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Ashes and Wine

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Groaning as an incessant buzz sounded from somewhere nearby, Avery opened her eyes with a slight glare. Her eyes slowly drifting to the nightstand on which her phone lay and she reached over. Picking it up to see who had interrupted that really nice dream she was having of being saved by some Greek god who was hot to boot.

Jess 8:19
Is it true?

Eying the text Avery raised an eyebrow wondering what her sister was talking about.

Avery 8:26
Is what true?

Jess 8:30
Are you pregnant?


Pausing as she reread Jessica's last text Avery felt her face pale because how in the hell had Jessica found out something that she had just been told yesterday? It wasn't like Jessica had been at the hospital with her or anything.

In her silence Avery heard her phone buzz again to see another text from her sister.

Jess 8:39
Oh god it is true. I mean you know I don't usually believe TMZ but when they report on a royal scandal and the first ever out of wedlock conception I got a bit worried. I know how you are.

Rolling her eyes Avery sighed the leak to TMZ annoying her as well as the fact that her sister had basically called her a slut.

Yeah Avery liked sex but she was twenty-five and sex was natural. It was natural and god damn did it feel good with the right men though not every man she slept with was the right man to make it feel good.

Avery 8:44
Yes it's true okay. I just found out yesterday morning though and ughs...I can't believe someone at the hospital leaked it already.

Avery 8:46
Btw my pregnancy isn't the first out of wedlock conception. I'm just the first they can really prove since Isaac and Taylor can cover their tracks.

Jess 8:50
Yeah, yeah we all know. You know mom and dad will still flip right? I mean you're still their unwed daughter way way down the line for the throne and you're pregnant out of wedlock. You've just ruined all their dreams of you marrying a rich young billionaire or even another royal from another country. Do you even know who the baby daddy is?

Heaving a sigh as she read Jessica's message Avery hated the remainder that her parents were going to flip shit. Just like she hated Jessica asking if she knew who the baby daddy was.

Avery did know but there was no way she could tell Jessica or anyone really. Just no way.

Clicking out of the text she was in, Avery soon pulled up TMZ on her phone. Finding the article Jessica had been talking about and again she felt annoyed and angry that someone had literally broken her privacy and leaked a story she would have much rather kept secret for now.

Especially because she needed time to deal with things. Like having to tell her parents who probably had already seen the news and somehow telling her baby daddy as Jessica had called him but well he more than likely had really seen the news already.

If Jessica had seen it than he had seen it.

Coming out of her thoughts Avery continued to read the article. Rolling her eyes at a possible list of candidates for baby daddy of the soon to be incoming royal baby.

There was Marcus Keaton a boybander who she had partied with in California a few months back but that one was laughable because Marcus was gay and closeted and Avery was sure that even the people at TMZ knew it. Then there was Oliver Finley a ginger haired man who was the next in line to be King in Ireland and Avery had most definitely slept with him during a weekend trip there with Isaac and Nikki.

A trip Isaac had to make to work out business deals and one Avery was sure that their father had sent Isaac on since Isaac was the next in line to be King.

Avery had only tagged along to be nanny to Nikki and Isaac's three children and somewhere on the first night there after one too many late night drinks with Oliver in his study parlor Avery had let him have what he wanted which was her. But Oliver had used a condom and it certainly hadn't broken.

The last candidate was enough to make her laugh. Rick Grimes her poor helpless bodyguard and a man she was close too. Even hung out with when he wasn't working as her bodyguard for events. But she had never slept with him either.

Not because Rick wasn't good looking because he was. But she just wasn't attracted to him and he was married to his second wife. A lovely woman named Michonne who was an excellent mother to the children he had with a wife who had been killed in a car crash.

Biting her lip Avery almost wanted to get on her twitter and tell TMZ off as well as telling them their possible candidates were all wrong but instead she fought that urge off, knowing that would do no good and she needed to talk to her parents whether she wanted too or not.

Then she knew an official announcement needed to be made. One that confirmed she was indeed pregnant and that she wanted privacy during the months ahead. Knowing that there was no way in hell she could announce who the father was in an official statement either.

Even if and when he knew the truth. There was just no way.


Sitting in her parent's living room Avery looked down at her hands which she was nervously using to fidget and play with the ring she wore all the time. A ring that had been a present given to the Christmas that she was sixteen. A gift that had came from Jessica's boyfriend at the time.

The man who was now Jessica's husband even if Jessica marrying him had caused a bit of a scandal in and of itself since Daryl wasn't a royal nor was he that rich and he was much older than Jessica. Nineteen years to be exact but he was a photographer and they had fallen in love when he did the portraits Jessica had done for her eighteenth birthday.

So of course Jessica's love for Daryl had won out in the end and she had gotten her way. Been allowed to marry the man she loved regardless of age or his social standing.

"How could you be so reckless?" Diana spoke bringing Avery out of her thoughts and she frowned as she looked up at her mom. "Having unprotected sex and letting yourself get pregnant. Avery Laurel you know we have standards and this family has already been through enough with Isaac and Taylor's marriages and pregnancies. Not to mention Taylor and Natalie's divorce a few years ago and his remarriage to Maggie Greene," she said mentioning the woman Taylor had married in 2013 just two years after Natalie had divorced him so that she could be with the man who had been her yoga instructor.

Obviously teaching her way more than just yoga.

"And you know how close Jessie and Daryl are to splitting up. Ever since Jessie learned that she can't have babies. You were supposed to be our good child Avery."

Avery snorted softly at that. Being called their good child when they had always known she slept around. It wasn't a secret when the tabloids were constantly talking about all the men...or well most of the men she slept with. No one had known about the man who had gotten her pregnant.

Not yet anyway. They had been discreet. Gone undercover as much as they could during the seven month long affair that they had, had. An affair that had only ended in December after Avery had slept with Oliver which was also how she knew he wasn't the father. She most likely had already been pregnant by then. Regardless of condom use.

"Diana," Walker interjected with a stern voice. "There isn't any use in being upset at the mess that's already been made. Now we just have to make a good thing out of a negative thing. How far along did you say you were Avery?"

Avery chewed her lip briefly remembering the best estimate she had been given by the doctor at the hospital. "Eleven weeks," she answered. "More than likely really close to twelve now since I was told four days ago and then the doctor said about eleven weeks and two days."

Walker nodded at her answer, looking as if he was thinking of something, "We'll give an official announcement in the coming week. Ask for your privacy as you deal with impending motherhood and the joys and stresses that will bring. We'll also say that you're soon to be engaged to the father of your baby..I mean I suspect the father is Marcus isn't it? You were with him during the time you could have gotten pregnant. You spent all of November in California. You even missed the holidays here at home in favor of staying in California. I'm sure we can arrange a quick wedding like we did with Taylor and Natalie and Isaac and Nikki."

Shaking her head Avery frowned, "No, the father isn't Marcus," she said softly watching as her father's hopeful face fell to that of disappointment. "Just give an announcement confirming and asking for my privacy but avoid mentioning the father," she instructed before looking back down and fidgeting with her ring. "It's best the father isn't mentioned even if god forbid you have a scandal because you have a bastard for a grandchild," she muttered before standing from the couch finally.

Without saying anything else she slipped out of the room. Knowing if she stayed they'd just question her on if she knew who the father was and when she confirmed that she did because hell she could never lie to her parents she'd be asked why she wasn't saying and who it was and she couldn't reveal that.

If she told who it was they'd have a much bigger scandal than just a baby being born out of wedlock.

Biting her lip as she felt tears stinging at her eyes Avery knew she just needed a few days away. A few days at her apartment in New York just to get away and avoid her family. Avoid the talk of the press in her country as well as the press period once the announcement was made.

Once the world knew that she was pregnant and going to be a single mother in a matter of months. The first royal grandchild to be a bastard and the first grandchild that according to outdated rules and policies would never be in line for the throne which was in the end maybe a good thing.

Maybe then her child would be able to have a semi private life regardless of who it's mother was but then again maybe being a child that had no father it'd just be hounded more. With the press and the people wondering and talking. Trying to figure out who the father was.

None really knowing because for once in her life Avery had truly been discreet with her love life and sex life and she had done it for seven months. Seven months of lying and keeping secrets and what would eighteen more years hurt her now?