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after us.

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"George Ryan Ross III, please report to the principal's office."
Josh shouted at the top of his lungs. "Shut the fuck up," Ryan jokingly yelled back. It was the middle of fourth period, free period. Ryan, Josh, Tyler, Brendon, Marina, Gerard, Pete, Patrick and Melanie all had most of their classes together. They were "the emos." Nobody really talked much except for Pete - who always got in trouble. Marina and Melanie were the girls of the group - and Melanie was the youngest of all of them. She was 14 and in tenth grade, which was sort of odd but everyone shook it off. Marina and Melanie were inseparable - literally. Melanie clung onto Marina like a baby. Marina had recently moved from Athens, Greece and was "that weird foreign kid". Half of the school either liked her or knew her, or made fun of her and drooled over her. She was often the most independent of the group, playing piano and writing songs a lot. She hit it off with everyone in the group, but hung out with Melanie, Josh, Tyler and Brendon the most. Ryan was the oldest of the group; 17 and in 10th grade. He always said "I stayed back" to seem like a bad boy, but in reality he just started late. The class itself was basically twenty-six kids in a room with Mrs. Wonder, one of the 10th grade math teachers. Mrs. Wonder was mostly chill, but had a short fuse.
"PETER WENTZ! SIT DOWN BEFORE I CALL YOUR MOTHER!" Mrs. Wonder yelled. Pete wasn't even doing anything - just tying his shoe. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights when she had screamed his name. He wasn't used to people screaming his name unless it was Patrick. "What the fuck was I even doing you dusty Cheeto?" Pete whispered. Tyler whispered something to Pete a moment after his scolding. 00000000.4 seconds later, he screamed, "NO TYLER, I WON'T FUCKING BUY YOU FRIED CHICKEN!" Faster than you could say, "Pete's gonna get his ass whooped" Pete was handed a detention slip from Mrs. Wonder. Ryan scooted over closer to Brendon and everyone started laughing. The poor Yoo-Hoo box of milk Melanie was drinking suddenly squirted from inside her mouth, out of her tooth gap, and into Pete's face. They all just laughed even harder. "MY MILK!" screamed Mel, and began to yell at Pete for it. "It's your fucking fault my milk is ruined, fuckface." She said, giggling. Pete looked at her with the "are you fucking serious" face. It was so hard to take Pete seriously, but everyone kept bursting into laughter.
Brendon had moved from the group after Melanie and Pete began to fight a little, and brought his sketchbook and notebook along with him. Brendon's fluffy brunette hair was messy, but in a cute way. His burgundy sweater was soft and a little big on him. Well it wasn't really his - it was Ryan's. He always liked Ryan, ever since they met. They shared so many moments, Brendon could barely find a memory without Ryan - it was just how things were. And he wouldn't have it any other way.

Tuesdays with the clique were never bland.