanking too then." Frank threatened.

Gerard gasped. "Frankie, noo.."

"Just get naked." And Frank left him to find the spreader bar and a few other toys in the closet. When he turned back around, Gerard had already hastily threw off his clothes and had crawled up on the bed on his knees, ass in the air and legs spread. He wiggled his hips and Frank literally dropped the damn spreader bar.

A few excruciating minutes later for Frank's dick and he had the spreader bar locked around Gerard's knees so he couldn't close his legs at all. His wrists were handcuffed to the metal bars of the bed rest above his head as Gerard leaned forward on his knees, bent over and presented so pretty.

Frank started by running his hands up the back of Gerard's thighs and up to his ass, spreading and kneading his cheeks and leaning down to take a lick up his pucker. He reached between his legs and gave him a few slow jerks before slipping the cockring on.

"Frank, no. I won't cum, I promise.."

"I don't trust you." He stroked Gerard's cock some more, circling the slit with his thumb and making Gerard buck and groan. "You're gonna be a good boy and mind."

Gerard shuddered, hips arching forward as Frank drew back and laid and big smack right on his right asscheek. "Oh, god.. yes, Daddy.." He spread his legs further and arched his back to stick his ass out more.

Frank's dick was already throbbing, but damn. He got on the bed behind his bound boyfriend and buried his face in between his cheeks, lapping at his opening as his hands palmed at his luscious plump bottom. He used the tip of his tongue to circle the rim of Gerard's pucker and reached over to grab one of the toys he laid out on the bed, which was a vibrator. He turned it on and guided it between Gerard's legs, ghosting it up and down his cock. Gerard twitched and squirmed, making little distressed noises that only served to make Frank harder.

The cuffs rattled as Gerard tugged at them, simultaneously trying to get away from the sensation and trying to get more of it. "Gah, Frank! I can't.. fuck.."

Frank smiled and continued to lick down his taint and back up to press his tongue against his spit-slick pucker, wiggling the tip down into it. He held the vibrator alongside his dick now, letting it buzz against Gerard's throbbing cock and drive him crazy. Frank gave one more lick up his crack and smacked his left asscheek before biting it.

Gerard literally purred. "Oh, fuck.. yes.. bite me.. harder.. please.."

And Frank was nipping the other cheek as his nails drug down the back of his left thigh. Gerard let out a pitiful mewl, breathing labored. Frank took the vibrator away and squirted some lube onto his fingers before rubbing them over Gerard's entrance and pushing the middle one inside, crooking it and massaging his inner walls before fucking it slowly in and out, other fingers splayed across his backside, pointer and thumb pressed down into his soft flesh of his rump as the ring finger and pinky teased his perineum. Gerard moaned softly and wiggled back into the probing finger. Then Frank was adding the pointer finger beside it, twisting his wrist and digging them deep inside him. Gerard could have sobbed when the fingers brushed his prostate.

"Yes, please, Frankie.. Frankie.. please.. I'll be good.." He wailed when Frank deliberately rubbed his prostate, torturing him. There was no way he could cum, but the assault on that hidden bundle of nerves made him ache and throb and he was losing his damn mind because of how good it felt and how much it hurt at the same time. His dick wanted release, friction and release. Frank wiggled his fingers apart inside of his hole, working him open. The other fingers curling back down to lightly rub at his flushed taint, massaging it and adding to the sweet torture as he began pushing his fingers in and out of Gerard more slowly now.

"Yeah, baby, gonna stretch that little hole for my big dick. Gonna fuck you real hard before I allow you to cum. You wanna just let it go, huh, baby? You can feel it building and building.."

Gerard did sob then, especially when Frank started fucking his fingers roughly in and out of him. "Oh, god.. fuck, Frank.. oh, my god.. oh.. oh.. oh.." He was bucking back into Frank's fingers, those glorious fingers, so rough and so perfect. "Fuck, yes.. more.. harder.. finger me harder.."

"Yeah, you like that, don't you?" Frank placed his hand on his lower back, holding him down as he fingered him open. He closed his other fingers this time, only shoving the two in and out of him as fast as he could.

"Ah, fuck.. ah ah ah.. fuck.. Frankie.. oh, fuck.. oh.. uhmmm..." It had become a chant now. "Frankie, let me cum.. please.. I want to cum.. it hurts, Frankie.. please.." And he was pouting now and Frank laughed.

"You'll get to cum when I say you do. Until then, you're gonna take whatever I give you." He removed his fingers and slapped him on the ass again, harder this time. He kept his hand on Gerard's lower back, drawing back to place another stinging blow to Gerard's backside and another until he was smacking each cheek in rapid succession. All Gerard could do was whimper and babble nonsense at this point, hips being pushed forward with every slap.

"I'm sorry, Daddy, I'll be good.." He even added a fake sniffle.

Frank stopped and splayed Gerard's cheeks, admiring how his wet pucker contracted. He tapped it a few times, making Gerard whine. "Such a good boy.. Daddy's gonna turn you over and suck your pretty cock, okay.. you want Daddy to suck your pretty cock?"

"Yes, Daddy.. please.."

Frank undone the spreader bar and the cuffs, having Gerard maneuver over to his back before adjusting the bar to go on his ankles and cuffing his wrists back to the head board. He pushed his knees up, hooking the bar to the head board with its large lobster-like clasp to keep his legs raised and splayed open for him. Frank took hold of his cock to stroke it a couple of times and grabbed the dildo he had gotten out with the rest of the toys. He slathered some lube on it and pressed it at Gerard's entrance, twisting it slowly and popping the fake head inside before working it in and out gently. It wasn't that Gerard couldn't take it, hell, Frank's cock was bigger because the dildo was pretty small, he just liked teasing him.

"Look at your greedy little hole." Frank said, pushing it in and out of him. "Such a hungry little hole, just starving for something crammed inside it.." He was plunging the toy in and out of Gerard more vigorously now, wiggling it around and angling it to rub against his walls and his prostate.

"Frank, please.. oh, shit.. oh, fuck.. fuck fuck fuck.. it hurts, Daddy.. it hurts so bad.. make it feel better.." Gerard raised his head and pouted at Frank and Frank could have laughed.

"Does it, baby? I'm sorry.." And Frank leaned down to lick up the underside of his cock, lifting it up with his free hand and swirling his tongue around the swollen flushed head before taking it in his mouth and sucking.

"Oh, fuck, Daddy, that's not helping.. oh, my god.. I'm dying.." Gerard gasped, eyes closing tight.

Frank chuckled around Gerard's cock and began bobbling his head, sucking a bit and making Gerard writhe and whimper. Frank removed the vibrator and plunged two fingers back inside of him, digging them around and torturing his prostate.

"Gah! Fuck! Frank.. please.. fuck me.. please fuck me.. I want to cum with your big cock inside me, please.. please, Daddy.."

And nope, Frank was just too far gone to ignore that request and pulled off his dick, removing his fingers and getting out of his pajamas as quickly as possible. Gerard would have laughed at Frank getting the shirt stuck on his head because of his haste, but he was too worked up as it was. The shirt popped off and left Frank's hair a mess, which made him look wild added with the feral look he was giving his bound lover. Then Frank was crawling on the bed on his knees and taking hold of himself to guide his dick to Gerard's so wet and willing hole. And when he pressed inside, it felt like sheer heaven, so tight and warm and velvety. This is what he loved about topping, how good Gerard felt wrapped around him, choking his dick. The spreader bar was supposed to keep Gerard from closing his legs, but right now he was trying to open them further. Frank felt so wonderful inside him, stretching him out and making him feel so full.

"Yes, Daddy.. please.. deeper, Daddy.. please.." He sighed when Frank was buried to the hilt inside him, hips pressed flush against his ass. He wiggled against him and cried out as Frank started thrusting hard and fast, fucking him deep and perfect as he held him under the knees. "Oh.. oh, god.. yes.. yes.. right there, Daddy.. fuck me.. so good.. so fucking good.. ah.."

"Such a slut for my dick, aren't you, baby.. like that thick cock splitting that pretty ass in two..? Oh, fuck, you're so tight, baby.. you feel so good.. so beautiful.." He felt Gerard tense around him, squeezing his cock and urging him on.

"Daddy, please let me cum.. I'll let you use my mouth later.. I'll suck you real good, Daddy.." And Gerard was biting his fucking bottom lip and batting his eyes and Frank lost it, cumming hard and deep inside the other man.

"Oh, fuck.. holy son of shit.." Frank swallowed thickly, panting and feeling like jello.

Frank regained his composure and pulled out, unhooking Gerard and removing the cuffs. He pushed his legs back apart, shoving his fingers back inside Gerard's used hole, fingering him a bit with his cum before taking the cockring off and stroking him roughly. Gerard was a writhing, whimpering, babbling mess at that point and came almost instantly all over Frank's tattooed hand, some squirting so high it nearly reached the ceiling. Gerard trembled all the way through it, eyes literally rolling in the back of his head before fluttering shut and full lips parted.

"Oh, fuck.. whoa, babe, that was so hott.. you should see you right now.. so gorgeous." And he was, hair a mess, chest heaving as he panted, lovely pale skin flushed, he was a beautiful wrecked up mess. Gerard's eyes opened to stare at Frank, large hazel orbs glazed over in post orgasmic bliss. Frank crawled up between his legs and kissed him senseless. He didn't fucking care what the fans thought, his reality was better than anyone else's fantasy, so fuck the whole thing.

He did get to use Gerard's mouth later, never knowing that while he was in bed that night that Gerard typed out his own "fanfiction", or basically the sex he just had under an anonymous pen name. It's not like they'd ever know.