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Up All Night

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For the first time in weeks she is calm-Erica that is-in a place where she is positive Anna could never reach her, bordering on sleep and mentally receptive.

I’ve found you


Where...where am I


With you

A form materializes before her, Anna dressed in a white gown with a red sash. Erica looks around, colors shifting from white to dull gray. She knows this isn’t real, apart of her sitting upright, looking out at the desert while Hobbes taps his fingers against the wheel in time to the music. But the closer Anna comes to her the more that part begins to fade, still there but not as important.

“Good evening Detective Evans, glad you could join me.”

“Where am I?”

“I am unaware, it has been months since I’ve been updated on your position.”

“You know what I mean.” Anna is now inches from her, “Is this another false memory?”

“It could be.” Anna reaches out to take her hand and Erica can feel it, feel the hairs rise on the back of her neck and the gentle stroke of Anna’s fingertips across her palm, drawing a line down the middle, “I have not yet found the means to explain this in terms you can understand. It’s not so much scientific as…spiritual.” she smiles, “Your priest would understand.”

“What have you done to him?" 

“He’s neutralized until I can determine if he will serve a future purpose.”

“And if he doesn't?“

Anna simply smiles.

Erica looks down at her leg, staring and staring until she feels a strap against her skin, the slowly building weight of the pistol. Anna grabs the detective’s chin, lifting her gaze up, the smile gone as something sharp and cold presses into the base of Erica’s throat

“The wounds both of us receive here surface only for moments, hardly worth the mental exertion of summoning a weapon.”

The blade drops and dissipates, its touch replaced by Anna’s breath, feathering over Erica’s skin, “You want to talk. About Tyler and Lisa, about Eden, the many ways in which you plan to kill me and all those closest to me.” the kiss is soft, barely there unlike Anna’s hands pushing up her shirt, “So do I.”

“Get away from me.”

“But that can wait. Our next meeting will inevitably result in one of our deaths, we should enjoy this last opportunity to be close.” A twist of her fingers and the shirt is gone, the rough fabric of Anna’s dress rubbing against bare skin as the queen anchors her fingers in Erica’s hair, bringing them mouth to mouth. Erica steps backward into nothingness and yet somehow each step back brings her closer to Anna, the visitor’s lips moving against her own, dropping kisses that deepen each time they rejoin. At some point Erica stops trying to back away and instead presses forward, feeling the fabric rip beneath her fingers and mark the soft flesh laying beneath it, again and again as they continue to fade.

They struggle like that for a moment, Anna trying to dominate, Erica refusing to be moved and digging her nails into the skin of the other’s side, dragging up and in until bloodless wounds are scattered on both their bodies and her lips ache from the crushing pressure of their kisses.

Then in a fit of something-too much exposure to Erica’s mind and emotions perhaps- Anna sighs. A breathless sound hinting at actual joy, of true pleasure. Erica wonders and then she does, pushes her away and watches the tunic drop and disappear while Anna floats on her back in mid nothing; naked with yellow eyes, sharp teeth and soft skin.

You and I…

And then their thoughts and bodies are tumbling together, Anna shifting carelessly in and out of her human and reptilian form, claws digging into Erica’s shoulder as blonde hair splinters across her stomach. Erica’s muscles, toned from battling Visitor allies in their true form, flex in an attempt to keep up with the other‘s frantic, uncontrolled movements.

Erica is positive that what fuels her arousal is the power. The power that comes from controlling the uncontrollable, reminding Anna that some small part of her is like them in the sense that she lets her wants cloud her judgments. She can see the struggle, the brief glimpses of helplessness when its Erica who has been pinned on her back and instead of tearing into her throat Anna bites into it, drawing nonexistent sustenance while fingers work between her enemies thighs.

Afterwards they lay weightlessly side by side, the marks and bruises gone, hair un-mussed as if they never touched.

Anna turns her head to the side, gaze sweeping over Erica‘s form, “It would be so simple were you to join us.”

“It’d be simpler if you left.”

Her hand is laid palm up beside her head, Anna brushes it with her own, “Leaving would mean the extinction of my people.”

“And staying would mean the enslavement and slaughter of mine.”

“We are well suited to one another, I will be…disappointed when I kill you.”

Erica laughs, “I won’t.”

Anna smiles, fading slowly as he draws herself from Erica’s consciousness.

Erica comes to in an empty van, Hobbes in the distance with a radio pressed to his ear, trying to get a viable signal. She makes to call for him when her mind finally catches up with her body as Anna hinted at, tendrils of phantom pleasure and pain that make her shiver from head to foot. She paws at the dashboard, gripping it tightly as small bruises blossom and fade on her skin.

When Hobbes comes back to the car Erica is sitting on the hood in jeans and a tank top, staring idly at the moon while smoking a cigarette. He steps closer and sees a faint trail of hickeys winding from neck to chest,

“I don‘t want to know.” he says and she tosses the cigarette aside red tinting her cheeks as she opens her mouth to explain, “I mean it.” he tosses the keys into her lap, "I'm taking a nap."