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Timmy's Sneeze Attack

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[Timmy has gotten a sneeze bomb.]

Timmy: A sneeze bomb. Just what I've always wanted.

[The sneeze bomb sniffles, then Cosmo's voice is heard.]

Cosmo: Never fear! Cosmo is here!

[Cosmo is sitting on top of a hill. He tries to fly down, but tumbles to the ground and we hear a crash as he screams. Wanda arrives just as Cosmo gets up and gets out his wand. The star on top glows, causing a sneeze-bomb-catcher, which is actually a bell, to appear and trap Timmy under itself.]

Timmy: Hey! What are you trying to do?!

[The sneeze bomb explodes under the sneeze-bomb-catcher, which suddenly shakes. Due to the effects of the bomb, Timmy begins to inhale to sneeze.]

Timmy: Ah, ah...

[Wanda realizes what is about to happen and poofs herself away from the scene, while Cosmo, completely clueless, stays where he is. The sneeze-bomb-catcher suddenly gets smaller, and when Cosmo tries to inspect it...]

Timmy: Ah... CHOO!!!

[The screen shakes as Timmy releases a huge sneeze, which blows the sneeze-bomb-catcher away, revealing a crater - which Timmy is inside of - where it was, and knocks Cosmo off-camera. Then the crater shakes as Timmy sneezes three more times.]


[Wanda and Cosmo cautiously return to the scene to investigate the crater, but right when they get close enough...]

Timmy: AH-CHOO!

[Timmy sneezes again, causing Wanda and Cosmo to cringe. Wanda decides to help Timmy out of the crater.]

Wanda: I'll help you, Timmy.

[Timmy nearly gets pulled out, but sneezes again.]

Timmy: AH-CHOO!

[Cosmo plugs his ears to keep from hearing the sneeze. Then Timmy looks at him in irritation.]

Cosmo: [trying to be innocent] I guess my sneeze-bomb-catcher went a... little off-course.

Timmy: [sneezes again] AH-CHOO! A little off-course?! Are you a... [sneezes again] AH-CHOO! ...schmo or what?

"You know, I can kind of see this happening," Lumpy stated. "I remember the Fairly OddParents, actually."

"Yeah, that was one crazy show," Meowth responded. "It's too bad that kid never watched the As You Wish episode of your show, Lumpy."