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"Kling, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but don't you think I should ease into the whole being out thing? This seems excessive." Tobin says as she's dragged by the hand through a crowed street.

The air is sticky and humid from a rain shower that had just let up not an hour earlier. Rainbow colored lights reflect off the wet pavement and low rumbling beats reverberate against the brick buildings lining the streets.

Tobin had only been to the gay district once, but it took her so many drinks to muster up the courage to get there, she doesn't remember the experience, except the part where she threw up in the bushes outside one of the clubs.

"Ok, maybe I went a little overboard, but I'm just so excited that I have a wing woman now!" Kling says, looking over her shoulder at an apprehensive Tobin. She continues, teasing playfully, "And who knows, maybe I'll have to be your wing woman tonight."

Tobin lets out a sarcastic laugh, "Yeah ok. Whatever you say." Tobin knew full well she wasn't ready to actually interact with a girl, let alone try to pick her up. It took a 20 minute pep talk with her reflection in the bathroom mirror earlier this evening to even make it this far.

The problem with coming out later in life is that the 'awkward fumbling through sexual encounters' stage is significantly delayed, and instead of it happening at 13 and 14 like most people, you're stumbling through the ins and outs of flirtatious banter during your early 20's. At least there's alcohol in your 20's.

Tobin's shaken from her thoughts as Kling pulls them off to the side to stand against a building. "Ok here's the plan. If I see any cuties, I'll go over and talk to them. If I pull my earlobe, that's the signal that I need backup. If I rub the back of my neck, that's the signal to get me outta there, so just come over and ask if I need to go to the bathroom or something so I have an out."

Tobin looks at Kling with a raised eyebrow. "Is this what picking up girls is always like? It's so complicated."

Kling laughs and rolls her eyes "Just come on. You'll figure it out."

Kling motions for Tobin to follow her to a nearby entryway and pulls out her ID, showing it to the bouncer. Tobin follows suit, and quickly shuffles into the bar behind Kling. As Tobin step inside, she's hit with a wall of noise and color. Lights flash vibrantly to the beat of electronic music, and bodies move to the rhythm on the dance floor in an undulating sea of sweat and skin. Tobin takes a deep breath, hoping it will calm her nerves and release the knot in her stomach. She coaches herself internally. "You talk to girls all the time, just because you're in a gay bar doesn't make it any different. Just be cool."

"Come on, lets get a drink." Kling shouts over the music as she leads them to the bar and orders them both a shot and a beer to sip on. Taking the shot immediately, the alcohol stings as it slides down Tobin's throat, and the cheap beer does little to mask the unpleasant sensation. She coughs to relieve the burning in her chest and Kling gives her a rough pat on the back, "Come on champ, lets do a lap. See what the prospects are like tonight."

Like the rest of the night thus far, Tobin lets Kling guide them through the crowded club. Tobin's eyes dart from one unfamiliar face to another, watching as both men and women look her up and down as she passes. She feels like an antelope walking through a pride of lions licking their chops, all ready to pounce if given the chance. She's always been a fairly confident person and didn't care too much about what others thought of her, but walking through the throngs of people made her feel as if every pair of eyes were on her, sizing her up. She felt immensely uncomfortable.

Luckily, Kling leads them to an outside patio area. It's less crowded and the music is dampened significantly, making it easier to think. Taking a deep breath of the fresh cool air, Tobin starts to calm down and feels her nerves finally settle. The alcohol was starting to kick in a bit and Tobin let it relax her.

This feeling doesn't last long as Kling grabs her shoulder and shakes her violently. "Oh my god, don't look, but that girl over there with the blond hair, I've seen her here a couple of times but I've never had the guts to talk to her. BUUUT, now that you're here, you can make me look good if I start flailing in front of her."

Tobin inconspicuously glances over Kling's shoulder and sees a cute blond girl around their age standing with a couple of friends, laughing loudly to show just how much fun they're having.

"You gonna go talk to her? Do you need me to go with you?" Tobin asks.

"No, I think it's better if I go alone first, but wait over here and keep an eye on me so if I need backup, you can swoop in and tell her how amazing I am." Kling gives her a wink.

Tobin nods, understanding the plan. "Ok, good luck buddy." She gives her a thumbs up as Kling walks away in the direction of the blond.

Now standing alone, Tobin walks a few paces to lean up against the bar in an effort to look a little less lost. She sips on her beer and surveys the crowd of people, circling her gaze back to Kling every so often to make sure she isn't throwing up the bat signal. Tobin smiles to herself, watching Kling interact with the girl and her friends, obviously entertaining them as they laugh along with her.

Her gaze is interrupted suddenly by a sequined tank top and a pair of breasts not so subtly peaking out from the collar

"Hi, my name's Angie. I couldn't help but notice you were all alone over here by yourself."

Tobin looks up to meet her gaze and take in her features. She's older than Tobin, maybe early thirties, with bright pink lips covered in sticky gloss. Her brown hair is teased into a half up, half down ponytail thing, and her breath smells of alcohol and cigarettes. Not exactly Tobin's type.

Tobin clears her throat, "Uh, yeah just hanging out...waiting for a friend." Tobin says. She tries not to be dismissive, but at the same time, signal that she's not really interested. The woman doesn't seem to get Tobin's subtle hints.

"Well that's not very nice to make you wait by yourself. Can I keep you company while you wait? Buy you a drink?" Angie offers.

Tobin looks at her nearly empty beer and swirls its' remaining contents unconvincingly. "Oh, no that's ok. I'm good actually." Tobin looks in the direction of Kling, praying that she'll feel Tobin's eyes burning into her, but Kling is too enthralled with the blond to notice Tobin squirming in her spot.

"Oh come on, one drink. That's all. A pretty girl like you shouldn't have to pay for a drink." Tobin can feel the woman inching closer to her, leaning in slightly, pinning Tobin against the bar with no escape.

She panics and fumbles for a way to get out "I...uh..."

Suddenly, she feels a warm hand wrap around her bicep, pulling her down the bar. "There you are baby! I was looking all over for you." A dark haired girl with tanned skin pulls Tobin close next to her, placing a gentle kiss on the side of Tobin's cheek.

Confused, Tobin looks at the girl, and then back at Angie, who looks equally confused and slightly pissed off. She feels an elbow in her side and the tanned girl gives her a look, trying to communicate with her eyes to play along. Tobin's eyes light up when the message is received and clears her throat,

"Yeah! Here I am, you found me." She chuckles self consciously.

The girl turns toward Angie. "Thanks for keeping my girlfriend company while she waited for me. I appreciate it. Can I get you a drink?"

Angie backs away and crosses her arms across her chest, grumbling. "No that's alright, you two have fun." She eyes them suspiciously one last time before turning away and walking back into the club.

Tobin breathes a sigh of relief and downs the final remnants of her beer.

"Sorry about that. You looked super panicked and uncomfortable, I had to do something." The dark haired girl explains, backing away and letting her hand drop from Tobin's arm. Tobin's skin cools and prickles with goosebumps at the loss of the warm hand around it.

"No no, that's ok! Thank you actually. I didn't know how I was gonna get out of that situation." Tobin chuckles.

"Yeah she wasn't taking a hint was she?" The girl laughs along.

"No, not from me anyway." Tobin's laugh dies down as they maintain eye contact.

The girl sticks out her hand and breaks the silence. "I'm Christen by the way."

Tobin grabs her hand firmly, accepting her handshake "Tobin, nice to put a name to my rescuer." As they shake hands, Tobin realizes just how beautiful the girl is. Her hair is dark and curly, framing her high cheek bones and stunning jawline. Her lips are curled in an infectious smile and her lips are stained just slightly with lipstick. Then there are her eyes, a kind of greyish-green surrounded by long thick lashes that bat against her lids, drawing in Tobin's gaze.

After a moment, they drop their hands and stand together as a beat of silence passes. Tobin shuffles and fumbles to break the silence. "Uh, can I get you a drink? For helping me out I mean." Tobin says shyly.

"Sure. I'll have what you're having." Christen responds easily.

Tobin spins around to flag down the bartender, ordering beers for both of them. She hands one to Christen and takes a drink of hers, parching her now dry mouth.

"So are you really waiting for your friend?" Christen asks as she takes her beer from Tobin.

"Yeah kind of. See that small girl with the short brown hair talking to the blond? I'm supposed to be her wing woman tonight." Tobin says, pointing in the direction of Kling.

As if on cue, Kling is suddenly pulled by the blond into a heated kiss. Tobin's jaw drops and Tobin and Christen burst into a fit of laughter at this display. "Wow, you must be one hell of a wing woman." Christen jokes.

Still laughing, Tobin shakes her head, "No, I swear I didn't do anything. That was all Kling."

"Kling huh? Is that some sort of nickname?" Christen asks

"Yeah. Actually it seems appropriate given her present circumstances." Tobin jokes dryly, watching as her teammates hands run up and down the blond's back feverishly as they remain entwined in their lip lock.

Christen laughs. "So you guys must be pretty good friends if you let her drag you out here just to leave you for a make out session."

Tobin smiles, bringing the beer to her lips and taking a drink before she speaks. "Yeah we're pretty close. We're roommates and we play for the same team."

"I'm assuming you're an athlete and not just using the troupe 'playing for the same team' as a figure of speech." Christen teases

Tobin blushes slightly, still not completely comfortable declaring her sexuality to strangers, even if it is in a gay bar. "I mean, I guess you could say we play for the same team in both regards." She says softly, trying to mask the uneasiness in he voice.

"Well, that's a relief, I'm not pretending to be a straight girl's girlfriend for once." Christen says wryly. Tobin picks up on an undertone of annoyance? Pain? She can't quite put her finger on it as she watches Christen take a long drink of her beer.

Tobin chuckles, tilting her head to the side, questioning, "What do you mean?"

Christen lowers the bottle from her mouth, licking beer from her lips before they curl into a flirtatious smile. " Why don't we get out of here and I'll tell you." Her voice changes from a friendly candor, to smooth and sweet like honey, the words buzzing in Tobin's ears.

Tobin swallows harshly, her nerves making her throat clench and hands sweat. She manages to look up at Christen and immediately regrets it. Her green eyes draw Tobin in like a moth to a flame and make her heart pound even harder. She wonders if Christen can hear it thumping against her chest over the dance music. Christen says nothing as she waits for a reply, but her lips form a crooked smile.

Before she knows it, Tobin's being lead, again, through the traffic of the club and out into the damp street once more. She opens her mouth to protest, but her breath is taken away by the sight of the tanned girl in front of her, smiling and laughing as she pulls Tobin along the empty street. Tobin's enthralled by how carefree she looks against the backdrop of the moon-lit city, hair flowing behind her shoulders, her boots clicking against the pavement, her eyes inviting Tobin to follow wherever she's leading.

They don't go far, maybe a block or two, to a nearby high rise condo. Christen retrieves a key from her pocket and leads them into the lobby and up the elevator. As they stand side by side in the elevator, Tobin realizes that her fingers are still laced together with Christen's from being lead to this unfamiliar building. She looks over at Christen and is met with a small, kind smile. Christen brings her free hand up to Tobin's face and tucks the stray hair behind her ear, letting her hand linger on her neck.

"Hey, are you ok?" Christen asks softly, studying Tobin's reaction intently.

"Yeah, I mean, I guess." Tobin replies. Though, to be honest, she's not really sure how she feels. The whole night had kind of happened in a whirlwind and she hadn't really had time to process any of it. Here she is, standing in an elevator, in a building she doesn't know the name of, with a girl she met less than an hour ago. Is she supposed to feel totally ok? Is this what normal people do? Is this just how it works?

"You just look kind of, I don't know, lost or something. I can't put my finger on it." Christen says, looking puzzled.

"Well to be fair, I don't know where we are." Tobin shrugs.

Christen smiles at this, and the elevator doors open into a hallway. She leads them past a couple of doors until she retrieves her key once again and opens up the door.

"You're at my condo. Does that make you feel any better?" Christen enters through the doorway and motions for Tobin to follow. Tobin hears Christen latch the door closed behind them as she takes in her surroundings. The space is large and open with a kitchen to her right, a dining area to her left, and a large living area with a sectional couch at the back.

"Come on in, make yourself comfortable. Do you want anything to drink? Wine? Beer? I think I have a bottle of whiskey somewhere." Christen trails off as she goes through her kitchen cabinets.

"Wine sounds good." Tobin says as she walks farther into the space.

She goes around the kitchen and pulls out a stool to sit at the kitchen island. She watches as Christen retrieves two glasses and pours some red wine from an already opened bottle.

She hands over a glass to Tobin "I hope red's ok." She says simply, maintaining eye contact as she takes a sip.

Tobin nods "Yeah, I'm not picky."

Christen stands across the island and leans on her elbows as they sip their wine wordlessly.

"I like your place." Tobin interjects in an attempt to drum up conversation.

"Thanks, I haven't been here that long. Maybe a month or so. Anyway, it doesn't quite have that homey feel to it yet. You know what I mean?" Christen suggests

Tobin nods. "Yeah I get that. So what does it need to make it feel like home?"

Christen ponders a second "A dog." She says with a grin.

Tobin laughs at this "Oh so you're a dog person then. I could seen a little pooch running around in here."

Christen shakes her head. "Oh no, I want a big, hairy, slobbery dog. One you can wrestle, and go on walks with, and cuddle at night." Christen rambles.

Chucking Tobin responds, "Sounds like a girlfriend to me, minus the slobbery part. Unless you're into that sorta thing."

Christen looks at Tobin, contemplating her statement. "Huh. Yeah I guess you're kinda right." Christen takes another drink of wine before setting her glass down and walking over to the side of the counter where Tobin sits. She leans with her back against the counter, eye to eye with Tobin. "And for the record, I'm not into slobbering. One of the many reasons I don't date men."

Tobin smiles at this, and watches as Christen brings her hand up to the tips of Tobin's long wavy hair, twirling it between her fingers. Christen brings her bottom lip between her teeth before speaking in a low hushed voice "So you want to see the rest of my house?"

Tobin may be newly out, but she's not an idiot. She knows what Christen's hinting at, and despite her better judgement, or any rational thinking on her part at all, Tobin merely nods her head and follows Christen into her room. She has no idea what she's doing, but figures there's no turning back now, and just hopes she can figure it out as she goes. That's how she lives the rest of her life, why should this be any different?

The room is dimly lit by a lamp in the corner and a large queen sized bed takes up the center of the room.

"So this is where the magic happens huh?" Tobin jokes.

Smiling flirtatiously, Christen takes a few steps toward Tobin and closes the gap between them. Tobin instinctively takes a step backwards but her shoulder blades hit the door before she can retreat any farther.

Meanwhile, Christen's body brushes against Tobin's as they stand face to face, inches apart. Tobin's breath hitches in her throat as Christen leans in to whisper in her ear "Wouldn't you like to know."

Before she has a chance to respond, Tobin feels Christen placing feather-light kisses against her neck right under her ear. Chills of pleasure run up and down her spine and she involuntarily lets out a sigh. Christen must have heard this reaction, as she then starts kissing more aggressively against Tobin's neck, using her tongue and teeth to make a mark on the sensitive area.

Tobin leans against the door, needing it's support to stand on her own. Her breathing picks up as her body responds significantly to Christen's touch. Her parted lips are soon covered by Christen's as she tastes her teasing lips against her own. Christen's lips are soft and work slowly against Tobin's as she methodically brings Tobin's bottom lip between her own.

Tobin had kissed girls before, but it had always been sloppy, while drunk, and usually so the other girl could get the attention of some frat guy. This was incomparable.

Her body buzzed with excitement and a new energy she hadn't felt before. She wanted more and was willing to let her body drive her through this new experience.

She places her hands on Christen's hips, bringing her in closer until their bodies are flush against each other's. Tobin doesn't know where to focus her attention; the feeling of her lips against Christen's, how their breasts graze against each other, how Christen's hips are rocking ever so slightly into her own. But as Christen's tongue makes its way into Tobin's open mouth, her focus immediately shifts, and she revels in the sensation of their tongues sweeping against one another, licking and tasting each other as their make-out session quickly becomes heated.

Christen's hands come to rest on the waistband of Tobin's jeans. She hooks a finger inside them and pulls Tobin off of the door, walking backward toward the bed. Tobin blindly follows, not wanting to break their kiss and falls with Christen onto her bed. Tobin finds herself on top of Christen, straddling her waist, as Christen grabs Tobin by the back of the thighs and pulls her in closer.

Tobin's breathing is ragged as Christen glides her hands up and down Tobin's sides, feeling every rib against her fingertips. Christen pushes Tobin up until they detach and both sit upright on the bed. Still straddling Christen's lap, Tobin watches as Christen strips off her own shirt, revealing a plain black bra covering her chest as it rises and falls rapidly with her breaths. Tobin's eyes wander over the perfectly tanned skin, her mouth slightly agape while Christen sits with a cocky smile plastered to her face, enjoying the effect she's having on the brunette.

Christen brings her hands up to wrap behind Tobin's neck and pulls her in to attach their lips once more. As their tongues dance back and forth, sliding against each other, Christen's hands make it down Tobin's chest, grazing over her breasts, down her toned stomach, and slide beneath the hem of her shirt. Feeling her shirt rising up her torso, the fabric quickly gets discarded. Tobin sees Christen's eyes darken at the sight of her.

Then in one swift motion, Christen spins them around and Tobin's back lands against the pillowy comforter. Propped up up on her elbows, Tobin watches Christen rise to slide her jeans off as she stands at the edge of the bed. The dim light reflects off her, highlighting every curve of her beautiful body. Tobin's mouth goes dry and she dare not move and ruin this moment.

Christen leans back down toward Tobin and places her hands on the top of her jeans, playing with the button. "Can I?" She asks, as if Tobin could say no. Tobin merely nods and lifts her hips up to help Christen as she shimmies the jeans off her legs to the floor.

Now standing over Tobin, it's Christen's turn to stare. Tobin feels her eyes raking over her body, taking in every inch of her. Tobin had always been a modest person, never the one to walk around naked in the locker room (that was Kelley). Normally someone looking at her like this would make Tobin feel self-conscious or uncomfortable, but the way Christen's eyes fill with pure desire gives Tobin the confidence to lay there and let her look.

"What sport did you say you play?" Christen asks, her voice wrecked and shakey.

"Soccer." Tobin responds simply

Christen nods, still looking over Tobin's body. "That makes sense."

She takes a step and places her hands on the tops of Tobin's thighs, gliding her hands up her legs, torso, and arms to feel the toned muscles of Tobin's body. Christen comes to rest, hovering over Tobin with one thigh slotted between her legs. Christen's hair drapes across one side of her face, the stray curls tickling Tobin's shoulder as they stare idly into each other's eyes.

Christen brings her lip between her teeth, her sole focus on Tobin. "I want to taste you." She breathes out.

As if all the air had been let out of the room, Tobin's throat clenches closed and she forgets how to breath. Her body knows the answer immediately "Yes! Oh my god, Yes!" but apprehension creeps into her mind. "What if she knows I've never done this. Will she be able to tell? Will she laugh at me, or worse, feel sorry for me? Tobin the virgin?"

Tobin does her best to shake the doubt from her mind, and even though she's terrified, she nods her head, giving Christen the green light to have her way with her.

Christen starts at her neck, kissing and sucking the skin lightly, taking her time as she makes her way down Tobin's neck to her chest. She stops at the top of Tobin's bra and pushes the fabric down revealing Tobin's already hardened nipple. Christen expertly swirls her tongue around the peak, and a wave of pleasure shoots down Tobin's body to her core. She gasps in response, unable to inhibit her reaction to Christen's touch. Tobin can feel the tension building between her legs and her hips rise to seek out any way to relieve it. She's met with Christen's thigh and the two begin rocking together at a steady pace.

Tobin's head falls back and her eyes close tight, shutting out her other senses to focus her attention on how her body's being manipulated. She concentrates on taking in every sensation, how Christen is expertly manipulating her into a ball of putty.

Tobin feels Christen release the cup of her bra to cover her breast again as she detaches herself so she she can work her way lower down Tobin's body. She kisses and licks the toned muscles of Tobin's stomach, and makes sure to give attention to Tobin's protruding hip bones. A fleeting thought of how she's usually so ticklish crosses Tobin's mind, but it's quickly overridden by the feeling of Christen pulling on the band of her underwear.

Tobin's eyes shoot open and she watches in awe as Christen's face rests between Tobin's legs. With a smirk, Christen hooks her fingers beneath the band and pulls Tobin's underwear down her thighs and off onto the floor with the rest of her clothing.

Christen wastes no time, and before Tobin has a chance to overanalyze the situation, Christen's tongue drags slowly up Tobin's wet slit and over her clit, sending Tobin reeling. Her eyes slam shut and her body shudders against the bed. Her hands instinctively tangle in Christen's hair to guide her, urging her to do that again.

As Christen works her tongue across Tobin's center, sounds escape from Tobin's lips that she had only ever heard in movies before. It took her a moment to realize she was the one producing them. Christen's tongue swirls around Tobin's clit in large lazy circles, teasing Tobin until she's grinding into Christen's mouth, desperate for more contact. Tobin feels every muscle in her body contract and tighten. A mist of sweat starts to cover her body as she writhes beneath Christen who was now licking and swirling her tongue faster with more purpose.

Tobin feels an unfamiliar pull deep in her hips as she keens into Christen, who's now also moaning along with Tobin. And then, without warning, release washes over Tobin. Her muscles shudder and shake as they relax against the mattress, and her body tingles all over just beneath her skin. Her mind goes blank and all Tobin can feel is euphoria. She breaths out a heavy sigh and basks in this unfamiliar but intoxicating sensation.

Tobin's daze is interrupted as Christen comes to lay on top of her and rest her head on Tobin's chest. Her fingers draw patterns on Tobin's exposed skin as they both catch their breath.

Christen breaks the silence. "So, how was that?" She says, gently kissing the nearest patch of skin.

Tobin brings her hand up to stroke Christen's unruly curls as she racks her brain for a way to verbalize the most incredible sensation she'd ever experienced.