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~Way down we go~ a Wolverine story.

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 Bullets rang throughout the air piercing screams of terror soon followed. The screams of death loud agonizing screams or death loud and livid. Before silence ...nothing pure utter quietness as the life left the now deceased beings who had once walked this earth had once been a mere part of this huge unforgiving world. 

   Metal clashed against metal, grunts of pain and frustration soon followed. Cling, clang, clatter, clatter, the clatter of metal created a musical harmony intensifying the battle. One wrong move could be the difference between life and death. Tree's and canopies were now destroyed creating ruins acting as an obstacle. 

  A bullet rang throughout the air aimed at Logan who stood in the middle of it all as he had just killed a man who was once part of the military now attacking him.  What a shame the man had died at the hands of his own bullet trying to kill the Wolverine Logan had quickly dodged changing the course of the bullet straight to its owner. 

  The bullet was now less than five feet away from Logan who stood breathing heavily his uniform now ripped, marred, torn and practically in shambles. Several bullets holes embedded in Logan's Wolverine suit.

 As the bullet sped closer Logan growled menacingly brows furrowed threateningly and lips quirked up to a scowl. 

  The deadly weapon was now clenched in his large fist the bullet now smoking slightly as the wound bled heavily before quickly rearranging cells and tissue to heal the wound.

 The man looked at Logan in fear as he walked slowly towards him a slight grin on his face as he retracted his deathly claws. 

  Suddenly a grenade was thrown Cyclops cursed under his breath ignoring the disapproving glare Jean sent his way.

 '' Everyone retreat! There's too many they just keep regrouping. !'' Cyclops yelled out against the yells of cries of the battle. Rouge and Storm quickly fled towards the jet while Cyclops and Jean fought off a few more soldiers blocking their path to the jet once vigorous and energetic movements now gone. Wolverine, however, had heard Cyclops command but was too lost in the moment of battle as mobs of soldiers surrounded him. A shout left his mouth as he carelessly launched himself at the increasing mob. This was practically a suicide mission and he knew it. One by one bodies hit the ground. Yet the more time passed the bigger the mob increased overwhelming him. The sight of the hovering jet filled his vision and he tried to run to it in a desperate attempt only to fall short an inch or two away when someone had launched themselves at him. The force of the impact left him slightly dazed. And as he looked up the only thought that ran through his mind was oh god he was screwed before everything went black.


  As they met with Charles Xavier they could only hope he'd know what to do. The school usually filled ith a sense of calm was now filled with a sense of unease. Before they had even approached Xavier he had sensed the absence of Logan.

'' I take it the mission didn't go as planned .'' Xavier decided comment slightly quiet almost going unheard.Cyclops just looked down slightly before meeting Xavier's eyes ashamed while his face showed regret and remorse. 

'' We...I ..we were overpowered there was so many and they ambushed us we had to retreat. Once we got to the jet Logan was still in the middle of fighting and they were crowding around us we had to leave him behind.'' Xavier nodded slightly solemn.

'' Don't worry Scott I understand and Logan will be fine he's tough and we'll find him as soon as we can.''

 They all nodded they could only hope he was okay and hadn't been harmed too badly because they all knew if Logan was hurt in any way shape or form all hell would have to pay.