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"Where do you dwell"" the dark-haired girl asked loudly.

Which, of course, earned her a look of confusion. "All right, something simpler. What is your name?" she asked louder.

"Oh, bother, I can't very well ask louder. Me Jane," she said slowly and equally as loud.

"His name is Tarzan; and if you want to talk to him, just talk. Tarzan, stop teasing," Muviro chastised the younger boy.

"I wanted to see how far she would go."

"Was this a game to you?" she asked angrily.

"More often than not, after all, it always amuses me when people assume I'm stupid. This is why I dislike most humans. They think anyone and anything different, is too dumb to understand them. Hint, most of the time, we will no answer to amuse ourselves."

"Well, I never," Jane said with a huff before stomping her foot and walking away.

"You made her mad."

"She'll get over it. I need to get home. Mother will be looking for me. Take care my friend," Tarzan said in parting. He knew he had made the girl angry, but deep down he knew he would meet her again.