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you're my coffee (i just can't sleep)

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“Jungkook-ah!” Taehyung yelled, practically tripping over his own shoelaces as he ran around the marble counter and head-first into Jungkook’s chest. The younger took a step backwards, out of breath (Taehyung was kind of, maybe, definitely, choking the life out of him.)

“Hi, hyung,” he mumbled, trying to pry himself away from the clingy barista, noting that there was something that looked a lot like cocoa powder dusted over his mint-green apron. Fuck no, he didn’t want all that brown stuff on his last clean white shirt. “Get off, I can’t breathe. Don’t you have a shop to run?”

The blonde-haired boy finally let go, pink lips stretched tightly over his pristine white teeth. “There aren’t any customers. It hasn’t been that busy today. You want the usual?”


“‘Kay. Sit down, I’ll be right back, just gotta tell Jimin to take over my shift.”

“Yeah, sure.” Jungkook ran his lanky fingers through the locks of his hair, trying to blink the sleep out of his eyes. For the past few days, he had been sleeping as late as four am, sometimes with an uncapped highlighter still clutched tightly in his hand and a weird maroon stain oozing into his shirt sleeve (after careful observation the next morning, he finally concluded that no, it was not blood, but just ink from a red sharpie he had left open accidentally while writing notes.) He hadn’t visited House of Cards in a week, and Taehyung had screamed at him for abandoning him for about an hour over the phone the night before. Thus here he was, slipping into a booth near the end of the shop, hands interlaced on top of the wooden table and bags hanging loosely under his eyes.

“Jimin, be a pal and run the shop for me for a little while.”

“That pout isn’t gonna get anywhere, Tae.” Jungkook’s ears literally swiveled, interested at the new, almost harmonious voice that met his ears (one which wasn’t hoarse and deep and quite frankly annoying, like Taehyung’s.)

“Hyung. Jungkook’s here though. He hasn’t come in like two years.” Yeah, there was definitely a pout apparent in his tone. The younger boy curled his lips in disgust. “You know Jungkook, right?”

“I don’t care if it’s Jungkook or G-Dragon that came here to visit you, I’m not taking over your shift for the second time in three days, Taehyung.” A pause. “... but if it’s G-Dragon, can you ask him for an autograph for me?” A G-Dragon stan, interesting.

Now Jungkook was leaning off the edge of his seat, because who was this mysterious man with the voice of an angel who liked G-Dragon as much as Jungkook did? He caught a sight of pink (pink?!) hair, and then he lost his balance and practically fell out of the booth, catching himself before he hit his head against the table next to him. That wasn’t supposed to happen.

He looked up to see Taehyung staring at him, eyes narrowed and lips pursed, along with a guy-- cross that thought, a fucking god-- with yes, pink hair. And wow, beautiful, chocolate-brown orbs. And this guy was looking at him like he was some sort of drunkard begging for money to buy more booze or some shit.

“Ah, Jungkook,” Taehyung murmured, Jungkook’s caramel macchiato clutched tightly in his right palm. “H’lo.”

The man next to him raised a perfectly manicured hand-- what was his name again? Jongbin? Jimbo? A better question, who the hell would name their child Jimbo?

“Jimin.” His plump lips turned upwards into a smile-- well, a grimace. “Park Jimin, nice to meet you.”

“Jimbo-- I mean, er, Jungkook.” Taehyung looked like he was about to internally combust by now, cheeks red and a small snort threatening to escape through his nose.

Angel boy then patted the other man on the back, adjusting his apron (the lime green color looked oddly appealing on him, but then again, a trash can bag would look beautiful on a guy as pretty as him) and saying, “You go on ahead, I'll take over.”

He left, and okay, maybe Jungkook’s eyes trailed a little lower than how much they should have (come on, he was wearing leather pants, for fuck’s sake, it was only natural). “God,” he whispered under his breath, feeling his cheeks grow hot. “Praise all that’s holy. Goddamnit, fuck.” He’d fallen, and he’s only talked to Jimin for a whopping grand total of ten seconds. He would have come here more often, following Taehyung’s earnest advice, if only he knew that the male version of Aphrodite worked the cashier.

“Looks like someone’s making googly-eyes at the new employee.” The blonde-haired man raised an eyebrow, and made no effort into making sure his voice was lowered. Thankfully, a few customers had sauntered in, and Jimin seemed too busy to notice Jungkook’s burning ears. But still Jungkook glared at him, and if he was a vampire he would have flashed his canines at him.

“You never told me about him, what’s up with that? I thought I was your best friend,” he replied (okay, fine, whined), shoving his hands into his sweatshirt pockets. Taehyung slipped into the seat opposite of him, the corners of his lips turned upwards into a smirk dripping with something along the lines of pure, ruthless mirth.

“He actually just started working a couple of days ago. He’s pretty cool and honestly really cute.” At Jungkook’s narrowed eyes, he chuckled. “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna snatch him. I’m way out of his league. And you see, Jungkook, he’s way out of yours .”

“What’s that supposed to mean, eh?”

Taehyung leaned back, playing with Jungkook’s cup of macchiato, as if he hadn’t noticed that the younger boy’s heart had practically slipped down into his stomach. “Y’know. He’s sweet. You’re not.” He picked at the HOT CONTENTS label on the side of the plastic cup. “He’s hilarious. You’re not. And he’s straight, and, you see, you’re not .”

“He’s straight?” This was something Jungkook had failed to think about, and his face fell. What a fucking nightmare. He had plenty of different outcomes running through his head if he ever went and asked out Jimin-- he would throw a cream pie at his face, his boyfriend would come over and punch all of his lunch out of his stomach (along with his heart), Jimin would turn out to be the head of the biggest mafia in Seoul and Jungkook would be pulled into a series of constant, gruesome murder and sex (too many BigBang fanfics, you see)-- but this? Jimin not even being the right sexuality? The least likely thing he’d ever think would happen.

“Yeah. He told me he broke up with his girlfriend a couple of months ago. And I’ve seen him flirting with a couple of cute girls while asking for their orders.” With every word, Jungkook slipped lower into his seat, eyes widening with disbelief. “Sorry, Jungkookie, but you just have to accept that not every guy is gay, like you.”


But, you see, this has happened many times before; Jungkook’s had lots of different boyfriends, and some weren’t even into boys in the first place. It was probably his charm, or maybe his looks, or maybe even his undeniable charisma-- but whatever it was, Jungkook wanted Jimin. Real bad. Like, joining-a-mafia-and-doing-drugs-and-sex bad.

He would just have to turn Jimin gay.

“Gotta go,” Jungkook mumbled, getting up so quickly he practically flipped the table over. Taehyung’s mouth dropped open as the other boy grabbed his bag and stumbled out of the booth so fast that he tripped, but righted himself just in time (what was with him and falling?). “Jungkook… your caramel macchiato!” Taehyung started, but he was already halfway through the glass door, his orange satchel swinging nonchalantly by his side and his phone out in his hand.

“Hello,” Jungkook hissed into the speaker of his phone, clutching it with both hands. “Hello…? Oh, okay, you answered.

“Hyung, I need your help.”

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Sundays were Jungkook’s stay-at-home-and-binge-watch-Haikyuu!!-episodes days.

But not today. Because for some reason, he was outside. In fresh air. It was pretty disturbing, but he’ll do what he has to do. And right now, what he has to do is go to the House of Cards and visit male-Aphrodite, G-Dragon loving Park motherfucking Jimin.

The bell dinged as he stepped through the glass door, and he checked himself over one last time before he would have to face Angel Boy (low-neck white shirt? Check. Black ripped jeans? Check. Timberlands? For fucks sake, of course.) It was pretty busy, unfortunately for Jungkook; he had to swerve to avoid crashing straight into a couple of teenage girls giggling about the new guy in school or something. One of them winked at him as she passed, and okay, she was cute and all, but he had to let her know that he was currently infatuated with Jimin (so he did whatever any normal person would do- make a highly suggestive gesture with his hand. The girl’s eyes widened and she ran out of there faster than Jungkook had ever seen any woman with 9-inch heels had before.)

Jimin was there, currently putting a five dollar bill in a section in his cash register. Jungkook’s steps faltered after catching sight of his tiny hands, because what the hell? Was it even possible to be this adorable? Was it even normal to be this head-over-heels with someone? (It’s because of those leather pants, he tells himself. They’re making you think unspeakable things, Jungkook. Unspeakable things. )

The boy looked up, and Jungkook wished he had a camera right then to capture the surprised look on his face. “Hello!” he called, lips stretching into a dazzling smile, and wow, Jungkook was seeing stars. He had just gotten KOed. “You’re Jungkook, right?”

“Yeah.” He settled into his full cool-boy mode then, sauntering over to the counter and resting his elbow right next to Jimin’s petite hand (focus, Jungkook. No distractions.) “But you can call me… anytime.

He knew he had gotten him. There was no way that Angel boy wouldn’t fall for that pick-up line. It’s a classic. He watched with a sly smirk as Jimin’s face was tinged pink. It was fucking adorable, seeing him so flustered, and the younger gave himself a mental pat on the back for his effort.

And then , Jimin started to laugh. Full-on, too, his entire body folding over as he slammed his fist lightly on the counter. Jungkook watched with disbelief at the whole thing, because sure, it was cute and all, but no, Jimin wasn’t supposed to laugh. He was supposed to fall for him and they were supposed to go on a date to the new sushi place downtown next Friday and hand-feed each other sashimi.

Jin-hyung said it would have worked, Jungkook thought, eyes narrowing as he watched Jimin wipe away a tear. Jin-hyung, the king of Gay, had told him to do this over the phone the other day. If King Gay couldn’t give him good advice, then he was fucked for sure.

“W...what?” Jungkook murmured, feeling his cheeks grow red and sweat etching through his cotton shirt. “What’s so funny?”

He finally finished his fit of laughter and looked up, eyes sparkling and pink hair fluttering up with every gust of wind. “That was so good. I love cheesy jokes.” He giggled, short and sweet (kind of like him, if Jungkook thought about it.) “I was having a bad day, too, thank you!”

“Oh.” Jungkook looked down at the counter. The weird black stain on the corner of the limestone suddenly seemed to need his rapt attention. “Oh.”

“What would you like?”


“To order. What would you like to order.” Jimin raised his eyebrow, lips stretched into a playful smile. After Jungkook had finally collected himself and answered (Caramel Macchiato, extra whip, decaf, please,) and Jimin had tapped his order into the small touchscreen on his right hand side, he looked up.

“Y’know,” he spoke, and Jungkook almost melted underneath his scrutinizing gaze. “You seem like an amazing guy. I’d love to get to know you more.” Then, he slid a piece of paper across the counter, with seven simple digits written on it with black ink and scribbling handwriting- something that Jungkook had failed to notice earlier, what with him sulking about the recent turn of events. “Any friend of Tae’s is a friend of mine.”

Score. He’d have to remember to give Jin a big hug after he gets home that afternoon (as long as his overprotective boyfriend isn’t looming over the man’s abnormally large shoulders. Jungkook couldn’t even give him a high-five without Namjoon’s cheeks turning red with jealousy.) He tried to act suave and picked up the note, hoping to god and all that was holy that he couldn’t tell how much his hands were trembling, and slipped it into his jeans pocket, nodding once.

“I’ll go make your Macchiato. I wouldn’t have expected for a person like you to have such a sweet tooth,” Jimin whistled, and then turned to face another employee who was currently manning the smoothie equipment. “Hey Yugyeom, could you take over the cashier for a sec while I make Jungkook-ah’s order?”

Jungkook marveled at the way his name rolled off of Jimin’s pink tongue. He wouldn’t mind if the barista said his name more, preferably as his boyfriend, or maybe from underneath him, but no, they weren’t there yet. Jimin had still referred to him as a “friend.” But, baby steps.

A man with hellishly big biceps took over the counter as Jimin left, giving Jungkook a friendly smile. This was Yugyeom, he supposed, awkwardly rocking on the soles of his feet, trying to find something to occupy himself with. Wow, way to make a man feel uncomfortable about his looks.

“Hey,” Yugyeom said, eyes curving upwards. Then, he leaned in, and Jungkook was about to run out of the shop right then and there (maybe this was Jimin’s so-called boyfriend?). There was a pause, where Yugyeom seemed to be thinking hard about something, and then he opened his mouth and whispered, “I saw you trying to flirt with Jiminie back there.”

“Er…” he thought of going against it, but just sighed and continued (if he was gonna get beat up, he might as well get it over with), “... yeah.”

“You tried, man, you tried,” he laughed, stepping backwards, and Jungkook felt his body sag with relief. So, he wasn’t gonna die tonight. “I’m sure he appreciates the gesture and all… but isn’t he, like, straight?”

“Don’t remind me,” the boy grumbled. “Straight as a stick, apparently.”

The cashier chuckled, tapping something on the screen. Seeing this as the end of their short (and uneventful) conversation, Jungkook pursed his lips and kept silent, tapping his fingers against the counter and trying not to draw too much attention to himself. When Jimin had finally appeared, small hand clutching a plastic cup and a smile stretched upon his face, Jungkook was slouching against the table; he perked up immediately, giving the boy a grin.

“Here you go. Have a good day, Jungkook-ah.” There was a fleeting moment where their fingers brushed as the younger reached for his macchiato, and oh boy, he could practically feel his heart drop into the pit of his stomach, because wow . He just about fainted right then and there. (Get it together, Jungkook. Being unconscious on the floor with the remnants of your coffee splattered on top of your only clean white shirt is unattractive; Jimin won’t like that.)

Jimin waved him off, the sun glinting off the silver band on his pointer finger, eyes squinted above cute puffy cheeks. “I hope to see you soon.”

When Jungkook finally got home, slinging his bag off of his shoulder and planting his butt onto his stained couch, he took a look at his caramel macchiato. There, on the side of his cup, written in long, slanting letters, it said:


I’ll be waiting for your text~


along with a messy heart.

JK97 (5:28 pm):

hey, this is jungkook


chimchimney (5:36 pm):

Oh, hello!! ^^ did u like your caramel macchiato, decaf + extra whip today?


JK97 (5:37 pm):

yeah, it woke me up

I have so much to do, i have my finals tmrw


chimchimney (5:37 pm):

Awww, i’m sorry :(

But just know you can drop by the shop anytime and i’ll be happy to make u a drink!

My shifts are usually 12-5, weekdays

Id love if you could keep me company while i attend customers, maybe you could study there, too

It can get a little boring, you know?


JK97 (5:38 pm):

I’d like that

have u seen that new rom-com that just came out?


chimchimney (5:38 pm):

Are you talking about the one w/ the high school janitor & the student? then no, but i really want to ^^


JK97 (5:41 pm):

how bout i take you out on Friday?

we can watch it and maybe catch some dinner later on, sushi maybe


Chimchimney (5:44 pm):

That sounds like so much fun! Us and tae can go and watch it together!


Just checked my calender, i’m not free then. :( maybe u can just go with tae?

Tell me what it’s all about! ^^


JK97 (5:45 pm):



yeah, ok, i will


Jungkook practically hit his head against his wall, slumping over his laptop in defeat. It was so close . He was so close, yet Jimin thought it was just some sort of friendly group gathering or some shit. He groaned, shoving his phone quite forcefully back into his pocket and trying to funnel his anger into something else other than ripping his korean history textbook into shreds.



Taelatte (6:56 pm):




After that mayB we can have a sleepover later, like old times, just u n me ;;

wE CAN MAKE BLANKET TENTS AND TELL EACH OTHER SCARY STORIES,, as long as u promise not to freak me out 2 much, id ont want nightmarse

oMG IM SO EXCITED >.< !!!!!!!!,


JK97 (7:02 pm):


we’re not going anywhere, taehyung


Taelatte (7:02 pm):


,,,oh, well, nvm then