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The Reluctant Matchmaker

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"About time you got out and enjoyed yourself."

Castiel almost spilled the drink he was getting for Gabriel as Balthazar appeared at his side. Luckily at the moment he was alone in Gabriel's kitchen, the party going on strong in the living room.

"What are you doing here?" Castiel wanted to thump his head on one of the overhead cabinets in frustration.

Balthazar was quiet for a moment as if trying to remember his original reason for showing up. "I came to check up on the lovebirds. Have they admitted their undying love yet?"

"No, apparently Sam brought a date to the party and now Gabriel's upset. Now the only music he'll play is sad Toni Braxton songs." Castiel paused so Balthazar could hear the faint strains of 'Un-break My Heart' playing in the living room.

Castiel's night was not going as planned even though it had started out well. Castiel had replayed his and Dean's impromptu make-out session over and over in his head. Not even Charlie's teasing at Castiel's dazed expression after Dean had left had fazed him.

He was even excited enough to actually spend some of his hard earned money on a new outfit to wear that night. Once Charlie had learned the news about the "date" with Dean, she insisted on coming along on the shopping expedition. She proved to give better fashion advice than Balthazar. She ended up dressing him in fitted dark dress pants with the smallest hint of a pinstripe, a white dress shirt with a black jacket in which she rolled up both the sleeves of the jacket and shirt until they hit about mid forearm. To complete the ensemble, a wide brown leather belt, blue and gold tie hanging loosely from his neck and a wallet chain was added.

"Do you think the wallet chain is a bit much?" he asked hesitantly as he looking at himself in the mirror. He was used to seeing himself either in his mailman uniform or t-shirts and sweats.

Charlie assured him that he looked hot and he was going to drive Dean insane. Castiel shrugged; at least it wasn't the too tight clothing that Balthazar seemed to prefer.

When Dean had picked him up later that night, Castiel was grateful for Charlie's advice. Dean stopped mid-greeting to openly stare at him with heated eyes. Castiel felt a blush creep up his face but he looked up at Dean and smiled bashfully.

The drive to Gabriel's house was filled with small talk and shy glances, both men seemingly a little nervous. Once at the party, things got better, especially when Castiel drank some liquid courage.

At one point, Dean even coaxed Castiel into dancing with him. The apartment was packed, so their bodies were meshed together as they swayed to the music, the front of their bodies continually brushing against each other.

Just as the song ended, somebody pushed into the back of Cas causing Dean to wrap his arms around him instinctively to keep both of from falling. Both men stilled, Castiel let out a shaky breath, it puffing softly against Dean's neck. Dean shivered and gripped Castiel tighter, Dean's nose rubbing softly against his cheek as his hand came up to cup the other side of his face.

Dean's head lifted slowly, leaving small kisses along Castiel's check and jaw before pulling away just enough to stare down at him.

"I'm gonna kiss you now." Dean whispered making Castiel melt. Never mind they had shared a heated kiss just the night before, but the fact Dean wanted to give Castiel the opportunity to say no, treating this moment as if it were their first caused a fluttery warmth to spread across his chest.

Castiel nodded slightly, burying his fingers into the fabric of Dean's shirt. Dean's plump lips parted into a small smile before tilting Castiel's head and leaning down to softly claim his mouth. Dean's tongue gently traced the outline of Castiel's lips before licking at the seam.

Castiel sighed in pleasure, allowing his lips to open for Dean's sensuous ministration. His tongue glided in smoothly, licking and lapping, tasting the nectar of Castiel's mouth. One of Dean's hands clutched at Castiel's hip while the other one still cupped the side of Castiel's head. A calloused thumb rubbed gently over his cheekbone eliciting a purr from deep in Castiel's throat.

Castiel's hands were trapped between their bodies, his hands still clutching at the front of Dean's shirt. He relaxed his fingers to slide his hands up Dean's chest to wrap his arms around his neck, wanting to take the kiss deeper.

Dean groaned before briefly giving in to Castiel's silent plea, slanting their mouths to explore deeper. The exploration was short, making Castiel sag against Dean's chest in want and frustration when Dean pulled away.

"I'm sorry, Cas but I don't want to have witnesses when I slowly take you apart for the first time and that's what we have right now, an audience." Dean whispered lowly in his ear.

Castiel's eyes widened in embarrassment and tried to jump away, but Dean kept a firm grip on him.

"Easy there, it's so crowded in here, I don't want to lose you." Dean winked, grabbing his hand to lead him someplace a little less crowded.

So, yes, the first part of the night was going very well. Until Sam showed up.

Gabriel had just finished introducing his cousin, Samandriel, who was talking excitingly to Castiel since he was about to start his second year at Oberlin College, the same one that Castiel had attended when Sam came walking in with a seductive looking blonde. Quite frankly, Castiel thought that woman looked like she would eat Sam for breakfast.

Sam introduced her as Lilith, an old college friend. However, the way she was rubbing against Sam's side, it appeared at one time or another, they were more than mere friends.

Gabriel obviously saw this too and his playful demeanor quickly vanished. Gabriel had stalked off leaving behind a confused Sam and a smiling Lilith. Castiel glared at the smirking woman in contempt. He barely knew Gabriel, but knew enough to feel angry on his behalf. He started going after Gabriel, but not before throwing Dean a "talk some damn sense into your brother" look.

After spending an hour trying to cheer up Gabriel, he stepped away long enough to get him a drink only to be startled by his pest of a friend. No, more like annoying muse, angel, big pain in my ass, but not friend.

Okay, so Balthazar was his friend, but he would never, ever admit it to the angel.

"Cassie, you still with me? You're zoning out." Balthazar snapped his fingers in front of Castiel's face, earning the angel a glare.

"Now that you're here, help me fix this!" he hissed, stalking off to Gabriel's bedroom. Halfway, there he turned back to the kitchen to grab Gabriel's drink and on second thought, grabbed the large bottle of tequila also. Balthazar chuckled at Castiel.

"Cassie, you might as well quit giving me death glares. You just come off looking like an angry kitten."

Castiel's eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared at the comment. "Are you coming or not?"

"I don't think you really need me…" Balthazar was apparently in the mood to harass Castiel.

"If you don't come with me, I'll get rid of my TV and my laptop."

Balthazar huffed. "That sounds more like a punishment for you, not me."

Castiel arched his brow. "If I get rid of those things, how will you watch your adult entertainment?"

Balthazar gasped. "You wouldn't."

"Try me."

The angel scowled at the human. "You fight dirty. Fine, lead the way." Balthazar grumbled and followed Castiel to the bedroom.

"What the fuck were you thinking bringing that girl to Gabe's party." Dean hissed when he was finally able to get his baby brother out of the clutches of the devil spawn.

Sam rolled his eyes. "She showed up unexpectedly for a visit. I couldn't leave her at my place while I came here."

"No, you should have shoved that bitch out the door and tell her to get loss." Dean growled.

"Dean, she's my friend!" The brothers walked into the kitchen where it was quieter and more private.

"Are you kidding me Sammy? She's gotten Ruby written all over her! I'm telling you, she's bad news. Besides, what about Gabriel?" Dean paced in front of his brother who was leaning against the kitchen sink, arms crossed over his broad chest.

Sam's brows knitted together. "What about Gabriel?"

Dean stopped abruptly to stare at his brother. "Are you telling me you're that blind that you can't see the guy has feelings for you?"

Sam immediately looked down at the floor. "He doesn't have feelings for me. He flirts outrageously with everybody."

"If that's true, then you don't mind if I ask him out, do you?"

Sam's head snapped up and leveled a scowl in Dean's direction. Dean smirked.

"Just what I thought. I call bullshit…you like the guy but you're too chicken shit to admit it!"

Sam stayed stubbornly silent, still glaring.

Dean walked over to his kid brother, putting his hands on Sam's shoulders.

"Look Sammy, I don't know why you keep denying feeling the way you do, but just know, you're not only hurting Gabriel, you're hurting yourself too."

Sam's hazel eyes looked up, his feelings clearly torn, but he gave Dean a nod in acknowledgement. Dean gave him a half smile and patted him on the cheek.

He left his brother to his thoughts so he could go hunt for Cas. He hadn't seen him in almost two hours. Dean ran into Gabriel's cousin and asked if he knew where Cas and their host were.

"I think they're in Gabe's bedroom." Samandriel told Dean. Dean nodded his thanks and was about to walk away when the younger man stopped him.

"Castiel's last name wouldn't happen to be Novak, would it?"

Dean stopped, turning around with a slight frown. "Yeah, why you ask?"

Samandriel beamed. "I knew it, it had to be him!" he started excitedly. "Castiel is a legend at Oberlin…well, at least in the conservatory."

"A legend? What do you mean?" Dean turned fully around to face Samandriel.

"Apparently the man is a prodigy. I'm not a music major, but I took a music elective last year and according to my professor, the guy was amazing. The things he could do with the piano and the pieces he composed. He was working on a piece that the music department was drooling over, but then he simply dropped out, nobody ever got to hear the completed piece."

Dean started to ask more questions when somebody pulled Samandriel away.

"I'll start clearing people out of here while you check on Gabe." Samandriel said over his shoulder, leaving Dean, who made his way to Gabriel's room.

Why did Castiel just give it up? He knew he had mentioned dropping out of school because of his father's illness, but why didn't he go back? Why move here and become a mailman? Hell, he didn't even know what he was studying in college until Samandriel told him.

All his questions he had for Castiel flew out the window once he arrived to Gabriel's bedroom. Both men were laying on their backs, their feet planted on the floor, a nearly empty tequila bottle held loosely in Castiel's hand.

When they heard Dean enter the room, both of them propped up on their elbows. Gabriel scowled but ruined the effect by hiccuping while Castiel gave Dean a wide toothy grin.

It appeared both of them had a bit too much to drink. Dean sighed. There went his plans on continuing what he and Castiel had started earlier.

"Get out. The brother of the Moose 's not welcome here." Gabriel slurred, hiccuping again.

"Come on, Gabe, don't be like that. I'm on your side. Besides, Sammy tells me that Lilith is just his friend and she just kind of invited herself." Dean walked over to the drunken duo, removing the bottle from Castiel's hand. Castiel still smiled widely up at him, blue eyes slight glazed with the effects of the alcohol.

"I'm going to get you tucked into bed while your cousin cleans house. I'll call you in the morning when you're sober." Dean told Gabriel, already trying to help him out of his shoes and urged him to get under the covers.

When he was done with Gabriel, Dean turned toward his date. "Come on, I'll take you home."

Castiel got up unsteadily, still wearing his goofy grin. At least he was a happy drunk. "You're gonna take me home? You gonna fuck me?" Castiel giggled, smile growing impossibly larger.

The loose and easy smile followed by the straight forward question disarmed Dean, all the blood rushing from his head to his cock.

A snort cut short by a hiccup came from the bed.

Dean manhandled Castiel to help him to the Impala. Castiel looked over Dean's shoulder and started frowning.

"Quit laughing…you were no help tonight."

Dean raised his eyebrows and looked behind him but Castiel was talking to the wall.

"Um Cas, who you talkin' to?"

"Balthazar. He's such a pain in my ass. Constantly saying I need to get pounded hard. But what can I do? He's my angel." Castiel shrugged helplessly; completely oblivious to the dangerous growl that had emanated from Dean's chest.

What kind of douche would talk to Castiel like that? And why the hell was Castiel giving the dick an endearment? Angel, his ass. He couldn't possibly still be hung up on that dick, not after what happened between them in the past twenty-four hours.

First things first…get Cas home safely. Then make a plan to get Balthazar out of the picture.

"I think you should forget about the guy, he sounds like an asshat."

Castiel giggled again. "I don't think Balthazar likes you much at the moment, but he could be angry because I threatened to cut off his porn."

Porn? What the fuck? Oh yeah, Castiel was definitely drunk.

It would have only taken fifteen minutes to get to Castiel's apartment but it took almost forty. It took a while to maneuver Castiel to the car because he constantly wanted to stop and look at everything on the way to the Impala.

"Look Dean, its bees!" Castiel pointed up to the street light.

"No Cas, those are moths."

Castiel squinted up at the light. "No, I'm sure they're bees." He then proceeded to attempt to remove his clothes.

"Holy hell Cas, what the fuck are you doing?" Dean started buttoning Castiel's shirt back up.

"I'm getting naked. You should too. The bees are gonna to pour honey over us. I love honey. Don't worry Dean, I'll lick the honey off you." Castiel partially slumped against Dean's side, laughing.

Dean groaned. The man was trying to kill him.

After the bee debacle and fighting to keep Castiel's hands to himself as Dean drove, they finally arrived to Castiel's apartment.

By that time, the alcohol was having a drowsy effect on Castiel. Dean had no problems removing Castiel's clothes, even though he should have left him in his shirt and pants, he stripped him down to his boxers. Hell, the guy should be comfortable, right?

Dean then went into the bathroom and rummaged through the medicine cabinet until he found the aspirin, laying it on the night stand next to the bottle of water he grabbed from the refrigerator.

By the time Dean finished, Castiel appeared to already be asleep. He leaned down to kiss Castiel's cheek and let himself out, but Castiel surprised Dean by grabbing his wrist.

"Stay." Castiel mumbled, moving over to make room for Dean on the bed.

"I really shouldn't, Cas…"

"Please stay." Castiel repeated, his blue eyes seeming large and reflective in the low light of the room. Dean felt his resolve waver.

"Okay Cas, just for a little while." Dean removed his clothing except for his briefs and climbed into bed. Castiel immediately draped an arm and a leg over Dean's chest and thighs.

Castiel fell back asleep right away.

It took much longer for Dean.