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The Reluctant Matchmaker

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One year later…

"I didn't realize how much stuff I had crammed in this closet." Dean grumbled as he worked to clear out some space for Castiel's clothes.

Dean was excited because Castiel had finally agreed to move in with him.

The past year wasn't easy. They had their issues, especially after Castiel admitted why he broke it off with him to begin with.

"Cas, whether that's true or not, you are my soul mate. Trust me when I say that I have never felt for anybody the way I feel for you. I believe we control our own future and Cas, you are my future."

That was the night that Castiel had played the Righteous Man for him on his piano and no matter what Castiel said, Dean knew in his heart that song was about him.

Dean had no doubt of Castiel's feelings about him, but Castiel still had the nightmares and he carried around him a constant sadness at the loss of his friend, Balthazar, and the fear that at anytime Dean would find somebody else and leave him. As much as Dean tried to be understanding, it did leave him with a mounting frustration of how he could get Castiel to believe that what they had wasn't fleeting.

"Are you about done in there, Dean?"

Dean cracked his head on a low hanging shelf at Castiel's voice, causing a box to fall to the ground.

"Sonofabitch." Dean rubbed the growing bump on his head and grumbled as he started to pick up the items that spilled out of the box when something shiny caught his eye.

"Hey, Cas! Look what I found! I thought I lost this."

Dean walked out of the closet, putting on the amulet that Sam had given him when they were kids.

Castiel stood frozen in the room, staring at the necklace around Dean's neck, blue eyes impossibly wide.

"Cas, what's wrong?" Dean started to walk toward him, concerned how pale Castiel had gotten all of a sudden. "Are you sick?"

Castiel swallowed roughly. "That's yours?"

"Yeah, Sam gave it to me a long time ago. I always wear it, but I thought I had lost it. Can't believe it was in the closet the whole time." Dean chuckled as he rubbed the amulet between his fingers.

A strong body tackled him to the ground and suddenly Castiel was kissing him like he wanted to devour him.

"Cas…Cas! What's up with you?" Dean asked once he was able to break away from the kiss. He looked up at Castiel and what he saw took his breath away.

Castiel was practically glowing with happiness, his eyes bright and twinkling. "You were right. It is you. I never saw your face, only this." Castiel ran his hand reverently over the amulet. You are my soul mate."

"About bloody time."

Dean quickly pushed Castiel off of him and behind him. Dean stared up at the familiar looking blonde that was smirking down at them. Then he remembered where he'd seen him before.

"Sebastian, what the hell are you doing in my house?"

"Sebastian? Dean, that's Balthazar!" Castiel was already scrambling off the floor and enveloping the blonde man in a hug.

Dean stared at the two. "Wait, this is Balthazar….the douche bag angel?"

Castiel frowned but Balthazar simply laughed. "Awww Cassie, I didn't know you were bad mouthing me. I'm hurt."

"Well, you can sometimes be a douche." Castiel stumbled over the word. "Where have you been? I've been praying to you for a year and you never answered."

"Well, Fate was a bit unhappy with me for the interfering so she banned me from seeing you. Trust me, I heard your prayers and I tried, but she had stripped the part of my powers where I can be visible to you. Trust me, I've been watching and I must say Cassie…you are one naughty boy."

Castiel's face bloomed into a heated blush while Dean glared at the angel.


"I'm just teasing. So, now that you know that Dean's your soul mate, I'm able to see you again. I'm so happy you figured it out. I was starting to doubt, but you always surprise me."

Dean stepped forward, still distrustful of the angel. "So, those dreams Cas was having…they really happened in another life?"

"Oh yes. You see, Castiel was an angel. Actually, he was the angel that pulled you out of hell. The moment he laid a hand on you, he was lost. He gave up everything for you, even being an angel. Angels and humans can't be mated, so he became a human just to be with you and every lifetime, you two find each other. However, it was taking longer than normal for you two to meet, so I sped up the meeting time. I admit, this mess was my making, but you two deserve every bit of happiness you can get. I didn't want you two to wait another decade to find each other."

"So you interfered." Dean said, coming up beside Castiel to wrap an arm around his waist.


So everything that Castiel said was true. He felt bad for not completely believing him but it was quite a story to believe. So if there were angels, did that mean there were demons and other monsters out there? In the end, he didn't care how he got Castiel, as long as he was his.

"Thank you, Balthazar." Dean said solemnly, tightening his hold on Castiel as if he would disappear at any moment.

Balthazar's brow rose in surprise. "You're welcome. I'd do anything to make Cassie happy.

Castiel smiled at his friend. "I've never been happier in my life."

Dean had a horrifying thought. "Now that you can show yourself again, is that mean you're going to be popping in all the time?"

"Dean…" Castiel reprimanded, frowning at him.

Balthazar laughed. "Sorry kid, you'll never get rid of me now."

Dean groaned into Castiel's shoulder but he really wasn't too upset. Balthazar made Castiel happy and that was all that mattered.

"Now that I know you were interfering, are you going to admit it was you that put my song on that CD I made for Dean?"

Balthazar's face became blank. "Cassie, I can honestly say that wasn't me. I still don't know who did that."

"Well, if you didn't, who did?" Castiel asked, puzzled.

"Does it really matter though? Ever who did it obviously wanted us to be together so I'm thankful to them." Dean said, hugging Castiel to him.

"I suppose it doesn't." Castiel shrugged. "Come on, let's eat, I made lunch. There's enough for you, Balthazar if you would like to join us." Castiel looked at him hopefully, not wanting the angel to leave just yet.

"I'd love to."

In the upstairs apartment of an old Victorian house, a redhead hummed softly a haunting tune about an angel and his human as she made herself lunch.

She smiled to herself.

The End