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Love is my Prison, My actions become Karma

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How long... How long have they been down here? ten days? one week? Month? Year? They don't remember when they fell down except it was the most stupidest thing ever. And all they did was followed a friend up the mountain who had been crying. They just wanted to help them, only for them to become deranged and pushed them in. Saying something about being a "dirty killer" or how tired they've become. They tried to talk to them, telling them it was all, but a dream, in the end, Frisk didn't fall into the mountain. They did.

They ended up in this adventure where they met monsters and showed kindness. "To earn kindness, you have to be kind, but remember stay strong and determine, never let anyone take advantage of you."

Their deceased mother had said those words and held them dear to their heart. Soon followed their motto and explored the Ruins. Earning a mother, friends, and joy, but they become curious and soon had to fight. Determined they battled Toriel, taking the hits, but never attacked. After some time convincing Toriel, she let them go. Eager to explore more, they bid her goodbye and promise her, they will text them on their new phone.

They had been ecstatic, seeing snow, meeting new people, become friends... even developed a crush on a tall friendly skeleton. They were happy... Well, they would be happier if the oldest didn't always appear out of nowhere. Sans the Skeleton.

He was tall, but not as tall as Papy, lazy, comedian who everyone loved and befriended. He would have been friends right at the start... But something felt off about him. Their instinct screaming to run and hide from the skeleton. Sometimes they did, always saying about helping someone or asked if Papyrus was around. Sans always looked discouraged when they did that, but he was eagered to help them. They always get the feeling that Sans was dangerous. They seen him wonder around town looking a little normal, before greeting them, he lit up, asking silly little questions and made some puns. They weren't much a pun-lover so it didn't do much to help their nerves when Sans, stood quiet.

When they finally admitting on not liking the skeleton, they could practically see the heartbreak on his features. Soon after that, he kept trying and trying. It was rather uncomfortable, and really uneasy. It was plain as day, they had to leave the underground.

Wish they had left sooner.

After a week of dodging Sans, he found them, at the time, and when he found them, he was drunk. Crying pleading and asking them what he did wrong. Holding them in tight embraces before being force to go on full out make out with the skeleton. Tasting alcohol and magic tingling against their tongue and feeling cold, thin fingertips against their skin. Each touch felt dirty and burned. It wasn't long before they realized he had transported then to some room. They knew what Sans had planned and wanted nothing of it. But the skeleton was oddly strong, bruising their lips and clawing their thighs, each touch cause their body to betray and feel powerless. Finding their lower regions ravished, the scent of musk and metallic filled the air before Sans paused. "I-I know what to do now..." he went as he summoned his own soul, showing it drip some type of ooze and glowed brightly as if excited to see them. Sans left eye flared up with waves of glowing yellow, blue and a tint of green his eye. The force of their own soul yanked out shivering and trying to fight against their threat. "I'm going to make you mine, we'll be together. I promise, I will protect you" he went as his soul rushed forward and spun around the shivering soul. The colorful soul tried to shrink and go back into their body, but the white soul panicked and latched onto the soul which caused the poor thing to flutter. As if it was a butterfly trying to flee from the spider's fangs. "NO! PLEASE! STOP! IT HURTS SANS!" they begged as their soul was beginning to chip and shrivel. "Shhh, it only hurts if y-you resist," he went as the stench of alcohol burned their senses, and the kisses he was beginning to give as he held them down.

Sans continued thrusting and the pain suddenly turned to an uneasy pleasure, but they continued to struggle. It wasn't until Sans released himself inside them, was when they truly felt hopeless. Dirty. Stained. Letting their bitter sobs and wails reach the heavens as they shivered and clenched against their skin. Sans pried away their hands kissing exposed skin and trailed then to their lips. "I won't hurt you... I promise, I'll wait next time until your ready again, but for now... Just this once, let me embrace you. We are forever mates now," he whispered give gentle kisses and whispered disgusting sweet words into their ear.

When morning came, they didn't sleep at all. Sans woke up earlier panicking, saying how sorry he was, and promise to never force them again. Then it shifted to a sudden puppy love as he try embracing them like he did last night. And for the first time since entering the underground.

They try to attack.

Clawing, biting, screaming and yelling... Sans looked ragged, he stopped trying, but they could still see the hopeless love in their lights. The absolute look of hurt was their, even the pain in their soul became heavy and suffocating. Then he smiled.... THIS SICK BASTARD WAS SMILING!

"I know what to do..." he got up as he begun quickly dressing in his clothes again. "I-I won't touch you... Pr-Promise, but maybe I can get something, anything! We're mates now sweetheart, so tell me what can I do to make your stay more comfortable?"

'Stay? No... NO, I AM NOT STAYING WITH THIS DISGUSTING FREAK!' They begun to panick, which caused the skeleton to try and approach without touching them, but it was difficult. They had a full blown panic attack, clawing their skin, and ripping anything that has come near. Sans was crying and begging them to stop. They screamed louder and louder, having their tears continue to stream down their face before becoming dry, burn, and itching. Sans was panting once things settled. Their voice now raw and dimmed, they felt their eyelids become heavy and soon darkness had envloped them.

Waking up to a moderning looking room was terrifying. The cage Papyrus worked hard on had transformed into a home. 'Papyrus?' They had forgotten about him... Innocent sweet Papyrus, the person they had beginning to love and trust. It was heartbreaking cause Sans took their innocence... They would never be good enough for Papyrus now... Papyrus so sweet and pure, would never love someone stained and claimed by a deranged monster who he considered as his brother. They froze when they heard the door open and locked loudly. the thudding sound of someone walking came closer. It was Sans. Looking tired, drained, and... Normal, but the minute he looked up and saw them staring, those lights brighten and his smile became genuinely wider. "Your awake! You've been out for a week, sweetie!" he went as he practically rushed to their side. "I'm so happy, you're okay!" he went seeing glowing plasma tears fall down his cheekbones. The claw marks in his collar bone showed and cut marks etched deep in his arms showed the damaged he had done.

"Oh this? You did it, but that's okay!" he went, "we're even, see!" as he held a small mirror to show two marks running down their left cheek. They broke down crying again. Sans was there asking what was wrong, if something hurt. He try to touch them, but they flinched away and cried even more. They were terrified.

                    Sans has been trying to have them be as happy, so he's been working hard. Cooking their meals, talking to them, bringing gifts. He even somehow brought a tv in so they both can watch a movie together. Those moments were like hell. Sans sitting beside them smiling and snuggling to them as they felt their body go on auto mode. Shaking, crying, and whimpering while Sans try soothing their hair back. Sans been trying so hard trying to prove them he is a good mate to them. they hated it.

Papyrus found them again, and boy were they happy to see him. Like always. He brought them inside feeding then spaghetti, solving puzzles, and playing action figures. It was just like old times, they almost forgot all the bad things until Sans was noticed by both of them. His eyes trained and show pained, "Hello brother! Are you here to play with us?" he asked so innocently. Something they come to love about him. "N-No... How did they get in bro?" he asked.

"Oh! I found them again! They been living in the shed, but I invited them to play!" he answered.

"Oh really, that's great bro" he smiled, bit it was forced and hallow, but his eyes showed adoration, "well, I'm gonna start dinner-"

"I already made spaghetti, the human was extremely hungry. They loved my cooking so much that they ate four servers! Who knew humans can eat so much!" Sans looked over to them which cause them to stiffen, he looked hurt and sad, but turned to Papyrus and smiled.
"As long as you guys eat, that's fine by me," he said as he wa guided into the kitchen and Papyrus begun talking to him even more lively than when he talked to them. Though they brushed it asided and begun staring down at the toys before them. "If you guys want, I can make dessert, I'm sure, I can allow sweets" smiled Sans as hope was shone in his eyes again.

"I don't know brother, but if you want, then we can!" smiled Papyrus. Sans looked over to them, a smile wide and patient... They ignored it. "Well, let me finish dinner, and we can get started bro" he went. Their was some pain in his voice, but again they ignored it. They were hoping they wouldn't be involved with him just for one day. "Sweetheart?" they flinched as they slowly turned to see a cheerful smile, and begging eyes. "Wanna join us? It would be fun" they frantically nod their head no. Before scooting away from him.

They scanned him as his smile dimmed again, he looked so broken, and hurt. But then the smile return, "well okay sweetie, I'll let you know when its done." He went back to the kitchen leaving them alone, as Papyrus put the stuff on the counter and Sans cleaning after himself. They felt alone without Papy beside them. He was their light out of all this. Seeing such a sweet person brighten their day, always believing that things will be good. The thought brought a faint smile to their lips. But it quickly faded before anyone else could see. As both brothers begin their bonding session. They sat quietly playing with the action figures. They know they will be sent to thay god awful prison of theirs. Sans is so reliant on keeping them there. Why couldn't they be with Papyrus instead?


              Sans set the final cookie on the plate with the rest of its companions. 'I hope they like these at least' he thought as his soul beated joyfully and hopefully. His mate sat alone in the living room while Papyrus cleaned the pans. Its been a long while since bonding with his brother so, it made him happy to spend time with him again. "Go ahead and help yourself bro, Imma give some to my mate" he went smiling as he set some on a plate and walked over to them. They stiffen once he was near, "here you go sweetie, hope you like them, Paps and I worked hard on them" he smiled. His mate looked at him, frowning, then looked over to Papyrus who was happily snacking on the batch of cookies. Sans soul twisted when he realized his mate won't eat it... like last time... THEY NEVER EAT ANY OF THE FOOD HE MAKES!! Only when Papyrus cooks the food will they eat... He sat there legs crossed, and eyes gazing at them. He wanted to beg them. He wanted to hug them. Cherish them. Yet nothing seem to please them... Looking back at Papyrus who was now looking at him with question. "Is something wrong Sans?" he asked worrisome. His mate looked at Papyrus longingly ignoring him, 'oh no... It can't be true... please, don't let it be true!'


                Sans jolted up from his slumber. A memory. When he had his mate at the beginning... That's when he realize how his mate favored Papyrus. He frowned. Looking over to see them wide awake, and looking so dead and depressed. They been that way since he came home last night. "M-Morning sweetie" they jolted to the sound of his voice, "I have a day off today... wanna do something?" he asked sitting up as his mate curled slightly away from him. "Sweetie..." he went, but paused as they begun whimpering again.

Sans sat there silently, the throb in his soul begun again... It was tearing up, his bond with his mate. He knew he will lose his mate soon, and he'll never have a chance again. Once a monster loses the connection to their mate, they can no longer bond with them. It leaves a nasty scar on their soul as well as damaging their mental state. Sans fear of this... not for himself, but the thought of his mate leaving him was too much. He loved them greatly, and it was beginning to scare him. Leaning forward he nuzzled against their cheek, giving light kisses and sweet gentle licks on their wounds, the cuts had healed, but it looks like a scar.

He then brought them in his arms, which caused them to be aware and thrash against him. "I'm so sorry sweetie" his right eye flashed bright blue, "I couldn't keep this promise" he pressed their chest against his and begun summoning both souls out. His soul joyfully latched in their like it had done before having them silently scream. Their voice damaged and hoarsed, this brought even more tears to his eyes as he nuzzled against their hair, inhaling deeply as a moan escapes his mouth. "Our bond... is renewed..ugh" he held them in place as both souls released a weird plasma substance dripping down their chests as he felt them grow limp. "I'm sorry..." he kissed their head, "but I am not giving up on you."

            Papyrus sat down watching Mettaton... Alone.Sans didn't join him for breakfast.... again. He was nowhere inside the house and the shed was locked. But he could have sworn he heard whimpering inside the shed. Sometimes he wonders what happens in there. What causes the human to be so frightful of his brother? These kind of questions invade his mind. But his brother won't answer him, neither will the human. But then again, he could never bring himself to ask them. It was like touching a thorn. Start tapping or try pulling it out, the pain increases.

Ring... Ring...

He got up and answered the phone, "Hello!? Who calls the great Papyrus?!" he said cheerfully. But not fully cheerful as he believes it to be. "H-Hi? Um... This i-is Alphys... The Ro-Royal Scientist, I actually called for-for Sans."

"Oh, um..." Think of a lie. Think of a lie. THINK OF A LIE!

"MY BROTHER IS CURRENTLY OUT!" he yelled causing the monster on the other side squeak at his sudden outburst. "O-Oh, okay, well t-tell Sans, I need to talk to h-him, its urgent, tell him to come down by the lab, thank you Papyrus, bye "
After the phone hang up he did as well. His grasp tighten on the phone... Sometimes, he wonders what his brother does... what did he do? Why didn't he tell him?

Why keep secrets from him?

The human came inside looking so tired, and eyes so puffy. He's beginning to worry for their human sibling. "Paps, I just got your message, I'll be home late, mind watching the human?" asked Sans.

"Yes brother, I'll gladly watch the human!" he was ecstatic on having company today. Maybe they can have a sleepover! Sans grinned a bit before giving a kiss on the side of the human's head. They looked so defeated and tired; once Sans left those dead eyes turned bright and cheerful always full of hope whenever he's alone with them. "What shall we do today Papyrus?" they asked. He smiled as he went to the table and pulled out a board game. "I found this at the Dump, maybe we can play! As soon as I learn the rules."

the human chuckled, "Its monopoly and I can gladly teach you" they then seated themselves as both of them begun setting up the board game.

"Tra~La~La~La~ the little bird won't sing for you. And the one who is hidden shall come out soon" went river person causing Sans looks over to them, before shrugging. They always talked in riddles, so what was the difference? He stood quiet watching the river go pass them. He wonder what he should do for them? He renewed the bond again. So that stopped the throbbing. He basically broke his promise, and now he must find a way to make them happy, something to make them comfortable and pleased with him. 'Something to have them finally love me' he thought as the boat came to a stop. "Come again..." Sans smiled slightly at Riverperson before making his way to the Lab.

"Yo Alphys" he went, "you in?" he wanted to finish whatever he needed to do and go home to his mate. He wanted to see if they were okay since that bonding took alot out on them. 'I should stop by Grillby's and buy some-' he felt a suddenly clamped around his neck and was grabbed from the hood. "Got him!" He looked over to see a very angry fish lady.

"Undyne, pl-please be careful, h-he had 1 hp still!" went Alphys.

"What the hell? What's going on!? Alphys!?"

"Shut the fuck up traitor!" he froze... Did they find out!? "You have some explaining to do, bonehead" she snarled as she slammed the skeleton down onto a chair and tied him in.

Sans would have tp away, but the suddenly lack of magic in his source prevented him to do so... 'Damn! the magic suppressor, this isn't good.'


Every inch of bone marrow froze, he become scared and angry, 'no... No one is touching my mate!' "Leave them alone! They're innocent!" he screamed out causing Undyne to slam her fist against the counter, "THEY ARE THE LAST SOULS WE NEED! DON'T FUCKIN BE SELFISH, DO YOU NOT WANNA BE FREE FUCKFACE!?"

"No!" both girls froze, "the surface lost its meaning! I want nothing up there! I only want them! They've done nothing to anyone, they are compassionate and sweet, I will not let you destroy my mate!" he said that outloud. Alphys looked horrified while Undyne was stunned.

He didn't care. He loves his mate, he's gonna keep them safe. Give them all the love he held deep within himself. To prove he was a good mate. "Alphys, check on his mental and soul state, I'mma go and check on Paps."

"No! Don't go near my home!" he snarled violently like a wild animal. Alphys cringed as she took the needle she prepared and jammed it into his leg... "They must be in his house, go over and quickly before this gives out" he felt drowsy, but he had to fight it. His mate was in trouble, he had fo defend them... He had to-...