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[Cover Art] for "Kintsugi (Broken)" by mydwinter

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I've seem to be making a lot of cover art using Kintsugi at the moment. Already two covers for ArabellaStrange's WIP series Ode to Broken Things (thats a rec, go and read it!) and now mydwinter seems to need a cover for her fic too. The usual blurb about the image sources; kinsugi vase found on the web, and the background is from the Kahlúa texture pack by Spooky_Window on DeviantArt.



Kintsugi ebook


I love the idea of this fic for a couple of reasons. I'm going through a bit of a bad patch in my life at the moment; unemployment, job hunting and living on benefits always get me down and being menopausal is not helping much either. I've been using T.S. Eliot's poems to keep me grounded this time round, The Four Quartets is my favourite and reading this fic and making the cover reminded me of lines from Part V of Burnt Norton which is part of a passage I want read at my funeral when I get there many years from now ;-). It reminds me to remain still in the middle of my (and the world's turmoil).

Words, after speech, reach

Into the silence. Only by the form, the pattern,

Can words or music reach

The stillness, as a Chinese jar still

Moves perpetually in its stillness.

Not the stillness of the violin, while the note lasts,

Not that only, but the co-existence,

Or say that the end precedes the beginning,

And the end and the beginning were always there

Before the beginning and after the end.

Following on from this idea of being strong in broken places is a French artist called Hélène Gugenheim. She uses gold leaf in creating artworks of people's bodies which have been scarred by their lives. There are some great videos on her website here for you to watch.