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Starry night

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They've hardly known each other for longer than one month. And yeah, Jimin's giggles are warm and sparkly on Jungkook's lips and he tastes exactly like blueberry muffins with a tinge of bourbon but who could've known the younger one would fall so fast?

He himself wonders about this at 2am in his dark bedroom, the apartment being so high only yellow city lights reach its windows. The light is painting tiny spots and stripes on Jimin's sleeping puffy face and Jungkook's arm is cramping because that tiny boy has been using his body as a pillow (and a heater) for the last few hours, draped over Jungkook like couples do it. It's uncomfortable as hell and Jungkook tries to fool himself, pretend he doesn't want to move so he won't wake Jimin up. But no, no no no. The sweet weight on his arm and chest is making his toes curl, all burning cheeks and eyes glazed. By the light stolen from lamps, of course. It's not love or something. Just maybe.

Love is Jungkook's lips curling into an idiotic smile every time Jimin snores, warm exhales tickling the taller one's bare chest. Maybe Jungkook's being a tiny bit creepy, staring at the boy he doesn't even officially date with stars in his eyes. They fuck and they cuddle a lot, they study and sip coffee together and laugh silently like a lukewarm secret. Like Jimin accidentally putting on Jungkook's shirt in the morning after they do it and laughing at himself, at the hem reaching just above his knees while Jungkook's nose scrunches up in another of idiotic smiles. But his heart actually flutters and he even has goosebumps which is weird because with Jimin, everything is warm and soft. Or burning and heated.

Right now, in the mellow silence of Jungkook's dark blue walls, Jimin still manages to make the younger one's heart skip beats. Blonde hair like silk on Jungkook's skin, eyelashes casting pretty shadows on puffy cheeks that still seem a bit flushed from the fun they had before. And with every breath that slips out from Jimin's lips, Jungkook falls in love. His heart pumps blood and his breaths are slower than ever, heavy eyelids and fingertips absentmindedly drawing circles on Jimin's arm.

And then, the wry light in front of Jimin's eyelids goes off. Jungkook notices the lamps that line the street just fell asleep too and the room is pitch black now. He cannot count Jimin's eyelashes now and a few weeks ago, he'd never even think about doing such a thing. And now he itches to do it, to kiss Jimin's nose and make him laugh all day, make him  moan all night.

It's just dark and Jimin shrugs in his sleep as a reaction to the loss of light and he whines a little.

The sound bounces off the walls and Jungkook holds the boy, not his boyfriend, to his chest, closer and closer until he can feel Jimin's heartbeat melting with his into one.

"Jimin?" It's quiet and careful and Jimin's eyes flutter open the same way Jungkook speaks, like hesitant tiptoeing.

"Mmhm?" The sound is a question in Jimin's sleepy language, hot on Jungkook's skin, and Jungkook's  stomach knots because he can still hear something rough in the boy's voice, from groaning so loudly before. It's cute.

"Will you be my boyfriend?"

Jimin's breathing stops and then he inhales and exhales like when you resurface after diving deep. And when Jungkook doubts his heart can take more torture, Jimin searches for his face in the dark, small hands brushing against the sensitive spots on his neck before they reaches his cheeks. Jimin sits up and makes Jungkook do the same, black sheets sliding down their bodies.

They cannot see a thing, really, but Jimin's palms just feel right on Jungkook's face and the taller one can already taste Jimin's breath on his still swollen lips. Jimin is momentarily blinded but his lips know the way around, finding pouty pink ones in no time.

It's an innocent kiss from Jimin's lips soaked with sin and Jungkook wants to drown in the proximity, Jimin's tiny fingers caressing his cheeks when he doesn't separate their lips. It takes centuries before he pulls away, just slightly, so his breath's burning  Jungkook's already red ear, and even though Jungkook can't see shit, he knows that Jimin is smiling with his whole face. Eyes turning into slits and all.

"I thought you'd never ask..." Jimin purrs into Jungkook's ear and it's homey and sweet and Jungkook thinks he might die from heart palpitations at the tender age of twenty.

"Goodnight, boyfriend." Jungkook whispers and Jimin just giggles, already half asleep and cuddling up into Jungkook's side. In a few moments, the dark is filled with snores and Jungkook finally closes his starry eyes, smile settling on his lips.





Maybe this is what love really feels like. And maybe, just maybe, Jungkook's eyes get a little stingy in the morning when he wakes up with Jimin's leg thrown over his bare stomach and the smaller one's face buried in Jungkook's hair, hugging him close by the neck. It's a really weird position, especially when they're both still naked but it's warm. And Jungkook already daydreams about kissing Jimin in the rain, cooking him banana pancakes, about waking his brand new boyfriend up with tiny kisses.

And he does the second a few moments later, peppering Jimin's chubby cheeks with wet puppy kisses and his heart drops once again at Jimin's rasp, boyfriend voice telling him:

"Since when did you become so sappy?" But the murmur is an affectionate one, creeping into Jungkook's cheeks like a flame. He smiles wide, bunny teeth peeking out, and kisses Jimin's eyelids and eyebrows until Jimin giggles softly, avoiding his lips and inching closer to his ear with every peck.

"Since I've met you, hyung." The younger one whispers right under Jimin's earlobe, making the sleepyhead cringe a little. Jimin just hits him sleepily but his lips soon betray him and he cannot bite down the bubbly giggles his boyfriend drags out of him so easily, just by blowing air on his neck and cheeks like a child. It's home.

And Jungkook knows it's too early to say the three words that usually mean the world but he decides to say it in his own way.



"You snore really loud, you know that?"

I think that I might be in love with you.