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There were nights when Eren just got so aggravated and needed an outlet to relieve his anger. That relief ended up being Mikasa. Not to say she didn’t enjoy it. Sometimes, he just got so frustrated with the world and being a teenage boy, he had certain needs, and those certain needs relieved some of his anger, and when he needed to relieve himself, Mikasa was there, just like she’d been for the rest of his life, as loyal as ever.

They were just young, dumb teenagers living in a messed up world who were forced every day to fight for survival. As a teenager, Eren rarely actually thought his actions through and that’s exactly what brought them to this situation.

Eren sat down outside the door of a nearby doctor’s house, hugging his knees. He and Mikasa had managed to leave the Scouting Legion’s quarters for a bit. How could they have even brought themselves to this situation? He had a goal to kill all the Titans and being a father wasn’t a plan along the way of accomplishing this task. He was so angry with himself. He’d watched his mother be devoured by those beasts; he had to destroy them to avenge her death and give humans back the freedom they truly deserved. How could he have made such a dumb mistake?

Suddenly, the door slowly pulled back and Mikasa stepped onto the pebbled ground. She had a grim expression on her face. With one look, Eren already knew the answer. He slowly came to his feet. The whole world seemed to be running in slow-motion. They stared at each other for a few moments. Neither knew quite what to say. They just knew that they’d messed up so, so badly.

He spread his arms open, inviting her to embrace him. She grasped onto him without hesitation. Her arms held onto him tightly as she buried her face into his chest. It was probably the hormones her body was now producing, but tears slipped one by one down her cheeks, soaking Eren’s shirt. He only hugged her back, rustling his face into her hair, taking in her scent. He felt his own eyes burn, but he was going to be strong for her. She’d been there for him throughout the years and it was his turn to return the favor. They stayed that way—in the middle of the back alley behind the doctor’s house—for a long while.

Neither had a clue of what they should do next. They were just fifteen and they were soldiers raging in a war against unstoppable beasts. There wasn’t room for a baby in their lives. Though, there was a nagging thought that there were dwindling numbers in humanity’s population and many would consider this a blessing, but it would be a great loss if she were to be pulled back from fighting because of one life. They both knew that. Would they even want to bring a child into a world where it would be just like a farm animal, trapped in a world of life or death?

“They’re going to be looking for us if we don’t get back soon.”

“Just a minute, please; let me just hold you for a couple more minutes.”


With glossy eyes, she looked to him, waiting for him to continue. An arm still draped around her, he brushed her bangs out of her eyes and kissed her forehead. She buried her face once again into his chest. She felt safe in his arms. She didn’t want to return, to make the moment stop, to suffer the consequences that were sure to come in time.

She just wanted to be with Eren. That’s all she ever really wanted. It was that devotion that brought them into this mess and she would be damned if she let anything happen to this life their love had created.