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The Arklay Nightmare

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“Shut up, that’s just a myth! You’re so full of shit!” Steve exclaimed.
“No it’s a true story I swear! My father’s friend is one of the people who died here! He told me so himself!” Raymond stated.
The teens decided they needed a well-deserved break after their high school graduation. Instead of drinking their IQ’s away, Claire suggested the group go on a camping trip. She thought it would be nice for everyone to go on hikes, enjoy the scenery, take a dip in the lake. What she didn’t want however was for Raymond to tell a scary made-up, cliché’ campfire story that involved a serial killer. “Ray, come on. Let’s not talk about psychopaths and their murdering sprees. Let’s just relax and have a good time,” Claire chimed in.
“If you wanna relax…try some of this” Parker said as he pulled out a joint.
“Parker, you’re a life saver! I can not survive an entire weekend sober with all this nature crap!” Jessica exclaimed.
Claire rolled her eyes and Steve pulled her into an embrace, ensuring her that he agreed with her vacation idea.
“Although I agree that we could all use some time outdoors Claire, I am not about to pass this up,” Sheva said. “I need to relax. I love nature and all, but the woods at night is still creepy.”
Raymond stood up. “Okay, I’m gonna go take a piss. Be right back”
“Hurry up babe!” Jessica called to him as he walked away.
Steve could tell Claire wasn’t too thrilled about everyone getting high, so he held her a little tighter. “You wanna go for a quick walk?” he asked her.
She turned to face him with a smile. “Yes,” she replied.
The pair stood up and began to walk towards the lake.
“Hey you guys don’t really believe in Raymond’s story right?” Sheva asked uneasy.
“Nah, he just likes to mess with us. I’m sure it’s not real.” Parker said as he lit the joint he was holding.

He had walked for a couple of minutes to make sure that nobody was going to follow him. He wouldn’t put it past Parker to scare him from behind the bushes while he was taking a piss, and he did not want Jessica to see him shriek like a little girl. He put in his headphones to calm him down, but kept the volume low enough so he could listen for anyone trying to scare him. He began to quietly sing along to the music. “Come on baby, don’t fear the reaper.”
Once he was finished he began to head back towards their fire. Suddenly, he heard a twig snap behind him. He turned towards the noise in an instant, and shone his flashlight in the direction of the noise. “Parker, you ass! Don’t even try it!”
Nothing could be heard but the sound of crickets. He felt a light wind, and immediately became uneasy. “Parker, come on man. It’s not funny,” he said, walking towards where he thought his friend was hiding.
Realizing Parker was nowhere to be found, he knew it was just his imagination. He turned around, walking back towards their campsite. In the blink of an eye, Raymond felt a pain in the back of his head, proceeding to collapse onto the ground.

Steve led Claire to the lake, trying to keep her happy since their friends were being assholes trying to get high in front of her. It’s not that Claire didn’t know how to party, but she just wanted to spend a nice weekend away with her friends without all of the party bullshit. “Babe, you okay?”
She came in close and put her arms around his neck, giving him a light peck. “Yeah, I am. It’s fine. At least we’re all together right? That’s what’s important.”
Steve pulled her by her hand and brought her to the docks, hoping that an intimate moment under the stars would definitely help Claire’s mood, even if she already stated she was okay. They sat on the edge, dipping their feet into the water, and Claire rested her head on Steve’s shoulders. She looked up at him, and their eyes met, staring into each other’s souls. “I love you, Claire Redfield,” he said almost in a whisper.
She couldn’t help but to grin. She leaned in to kiss him and replied, “And I love you, Steve Burnside.”
The kiss was slow, passionate, but it slowly began to heat up as Steve moved his lips down to her neck and began to remove Claire’s jacket.

Sheva was always the first one to feel anything. She didn’t always get high, but when she did, she had a long way to go before she could find her way back. “Guys, I was just thinking, how do stars sleep if they’re always lit up? I can’t sleep with the lights on, so it’s gotta be real hard for them, right?”
Jessica couldn’t help to laugh and Parker just stared at her confused. “Stars don’t sleep Sheva!”
“That’s probably because they can’t turn off the light,” she responded.
Jessica kept laughing as she began to pick at the snacks they packed. “Did we bring any poptarts? I really want a poptart,” she said.
“Why would we bring poptarts?” Parker asked.
“To eat them, silly!”
“I think we have cookies!” Sheva said excitedly.
“I think we left them in my truck. I’ll get them, you two are already on another planet!” Parker said as he grabbed a flashlight and went to get the girl’s their cookies. “Who was that?” Sheva asked.
“Who was who?” Jessica questioned, still rummaging through their food supplies.
Parker chuckled to himself as he walked away. He had never been high with Sheva before, but he never imagined she would ask how stars sleep.
Upon arriving at his truck, Parker felt something was not right. It was far too silent, and the atmosphere felt completely different. It felt chilly, unfriendly, hostile. Taking a step closer, he realized there was something on the hood of the truck. “Oh my God…Raymond?”
He rushed over to the lifeless body, noticing the blood practically covering every inch of him. The back of his head looked like it had a rough encounter with a baseball bat. There were large, deep cuts scattered across his back. As soon as Parker turned around to return to the girls, he was met with blood red eyes; it was like staring at the devil. He tried to scream, but his fear had left him immobilized. He was thrust backwards against his truck, the force strong enough to jerk the truck forward, the window breaking in the process, and he fell to the ground. Trying to recover, he pushed himself onto all fours, but whatever was attacking him pulled him up and grabbed hold of each of his arms; it was trying to tear him apart. He was screaming from the pain, and after what seemed like an eternity, it was over. His body fell over, never to get back up again.

A scream was heard off in the distance. Sheva yelped, jumping over to Jessica. “What was that? Are we going to die?” Sheva asked, more paranoid than ever.
Jessica looked around, holding onto Sheva, and when she turned to get up, she saw the malevolent red eyes staring her down. “Oh my God, run!!”
They started to sprint away, but Sheva was knocked off her feet and dragged away by her legs from Jessica, screaming for help to no avail. Jessica kept running as the figure pulled Sheva towards the campfire. “NOOO!!! STOP! HELP!!” After a few intense moments of screaming and torment, the screaming had stopped.
Jessica tried to run as fast as she could, but she was not in the right state of mind to evade an attacker. She tripped over a large rock, hurting her ankle in the process. She fell over face first, and began to crawl. Sensing she was not alone, she turned around and sat up; she began to cry and tremble as she saw red eyes circling around her from everywhere she looked.


“Is that Sheva?” Claire asked.
“I don’t know, come on! We better hurry!”
They got up from the dock and started running back to their friends, leaving behind their jackets. They ran as fast as they could, hoping that their friends were alright. However, their hope diminished once they had reached their campsite, as a burned body was lying across their fire. The face was almost unrecognizable, the hair and facial features having completely burned away. Steve noticed the boots, and he was able to identify the friend that had been killed. “Holy shit!” Steve screamed, while Claire put a hand over her mouth in shock. “Is that...Sheva?”
“Who would do this? What the…” Claire was unable to contain her emotions, letting the tears fall out of her eyes. “..wait. Where is everyone else?”
Steve pulled out his phone to call 911, but there was hardly service in these woods. “I don’t know, but we gotta get out of here and get help!” Steve said, pulling her by the arm and running for their car.
They could hear rustling from all around them, as if they were being hunted by a predator. Their path led them to an area with bloody bushes that caused them to stop in their tracks, and a silhouette could be seen behind them. They went around and found another body lying on the ground. “Oh god, Jessica! What the hell?” Jessica’s body was scattered in pieces, her face stuck with that terrifying expression she had when she was face to face with their attacker.
“Come on Claire! We gotta get out of here!” They kept running, hoping that whatever was following them would not catch up to them. Upon arriving at the truck, they saw the bodies of Raymond on the hood and Parker on the ground, missing his limbs. Claire couldn’t hold it in anymore; she collapsed and vomited on the ground. Steve rushed to her side, trying his best to comfort her in any way he could. “Claire, I know it’s gross and upsetting, but if we don’t hurry, we’re gonna be next! Get in the truck, I’ll grab Parker’s keys.”
Claire followed his instruction, trying to compose herself the best she could. She unlocked the door through the broken window and climbed in. She checked her cellphone, and noticed she had a slight signal. “I got the keys!” Steve shouted. “I have a low signal, I’ll try calling the cops!” She replied.
As soon as Steve was about to open the door, an arm impaled him from the back, pushing through his chest with ease. “Steve!” Claire screamed. His body was then thrown away like a ragdoll, and she knew she was next. As she was about to dial, the truck was pushed over onto its side. Claire hit her head, and she knew this was it. Instead of calling the cops, she called her brother, wanting to tell him she loves him and say goodbye, but she got his voicemail. “Chris I love you so much...I don’t know what’s happening, but everyone is dead, oh my God!” She was crying hysterically into the phone. “I don’t know if I’ll ever see you again, but I love you Chr-” She was cutoff when the truck tipped over once more, causing her to drop her phone. The truck door was pulled off, and Claire looked into the eyes of pure evil, finally realizing what was responsible for their tragedy. “’re not real…” The last thing she saw was a black boot meeting her face.