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Oh Brother

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            Seokjin paced the kitchen restlessly, the delicious smell of marinated meat filling the air. He’d called his brothers to the dining room a few minutes ago and while he knew they enjoyed taking their time, he was growing impatient. The excitement that had been churning in his stomach was slowly dissipating as he eyed the bottle perched on the island counter in front of him. It was his latest find, the most expensive bottle yet, but he liked his wine best when he shared it with his brothers. Their palettes weren’t as refined, but their company was enough.

            “Hyung.” A sleepy voice called and Seokjin jumped, eagerly scurrying to the French doors that concealed the kitchen. Yoongi rubbed his eyes, clearly just rising from a nap, and Seokjin wrapped him up in his arms, catching a glimpse of the younger boys over his shoulder.

            “Yah! I’ve been waiting for you.” Seokjin scolded, pulling them all towards the dining room.

            “We were… busy.” Taehyung purred, winking at the elder. Seokjin sneered at him and directed him towards the long mahogany table. “What’s that smell? It’s making me hungry.” Taehyung grinned, turning his nose up as he fell into a chair between Jungkook and Jimin. The others were still slightly dazed, hair mussed and cheeks pink. Despite their conditions, the brothers were still dressed in crisp suits with intricate embroidery, ruffles on their collars and cuffs making them look that much more regal. Seokjin adored the boys greatly.

            “I finally got my hands on a bottle of Chateau Mouton-Rothschild 1945 and to celebrate, we’re going to pair it with a broiled ribeye.” Seokjin chirped, massaging Yoongi’s shoulders as he finally sat down. The boys cooed curiously – mostly for Seokjin’s sake, because they loved him, and he loved wine – and Seokjin grinned brightly. “I promise you, it’s worth it. Give me a second.” He held up a finger and scurried back to the kitchen.

            “Hyung is so cute.” Jimin giggled, leaning his head on Taehyung’s shoulder fondly. They could hear Seokjin’s voice echoing through the kitchen and the doors swung open, their kitchen staff breezing out with crystal glasses and pristinely decorated plates. Seokjin sat down last, just as his plate was set in front of him and he lifted his wine glass eagerly. He swirled the crimson liquid, the delicious scent wafting before him and making his mouth water. “Can we eat, hyung?” Jimin whined, watching the eldest fondly.

            “Try the wine first.” Seokjin motioned to each of their glasses and they did so obediently. “Yahh!” Seokjin practically moaned after the alcohol splashed over his taste buds and down his throat. He closed his eyes, ran his tongue through his mouth to catch every bit of the flavor, sighing happily.

            “Yah, should we leave you to fuck the wine in peace?” Yoongi teased and Seokjin smiled, bumping the boy with his elbow. They ate happily, the juicy steak melting in their mouth as they bumped toes and reached to feed each other, the expensive wine bringing pretty blushes to their cheeks. They were so used to gourmet meals and exotic foods and still Seokjin knew how to blow them away.

            “It’s delicious, hyung.” Jungkook hummed, licking his pretty lips as he looked at Seokjin softly. The elder gulped, torn between filling his mouth with the rest of his wine or with Jungkook instead. Before he could make a decision, the heavy sound of the front door echoed through the foyer and into the dining room. The boys’ brows furrowed as they looked at each other in confusion.

            “Were we expecting someone today?” Taehyung wondered, taking the last bite of his steak. Their father was overseas for work for another week at least. They didn’t make a habit of inviting visitors when they were in the house alone.

            “Let me see.” Seokjin sighed, leaving the last bit of his wine as he started towards the foyer. Two boys stood in the open front door, the crisp sun falling around them like halo light as they peered inside curiously. Seokjin could hear them talking quietly.

            “Are you sure this is the right place?” The shorter boy asked, taking a hesitant step inside.

            “Positive. I checked the address seven times! But… holy shit.” They both took a breath, in awe of the glorious home. Seokjin stepped back into the hallway, far enough that he could still hear them without being seen. His heart hammered in his chest. Who were these boys? Why were they here? Were they dangerous?

            “Man, Mom upgraded.” The first voice laughed. “You’re sure? I knew the guy was rich, but…” Seokjin frowned. Were they trying to rob them? In broad daylight?

            “He said there would be someone here. Probably his sons, some staff at least. Where is everybody?” There was a long pause and Seokjin peeked around the wall. “Hello?” The tall boy shouted and Seokjin pursed his lips. They weren’t thieves, then. He sighed and started forward again, bringing himself into view. “Oh.” The tall boy looked stunned. “Uh, hi. We, uh…” He stammered and the shorter snorted.

            “We’re Jangmi’s sons.” He chirped. “I’m Hoseok, this is my brother Namjoon.” Seokjin looked the boys over curiously. He’d heard of Jangmi a few times – she was their father’s current infatuation – but that didn’t explain exactly why her kids were here. The boys squirmed in the silence that Seokjin let hang in the air. “We’re moving in?” Hoseok tried and Seokjin’s eyes grew wide. “Are you one of Hyunsoo’s sons?” Seokjin nodded. “Our parents are getting married. Don’t you… you know this, right?”

            “Shit.” Seokjin sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. These boys were serious, he could tell that much. “Ah, I’m sorry. I thought… Nevermind.” Seokjin sighed again, looking at the boys with a soft smile. “I’m Seokjin, the eldest. Please forgive me, our father doesn’t always tell us about his affairs. We haven’t yet heard of the wedding.” He forced a smile as the boys hesitated. “Please, come in. Some of our staff will grab your belongings, if you’ve brought them.” Seokjin waved the boys in and they walked slowly, still trying to take in all the home had to offer. He opened the dining room and stepped to the side to allow the boys to walk in past him. Seokjin looked at his brothers, sat and staring in confusion, and tried to smile. “Boys, meet Hoseok and Namjoon. Jangmi’s sons.” The boys remained silent. “Dad neglected to tell us that he has plans to marry Jangmi, so Hoseok and Namjoon are moving in today.”

            “I didn’t realize…” Hoseok hummed, nervous under all of the attentive eyes. They were dressed as if they’d just returned from a ball and Hoseok’s best jeans – he’d tried to look good – were tatters in comparison. “When our Mom said Hyunsoo had sons she didn’t mention five of you.” There was a soft laugh from Taehyung and some of the tension seemed to leak out of the room.

            “Don’t worry, we won’t bite.” Jimin chirped, sitting back in his seat comfortably. “Unless you ask us to.” Seokjin gave the boy a warning glare, but he had already succeeded in making the new boys blush. “I’m Jimin.” He smiled fondly. “Taehyungie is my twin.” He chirped, shaking said boy by the shoulders. Taehyung reached to pinch him and they dissolved into giggles, as they always did.

            “The twins are my half-brothers.” Seokjin started, motioning for the boys to sit at the table. “Yoongi here is my god-brother. We took him in permanently a long time ago. Jungkook is our foster brother, but he’s not going anywhere.” Seokjin rounded the table to stand by the boy in question, running his fingers through his shaggy black hair. “Right?”

            “Wouldn’t dream of it, hyung.” Jungkook winked at the elder and leaned into his touch. Seokjin wanted to devour him right there and he definitely would have if they didn’t have guests.

            “It’s nice to meet you all.” Namjoon spoke up fondly. “And I know we’re looking forward to getting to know you, but… well, we had a really long drive so we’re kind of tired and we should start unpacking…” Namjoon tried not to sound disrespectful.

            “Ah, of course.” Seokjin grinned. “Yoongi, would you mind showing them to their rooms?” Yoongi stood up and motioned for the boys to followed him, starting out of the dining room. The boys hesitated for a few seconds – they hadn’t even had time to truly appreciate the majesty of the room – but they scurried after him easily. Their footsteps grew farther and farther away, but only when they couldn’t be heard anymore did anyone move. There was a collective sigh of relief and Seokjin tightened his hand in Jungkook’s hair. “You’re such a pretty little tease, baby.” The eldest hummed against the boy’s ear. He could feel Jungkook’s body shutter. “I think you’ll taste even better than my Chateau. Can I taste, baby?”

            “Please.” Jungkook whimpered, pushing his chair back. Jimin and Taehyung watched fondly as Seokjin lifted the youngest onto the table, pulling his trousers down his thighs with practiced fingers. He stroked the boy’s cock full before he took it into his mouth, heavy and hot on his tongue. Jungkook’s head fell back as he moaned, the veins in his neck straining beautifully as his pleasure pumped through his veins. “Hyung, fuck.” Jungkook purred, burying his fingers in Seokjin’s hair.

            “Ah, Kookie.” Taehyung cooed. “Is hyung’s mouth that good? Are you gonna cum already?”

            “N-not already.” Jungkook laughed breathlessly, lifting his knee just enough to give a glimpse of the diamond between his legs, the pretty butt plug so deliciously familiar. “Finally.” Seokjin hummed and Jungkook convulsed in pleasure, his hot cum painting Seokjin’s tongue and dripping down his ready throat. The eldest swallowed and hummed, still bobbing his head to milk Jungkook properly. Jungkook sighed happily and tapped Seokjin’s cheek, laying back across the table with a sated smile when the eldest pulled off of him, wiping his lips. Seokjin pulled Jungkook’s pants up for him and fastened them again, pulling the boy by the backs of his knees until his thighs were wrapped around Seokjin.

            “You were such a good boy today.” Seokjin praised, lifting Jungkook to his chest and wrapping his arms around him. “Good job.” He kissed Jungkook’s forehead fondly.

            “Thank you, hyung.” He sighed, nuzzling into Seokjin’s chest. “I’m sleepy now.”

            “Ah, just like Yoongi.” Seokjin chuckled, lifting Jungkook into his arms. “You boys can’t ever cum without a nap.” Jungkook sighed softy as Seokjin turned to the twins. “Meet me in my room?” The boys nodded eagerly as Seokjin left.

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            “All of our bedrooms are in the east wing.” Yoongi started as they breached the top of the grand staircase. There were staff members with boxes and suitcases heading in the same direction. Hoseok and Namjoon just looked around with big, curious eyes. “This is Jungkook’s, Jimin’s, Taehyung’s, mine, and Seokjin’s.” Yoongi listed as they walked down the east hallway. “The parents are in the west wing downstairs for privacy reasons.” Yoongi chuckled, rolling his eyes. “Lucky for you, there were two empty bedrooms in this wing. Tada, they’re yours.” Yoongi motioned to the two rooms, across the hall from each other. Namjoon felt Hoseok’s hand curl in his sweatshirt.

            “Is it…” Namjoon started, shifting. “Would it be possible for us to share a room?” Yoongi looked at them like they were crazy. “I-I mean, just… we’ve shared a room all of our lives, we’re just used to it.” Yoongi pursed his lips.

            “I’m sure that would be just fine.” He decided, motioning to one of the staff members who left the room on the right. “Excuse me, would you mind preparing just one room for the both of them? Perhaps this one, since it’s slightly bigger.” Yoongi motioned to the bedroom on the left and the staff bowed to him, smiling reassuringly. “There you go.” Yoongi waved. “It’d be best if you let them work without distraction, that way it will get done faster. If you want to rest, you can use any one of the lounges. There’s one just across from the stairs on this level or two downstairs, they’re not hard to find. If you don’t mind, I have some stuff to do…” Yoongi trailed off, slowly edging around the pair.

            “Oh, of course. Thank you, Yoongi-ssi.” Namjoon bowed and Yoongi raised an eyebrow.

            “How old are you boys?” He wondered softly.

            “We were both born in 1995.” Hoseok chirped and Yoongi looked slightly confused. “Oh, we’re not twins or anything. We were both adopted.”

            “Ah.” Yoongi hummed. “Well, you can call Seokjin and me hyung.” He smiled, bowing just slightly before he disappeared into his own bedroom. His heavy door fell closed and Hoseok sighed, looking up at Namjoon.

            “This is our life now.” He breathed, letting his hand travel down to intertwine his fingers with Namjoon’s.

            “Not a bad life, though.” Namjoon hummed, squeezing his hand reassuringly. “Right?”

            “Right.” Hoseok was taking the move harder than Namjoon was and Namjoon could tell, just by the look on his face.

            “Come on, let’s go rest.” Namjoon pulled Hoseok along behind him, retracing their steps back to the staircase. Just as Yoongi had promised, there was a pair of French doors at the top of the stairs, a beautifully decorating living area behind them. There were plush couches and intricate rugs, the walls draped in tapestries and the chandelier casting soft light through the room, the fireplace on the side wall pushing warm currents through the air. “Wow.” Namjoon gasped, starting towards one of the big couches. He laid down and pulled Hoseok with him, wrapping the boy up in his arms.

            Hoseok sighed and let his eyes fall closed, cradled in Namjoon’s arms. Namjoon took a long second to just look at Hoseok, the boy he adored with his entire being. His skin was soft and tanned, his eyelids twitching and lips shining in the light. Namjoon dragged a finger from Hoseok’s temple to his chin, the boy’s smile growing and eyes peeking open. “What are you doing?” Hoseok chuckled, blinking up at Namjoon.

            “I love you.” Hoseok’s heart smile grew so beautifully wide and Namjoon’s chest squeezed. “I know it sucks moving so far away, to a family we’ve never met, especially after… well.” Namjoon sighed. They hadn’t really talked about their father’s death since it had happened – their mother didn’t like it when they tried – so it was still a terribly sore spot. “You know. And it’s probably going to suck for a while. But I love you, and it’s going to be okay. I promise.”

            “Yah, I love you so much.” Hoseok whined, cupping Namjoon’s cheek. He tugged him down and parted his lips, kissing the boy aggressively. Namjoon just laughed into the kiss, tongue wandering familiarly, giving in to everything that Hoseok wanted. He was always pliant in his brother’s hands, so weak to everything he asked of him. Hoseok’s lips were soft and every time they pressed against Namjoon’s skin he shuttered with pleasure. “Yah.” Hoseok laughed, pulling away slowly. Namjoon sighed and ran his fingers down Hoseok’s neck. “Later, Joonie.” Hoseok promised. “I’m tired now.”

            “Okay, Seok.” Namjoon breathed, settling back into the couch. Hoseok cuddled up against his chest and closed his eyes again, breath slow and steady.

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            “Dad? Was there, perhaps, something that you meant to tell us? Something you forgot?” Seokjin wondered, laying back on his bed calmly, phone cradled against his ear. The air was chilly on his bare skin, but Jimin and Taehyung were cuddled up in all of his blankets and he didn’t want to get up to dress yet.

            “Tell you?” The man wondered. “Uh… I’m not sure…” Seokjin sighed.

            “You’re marrying Jangmi? Ring a bell?” He spat and his father gasped.

            “Oh! I thought I told you boys?”

            “Not quite.” Seokjin clipped. “Nor did you tell us about our new step-brothers. Or that they were moving in today.”

            “Oh shit. Seokjin, I’m sorry, I’ve been so busy-­”

            “It’s alright, Dad.” Seokjin sighed. “We’ve met them, they seem nice. I hope Jangmi will be good for your memory.” He teased. His father laughed and apologized again before they ended their call. Seokjin set his phone on the bedside table and jumped when something touched his thigh. “Not again, Taehyung.” He chuckled, grabbing the hand as it inched towards his dick. Taehyung frowned from beneath the blankets. “You need to sleep. I’ll be back later.” He kissed Taehyung’s knuckles and snuck out of the bed, grabbing his silky robe from beside his door. He walked through his sitting room to the hallway, heading towards Yoongi’s room. He was about to knock when something caught his eye, a strip of light down the hall. He pursed his lips and headed towards the lounge instead, pushing the doors open slowly.

            The lounge seemed empty at first glance, but a soft noise caught Seokjin’s attention and he started forward. He scanned the couches until his eyes fell on the new boys, curled up together. They were fast asleep, chests rising in unison as they breathed deeply. “Cute.” Seokjin purred, grabbing a blanket from the cupboard. He draped it over the boys and tucked them in carefully, making sure not to jostle them awake. He shut the lights off as he left the room, a soft smile on his lips.

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            Hoseok’s body was like a machine when he started to dance. A well-oiled machine with crisp, calculated movements and harsh angles, every detail programmed and perfected. Even so, he repeated the dance, pushing himself harder, doing the movements better, prettier, stronger. His arms stretched to the sky, his body bent to the floor, his legs lifted and kicked with the ease of years of practice. He watched himself in the mirror, watched the sweat drip down his skin as the music throbbed through his bones, muscles taut and rolling beneath his flesh. He looked good, the dance looked good, he had no reason to drill it so heavily. And yet, he restarted the song and began again.

            It was a distraction now. An illusion of productivity to hide the memories that threatened his mind. He couldn’t think about it, he couldn’t let his mind wander in that direction, it was dangerous territory. He was sure he hadn’t heard what he’d heard, hadn’t seen what he’d seen.

            Hoseok stirred from sleep much too early, the sun still beneath the horizon, stars glittering in the sky. He wanted to return to sleep, but his body was already waking up and he knew that would be impossible. Instead, he crawled out of bed and searched through his new closet for clothes, throwing on sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

            Hoseok had found a dance studio in the new city right away, one that was close enough that he could walk to it and open at strange enough hours that he could work out his insomnia. He pulled on his sneakers and closed the bedroom door behind him carefully, trying not to wake Namjoon. He began to untangle his headphones as he started towards the stairs, but a small thud caught his attention. It was only three in the morning, no one else should be awake.

            The sound repeated and Hoseok hummed, starting towards it curiously. It seemed to be coming from Yoongi’s bedroom. Maybe the elder was awake.

            Hoseok stopped in front of the door, noticing that it was open just enough to let a bit of light filter into the hall. Open just enough to let Hoseok see inside. Open just enough to reveal Yoongi bent in half, Seokjin wrapped around him and pressing him into the sheets.

            Hoseok’s breath caught in his chest as his mind registered the movements, the rocking, thrusting, shaking. Then the sounds began to filter through his muddled head. Soft gasps, the click of lips on lips, skin on skin, filthy moans from strained throats. Hoseok’s heart throbbed in his chest, his throat constricting in panic.

            Seokjin. Yoongi. They were…

            Hoseok back-peddled, nearly tripping himself as he found the stairs. He ran down them unsteadily, feet threatening to give out before he finally reached the first floor. He slammed through the front door and into the crisp night air, gasping desperately. His muscles constricted and he started to run, pumping his legs to carry him across the concrete as if he were flying. Soaring away from everything.

            “Ah!” Hoseok screamed, throwing his head to the sky as the song ended for the hundredth time that morning. He yelled again, mindless tension escaping him desperately. There was so much stress pumping through his blood and he just needed a fucking release.

            “You’ll frighten the neighbors like that.” A voice cooed and Hoseok jumped, frantic eyes searching the room. He caught Namjoon in the mirrors first, gasping as he found him in the doorway. “Thought I’d find you here.” He sighed, strolling into the practice room calmly. Hoseok had ditched his sweatshirt an hour ago and his bare torso dripped with sweat and glistened in the light. Namjoon loved when Hoseok danced. “How long have you been practicing?” Namjoon stopped behind Hoseok, looking at his brother in the wall of mirrors. Hoseok’s chest was still heaving as he caught his breath.

            “I don’t know.” Hoseok admitted, looking Namjoon over. They’d only been a part of this new life for a few days, but already, Namjoon was dressing more like their dapper, pristine brothers. His crisp white shirt had shiny buttons and was rolled up to his elbows, his tanned forearms and thick veins catching Hoseok’s eyes. His black trousers sat high on his hips, hugging his thin waist and thighs and exposing his ankles above his shiny shoes. He looked gorgeous, the new clothes suited him, but it reminded Hoseok of their brothers and brought a new flood of memory back. He hissed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

            “Come on, Hope. I know when you’re stressed.” Namjoon purred, hands skating up Hoseok’s wet back to settle on his shoulders, squeezing fondly. “Talk to me.” Hoseok sighed and looked down at his shoes, swaying in Namjoon’s hold. He always talked to Namjoon, told him everything on his mind, and he could already feel the tears burning his eyes, aching to escape.

            “I… I miss home, Nam-ah.” He whimpered, hot tears dripping over his cheeks. Namjoon nodded, encouraging him to continue. “This doesn’t feel like home. This isn’t… this isn’t us. We’re not rich kids, we don’t eat fucking caviar and drink champagne and wear tailored fucking prince suits every day. We don’t live in a fucking mansion, Hyunsoo isn’t our fucking dad, those guys aren’t our brothers, this isn’t our life!” Hoseok shouted, turning to Namjoon. The taller boy opened his arms and Hoseok collided into him, grabbing his shirt and hugging him with a suffocating grip. “I miss dad.” Hoseok sobbed, tears staining Namjoon’s shirt. He ran his fingers through Hoseok’s damp hair comfortingly and waddled them towards the bench on the side of the room. He sat Hoseok in his lap and rocked him slowly. “I fucking miss him and he shouldn’t have fucking died, he shouldn’t be gone, he just fucking shouldn’t.”

            “I know, baby.” Namjoon sighed, tightening his arms. “It’s not fair. It’s fucked up and awful and… and so fucking shitty. It sucks.” Namjoon hissed and Hoseok nodded sadly. “But… We’ll deal with it. Right?” Namjoon leaned back to look at the boy, rubbing his skin comfortingly. “Right?”

            “Yeah, I know.” Hoseok sighed. “I’m just not used to it.” He muttered, looking at his fingers. He took a few long seconds to just breathe, to calm his body and calm his mind. Namjoon’s presence brought with it an aura of familiar comfort that never failed to ease Hoseok’s mind. “I saw Seokjin and Yoongi fucking.” He blurted, the air sitting heavy with the new information. The silence swelled the longer Namjoon tried to process the words.

            “Really?” He wondered, looking down at Hoseok.

            “Yeah. I shouldn’t have looked, but… there they were.” Hoseok gestured towards nothing and Namjoon tried not to chuckle as the boy’s apathy.

            “Well. Maybe they’re more fun than we thought.” Namjoon winked and Hoseok blushed, tilting his chin up to accept Namjoon’s kiss. “Now, I think I should distract you for a little while. Get your mind off of all this shit.” Namjoon nodded and stood up, cradling Hoseok in his arms. “Sound good?”

            “You always make me feel better, Joon.” Hoseok purred, kissing up Namjoon’s jaw as he carried him to the locker room. There was only one person working the front desk and they never expected anyone before six in the morning, so Hoseok didn’t protest when Namjoon started to pull his sweatpants off. The air hit his heated skin and made him shiver as Namjoon kissed down his chest. Namjoon didn’t stop lowering himself until he was on his knees, kissing over Hoseok’s heated shaft and twirling his tongue over the head of the boy’s cock. “Ah, fuck.” Hoseok panted, knees shaking as Namjoon nipped at the tip teasingly. His cock was salty with sweat, but Namjoon didn’t hesitate to swallow the boy to the back of his throat, relaxing himself around the thick length. He started slowly, pressing his tongue up against Hoseok’s cock and swirling it each time he reached the tip. Hoseok gasped and buried his fingers in the younger boy’s short hair, thick pleasure settling in his belly. Namjoon’s throat pulsed against him, wet and hot and delicious. “J-Joonie.” Hoseok gasped. “I want you to cum with me.” Namjoon popped off his cock and rose to his feet, kissing Hoseok with his salty lips.

            “Okay, baby.” Namjoon shed his clothes and dumped them on the ground, pulling Hoseok to the showers. He let the water heat up for a few seconds before he tugged Hoseok beneath it, rivulets cascading down his tan skin. Namjoon pressed himself up against Hoseok’s back, his hands wandering down the front of the boy’s body until he could grasp his cock. Hoseok shuttered and pressed back against him, spreading his legs eagerly. Namjoon used one hand to position his cock between Hoseok’s thighs and thrust between them, the water slick on their skin. Hoseok squeezed his thighs together and Namjoon moaned, curling his wrist to tug on Hoseok’s length. He pumped the boy in time with his thrusts, the wet slap of skin and desperate gasps filling the locker room. “Fuck, baby. God, you feel so good. Your fucking thighs are amazing.” Namjoon groaned, squeezing Hoseok teasingly.

            “Ah! Shit, Joonie.” He whimpered, bucking back against the boy. The coil in his belly was pulling tight and his knees grew weak. “Joonie. Joonie, please.” His head fell back against Namjoon’s shoulder as his body convulsed, his cum dripping over the tile and swirling down the drain. Namjoon wrapped his arms around Hoseok’s stomach and fucked between his legs desperately, gasping as he painted Hoseok’s thighs white. He panted, dropping his head onto Hoseok’s shoulder as they caught their breath. They stood together for a long time, bodies rocking gently, warm water spraying their skin. “Thank you, Joon.” Hoseok hummed, rubbing his fingers over Namjoon’s arms.

            “I’ll always take care of you, baby.” Namjoon cooed, reaching for the generic body wash that sat on the shelf of the shower. He lathered the soap between his hands and washed Hoseok’s body slowly, savoring the feeling of his flesh beneath his fingers. When the dancer was finally clean, Namjoon dried him off and helped him dress, poking and prodding and tickling the boy to make him smile. “Let’s go home. We ought to sit down with our hyungs, right?” Hoseok rolled his eyes and shoved the younger teasingly as they left the studio.

Chapter Text

            “Namjoon, would you mind grabbing Yoongi for dinner? He should be working in his room.” Seokjin asked as he passed the younger in the hallway. Namjoon nodded and headed up the stairs, trying to remember which bedroom belonged to whom. He knocked on the door across from his and Hoseok’s and waited for a response. Instead of come in or go away, he heard a quick drum beat, then the swell of music on top of it. Namjoon raised an eyebrow and opened the door, leaning against the door frame. He could just see the back of Yoongi’s head where he sat at his desk, thick headphones on his ears. The boy cleared his throat and took a breath and suddenly he was rapping, voice thick and snappy and clever. He bounced with the beat and Namjoon caught a glimpse of the microphone, of the computer recording his flow. Namjoon smiled and drifted into the room. Yoongi tripped over his words and cursed, shutting the music off and dropping his headphones to his desk.

            “You’re really good.” Namjoon complimented and Yoongi jumped, spinning in his chair. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude, Seokjin wanted me to get you for dinner.” Namjoon shrugged. “Did you write that yourself?” He motioned to the computer and Yoongi pursed his lips for a second.

            “Yeah. It’s not my best, but I’m going to compensate by remixing it.” He sighed, saving the recording.

            “It’s really good. I rap a little bit, too.” Namjoon hummed. “I used to be really involved in the underground scene in high school, but I’ve producing more on my own these days. I’d love to work with you.” Yoongi smiled fondly, lifting his chin to look at Namjoon properly.

            “That’d be cool. You know, I get called to perform here and there. You should come with me sometime.” He offered. He rarely took anyone other than his brothers with him, but Namjoon would be his brother soon enough.

            “That’d be awesome.” Namjoon grinned. His eyes grazed the boy, stopping at his pale neck. Soft purple bruises littered his throat, long and thin like fingers. Namjoon had seen plenty of bruises from fighting and these were not it. “Did you get those from Seokjin?” He motioned to his own neck and Yoongi blanched, his fingers flying to the bruises. He searched Namjoon for a hint of disgust or hate, but he only found calm curiosity. At least he wasn’t blatantly judging him.

            “Jungkookie, actually.” Yoongi sighed, dropping his hand. “How did you know?”

            “Hoseok. He accidently saw you guys a few days back. He was having a bad day so when he started talking about everything, he didn’t really stop. It just slipped out. I don’t think he meant to tell on you.” Namjoon smiled and the corner of Yoongi’s mouth twitched up.

            “You two are close.” Yoongi stated. Namjoon raised an eyebrow.

            “You five are close.” He countered and Yoongi chuckled. The elder looked down at his hands as he smiled.

            “Yeah. We are.” They left it at that as they headed to the dining room for dinner, but unspoken words hung in the air. Silent promises, hints, what ifs. The air was charged with possibility as they sat to eat, sneaking glances between bites, touches between sips.

Chapter Text

            “Morning, Joonie-hyung!” A soft voice chirped and Namjoon watched Jimin bounce up to him as he closed the bedroom door behind him. Hoseok was sleeping in, he didn’t want to disrupt him.

            “Hey, Jiminie.” Namjoon hummed, waiting for the boy to catch up to him. “Is that my sweater?” Namjoon pointed to the heavy maroon sweater that exposed Jimin’s collarbones, positive that he’d just taken it out of his suitcase a week ago.

            “Is it?” Jimin cooed, looking down at himself. His cheeks flushed a soft pink. “It was in the laundry this morning, I-I just thought…”

            “It’s alright.” Namjoon hummed, ruffling the kid’s hair. “It looks cute on you anyway.”

            Cute. Jimin ducked to hide his blush as they started walking towards the stairs, clutching the railing so he didn’t lose his footing. Namjoon’s cologne was washing over him and his knees felt terribly weak. “What are you doing today, hyung?” Jimin wondered, sticking close to the elder as they rounded the bottom of the stairs, his voice echoing through the foyer.

            “I was going to study for a while.” Namjoon hummed. “Are you in school, Jiminie?”

            “I’ve taken some university classes, but I’m not full time.” Jimin breathed, watching the easy sway of Namjoon’s shoulders as he walked. “I was never good at studying and Tae didn’t take the same classes as me, so he was no help.” Namjoon could hear the pout in the boy’s voice without even turning to him. He chuckled softly as he turned down the hallway on the left, towards the massive library that overlooked the garden.

            “I could help you, if you wanted. Give you study tips, or something.” Namjoon peeked over his shoulder as he reached towards the library door. He watched as Jimin’s soft smile melted, face blanching in something akin to panic. He furrowed his brows as Jimin grabbed his wrist, tugging him away from the door.

            “Uh, yeah!” Jimin squeaked, eyes wide. “That sounds great. Why don’t we study upstairs? The study up there is better anyway, a better selection of textbooks and such…” Jimin tried to pull Namjoon away, but Namjoon was bigger than him and stronger than him and he barely even budged, a confused smile on his lips. Jimin was acting weirder than usual.

            “If you want, I guess. I just left my bag down here, so I should grab it.” Namjoon opened the door and Jimin sucked in a breath, covering his eyes.

            It took a terribly long second for Namjoon to even realize that the library wasn’t empty. It started first with a piercing sound, a slap that echoed off the walls. Namjoon furrowed his brows as a whimper followed, his eyes finally focusing on the scene in the center of the room. Taehyung’s pretty tan skin was exposed in the soft light. He was knelt in the center of the ornate rug, rich blue silk stark against his soft flesh. Yoongi was hovering, naked pale skin and lean muscles rolling as he paced, soft leather  hanging from his fingers. Taehyung’s eyes were red rimmed and damp, lips wrapped around soaked blue silk that matched the rest of his bindings, arms extended high above his head. He was quivering, skin tinted red in intricate crossing welts, his pretty blushing cock restrained by a shiny black ring. It was a terribly filthy scene, once the pieces fell into place. Namjoon’s mouth fell open, heart dropping into his stomach and throat constricting.

            “Why don’t you look up for me, Taetae?” Yoongi purred, swinging the flogger idly in his hand. Namjoon’s body jolted when Taehyung met his eyes. “Our Namjoonie gets to see what a bad, bad boy you are.” Yoongi hissed, bring the flogger down against Taehyung’s belly, his muscles tensing and rolling as he moaned. “Do you think he should watch? Watch you beg for my punishment like the little slut you are?” Taehyung choked on the silk between his lips, trying desperately to say something. Yoongi rolled his eyes and reached forward, ripping the fabric out of his mouth. “What was that?”

            “O-only if he wants t-to.” Taehyung stammered, panting for air. He braced himself and looked at Namjoon again, shrinking in on himself just slightly. “I don’t want hyung to feel uncomfortable.” Namjoon watched Yoongi’s face soften and melt beneath the boy’s words.

            “Aish, so considerate, aren’t you?” He ran his pretty fingers through Taehyung’s locks and the boy leaned into the touch. “What’dya say?” Yoongi turned to Namjoon. “You up for a little show?”

            Namjoon gulped, looking at Jimin anxiously. The younger boy was trying to be slightly embarrassed for Namjoon’s sake, but Taehyung all tied up was one of his favorite sights and it was going to his head already. He heaved a shaky breath and looked at Namjoon, shrugging.

            “I, uh… yeah. Yeah, I guess.” Namjoon gulped, starting into the room with hesitant steps. Taehyung offered the most beautiful smile Namjoon had ever seen, parting his lips for Yoongi to gag him again. Everyone knew that Taehyung liked when all eyes were on him. He was an actor after all, he liked to put on a show.

            Jimin followed Namjoon and closed the door behind them, scurrying eagerly to the couch  closest to Taehyung. His twin winked at him as he sat and Jimin had to force himself not to moan.

            “Where were we, kitten?” Yoongi hummed, once again pacing circles around Taehyung. He curled a finger beneath the boy’s chin and lifted his face up. “Sixteen? Seventeen?” Taehyung hummed and Yoongi pursed his lips. “Should we start over?” Yoongi asked and Taehyung quivered, his cock twitching eagerly. Yoongi laughed fondly and lifted his arm, the slap of the flog falling over Taehyung’s right nipple piercing the air. The boy bucked his hips and moaned, another quickly following. “Jiminie, why don’t you keep count for me?”

            “Two, sir.” Jimin purred and Namjoon’s body prickled strangely. Never in his life had he encountered something akin to this outside of his computer screen. He watched in awe, body utterly frozen as Yoongi painted Taehyung red, thick groans muffled by silk and Jimin’s breathy counting tickling his ears. He was hot all over, skin tingling and cock jumping eagerly against the front of his trousers. It was all so wrong.

            Taehyung’s chest swelled desperately when Yoongi’s long fingers soothed the welts on his body and he fucked into the air, cock aching for friction that Yoongi kept denying him. Jimin squirmed and squeezed his thighs together as he watched, torn between moving to touch his brother or to touch Namjoon or to touch himself. There was so much that he wanted, he couldn’t decide.

            “Namjoon…” Yoongi purred, stepping towards the pair on the couch. Taehyung sighed in relief and anguish, left behind. “You don’t ever have to do anything you don’t want to do, but… well, our Jiminie here is just so good with that stunning mouth of his.” Yoongi lifted his hand and Jimin tilted his head back, plush lips parting happily to suck on two of Yoongi’s fingers. Namjoon watched his tongue swirl around Yoongi’s digits eagerly, his cock twitching in his trousers again. He could probably cum from watching alone. “God, these fucking lips.” Yoongi ran a thumb across Jimin’s bottom lip, pulling away before he got too distracted.

            “C-can I really, daddy?” Jimin purred and Namjoon gasped, catching the way Yoongi’s eyes darkened beneath the label. He filed that whiny little voice away in mind for later.

            “Ask permission.” Yoongi hummed, dragging the flogger teasingly over Taehyung’s chest again. The boy shuttered and Yoongi dragged the leather over his shoulders and down his back, whipping his pretty pink ass for the last time. Taehyung cried out, so painfully close to cumming but still so terribly far away. Jimin whimpered and his hand fell heavily on Namjoon’s thigh, startling him away from the sight of Taehyung.

            “Joonie-hyung, pretty please can I taste your cock? I promise I’ll make you feel good. Pinky swear.” Jimin wiggled his pinky and Namjoon gulped, automatically twining their fingers together. He nodded – his brain was too occupied to do much else – and Jimin wasted no time sinking to his knees between the elder’s legs. He took his time working Namjoon’s pants open and down his thighs, breath ghosting over Namjoon’s aching member before he took it in his little hand. He pumped Namjoon slowly, teasingly, until he was aching and so painfully hard. Before Namjoon could ask the boy to get on with it, he was bending down, slick lips kissing the tip of his cock. Jimin’s dark eyes peeked up at him, watched his every reaction as he kissed up and down the older boy’s shaft. Namjoon was already breathless.

            “S-so pretty.” Another voice whimpered and Namjoon looked up at Taehyung, the silk loose around his neck so he could speak. Yoongi’s hands and lips were soothing the angry red marks that littered his hips and backside and stomach, still denying him the most basic pleasure. “You two…” Taehyung paused his words to let out an impatient moan as Yoongi dragged his devilish tongue over the junction of his hip. “Joonie-hyung, Minnie… so pretty together.” Taehyung’s eyes fluttered closed and he leaned back, muscles straining until Yoongi positioned himself behind the boy. Taehyung pressed back against the elder, begging with his body for anything. Namjoon wondered distractedly if he even had any feeling in his arms anymore, still held obediently above his head.

            “Hyung.” Jimin chirped and Namjoon smiled down at him. “Will you pull my hair?” Namjoon’s heart throbbed and he buried his fingers in the Jimin’s soft locks immediately, waiting until his lips were stretched around his straining cock again. Jimin bobbed his head eagerly, spit rolling down Namjoon’s shaft as the elder tugged on his fistful of hair. The bit of pain elicited a moan from Jimin and the vibrations felt like heaven, sending pleasure straight up his spine. Namjoon tightened his grip each time Jimin sucked him back down his throat, hips desperately bucking up into the feeling and moans falling from his lips uncontrollably. Jimin was good, as entirely expected, and Namjoon knew he was going to cum so much sooner than he wanted to.

            “Fuck, Jimin.” Namjoon panted. “So good.” Namjoon heard a hum of agreement and dared to look over Jimin’s head again, eyes growing wide. Taehyung’s face was twisted up as Yoongi fucked up into him, still kneeling, hands still above his head. Namjoon was hit with a thick wave of pleasure at the unexpected sight, so taken aback that he could hardly be upset about missing Yoongi stuff the boy with his cock. There would be more opportunities in the future. The slick slap of skin and Yoongi’s soft groans had Namjoon’s belly pulling tighter and tighter by the second, hips rolling up against Jimin desperately. “Shit, baby, please. I’m-”

            “Why don’t you cum with Joonie, Tae?” Yoongi growled. He reached down to unfasten the cock ring and the boy called out in pleasure, eyes searching for Namjoon frantically. Jimin swallowed Namjoon to the back of his throat and moaned desperately and that was it. Namjoon watched Taehyung paint the rug beneath him as Jimin swallowed every bit of his own cum, legs shaking and fingers cramping against the boy’s scalp. Jimin slowed down and let Namjoon catch his breath before he pulled off him completely, offering a soft smile at the elder before looking down at his knees submissively. A long, gentle silence filled the room up as everyone caught their breath and Yoongi untied Taehyung’s limbs carefully. He worked swiftly – clearly practiced – and rubbed the soft red marks fondly as he dropped the silken ties to the ground. He made sure the boy was okay and littered his face in kisses before he turned towards Jimin. “Minnie.” Jimin swallowed and looked over his shoulder, his body twisted just enough to give Namjoon a glimpse of the wet patch on the front of his trousers. “Such a sweet boy.” Yoongi purred, walking to stand in front of Jimin and cup his cheek. “You get off on sucking us off so much, don’t you? Just a little tug on this pretty hair and you’re cumming in your pants.” Yoongi chuckled and Jimin blushed, lips pouty as he nodded.

            “Daddy hasn’t cum yet.” Jimin whimpered, fingers twitching by his thighs. Yoongi grinned and took his cock in his hand, stroking it slowly. “Can I have Daddy’s cum? Oh, please.” Namjoon gasped at the request, watching Yoongi’s cock jump in his hand fondly.

            “Sure, baby boy.” Yoongi decided, rubbing his thumb over his leaking slit as Jimin crawled to kneel at his feet. “I’m close, open up.” Yoongi pumped himself, knees weak, as Jimin tilted his chin up. He was so damn pretty and so submissive, the sight was enough to have Yoongi’s heart racing. Jimin parted his lips just in time to catch the first string of Yoongi’s cum on his tongue. The rest fell over his cheeks and dripped down his neck, painting his soft skin white. He smiled happily and licked his lips as Yoongi moaned, head thrown back.

            “Mmm, pretty.” Taehyung purred as he crawled to his brother. He snuggled up next to him, dragging a finger up Jimin’s neck and pressing the cum between his lips. Jimin sucked on it softly as Taehyung wrapped himself around Jimin’s shoulders, cuddling up to him and sighing happily. They knew each other’s bodies so well that they moved almost automatically to accommodate each other’s presence. Yoongi smiled and pet the boys’ hair as he passed them, stepping up in front of Namjoon.

            “How was it?” He chuckled, sinking onto the couch next to the younger. Namjoon laughed and rubbed his face, clearly embarrassed. “I hope we didn’t scare you away...”

            “No, you didn’t.” Namjoon hummed. “I just… this wasn’t quite on my agenda today.” He laughed against and Yoongi just smiled, draping his legs over Namjoon’s lap.

            “Do you have room in your schedule for a nap?” He wondered, looking at the twins on the floor. Already, they were huddled up in a little pile, breathing heavy and fast asleep. Namjoon bit his lip and nodded, letting Yoongi pull him down so they were lying next to each other. Namjoon watched as Yoongi’s eyes fell closed, as his breathing evened out, as his face grew slack with sleep. The minutes grew on quietly until Namjoon was positive that Yoongi was completely asleep. Namjoon wasn’t remotely tired, he couldn’t just lay here until everyone woke up again.

            Namjoon took his time trying to stand up, keeping his muscles tense and slow so he didn’t jostle Yoongi awake. He let out a sigh of relief when his foot hit the ground, standing up straight and fixing his pants. A muffled voice in the hallway caught his attention and he felt guilt pump through his veins.

            “Joonie?” Hoseok’s voice was soft and curious and Namjoon ran to the door, slipping into the hallway and shutting the door behind him. His brother smiled up at him, skipping towards him in his silky pajamas. “Good morning, Joon.” He purred, pulling Namjoon forward into a tight hug. The taller boy scooped him up and spun him around, squeezing him tight. Hoseok’s giggle was gorgeous and squeaky and Namjoon basked in the noise before he let his brother down. “A very good morning, apparently. What’s up?”

            “Come with me, I’ve a lot to tell you.” Namjoon grinned, taking Hoseok’s hand and tugging him towards the back of the house. The sun was out and the breeze was soft and the garden was freshly groomed, so Namjoon pulled Hoseok to one of the benches and wrapped him up in his arms. He spoke excitedly, lips bumping Hoseok’s cheeks when he pulled him closed, breath ghosting over the boy’s skin. They always told each other everything, so it was only natural that when they had started dating and fucking around, they had told each other too. Back in high school, it had become a weekly thing to cuddle up on the weekends and spill every little detail about their affairs from the week. They liked hearing about what the other had done, how they’d reacted, what they’d liked and didn’t like. They learned the strangest things about each other that way.

            “Whoa.” Hoseok breathed when Namjoon ended his recount of the last hour. Namjoon was always good with words and the blush on Hoseok’s cheeks told him that his story had been effective. Hoseok gulped and looked up at his brother, tilting his chin to accept the soft kiss Namjoon offered. It was quick and gentle and Hoseok bit his lip when they pulled away. “I have something to tell you too.”

Chapter Text

            “Hosikie hyung?” The voice was soft and growing more familiar with each day, so Hoseok hardly jumped when it disturbed his reading. Jungkook hovered near his bedroom door, shifting from foot to foot, wringing his hands in front of his body.

            “Hi, Kookie.” Hoseok liked the nickname more than he cared to admit and it always brought the cutest little smile to the boy’s face. “Do you need something?” Hoseok closed his book and set it down on his desk, rising from the plush chair. He could see Jungkook’s throat ripple as he gulped.

            “Um.” The boy hummed, looking at the floor. “Yeah, I was… I was wondering if you would maybe want to come t-take a bath… uh, with me?” Hoseok’s eyes grew wide and Jungkook took a frantic breath. “It’s just – my brothers and I always take baths together when we want to talk and it’s kinda peaceful and I just thought… maybe-”

            “Yeah.” Hoseok interrupted the boy’s panicked words, offering a soft smile as he stood up. “That sounds nice.” Jungkook stared like Hoseok had grown a third eye right before him, utterly shocked by his words. He had expected nothing less than pure rejection.

            “Oh.” The boy breathed, his lips twitching. “Y-yeah. Let’s go.” He held out his hand and Hoseok slipped their fingers together swiftly, falling into step with the younger boy. Jungkook was practically buzzing with excitement as he scurried across the soft carpet to the bathroom down the hallway. That specific bathroom had the largest bathtub and a sprawling collection of bubble bath soaps and bath bombs and scented oils and anything else one would need for bath time. Hoseok watched the boy happily as he dropped his hand and searched the cupboards for the perfect bath accessory. “Do you want lavender or… rose or… citrus?” Jungkook listed, digging through the bath bombs eagerly.

            “Anything is fine, Kook.” Hoseok chuckled, unbuttoning his shirt slowly. He’d only ever owned a few shirts with buttons in his life, so he wasn’t as coordinated as the others were. That didn’t mean that Jungkook didn’t freeze up when he saw Hoseok’s exposed chest. “Kook-ah.” Hoseok chuckled and the boy jumped, shaking his head frantically.

            “Sorry.” He bent over to start the water and kept his hand beneath the faucet much too long, composing himself more than testing the temperature. When he turned back to Hoseok, his face was calm and collected. “What kind of music do you like?” He wondered softly, wiping his hands on his jeans and grabbing his phone.

            “Anything, Kook.” Hoseok repeated and Jungkook started something soft and foreign, the music drifting from the little speakers in every corner of the bathroom. Jungkook busied himself dimming the lights and grabbing towels from the cupboards and closing the curtains over the big windows, stalling before he had to take his own clothes off. Hoseok just watched with amusement, the adorable boy making his heart swell. When Jungkook had nothing left to do, he faltered and hesitantly reached for his collar, unbuttoning his shirt slowly. He let it drop off his shoulders and flutter to the ground, fighting the urge to cover up his bare chest. How could he be so confident and smooth in front of his brothers while he was a blubbering mess in front of Hoseok?

            But he already knew the answer to that.

            This was a first, with Hoseok. Jungkook hadn’t had a first in a long time. “The bath is full.” Hoseok hummed and Jungkook jumped to stop the water before they flooded the house. When he looked back, Hoseok was working his trousers off, dropping his briefs with them. Jungkook’s mouth grew terribly dry as he mirrored the movements, peeling his layers away until they both stood stark naked in the dim light. Hoseok started towards the bath and dropped the bath bomb in, watching it fizz and turn the water pink. Where he stood, Jungkook had a full few of his naked backside, the curves and dips of his body intoxicating to take in. He was lean and tanned and he looked so soft. “Kookie?”

            “Can I touch you, hyung?” Jungkook blurted, eyes wide and hands twitching.

            “Um.” Hoseok breathed, eyes shifting down to look at himself.

            “You look soft.” Jungkook purred, stepping forward. Hoseok breathed softly and nodded, stepping towards Jungkook too. The boy smiled and set his hands on Hoseok’s shoulders, warm fingers dragging up his throat, tracing his jaw, then falling back down to his chest. Hoseok’s breath stuttered under the touch and Jungkook sighed, smiling gently. His fingers were confident and teasing as they traced the flat plans of Hoseok’s abs and curled to his sensitive sides, daring to venture to his lower back before slipping back to his chest. “The bath is ready.” Jungkook breathed, pushing the elder back with a splitting grin on his lips. Hoseok’s calves bumped against the edge of the tub and he reached out to grab Jungkook, making sure he didn’t fall. Hoseok peeked over his shoulder as he sunk into the water, hands never leaving Jungkook’s heated skin. Jungkook clambered in after him, the water splashed around the younger’s waist and Hoseok watched him sink into the silky bath. Jungkook leaned forward and bumped his nose against Hoseok’s, teasing fingers still pressing into his shoulders. Hoseok tilted his chin up, daring the boy to take it any further. “Is this okay, hyung?” Jungkook wondered, his breath brushing Hoseok’s cheek.

            Hoseok searched the boy’s eyes, glittering in the faint light. He was biting his lip, clearly nervous about asking such a thing, but he was adorable. “Yeah, Kookie.” Jungkook’s smile crinkled his eyes as he pressed forward, soft, warm lips catching Hoseok’s. Jungkook had been curious the second the boys had walked into their house and his heart hammered in his chest. Each drag of Hoseok’s lips, of his tongue, of any bit of his slick skin sent pleasure down Jungkook’s body.

            Hoseok wasn’t sure how long they spent attached, restless tongues tasting each other and wandering hands splashing the glittering pink water over excited goosebumps. Something in his chest was swelling with each moment, his mind settling into a blurry daze, a lazy comfort that he couldn’t find just anywhere. “Kook.” Hoseok purred, sitting back. Jungkook’s lips were pink and plush, his cheeks flushed and chest heaving as he caught his breath. “Is this why you wanted to take a bath?” Hoseok snickered and Jungkook’s blush grew even darker.

            “W-well I…” Jungkook bit his lip, looking away. “Maybe, a little. But I always take baths with my hyungs when I’m stressed o-or if I want to talk or just – just be close, you know? I-it’s not just that-” Jungkook stammered the words and Hoseok laughed again, cupping the boy’s face fondly.

            “It’s okay.” He purred, pushing the boy’s shaggy hair out of his eyes. “I’m glad you asked me.” Jungkook’s heart skipped an entire beat and he kissed his hyung again, slow and soft and fond.


            “Shit, you’re making tidal waves baby.” Hoseok teased, grabbing Jungkook’s hips and pulling the boy still. Jungkook’s hair hung in front of his eyes and his chest rolled with desperate breaths and Hoseok would let him roll his talented hips for the rest of his life if he wasn’t afraid of water damage. But they were in a full bath and no matter how good Jungkook’s cock felt pressed up against his own, he needed to be somewhat responsible. “Slow, baby.” Hoseok reminded, loosening his grip on the boy. Jungkook started his movements again, arching his back so their cocks were trapped between their bodies. He closed his eyes and bit his lip as he savored the feeling of Hoseok’s slick skin against his length. He’d tried jerking them off together, but Hoseok had clicked his tongue and pulled his hands away. “You can only cum using those hips, baby boy.”

            “H-hyung.” Jungkook whimpered, dropping his head onto Hoseok’s shoulder. He could get more pressure at this angle and he started to fuck up against the elder in earnest once again. Hoseok hummed and Jungkook gasped when he felt the elder shift beneath him, finally returning the favor and bucking his hips up. “Fuck, your dancer hips- hyung- please-” Jungkook panted the words, wrapping his arms around Hoseok’s shoulders and burrowing into his neck. He could feel his moans getting louder with each stroke of Hoseok’s cock, echoing off the walls, but the thought of his brothers listening and getting off to it only made him feel hotter. He dug his nails into Hoseok’s damp skin, searching for anything to ground himself as he felt the swell of heat in his belly. His moans dissolved into whimpers as Hoseok pulled the boy’s hips against him with a bruising grip and he tried to keep his movements steady.

            “K-Kookie, fuck, I’m-” Hoseok choked on his words, gasping as his cum spilled into the bath between them. The pain from Jungkook’s nails was starting to register in his brain and he stilled his body, letting Jungkook fuck against him at his own pace. He could hear water splashing onto the tile floor, but Jungkook was mewling and his muscles were quivering and he kissed the boy’s neck as his own cum spilled to mingle with Hoseok’s. Jungkook groaned and panted as his body quivered, soaking up all that was Hoseok.

            They soaked in the filthy bath until Jungkook felt like he had enough strength to finally stand, still clinging to Hoseok as they climbed out of the water. He let his hyung dry him off and wrap him up in a towel, then turned to returned the favor. He liked Hoseok’s body and his skin and he was mesmerizing to see so close. Jungkook spun the elder to dry his back and gasped.

            “What? Jungkook?” Hoseok turned to looked at him in panic, but the boy’s shoulders were shaking with laughter. “Kook-ah.” Hoseok frowned, twisting his body in the mirror. He could just barely catch a glimpse of the thick red lines that decorated his back like skeletal wings and he snorted. “Yah, you ripped me up!” He teased, reaching to pull Jungkook into his arms. He ruffled the boy’s hair until he was laughing out loud, head thrown back in hysterics and body curling into Hoseok’s fondly. “You’re so deceptive…” Hoseok grumbled. “I thought you were going to be sweet to me.” Jungkook just grinned and turned Hoseok around again, bending to kiss the long welts that graced his skin. He continued to dry the elder off and followed each drag of the towel with a drag of his lips, raising goosebumps in the steamy bathroom.

Chapter Text

            “I need to learn this dance for sure, maybe next week when I’m done with my other choreo.” Hoseok hummed, restarting the video on the laptop sat on his chest, adjusting his head where he rested in the crook of Namjoon’s shoulder. It was late in the evening and they were relaxing with their bellies full of dinner, basking in each other’s presence.

            “Hey,” A quiet voice greeted and they both jumped, looking towards their bedroom door. Yoongi was leaning against the door frame, Seokjin lingering in the hallway behind him. “I’m going to perform at a club downtown… want to come with?” Yoongi was biting his lips and rolling his ankles nervously as he spoke. He wasn’t exactly one to show himself off like this, but he wanted them there – Seokjin wouldn’t ask for him.

            “Absolutely!” Namjoon spoke before Hoseok could even get a word out, the both of them jumping off the bed clumsily – Hoseok caught Namjoon before he fell head first into the bedside table. Seokjin’s squeaky laughter met their ears as they scrambled to find fresh, club-appropriate clothes in their closet.

            “You have time, don’t worry.” Yoongi chuckled, entering their room and sitting on their bed, taking Seokjin’s hand fondly as he strolled in after him. They talked to each other in quiet voices as Hoseok and Namjoon held up mesh shirts and tight jeans and flashing jewelry to each other, comparing outfit after outfit. They barely noticed the other two conspiring with each other until their outfits were decided and they needed to change. They stood awkwardly until Yoongi raised a brow. “Do you want us to leave?” He wondered, but neither made a move.

            Namjoon and Hoseok gulped in unison, but they peeked at each other and both shook their heads, starting to peel their clothes off. They’d had many talks late into the night about what all this meant to them and to their future, but the bottom line was they liked sex, these boys were attractive and willing, and it was all in good fun. They could afford to indulge.

            Hoseok made a show of removing his clothes as Namjoon stumbled out of his own, making everyone else laugh softly. They took their time, letting their audience soak up their bare bodies as they slowly dressed each other, handsy as ever. They weren’t quite sure if they actually heard it or if they were imagining things, but it was very likely that they earned a pair of soft gasps as they bent to pull up their pants, fastening them with blossoming blushes on their cheeks. “Here.” Hoseok stepped towards Namjoon, buttoning his shirt for him with lingering fingers that touched his chest for just a little bit too long. “God, you look hot.” Hoseok purred and Namjoon pulled him in for a kiss, unable to fight the blush spreading to his chest as they hopped up to the other waiting pair. “Ready.”

            The elders stood up, but again didn’t move to leave, instead stepping forward to the pair. “Can we kiss you?” Yoongi wondered, looking between them. They were so casually affectionate with their other brothers, they wanted to have that with Namjoon and Hoseok too – baby steps.

            The other pair barely even nodded before Seokjin grabbed Namjoon by the waist and Yoongi took Hoseok’s cheeks in his hands, two pairs of mouths catching each other softly and eagerly. They didn’t push it much further than that – Seokjin would never admit to grabbing Namjoon’s ass if anyone dared to ask him – before they finally headed out.

            Yoongi talked about this club and all the others that he’d performed at over the years as they drove, Seokjin jumping in to tell stories of all the times he’d tagged along.  They pulled into a dark parking garage much sooner than expected, Yoongi bouncing on his toes as they started towards the venue. There wasn’t much opportunity for talking once they entered the club, the crowd and the music melding into a deafening cacophony. The energy was buzzing and Hoseok grinned, thinking back to the few underground dance competitions he’d done in places just like this. Only the rowdiest people found these clubs and it made for a great audience.

            They didn’t have to wait very long – just long enough for Seokjin to deliver a few painfully strong cocktails to their standing table up front – before the lights dimmed and the crowd hushed, waiting in wild anticipation.

            “We’ve got a treat for you guys tonight!” The announcer started and the crowd screamed bloody-murder. “A legend is in the house with us today, finally returning from a well-deserved hiatus to bring his energy back to the masses, to bless us once again with that infamous tongue technology. Make some noise for our one and only… Agust D!” Someone screamed directly in Namjoon’s ear and he caught the way Hoseok gripped Seokjin’s sleeve nervously as they watched Yoongi’s small frame slink up on stage, a microphone held loosely in his hand. He didn’t bother with an introduction, didn’t ask the crowd how they were or hype them up – there was simply an echo of militant drums and Yoongi took a deep breath.

            Hoseok and Namjoon’s jaws dropped as Yoongi began to spit into the mic, tongue fast and sharp as he rapped with a confidence they had yet to see from the boy. Yoongi bounced with the beat, thriving on the screams of the crowd, drawing out the rhythm in the air with his thin fingers. He was powerful and aggressive and angry… and so goddamn mesmerizing. Seokjin had seen him perform many times before, so for the first time ever, he didn’t watch Yoongi destroy the crowd. He watched Namjoon and Hoseok succumb. All their brothers could relate to the feeling – Yoongi was like an irresistible siren with his tongue. Hoseok felt the beat in his ribs and the pit of his stomach, squirming as Yoongi picked him out of the crowd and winked, flashing his pink tongue before he stepped back. As he moved to the music, a few strong beats hit the speakers and Yoongi grabbed his dick in his sweatpants, thrusting into the air and making the crowd go wild. Hoseok felt his whole body heat up, but he wouldn’t dare take his eyes off the elder. Namjoon hung on Yoongi’s lyrics and his flow and leaned forward in his seat, choking on his spit when Yoongi pushed back his hair and bit his lip, a confident smirk directed at the younger. Yoongi knew how to play the stage.

            Yoongi – no, Agust D – moved from one song to the next quickly and smoothly and before they could even really wrap their minds around his performance, he was gone. He snuck off stage to a volume akin to thousands of fans – even though there were only a few hundred stuffed into the club – and Seokjin was immediately on his feet, dragging the star-struck pair in his wake. He elbowed his way through the wild audience until they broke through to a small door tucked away in a back hallway. He didn’t knock on the door before he pushed through it, tugging Yoongi into a hot, desperate kiss the second they collided. “Fuck you.” Seokjin chuckled against his lips and Yoongi broke away with a wide, gummy smile.

            “Good?” He asked and Seokjin rolled his eyes, pushing Yoongi towards the pair hovering by the door who were still unsure of how they were supposed to react. “Did you guys like it?”

            “I… I want to fuck you so bad.” Hoseok choked and Yoongi grinned, stepping up to him and crashing their lips together. He was always handsy after a performance, so he couldn’t really blame himself when he managed to get Hoseok’s shirt off in 2 seconds flat.

            “Yah, you know the other performers need this room too.” Seokjin scolded, breaking them apart. “Come on.” He shoved the group further down the hall and into a small bathroom that was surprisingly clean for a club like this – a private one for the performers. The second the door was closed and locked, Hoseok bent Yoongi over the sink with a hand twisted in his hair. Namjoon stepped up behind Hoseok and pressed comforting kisses down his neck to remind him to keep himself under control, teasing his hands around his waistband as Yoongi’s pants hit the tile floor.

            “Now the real show begins.” Seokjin laughed, closing the toilet seat and sitting down.

            “H-hyung?” Namjoon squeaked, looking over his shoulder at the elder. “Do you want to come and join-“

            “Ah, don’t worry about it. I’m perfectly happy over here.” Seokjin grinned, sitting back to enjoy their private performance. He loved fucking just as much as the next guy, but watching Yoongi work his magic from the outside? An irresistible opportunity.

            “Yoongi hyung,” Hoseok whined like a petulant child as he found a matte black butt plug filling Yoongi up, all of his blood rushing to his dick and making him wickedly lightheaded.

            “Yes?” Yoongi asked innocently and Hoseok pulled him up by the neck to kiss him angrily, biting his lips until he tasted blood. Yoongi sighed happily against him and pressed his hips back – he was admittedly delighted to discover this side of Hoseok. “I’m glad you liked seeing me on stage.”

            “Fuck, you’re so sexy, such a tease-” Hoseok spat, tightening his hand on Yoongi’s throat and pressing against the plug in his ass, finally seeing a bit of the rap persona falter. “You think you’re hot shit, don’t you? You think you’re above everyone else, like you’re special?” Hoseok wasn’t sure where all this was coming from, but Yoongi’s performance had done something to him and he couldn’t think of anything else to release his tension. Lucky for him, Yoongi’s cheeks were turning pink as he watched Hoseok in the mirror, mouth hanging open as he panted.

            “Let’s show him who’s boss.” Namjoon purred in Hoseok’s ear and Yoongi whined, wetting his lips in anticipation. Hoseok didn’t need to wait any longer as he stepped back and flipped Yoongi around, lifting him onto the sink and spreading his legs. “Ah, hyung… Did you want us to fuck your brains out after you performed?” Namjoon raised a brow, finally seeing the plug too. “I think you’re way too confident in yourself… Hosikie, should we leave him high and dry until we get home, instead? The little brat probably deserves it.” Namjoon cooed. Hoseok knew he was just teasing – he could feel that Namjoon was rock hard against his lower back, rolling his hips idly – but Yoongi’s eyes grew wide and he choked.

            “No, no, nonononono, please god, fuck me, I need you, please, please, fuck me, right here, right now-” Yoongi was rambling and begging and Hoseok smirked, turning to kiss Namjoon over his shoulder as he yanked the plug out of Yoongi, making the elder squeal. Much to his liking, though, Hoseok was quick to replace it with his own cock, sinking in as far as he could go, the lube held in by the plug making everything so much easier. Yoongi really did have a plan. “Ah, fuck, Seok.” Yoongi felt the pleasure all the way in his throat and he groaned, pulling Hoseok in by the shoulders and burying his face in his neck. “You feel so good, I’m- fuck, so full, so big, Seok-”

            Seokjin grinned up at the trio, watching as Hoseok and Namjoon learned their way around this side of Yoongi. Yoongi was a rambler when he got fucked, desperate and dirty and whiny like the little baby boy that he was… Seokjin wondered if one of them would shut him up or if they’d let him whine the whole time. It was a beautiful noise, if he was being honest.

            Seokjin slipped his hand past his waistband and pumped his swollen dick slowly as he watched Hoseok fuck Yoongi fast and desperate against the sink with Namjoon wrapped around his back. He was pressing his dick against Hoseok ass, matching his rhythm. They looked like desperate little school boys and Seokjin loved every bit of it.

            “N-Namjoon-” Yoongi choked, reaching past Hoseok to kiss him hot and heavy, more tongue than anything else. “You too- I want- want- fuck, you too, fuck me too.”


            “No, now.” Yoongi whined, squirming against Hoseok as the younger hit his prostate. “I can take it, I’ve done it before, please- you too – you too.” Yoongi panted and Hoseok pulled back to look Yoongi in the eyes, brows raised.

            “You’re sure?” He confirmed and Yoongi gulped, nodding excitedly. “H-hyung has lube, please.” They looked at Seokjin – the sight of him with his cock in his hand made the three of them gasp fondly – and the elder grabbed the tube from his bag and tossed it to them easily. “Hyung…” Hoseok huffed as Seokjin went back to pumping himself slowly. Hoseok was gonna need to have the cock in his mouth sometime soon.

            “Hold me.” Yoongi asked and Hoseok got a good grip on him as Namjoon moved to lean against the counter. Yoongi was basically feather light – perks of being tiny – so Hoseok had no trouble holding him up as he fucked him slowly, feeling Namjoon slick fingers begin to slide inside Yoongi, tight against his own cock. Yoongi was quick to stretch out – as much he enjoyed topping, he was equally eager to be stuffed full of whoever wanted him. “More, Joon, I can take it. More.” Namjoon listened to his desperate pleas and was soon to have three fingers flush against Hoseok inside of him. “So… s-so good.” Yoongi closed his lips around Hoseok’s neck and bit down as Namjoon finally pressed his cock inside of him, the stretch pulling a low groan from the pits of his stomach. Yoongi felt his legs shaking and his head was swimming, but Hoseok had a good grip on him and Namjoon pressed against his back to support him more as they began to move in tandem. It was harder to pound into him like this, but they found a rhythm fairly quickly and he mewled as one of them – he couldn’t really decipher any of their bodies from each other – hit his prostate over and over and over.

            Yoongi didn’t even realize how loud he was moaning and whimpering and crying until - “Shut the fuck up.” Namjoon spat, sticking the three fingers he’d fingered Yoongi open with past the elder’s lips. Yoongi immediately sucked, leaning his head back on Namjoon’s shoulder and breathing deeply to quiet his moans. “Such a little fucking slut, greedy for cock and moaning like a bad pornstar. You’re just that desperate, huh?” Yoongi sighed and sucked harder on Namjoon’s fingers as his pleasure built and built and built-

            “Don’t you dare come yet.” Hoseok spat and Yoongi choked, tensing his stomach and holding his breath. He was fairly good at following directions. “You’re gonna let your dongsaengs come first, right? Because you’re a good hyung, right?”

            Namjoon loved when Hoseok talked dirty – he wasn’t always into it, so it was rare – and the words went straight his dick. He knew he was thrusting erratically now, unable to match Hoseok’s rhythm, but he was so close and Yoongi was biting down on his fingers and squirming, clenching around his and Hoseok’s lengths, pressed together so tight and hot and good – “Oh my fucking god.” Namjoon gasped as he came deep inside Yoongi, the elder sucking in a breath as he felt even hotter with the added sensation. Namjoon sucked on Yoongi’s neck as Hoseok sped up, digging his fingers into Yoongi hips and throwing his head back as he followed suit.

            “Ah!” Yoongi called out, voice wrecked and hoarse as he came all over Hoseok’s chest, his entire body shaking and twitching and his vision fading in and out. He whimpered and closed his eyes, soaking up every chilling ounce of pleasure flooding his body, from head to toe. He felt something on his face and his neck and it took him a few long seconds to realize that Namjoon and Hoseok were covering him in soft kisses as he swam in the pleasure, panting for breath and clenching around them, still stuffed side by side inside of him. He came down slow and steady, catching a kiss here and there when he could focus enough.

            “Okay?” Hoseok asked between panting breaths and kisses and Yoongi nodded, holding onto Hoseok tighter, bracing himself before they pulled out of him one at a time. He whined at how empty he felt, but his legs gave out when Hoseok tried to set him down and he buried his face in the younger’s neck bashfully. “Aw, so cute, hyung. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.”

            “We should get him home.” Seokjin cooed, cleaning his own cum off his stomach and dressing himself quickly. “He’s always a bit sleepy after a show, aren’t you baby?” Seokjin took Yoongi’s chin in his fingers and kissed him sweetly. Namjoon put Yoongi’s clothes back on for him slowly while Hoseok held him and Seokjin kissed praises into his skin, Yoongi basking in the care they blessed him with.

            When they were all dressed and fairly decent – there wasn’t much they could do about the bruises on their necks – Hoseok picked Yoongi up on his back and they snuck out of the back door of the club. They all gasped in the fresh air and giggled at the thought of what they’d just done, reaching out keep each other close, soaking up the affection. The car ride was quiet as Yoongi dozed off in the front seat, but they couldn’t expect the same silence when they entered the house.

            “Hyungs!” a voice cooed from the top of the stairs and Jimin bolted down to greet them, rocking on his tip toes to give them all a fond kiss on the lips. “How was the show?”

            “Fantastic.” Seokjin purred and they all began to sport sweet blushes on their cheeks.

            “I bet.” Jimin winked, noting Yoongi still sleeping in Hoseok’s arms. “We’re having a sleepover, come on!” Jimin scurried to the large living room and held out his arms, presenting a beautiful cave of colorful blankets and soft lights, the floor carpeted in thick, plush pillows and mats. It looked like a magical little hideaway and Seokjin dove in to kiss the other two maknae’s, who were waiting patiently in the fort.

            They all piled in together, limbs overlapping and lips finding exposed skin and whispers filling the air. It was so perfectly and intensely comfortable and it hit Hoseok like a semi-truck just how good this had all become in such a short time. As weary as he’d been at first, he was a thousand times happier now. “Love you.” Namjoon purred sleepily against Hoseok’s ear as he dozed off, the sound of five other people breathing around them not yet familiar, but so very welcome.

            “Love you.”

Chapter Text

The house was quiet and calm – everyone had something to keep them entertained for the time being (probably each other) – but that was shattered in a split second when the intercom in the house binged to life. They didn’t use it very often – a text message was just as good – so everyone perked up curiously. “Can I please have all my handsome, lovely, sexy baby boys report to the west wing study, please?” Seokjin’s smooth voice demanded and three pairs of feet could be heard stumbling over each other to get to the stairs first. The maknaes were no doubt fighting each other to be the first to get there. Yoongi was slower to respond and he stopped in Namjoon and Hoseok’s doorway as he passed.

            “That means you two, as well.” He grinned and Hoseok jumped away from Namjoon’s lips, leaving the younger boy breathless and panting beneath him. “Seokjin’s not very patient.” Yoongi raised an eyebrow and Hoseok gulped, climbing off of Namjoon’s lap and hopping to the floor. He tilted his head as Namjoon took his hand to lead him downstairs.

            “We’re baby boys too?” Hoseok hummed, mostly to himself. He was still trying to get a grip on the dynamics, but they seemed to change each day. At the very least, things were established each time, before any of them played together. Namjoon just snorted and nuzzled against Hoseok’s ear softly as they found the other boys lingering.

            The group collected outside the large French doors to the study, but Seokjin was standing in front of them like he was waiting to reveal something grand. He had a confident smirk on his lips, chin held high, and everyone was buzzing with anticipation. “I bought us a gift!” Seokjin grinned and Taehyung wrapped himself around the eldest’s waist impatiently. “Close your eyes.”

            “All of us?” Yoongi snorted and Seokjin shot him a wicked look that screamed duh. One at a time, Seokjin lead them into the living room, positioning them shoulder to shoulder as they rocked on their toes and giggled to each other. They loved surprises.

            “Okay, open up.”

            Laid before them on the long coffee table was a large, colorful collection of what looked to be rope and silk, all colors of the rainbow and varying in length and thickness. Taehyung cooed fondly, but the rest were left with puzzled looks on their faces, searching for an explanation. “Shibari, hyung?” Taehyung squealed and Seokjin beamed as he nodded. The other boys looked at him in confusion and he pouted. “What? I had a phase.”

            “Shibari - literally translated ‘to tie decoratively’ -  is the art of tying up pretty little boys.” Seokjin teased, taking Taehyung’s chin in his fingers and pulling him into a slow, sensual kiss. The others approached the gifts as the pair got lost in their own little world, picking the ropes up and feeling them on their skin.

            “I never knew what it was called.” Jungkook purred, wrapping a stark black rope around his wrists and tugging tight, eyebrows raising curiously.

            “We’ll have to study up on the techniques, but for now… I know a few simple ties.” Seokjin suggested and Taehyung grinned wildly.

            “I know some too! I’ll help you hyung!” he ran forward and began to survey the collection. “Jiminie, can we use the pink rope on you? It would look so pretty!” Jimin strolled slowly up to his twin with a grin on his face, dropping a kiss on the tip of Tae’s shoulder.

            “You can do whatever you want to me, honey bear.”


            “You installed hooks on the ceiling?” Yoongi hummed judgmentally as he ran comforting fingers over Jimin’s naked skin, the pink ropes digging into him beautifully.

            “Oh, come on, dad will never notice. Besides,” Seokjin fastened the knot on Jimin’s ankle, the boy much too distracted with Taehyung’s tongue to respond. “How else are we supposed to display this pretty little toy?”

            It only took a few sets of careful hands to get the rope into the ceiling hook and pull Jimin up into the air by one tied foot and his wrists. Jimin had always been insanely flexible – his brothers knew this so well – but it was still breathtaking to watch his free leg hang, spreading his legs apart as far as they could go, his entire body on display. Seokjin had even thought enough ahead to install an anchor in the floor so none of them had to hold him up the whole time.

            “Oh my god, can I?” Hoseok whined at the display and he earned soft nods, encouraging him forward. He dropped Namjoon’s hand and strutted forward confidently. He didn’t even give Jimin a warning before he was ducking to press his tongue past the pretty pink hole that was so accessible now. Yoongi was clearly just as affected and he fell to his knees beneath Jimin, swallowing his cock just as enthusiastically. They knew they needed to take this slow – practice makes perfect and this was Jimin’s first time suspended like this – but the sight of him all tie up like a present on Christmas morning was too much to ignore. Jimin seemed happy enough with it all.

            “Color, Jiminie?” Seokjin asked as he knelt at Jungkook’s side, the black rope held carefully in his hands.

            “Fucking bright green, hyung.” Jimin sobbed, shaking in his restraints as pleasure flooded every single nerve ending in his body.

            “That’s a good boy. Tell us if it changes, please? We’re just playing, getting to know this scene, right? Don’t push yourself.” Seokjin and Taehyung worked in tandem to cage Jungkook’s chest in the sleek black ropes, one stretching up to pull against his throat, two more on either side of his swollen cock, wrapping around his strong, thick thighs. “God, you’re gorgeous.” Seokjin admired their work, dragging his cool fingertips along the red flesh beneath the rope. He peeked over his shoulder as Jimin called out, cum streaming down to the carpet as he threw his head back as far as possible. Seokjin didn’t even need to ask before the pair that had demolished him were taking him down from the suspension.

            “Jiminie already came… such a good boy, isn’t he?” Seokjin teased Jungkook, his hand breezing past his cock but never actually touching it. “Want Taehyungie to make you come, baby? All sweet and tied up like we’re having you for dinner…” He didn’t have much more time tease before Taehyung was bending him over, spreading his legs and pulling the ropes to make Jungkook choke just once… for now.

            “Yoongi, help me? Hosikie too.” Seokjin held up deep blue ropes and the painfully aroused pair were quick to scramble to him, wrapping the rope around him sloppily. They would need to study the art for a long time to get good at it, but Seokjin only needed to feel the tight, restrictive pull to get his body warming up. He checked over his shoulder to watch Jimin climb onto the couch where Namjoon was sitting quietly, curling into the elder like a sleepy little kitten. Namjoon petted his hair and gave the eldest a soft smile, reassuring him to return to their activities. Seokjin understood that not everyone wanted to play all the time – they’d all sat out of their fair share of playtimes before, it was normal.

            “Ah, hyung, tighter-” Jungkook’s voice was cut off as Taehyung used the ropes around his back to pull his chest off the ground, effectively cutting of his airways. He made sure not to hold it too long each time, letting Jungkook breathe and asking his colors the whole time as he fucked into him like a desperate little teenager. He wasn’t going to last long, but neither was Jungkook.

            “It’s really beautiful,” Yoongi mused, cinching Seokjin’s elbows together behind his back, making his entire body bow in response. Seokjin was practically drooling as Yoongi tugged his ropes however he wanted, Seokjin’s body completely at his will. “I’m gonna fuck you until you cry, hyung.” Yoongi promised, pulling Hoseok towards them slowly. “Want to fill up that pretty throat of his? He gets noisy.”

            Yoongi and Hoseok took Seokjin from both ends and Taehyung pressed Jungkook’s face into the rug. The room was filled with wild panting and moans, skin on skin and desperate kisses as accompaniment. Taehyung pulled out of Jungkook just in time to cum all over his back, watching it pool against the ropes, shiny and wet. Only then did he notice that Jungkook had already cum all over the carpet – probably from the last bout of choking, he could be a sucker for pain.

            “Fuck, Tae… yellow.” Jungkook whispered against the carpet. “Too tight… too-” Before Jungkook had to form a coherent thought, Taehyung was working the knots loose, letting the rope fall away and cradling him against his chest. “Mmm… I’ll have marks for days. Maybe weeks.” Jungkook purred, feeling the red-hot skin on his chest and thighs with idle fingers.

            “You’ll think of me every time you see them.” Taehyung promised, pressing against some of the freshly blossoming bruises. “You’ll think of my cock, how I choked you, how you begged for more and more, ‘cause you’re a slut for the pain, aren’t you?”

            “Yes hyung.” Jungkook hummed against Taehyung’s cheek, kissing up his jaw and cheek, nibbling like a curious bunny. “But I’m your slut… right?” He whined, and Taehyung laughed softly, returning his kisses fast and sloppily.

            “All ours.” Taehyung directed Jungkook’s gaze over just in time to watch Seokjin’s entire body quake and tremble as he came on the rug, eyes streaming tears as he squirmed against his restraints. Slowly but surely Yoongi and Hoseok pulled away, revealing a mouthful and ass-full of their glimmering cum, the sight making the pit of Jungkook’s belly stir in interest again. The trio sprawled out on the ground as Seokjin slipped out of the sloppy rope work, reaching to touch the boys idly as they basked in the soft silence.

            “Namjoonie-” Hoseok purred in a sated whisper, rolling to find his brother, but his heart leapt to his throat when his eyes fell on an empty couch. “Namjoon?” Hoseok shouted, shooting up straight. The four other boys jumped to attention immediately, finding that Jimin was absent as well. Hoseok didn’t wait to hear any of the other’s reactions as he bolted out of the room, looking up and down each empty hallway frantically. “Namjoon!”




            “All sweet and tied up like we’re having you for dinner…” Namjoon watched quietly as the two groups of boys fumbled with ropes and cinched them tight against flesh, his throat tightening when he noticed the red welts growing beneath the rope. He tried to think about being in that position, about letting his brothers tighten ropes that would cut into his flesh, about maybe hanging from the ceiling, being bruised up for days…

            Namjoon’s chest constricted uncontrollably and cold sweat tickled the back of his neck. His breathing was shallow and pained and weak and he tried to focus but his vision was swimming. He hadn’t had a panic attack since he was young, but it was painfully familiar as the sense of doom fell over him like a thousand-ton blanket, his bones aching and hands shaking. He couldn’t bring himself to speak, to call out to Hoseok – but he wouldn’t want to do that anyway. He didn’t like being interrupted when he played, why would they? But… Jimin was done, laid fondly in his lap, and Namjoon forced his fingers to tap the younger’s shoulder before he lost all coordination of his body. He wasn’t sure he was going to be able to breathe for much longer. The second Jimin rolled to look up at his hyung, his smile fell and he shot up, looking Namjoon over with shining concern in his eyes. “Hyung?” He whispered – he must feel the same reluctance to interrupt.

            The only thing Namjoon could manage as his throat began to close up was an almost-silent, “red.”

            Jimin stood without a second thought and grabbed Namjoon’s hands, checking that they weren’t disturbing the others as he pulled them out into the hallway. The second the door fell shut behind them, Namjoon let out a ragged sob, bending over and wrapping his arms around his middle, trying to hold himself together like his body would burst open under the pressure. “Come with me, follow me baby, eyes up, come with me, that’s good, good job-” Jimin rambled encouragements as he lead Namjoon to the nearest bathroom, just closing the door as Namjoon sunk to the ground. He held his head in his hands and pulled his knees up, pained sobs tearing from his throat like he was drowning. “You’re okay, Namjoon. You’re safe, you’re home, we’re okay, you’re okay.” Jimin stroked Namjoon’s forearms as the elder rocked slowly, burying his fingers in his hair nervously. “Take deep breaths with me, okay? Namjoon-hyung, look at me, breathe with me.” Jimin cupped Namjoon’s cheeks and made eye contact as he sucked in a long, deep breath, making sure his hyung was doing to same. He pursed his lips as he breathed out, making sure to hold it even longer – he’d learned some stuff about dealing with anxiety before, thankfully. They breathed together in the same fashion, deep inhale, hold it, longer exhale, over and over and over.

            “You’re doing so well, hyung. Deep breaths, you’re safe, you’re okay, it’s okay. Such a good job.” Jimin encouraged until slowly but surely, Namjoon’s breathing began to settle, his tears slowing, his shaking dying down to restless toe curling. All that was left was a disheveled, tear stained, blotchy cheeked Namjoon with heavy eyes and tired limbs. “Okay, hyung? Can you talk to me?”

            “I- I’m so sorry, Jimin.”

            “No. Don’t you dare apologize for something like this, okay? You never have to hide this or try to push it down, you don’t have to go through this alone. I promise.”

            “Such an inconvenient time-”

            “Yah,” Jimin dared to speak disrespectfully, catching the elder’s attention. “You did so well. We have the safeword system in place because we use it, okay? For any reason, it doesn’t matter why, we don’t ever want you to be in a position where you’re overwhelmed or uncomfortable or feeling like you’re in any kind of danger. You’re not wrong o-or annoying or a burden for using it.” Jimin stumbled over his words as he tried to think back to the first time he’d used red, what he’d been afraid of, what his hyungs had reassured him of. “We use it all the time, because safety and happiness and care are the priority – we can bust a nut whenever, it’s not worth your pain.” Namjoon cracked a smile at his words and nodded gently, suddenly so very tired. But the feeling only lingered until he heard frantic footsteps outside, a desperate pounding on the bathroom door startling them both. “Door’s open!”

            Hoseok tumbled through the door and into Namjoon’s lap, straddling him and wrapping his arms around his body as tightly as he possibly could, burying his face in the younger’s neck. Namjoon received him fondly, holding him just as tight, breathing in his familiar scent and melting beneath the weight of his body.

            “I’m so sorry, I just left you, I ditched you, I should been there baby, I should have noticed, I should’ve been with you-”

            “Stop.” Namjoon whispered against Hoseok’s ear and the boy immediately hushed, forcing himself to relax for Namjoon’s sake. “It was just a freak thing, I didn’t want you to worry.”

            “I’ll always worry.” Hoseok cried into the crook of his neck. They clung for a long few minutes as the other boys found them, hovering in the hallway in various states of dress as Jimin filled them in what had happened. When Hoseok could finally pull himself back to look at Namjoon, he covered his face in feather-like kisses. “Are you okay? What happened?”

            “I just got overwhelmed.” Namjoon spoke loud enough for everyone to hear. “I’ve felt off all day, anxious and jumpy, when I saw just how tight the ropes got… I think it was the last bit of anxiety I could handle, it just snapped.” He turned up to the others as Hoseok kissed up his neck and jaw comfortingly – he always knew how to calm Namjoon down. “I used to have panic attacks all the time in primary school. They haven’t been as common now that I’m older, but… clearly I didn’t just grow out of them.” He offered a weak smile, but it was enough to release some of the tension that lingered between the boys. “I didn’t want to be that one who ruined all the fun-”

            “I once used the safeword just before Yoongi-hyung was about to cum.” Taehyung started, and the boys were immediately intrigued. Taehyung moved to sit on the ground next Namjoon, giving him a few inches of space just in case. “It was just a normal fuck, vanilla and casual, but something… something felt wrong. I couldn’t shake the feeling and it only got worse and it had nothing to do with Yoongi-hyung. I beat myself up for weeks after that, I was so embarrassed.”

            “But it’s not consensual if someone doesn’t want it.” Yoongi reminded, sitting across from Taehyung and touching their toes to each other. “No matter what reason that might be. Even if there’s no reason at all.”

            “I like to push my limits all the time. There’s not one of my hyungs that I haven’t use the safeword with.” Jungkook chirped. They all moved to join the rest on the floor of the bathroom, settling in as Jungkook continued. “Sometimes that’s the only way to learn important things about yourself. And no matter how much we want to get off, to finish a scene, to have control… we know what’s most important.”

            “That’s our number one agreement, remember?” Seokjin rested his head on Jimin’s shoulder. They all nodded, recalling how often they sat down for group talks and how they were always quick to remind each other that taking care of each other comes first – especially when arguments arose or someone’s superiority complex got out of control.

            “Talk to me, Joonie.” Hoseok whispered against his temple and Namjoon heaved a deep, shaking breath. He liked to deal with his issues on his own, but this was something he’d never had to deal with before…

            “Would you… I mean, you don’t have to share of course, but I still feel guilty, a-and maybe if I knew when you guys used the, uh… the safeword, then I could feel better.” Namjoon still stammered through his words – panic attacks jumbled his brain and Hoseok ran fingers through his hair to calm him down.

            “Of course!” Yoongi laughed, leaning back against the cupboard. “Story time~ Taehyung, why don’t you share what happened last week?”

            “Jiminie and Yoongi-hyung were double-teaming me on the balcony and I called red because I thought I saw a dog on the sidewalk. By the time I got a robe on and ran down there, it was gone.” He frowned, and the others laughed teasingly, encouraging each other until the stories didn’t seem to stop.

            “Realized the hard way that I wasn’t into watersports.”

            “I started thinking about high school and it just ruined everything.”

            “I was already too bruised to take another hit.”

            “Broke a nail.”

            “I just really wanted to check my twitter timeline.”

            “It all just happened too fast, I couldn’t get into a headspace.”

            Namjoon felt a smile creep onto his lips finally as the boys continued to call out all their reasons – both silly and mundane and also painfully real and scary – and he began to realize that he was safe with this group. Safeword systems wouldn’t be the same from group to group obviously, so Namjoon felt entirely blessed to have stumbled upon these dorks.

            “If it needs to stop, it’s stops.” Seokjin promised. “Doesn’t matter why, no questions asked, that way there’s no confusion. If it feels better for you to leave, that’s perfectly okay, and I’m glad you let Jimin know, but… please don’t hesitate. Any of you. I know it sometimes feels like you’re ruining it, or being weak, or disappointing, but no one will ever think less of you because of it.”

            “I love you guys.” Namjoon breathed and all seven pairs of eyes grew wide as the words hung in the air.

            “Ah, Joon!” Hoseok whined, leaning back to cross his arms. “I wanted to tell them first.”

            Peels of soft laughter filled the room as the boys returned the sentiment, crawling to find lips and hands anything else they could use to show their affection. Namjoon was sure he’d earned a kiss from six different mouths in the span of ten seconds, but he couldn’t really be sure. He didn’t mind either way.

            “I don’t want to ruin shibari for anyone… can I try it next time and see?” Namjoon wondered and hands immediately reached to intertwine with his own.

            “We can try whatever you want, whenever you want. We’ll never hold anything against you as long as you do same for us. Promise.”

Chapter Text

            “Yah, why would she choose him? The secondary lead was clearly the better guy!” Seokjin screamed at the screen and Jungkook looked up from his phone, laughing at his hyung softly. Seokjin was snacking on a bag of flavored popcorn as he watched the drama intensely and Jungkook’s mouth watered at the sight of the snack. The elder seemed to be thoroughly engrossed in the show, so Jungkook slowly extended a hand towards the bag. His fingertips just grazed the popcorn as he felt Seokjin’s hand clamp down around his wrist. “Yah! This is my snack, go get your own! The staff just bought new ones today, leave mine alone!”

            Jungkook was always competitive, so instead of listening to his hyung, he grabbed hold of the foil package and tugged it towards him. Seokjin pulled it back and it very quickly blossomed into an elementary tug-of-war, Jungkook shouting jokingly into the elder’s face. That is until Jungkook’s hand slipped down the package just a tiny bit and the foil exploded, raining popcorn down on the pair like confetti. Jungkook gulped as he watched Seokjin’s eyes harden and he knew this wasn’t just a joke anymore. Before he could say anything, Jin buried a hand in Jungkook’s hair and shoved him to the ground, his knees hitting the floor with a wicked crack!

            “Yah, what the hell did I say?” Seokjin spat and Jungkook whimpered, holding Seokjin’s wrists to lighten the grip just a little bit. Instead, the elder only tugged harder and twisted his hand and Jungkook whined, his eyes fluttering closed. “Always such a fucking brat, do you have no respect for your elders? Yah, answer me.”

            “I respect you, hyung. Of course, I respect you.” Jungkook panted up at his hyung with big, glittering doe eyes. “But I like hyung angry, more.” Jungkook smirked and Seokjin raised a brow. He dropped his hand and gripped Jungkook’s chin instead, squeezing his jaw and yanking his face up at a painful angle. The elder leaned down close and Jungkook gulped, his hands shaking in anticipation.

            “You don’t deserve your Hyung.” Seokjin decided and Jungkook’s eyes shone up at him. Seokjin tilted Jungkook’s head to one side, then the other, looking him over like he was just a piece of meat. When Jungkook’s lip began to jut out in an irresistible pout, Seokjin sighed. “Say you’re sorry. Maybe I’ll consider forgiving you.”

            “Hyung, I’m so sorry. I was irresponsible and stupid and annoying, I’m sorry, hyung.” Jungkook slowly rose to his feet as he spoke, loosening Seokjin’s grip on him and pressing the elder back down into the couch. He crawled into his lap as he continued to apologize in a sweet, soft voice. “I’ll make it up to you, hyung. Can I? Please, let me make it better.” Jungkook purred, settling his lap directly on Seokjin’s. The elder was fairly good at holding his poker face, but he felt himself melt as Jungkook leaned in to press an indulgent kiss to his lips. The maknae didn’t lighten up, leaning forward and pressing his hot tongue against Seokjin’s, rocking his hips eagerly until he felt his hyung sigh against his cheek.

            “Come with me.” Seokjin decided, pushing Jungkook off of him. “I’ll show you how to make it up to me.”




            “Yah! You know I have expensive equipment in here, you’re not allowed in my room without me! Yah, you fucking brats, get back here! I’m not done with you!” Yoongi’s voice boomed through the hallways and Seokjin, Hoseok, and Namjoon looked up from their phones, their face masks reflecting in the dim blue light. They looked into the hallway just in time to see three naked boys clutching their clothes to their chests sprint past with wicked, joyous grins. Yoongi was on their tail, his lithe little body much more athletic than it looked and an angry expression etched into his brows. But even if Yoongi was fast, the maknaes were faster, sprinting past again in the other direction. Yoongi stumbled to a stop just outside of the open bedroom door. “If I find you in there again, I’ll beat the shit out of all three of you! Disrespectful!” he screamed, taking a deep breath as the shouting drained the last of his energy dry.

            “Hyung.” Namjoon called and Yoongi pinched the bridge of his nose as he strolled into the room.

            “Fucking on my desk, the little punks. What if one of them came on my switchboard? It’s only sold in two stores in the states, I can’t just replace it! They could have sweat on my laptop and short circuited the whole thing, I could have lost everything.” Yoongi grumbled and he pushed Seokjin over to squeeze himself onto the bed with the other three.

            “Electronics are sturdier than that, hyung.” Namjoon chuckled and Yoongi groaned.

            “I know, they’ve just been breaking our rules more and more these days. They shouldn’t be in my room if I’m not there.” Yoongi looked up at the other three with tired eyes. “Bratty little shits.” Hoseok silently held out a face mask package with an amused smirk on his lips.

            “Wanna do face masks with us?” He chirped and Yoongi sighed fondly, a soft grin finally creeping onto face.

            “Yes please.”




   Tires squealed and echoed off the house as the boys’ Audi RS7 peeled into their circular driveway, sliding to a stop at the base of the front porch stairs. Hoseok popped his head up from the driver’s side with a bright sunshine grin, his shoulders shaking with laughter. “I fucking love this one!” He screamed, closing the door and running to meet the rest of the boys that were waiting for him on the porch. They all had some interest in luxury cars – especially with their bank accounts – but Hoseok had taken to them with so much enthusiasm, he took one from their massive collection every time they went somewhere. The others weren’t so excited about driving them, so unless one of them was riding along with Hoseok, the rest of them rode together in one of their inconspicuous black SUVs.

   “Is there a racetrack around here? I need to push that baby’s limits.” Hoseok purred as they started into the house, no longer phased by how fast the youngest boys began to strip. They were always so insanely careful in public – their relationship was beyond scandalous, and their father’s business was way too large to suffer from a rumor about his sons – so even a few hours in the public eye left them touch-starved and eager. Even their private family physician who knew just enough to protect their health was not an exception. It was too risky.

   They were buzzing with post-testing excitement, having confirmed that they were all still clean and STI-free – “Condoms just… aren’t it.” Taehyung had whined a week ago – and some of them were desperate to take advantage of the clean bill of health.

   “Wait!” Yoongi called, wrangling the youngest trio back as they kicked off their shoes and hung up their bags. “I want to show you guys something…”

   All eyebrows raised in response as Yoongi motioned upstairs, leading the cavalry close behind him as he headed to his bedroom. They fell onto his plush bed and extra desk chairs comfortably, waiting with just enough patience to prevent Yoongi from getting irritated, poking and prodding at each other in the meantime. “I’ve been… working on something.”

   “You’re always working on something.” Jimin giggled, wrapping himself around Yoongi’s shoulders and looking over his computer screen. He didn’t understand all the mixing software Yoongi used, so he couldn’t decipher what Yoongi meant.

   “Something… special.” Yoongi was nervous and Jungkook took his hand, twining their fingers as Jimin began to massage his shoulders. “Keep an open mind?”

   “Of course, sweetheart.” Seokjin encouraged him and Yoongi slowly reached to press play. A slow, rocking beat began, something that Hoseok could definitely lap dance to, and they listened with bobbing heads as Yoongi’s soft, sweet voice began to serenade them. It was slower than Yoongi’s usual music, but it was smooth and sexy and – a loop of panting breath joined the melody, making Hoseok raise an eyebrow. He wondered where Yoongi had gotten that sample, it sounded… familiar.

   Amongst Yoongi’s sensual rapping, a few low moans joined the instrumental and all the boys perked up in response. They leaned forward, listening closely as the moans flowed with the bass, one particularly loud accent moan making chills run up their spine. “Is that…” Taehyung perked up, listening again. “That’s Jiminie.”

   “I thought I heard Jungkookie.” Jimin corrected and Yoongi blushed, trying to reach to pause the song, but Jungkook stopped his hands.

   “It’s all of you.” Yoongi whispered and soft gasps filled the room. “I’ve been… sampling. For a while now, actually. You’re all very oblivious when you have a cock to focus on.” Yoongi teased, managing to sneak out of Jungkook’s grip to shut the song off. They were only halfway through, but Yoongi’s cheeks were burning and he couldn’t take it anymore. “Please talk.” He urged and Taehyung fell back on the bed, his dick clearly beginning to grow hard in his pants.

   “Yoongi hyung… that’s so sexy.” Jimin complimented and Yoongi touched his ears.

   “Not to mention that the beat and lyrics are beautiful too.” Namjoon spoke up and Yoongi thanked him quietly.

   “I didn’t think you make us sound so good.” Seokjin laughed, throwing an arm around Hoseok’s shoulder. “It usually just sounds like cats about to throw up.”

   “Ah hyung, you’re disgusting.” Jungkook slapped Seokjin’s waist.

   “You underestimate yourselves. I could probably get off to your sounds alone, if I’m honest. I needed to do something to immortalize those moans.” Yoongi purred. He was still nervous, rubbing his hands on his thighs like they wouldn’t stop sweating.

   “It’s so good.” Hoseok hummed and Yoongi finally smiled, looking at his brothers fondly.

   “I want to license it and release it… but I need to know if you consent or not. If even one of you doesn’t want it published, I won’t do it.” Yoongi sat up straight and braced himself for vehement rejection. Instead, Jungkook pulled him away from the desk and straddled his lap, licking into his mouth eagerly. A chorus of consenting praises filled the room and Yoongi could feel a pair of hands working his shirt off for him.

   “We love it, Yoongi hyung. Can we show you how much we love it?”

   “… please.”