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Suddenly Fyodor, or Suddenly H.G.

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“HG! Ah, wait for me!”

HG stopped in his step as he turned his head to see Fyodor running towards him, his bag bouncing as he did. He smiled and waved.

“Hey Dusty, what's up?”

Fyodor huffed as he stopped beside his fellow Literature Club member, faced flushed from running.

“HG, I came to give you something.”

HG was surprised as Fyodor gave him some cookies wrapped in blue fabric.

“Thank you, Dusty! Where'd you get this?”

Fyodor smiled widely.

“Ah, I baked them for everyone in our Literature Club. I did not seem to catch you in class earlier, so I had to give them to you now.”

“Oh, thank you. My apologies, I was preoccupied with setting up the gymnasium for our prom.”

Fyodor’s eyes lit up in surprise.

“Oh, HG, I forgot all about prom! Are you inviting someone, yeah?”

“Sadly, I have no one coming with me.”

“Do you want to come with me if you can't find a date? As bros, yeah?”

“Of course. Bro.”

The two laughed as they fist bumped, HG waving back as Fyodor walked to the bus stop.

Hopefully he can get rid of the flush on his face.

HG walked over to the car where Lenore was waiting in the driver’s seat.

“Lenore, apologies for keeping you waiting.”

“No worries, Wellie! How was your romantic excursion?”

HG was perplexed. What romantic incursion?

“Hm? What is this romantic excursion? I was just with Dusty a while ago. He gave me these cookies he baked. I'll have you know that even though I like men, that was nothing but being friendly.”

Lenore laughed.

“Of course, yeah! I got his cookies earlier, he's actually really good at baking.”

“Absolutely. His smile when he gave them was quite endearing, to be honest. And his laugh. Quite the charmer.”

Lenore’s eyes widened, then she smirked.

Wellie is falling for Fyodor. This should be fun.

“True, true. Hey, do you have time? I gotta pick out a dress at the mall, prom is in,”

“2 weeks, yes.”

“So what do you say, Wellie, can you accompany me? I’ll help you buy a suit!”

“Ah, yes, sure, Lenore. I always have time for things like this.”

“Yay! You’re the best, Wellie.”

The two went in, Lenore noticing how HG handled the cookies gingerly.

“Radio or AUX cord?”

Lenore revved up the car’s engine.

“AUX cord please.”

Lenore plugged in her phone and chose a girl artists playlist, Rihanna blasting through the car sound system. She pulled out of the parking lot and drove towards the mall, HG bopping his head to the song.

HG was waiting outside Lenore’s fitting room.

“Wellie! How does this cape dress look?”

Lenore stepped out in an off the shoulder champagne pink cape cocktail dress with loads of embroidery.

“Oh, that one is quite gorgeous. The pink brings out your hair. I am quite fascinated by the embroidery.”

Lenore looked over at herself in the mirror and put her hand to her chest and smiled.

“Edgar would have a fit, oh my god. I'm taking this dress. Hey, why don't you look around? Find something.”

HG nodded and went off to the men's section of the store.

He browsed around, thinking of possible colors. His mind kept going back to the little piece of Dorothy blue gingham that Fyodor gave him, but he didn't know why. He stumbled upon a silk shirt in the exact color he was thinking of and he immediately took it to try it on.

“Well, this color looks absolutely great on me.”

He stared at himself in the mirror, looking at how the shirt fit perfectly. He was in wonder at how the color looked great on him.

(He didn't realize that it was one of Fyodor’s favorite colors.)

He changed back into his own clothes and immediately put his shirt into the shopping basket, going off to see what else he could buy.

He came to where the suspenders were sold and immediately went for a pastel pink pair. It was a very cute color after all, and it was one that contrasted nicely with the shirt. He also came across a bow ties the same color with little polka dots on it, and he got that as well.

He knows he has a good selection of suit pants so he didn't really need to buy one, but he decided to anyway because why not? He knew the shop anyway and often found his right suit pants here.

He bumped into Jose as he was going to the counter.

“Oh, hello, Jose. Nice seeing you here. Looking for prom clothes?”

“Yeah, Herbs. Looking for some stuff here, mainly things that would go with my leather Jays. I'm gonna go look great for our final prom. Hey, should I have my eyebrows done for the prom?”

“Your choice, Jose. I feel like your eyebrows could use a little touch up. My opinion only, though.”

“Great! My sisters are having theirs done next week so I'm gonna join them.”

“That sounds swell.”

“Anyway, I think the other Lit club people are here? I saw Shelley and her hot boyfriend, and then the Emily girl. I also saw Aku.”

“Would they be up for a food court lunch?”

“Think so. I'll text them. No one has homework anyway, prom season is full on and everyone's helping.”

“Thank you. I didn't get to meet with everyone, my apologies.”

“No problemo, dude. Techie stuff. I know the feel.”