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Winged magic

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"We know there is a child that will be a future nation, but that's it. We don't know who it is, or where they are, but I'm going to find them, because I'm the hero!"

Announced America, as he jumped out of his seat, his dark brown eagle wings held proudly behind him.

"Shouldn't we leave him alone, till he finds out himself?"

Asked Japan.

The nations had found a new child, one who had the power to be a nation. And of course, this made them a bit worried.

There hadn't been a new nation in a long, long time.

Of course, most nations were now planning on how they were going to find this child, to keep for themselves.

It would be hard, since nations don't grow their wings until after they became nations, and their national bird was chosen, but it could be done.


Meanwhile at the dursley household, Harry was locked in his cubbord, why you ask? Well it is because he used magic, and of course freakishness is banned.

He had been making the dursleys breakfast. He put their food on plates and was about to bring it over, when he slipped and all three plates started falling.

But, and this is the magic bit, the plates froze in the air, hovering a foot off the ground, safe.

Of course the dursleys wouldn't eat the "magic tainted" food, so they freaked out and sent him to his cubbord.

Harry was five years old.

But he realized that he could do odd things, and maybe there really was a reason that he was called a freak.

Mimicking the trick from before, Harry slowly lifted a pebble info the air.