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"I'm not your fucking taxi driver, you know that right?" there's an annoyed undertone in in the low timbre of Yoongi's voice. He allows himself another peek into the rearview mirror. It's almost too dark now, but he can still make out the two silhouettes. Jungkook is still latched onto Jimin's throat, sucking purple bruises wherever the other lets him, one darker than the previous one. "You're gonna make the fucking windows fog up if you don't keep it down."

"S-sorry hyung", Jimin rasps out but he's instantly silenced by Jungkook shoving two fingers into his mouth. He's pressing Jimin down into the backseat, their legs intertwined and rutting against each other. Jimin mewls and whines around Jungkook’s fingers.

"Shush now, Jiminnie, didn't you hear what hyung said? He wants us to be quiet." Jungkook smirks the words ino Jimin’s collarbones. Both of their seatbelts are barely in place by now, straining against their chests and cutting into their thighs.

Yoongi watches them, distaste visible on his face, before focusing his eyes back on the road. Jimin is his and Jungkook thinks he can play games. "Actually I want you both to stop whatever the fuck you're doing back there." It's getting difficult to concentrate on driving with moans and the smell of sex filling the air inside the car. He's been ignoring it for too long already.

Yoongi swears he hears the smirk in Jungkook's voice when he answers; "But hyung, we've been driving for hours, we're just having a little fun." Jimin whines loudly at something Jungkook does out of Yoongi's line of sight. "Right, Jiminnie?" He pulls his fingers out of Jimin's mouth to let him answer.

"Y-yes hyung, fuck, please-"

Yoongi growls in response.

"Is that a yes?" comes Jungkook’s voice, slightly breathless.

"Just let me fucking drive in peace."

"I'm taking that as a yes."

And he's back on Jimin, his spit slicked fingers now rubbing at Jimin's hardened nipple through his shirt, his other hand holding his jaw with the force of a wrench to gain better access to the abused skin of Jimin's neck and collarbones.

Jungkook knows how to break Jimin, how to make him come apart. He's had the best teacher after all. How many times has he been forced to watch while Yoongi fucked Jimin sore? Too many for him to keep track of, he's certain. But Yoongi had wanted him to know what he's doing before he let him as much as touch Jimin.

"Hyung, do you want me to make you feel good?"

It's barely a whisper he's pressing into the side of Jimin's hair, but he gets an instant reaction. He feels Jimin desperately buck up and grind against the thigh Jungkook's slid in between his. It's flattering, but it's not what he wanted.

"I asked-", he sucks harshly at one of the bruised spots on the side of Jimin's neck until he tastes copper and Jimin hisses, "I asked if you want me to make you feel good, Jiminnie."

"I-", Jimin lets out a breath, "I-i want you t-to make me feel good, please, please-"

Jungkook can't help but chuckle when he hears Yoongi swear under his breath and shift around a little in the driver's seat, but quiets down when he sees the older's scowl in the mirror.

Jimin has wrapped one leg around his waist now, desperately trying to pull them closer where he needs the friction.

"I'm gonna make you feel so good, Jiminnie, hm?" Jungkook slides one hand along the inside of Jimin's thigh, briefly digging his nails into the jean covered flesh before pressing his palm against the strain between Jimin's legs. "You like it when I touch you like this?"

"I-...please-" Barely a whimper is left of Jimin's voice, every muscle in his body tense and desperate to get closer, closer to Jungkook, closer to his release.

"You're so gorgeous like this, Jiminnie, you know that? Don't you think Yoongi-hyung would say the same if he saw you right now, already so fucking gone and begging to cum?" Jungkook presses his fingers along the hard edge of Jimin's dick inside his tight jeans. "What do you want me to do, huh? Do you want me to make you cum like this, right here, make you cum into your pants?'

"Y-yes, fuck-" Jimin is doing his best to grind against Jungkook's palm pressing against him, delivering delicious friction, but the seatbelt is holding him back. Keeping him too far away from the tall boy hovering over him.

"Use your words, Jiminnie. Tell me what you want me to do."

"I want you t-to" Jimin looks up at Jungkook, pleadingly, eyes glazed over with want and breath hitching in the back of his throat. "I want you to m-make me cum into my pants like a d-dirty little slut, I-"

Out of the corner of his eyes, Jungkook sees Yoongi drop one hand from the steering wheel to adjust himself inside his pants. He smiles down at Jimin, expression full of pity when he speaks, "You think you deserve to cum yet, huh? I don't think so, Jiminnie. You're distracting Yoongi-hyung, look what you've done." He grabs Jimin's jaw and turns his head so he's looking straight at Yoongi in the driver's seat, at the bulge in his pants. Jimin wets his lips at the sight. "Didn't he tell you to keep it down, Jiminnie? Didn't he tell you to be quiet?"

"I-I’m sorry, hyung", Jimin sobs out. Jungkook had been teasing him for almost two hours straight and he can't handle much more.

Jungkook goes back to nuzzling Jimin's neck, kissing the darkening bruises apologetically. "You should be." Despite his scolding, Jungkook's hand is still pressed firmly against the twitching strain of Jimin's dick. "You want to be a good boy now? You want me to shut you up, Jiminnie?" He smirks as he runs a hand through Jimin's hair, letting his fingers tangle in the blonde strands until he has his head in a firm grip.

Jimin lets out a sigh at the painful tingle in his scalp but manages to nod anyway.

Only a second passes before Jungkook removes his hand from the swell of Jimin's crotch, Jimin's hips lifting off the seat to chase the friction. He keeps one hand fisted in Jimin's hair while using the other to open his belt and push down his pants far enough for his cock to spring free. Jimin watches hungrily as it slaps against Jungkook’s fabric covered abs.

"Look at you, so eager to have my cock down your throat." Jungkook strokes Jimin's temple with his thumb before pushing him down into his lap until Jimin's lips are just inches away from the tip of his dick. "What do you want, hm?" He wraps a hand around himself, giving just a few experimental tugs.

"I want- I want your cock in my mouth, p-please, Kookie, I-" A sharp pain in his scalp and neck interrupts Jimin in his pleading as his head is forced back and Jungkook scowls down at him.

"How do pretty little sluts beg for a cock, huh? We've done this before, Jiminnie."

"P-please, oppa."

"See, that's a good boy." Jungkook rubs the head of his cock against Jimin's lips which are still red and swollen. "Now open up for oppa, will you?"

Jimin does as he's told, opens his mouth as far as he can and sticks out his tongue for Jungkook to rub against it. He lets the tip of his tongue trail along the head a few times before digging it into the slit, forcing a low moan from the back of Jungkook's throat. He's still holding Jimin's head, fingers firmly tangled in his hair, so Jimin is unable to move.

"Now tell me what exactly you want, Jiminnie."

"I want oppa's c-cock in my mouth, p-please."

Jungkook barely lets Jimin finish before shoving him down into his lap until he feels the tip of his dick nestled deep inside Jimin's throat. A few hot tears drip onto his thighs and he feels Jimin's throat flex around him as he gags.

But Jimin is a good boy, so willing and obedient. He closes his lips around the shaft and hollows his cheeks, sucking Jungkook in even further, until his lips are pressed to the soft skin around the base of Jungkook's cock.

"Fuck, Jiminnie. You've become so good at this, haven't you? Did Yoongi-hyung teach you well?" Jungkook lets his gaze flicker to the rearview mirror, where he meets Yoongi's. The older seems to be losing his patience.

"Did he make you choke and gag around his cock until you could finally handle it?” Jungkook keeps his eyes on the mirror, withstanding Yoongi's glare. "You liked that, didn't you, Jiminnie? You liked it when he fucked your mouth and wrapped his hands around your throat to milk himself dry, huh? Aren't you a little cumslut?"

Yoongi averts his eyes now, concentrating on not crashing the fucking car while he's listening to his boyfriend, his sweet, obedient little Jimin choking on Jeon Jungkook's dick. And that boy has the fucking audacity to groan and make him know how good it is. As if he didn't already know. As if Yoongi hadn't spent four years molding Jimin into the perfect little cumslut he is now.

Jimin has always been Yoongi's little favorite. Jungkook is way too cocky. Jimin always does as he's told, never as much as falters when it's Yoongi giving orders. He trusts Yoongi.
Jungkook likes to test the boundaries, keeps bending the rules Yoongi had set to ensure their safety and maintain a peaceful relationship.

Just like he is now.

Jungkook slides forward in his seat, dragging Jimin with him by his hair to keep him on his cock. He's right behind Yoongi now. Close enough that he's certain Yoongi feels his heated breath against his neck. He lifts his unoccupied hand to cup Yoongi's shoulder and rub little ovals against his collarbone.

"If you could see yourself right now, Jiminnie. Fuck. Drooling all over oppa's cock like the little slut you are."

Jungkook drags his nails along the crook of Yoongi's neck.

"Letting me fuck your throat and swallowing just like hyung taught you."

He traces the sharp line of Yoongi's clenched jaw with one finger and leans forward a little more until his lips almost brush the shell of his ear when he speaks again:

"I can't fucking wait to cum in your pretty little mouth"

Jimin whines and Jungkook presses his lips, pulled into a smirk, against the prominent vein on the side of Yoongi's neck. He's overstepping a boundary. He's not allowed to cum in Jimin's mouth. Never been. He sinks his teeth into pale skin and the car swerves.

Yoongi swears, pulls over, crossing several lanes at once until he's driving, too fast, on the emergency lane.

"Stop. Now."

Yoongi's voice is sharp like the crack of a whip and Jimin instantly pulls away from Jungkook with a whimper. Jungkook leans back in his seat, visibly pleased with himself. It stays quiet in the car. Yoongi follows the emergency lane for about a mile, lips pressed together in a thin line, before taking the next exit and stopping the car at a rest stop next to a gas station and a small motel.

"Which part" Yoongi's voice has dropped several octaves, Jungkook loves it. "Which part of 'Let me drive in peace' did you not fucking understand?" He's glaring at them both through the mirror.

"We've been driving for six fucking hours, hyung. We were just killing some time. Right, Jiminnie?" Jungkook puts his hand on Jimin's thigh and Jimin looks down at his feet.

Yoongi doesn't say anything for a while. Just watches them, silent rage burning in his eyes. Until he does speak, and his voice is calm and contained.

"You really need to get off that badly, huh?"

The corner of his mouth twitches up into a barely noticeable smirk. He looks back and forth between the boys in the backseat of his car, one eyebrow raised, waiting for an answer.

Jimin nods silently. Jimin is a fucking coward, Jungkook thinks.

"Well I was about to before you pulled that shit and almost killed us all back there", he pouts.

Finally Yoongi drops his glare and stares straight ahead, out of the front window. "You see that baby over there?"

Jungkook leans forward again, resting his elbows on the front seats and follows Yoongi's gaze. A sports car.

"We're talking about serious problems here and you're wetting your pants over a fucking lambo?"

"I want you to fuck Jimin against that car, can you do that for me, Kook?"

Jungkook’s jaw drops. He watches Yoongi from the corner of his eyes, but it's impossible to read his expression from this angle, impossible to know if he's serious or not. He decides to laugh it off.

"Your fucking car kink is getting out of hand, hyung."

Yoongi doesn't reply. He's serious.

"You're serious!?“

"I asked you a question, Kook."

Jimin is blushing now, still focused on his shoes.

"What the fuck, what if the owner comes back or, you know, someone sees us from that fucking gas station that’s right fucking there?” Jungkook points at the brightly lit building, just a few feet away from the parking lot.

Yoongi smirks, still looking straight ahead. "The owners of that car won't be coming back anytime soon. It's-", he checks his watch, "Two thirty-four a.m. and they're parked on the motel's parking spots. I'm betting my ass those rich bastards are sound asleep. As for the gas station..." He looks back at Jungkook through the rearview mirror, smirks and shrugs.

"You're really fucking serious about this, huh?" Jungkook squints back at Yoongi. The older's expression doesn't change, the smirk still present on his lips, another shrug.

"I don't know. Are you serious about getting off?"

Jimin's blush has spread down his neck when Jungkook looks over at him again.
Jungkook pulls his pants back up all the way but leaves the belt open. He gets out of the car, slams the door a little harder than necessary, just to piss Yoongi off, and walks around the back, over to Jimin's side. Jimin's fingers are already hesitantly pulling at the handle when Jungkook opens the door from the outside and grabs him by the sleeve of his shirt. "Come on, Jiminnie. You heard hyung."

Jimin gets out of the car slowly, pulling down the front of his shirt in an attempt to cover the very obvious bulge in the front of his skinny jeans.

"Let's put on a little show for hyung, alright?"


Yoongi watches as they make their way across the parking lot towards the black Aventador. Jungkook shoots him a glare over his shoulder while Jimin keeps scanning the almost empty lot for potential onlookers.

They reach the car and Jungkook pins Jimin against the overshadowed side of the vehicle, grinding the swell of his cock against Jimin's ass.

Yoongi fishes for his phone inside the middle console and quickly dials a number. He sees Jungkook stop what he's doing, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out his own phone. A look at the screen and his head snaps towards Yoongi, disbelief clearly visible on his features as he accepts the call.


Yoongi keeps his eyes fixed on Jungkook's face from across the parking lot. "You think I'm gonna make this easy for you after what you did in the car?"

"No, obviously not. You're already making me fuck your boyfriend against some stranger's financial investment."

"I want you to stay on the phone the entire time. You hang up or disobey and I'll come over there and it won't be pretty. Understood, Kook?"

If looks could kill, Yoongi would've already been six feet under since the first time he met Jungkook, but the one he's receiving now is even more deadly.


"First I want you to get Jimin off. Keep his pants on for now, he's close enough. It shouldn't be that difficult."

Jungkook grudgingly turns Jimin around by his waist, now pressing his hips directly against Jimin’s. Yoongi sees Jimin clutch at Jungkook's chest, the fabric of his shirt bunching up in his tightly closed fist. He hears a quiet whimper through the static of the line. Watches as Jungkook leans closer to Jimin, pressing him to the car with his entire body.

"You know what hyung said, Jiminnie? He told me to make you cum in your pants. Isn't that what you wanted?"

Jungkook uses his knee to kick Jimin's legs apart and slides his thigh inbetween them.

"Didn't you say you wanted to wet your jeans like a dirty little slut, Jiminnie?"

Jimin nods vehemently and grinds against Jungkook's thigh with a smooth roll of his hips.

"God, you're so fucking needy, aren't you? Look how wet you are already, you're really something, Jiminnie.", Jungkook takes another step forwards, forcing his leg even further between Jimin's. The wet spot of precum on the front of Jimin's jeans is slowly soaking through Jungkook's, darkening the black fabric covering his thigh.

It's a beautiful sight, Yoongi thinks, Jimin so gone and focused on his own pleasure for once. Yoongi gets so lost in watching Jimin, his Jimin, he almost forgets that his own cock is still rock hard and trapped, very uncomfortably, in the confines of his pants. He didn't even notice that one of his hands is still gripping the steering wheel, knuckles turning white.


The boy currently biting at Jimin's bottom lip looks over at him again.

"What now?"

"I changed my mind. Suck him off."

"Hyung, I'm not getting on my knees on a fucking pa-"

"I told you to suck him off." Yoongi's voice is stern, making it obvious that he's not willing to compromise.

"Fuck you."

But Jungkook does as he's told, peeling himself off of Jimin and dropping to his knees in front of him.

"Hyung told me to suck you off, Jiminnie. Would you like that?"

Jimin is already whimpering and nods hastily when Jungkook tugs at his jeans, pulling them down over the curve of his ass, just enough for him to take Jimin's dick out of his briefs.

Yoongi is watching and doing the same. It's a struggle for him to push his pants down to his thighs with one hand and hold the phone to his ear with the other so he won't miss out on a single sound that leaves his Jiminnie's mouth. But it's a relief when he succeeds and finally wraps a hand around his neglected cock, hissing out an unconsciously held breath between gritted teeth at the sudden friction.

He begins by collecting the precum that's rolling down the side of his cock with his finger and spreading it with a few flicks of his wrist while he's watching Jungkook lick a broad stripe across the head of Jimin's dick. Yoongi hears a quiet whimper over the poor phone reception and sees Jimin cover his mouth with the back of his wrist.

"Hey, Kook. Let Jimin hold the phone, I wanna hear him come undone with your mouth on him."

He doesn't receive an answer with Jungkook currently unable to speak, but the boy does as Yoongi told him to and tries his best to push the phone into Jimin's clenched fist. Finally he takes it and lifts it up to his ear.

"Jiminnie, I need you to remove your hand from your mouth, yes? Hyung wants to hear you."

Jimin hesitates for a second before slowly dropping his arm until his hand is resting on Jungkook's head. He chokes back a whine as Jungkook slightly drags his teeth along the underside of his dick.

"See, that's a good boy. So good for hyung."

It's times like this when Yoongi is thankful for his ability to keep his voice steady. He finally gives in to the urge and wraps his hand tighter around himself, his hips bucking up into his fist until his thighs hit the steering wheel.

"Now tell hyung what Jungkook is doing, yeah?"

Yoongi sees Jimin nod before he hears him answer, voice high, breathy and cracking on each word.

"He's-" Another choked whine. "He's, a-ah-“

"Tell me, Jiminnie. Use your words."

"He's swallowing. A-around me, and it feels s-so good, hyung, fuck-"

It takes a lot of self control for Yoongi not to cum right then, that's how riled up he already is. He drags his blunt nails along the veins on his cock and digs his thumb into the slit, but his voice is still steady and calm when he speaks again.

"See, you can do it, Jiminnie, go on."

Jimin audibly swallows down a moan and tries his best to form words from the cloudiness that is his thoughts.

"Now he's-. Jungkookie, he's-" Jimin's needy moans are the best thing Yoongi has ever heard, he quickly decides. "My-. It's so f-far down his throat, hyung. I can...god, fuck, I c-can feel him gagging, hyung p-please-"

Yoongi's hand involuntarily speeds up, fisting even tighter around his cock, milking the pleasure out of him. He's struggling to take deep breaths now.

"Grab his hair. Fuck his throat, Jiminnie, he can take it."

Jimin seems unsure, but he knows better than to disobey anything Yoongi says. He pushes his fingers deeper into Jungkook's hair and takes it into a firm grip. Jungkook groans at the sting in his scalp and the vibrations almost have Jimin seeing stars. He thrusts forward without warning and Jungkook sputters, a sticky mix of spit and precum hanging off his chin in a thick, glistening thread.

"Hyung, p-please-"

Yoongi has to look away for a minute, Jimin's begging and the way his back arches beautifully off the side of the car almost proving as too much.

"Please what, Jiminnie?"

The boy is straight up sobbing now, no longer trying to keep quiet. "Hyung, it f-feels so-. I'm gonna... I need to... p-please, I want to cum, hyung, please."

"Jungkook's gonna make you feel even better with his cock, alright? It's okay, Jiminnie, cum for hyung."

Jimin snaps his hips forward a few more times, brutal pace and force making Jungkook push at his thighs, before he cums with a drawn out whine of Yoongi's name on his lips, spilling down Jungkook's throat. Yoongi tugs at his own cock, listening to Jimin moan for him and quickly closes his fingers around the base to hold off his orgasm for later.

"So good, Jiminnie. You're doing so well." Yoongi's voice comes out a little strained, and if Jimin hadn't known what he's doing before, he certainly did now. He whimpers when he hears Yoongi speaking to him, sounding so close to losing himself.

"Be good and give Jungkookie the phone, yeah?"

Jimin nods and Yoongi sees Jungkook wipe his mouth with the back of his hand before taking back the phone from Jimin.

"Can I fuck him now?" Jungkook's voice is gravelly and used up when he snaps at Yoongi.

"Go ahead."

The boy sighs in relief, turns Jimin back around so he's draped over the side of the vehicle and presses the twitching strain of his clothed cock to the side of Jimin's plush ass.

"Oppa's gonna fuck you real good, yeah, Jiminnie?" He drops his hand from Jimin's waist to rub at his hole through the thin fabric of his briefs. "Gonna fill you up with my cock until you're crying for me like the fucking cumslut you are, how's that sound? Gonna make it hurt so good, hm?"

Jimin moans, sounding pained already, and grinds his ass back against Jungkook to force a guttural groan from him.

Jungkook wastes no time to push Jimin's underwear down the rest of the way. He replaces his hand with the hard line of his cock to grind against Jimin and instead reaches up to force two fingers into his mouth.

"You know the game, Jiminnie." He hides a smirk in the nape of the boy's neck. "The wetter you get oppa's fingers, the less it's gonna sting."

Jimin hesitates at that, Jungkook knows how much he loves when it hurts, when he feels so full his mind goes completely blank. But he gives in and briefly takes Jungkook's outstretched fingers into his mouth, coating them less than sufficiently.

"You don't even care, do you? You don't mind at all when it hurts." Jimin really doesn't. Sometimes Jungkook just takes him when he feels like it. Comes over and fucks him raw when Yoongi isn't home. It hurts so much that tears stream down his face and sometimes he bleeds, but Jimin's grown used to it, more than that, he's learned to love it. So he shakes his head, sobbing out a moan when Jungkook plunges three fingers into him.

"Don't hurt him too much, Kook. He can take a lot, but he's not unbreakable." Yoongi's voice is a low growl when he speaks to Jungkook, none of his previous gentleness left.

Jungkook scoffs. "You know he likes it, hyung." He's not the gentle type. Yoongi isn't either, Yoongi also likes to take Jimin apart and see him cry for him. But he never steps too far. Jungkook is different. He doesn't put too much thought into it, when he's hard and desperate to fuck.

Jimin feels like the air is knocked out of his lungs when Jungkook presses the blunt tip of his cock against him and pushes in with one quick thrust, burying himself to the hilt inside Jimin's ass. And he doesn't get time to adjust either, Jungkook fucking into him, setting a brutal rhythm right from the start.

"You still like it when it hurts, huh, Jiminnie?" Jungkook is panting right next to Jimin's ear, asking questions in a husky growl, demanding answers he knows Jimin is unable to give at the moment. He's pressing Jimin to the side of the vehicle and Jimin is sure that his hip bones will bloom in bruises the next day.

It doesn't take long for Jimin to get hard again with Jungkook fucking into him ruthlessly, angling his thrusts downwards to abuse Jimin's prostate with every snap of his hips. It's dirty and filthy, it's wrong what they're doing, Jimin thinks when he looks down, sight blurry with tears, seeing the precum dripping from his dick onto the polished paint job of the car.

"Fuck, Jiminnie. So nice and tight when you're dry." Jungkook sinks his teeth into the side of Jimin's neck that's already sore and bruised from earlier. "You think Yoongi hyung likes what he sees? Watching you getting fucked like a cheap whore against an expensive car? You think he's getting himself off right now, seeing you all fucked out and crying?"

The thought, together with Jungkook's hard thrusts sends a jolt up Jimin's spine and he whines out Yoongi's name. It's loud and desperate, making Jungkook scowl but Yoongi, who had heard it through the phone, feels his breath hitch. He had started touching himself again once he saw Jungkook thrust in, slow, languid strokes from the base to the head of his cock, twisting his fist slightly around the tip.

Hearing Jimin cry out for him while it’s Jungkook who’s fucking him senseless makes Yoongi’s mind cloud up with a predatory possessiveness. But Jimin is just too beautiful like that, too pretty to interrupt what’s happening.

Yoongi times his own strokes with the thrusts of Jungkook's hips, with Jimin rocking back to meet him halfway, with the sobs and sighs he hears spilling from the speaker of his phone. It’s perfect. Jimin looks perfect like that. Perfect in the way he’s pressed up against that car, perfect in a way only Jimin could be.

It’s a shame how fast Yoongi feels his orgasm approaching yet again. He’s tempted to grant himself this one, devouring Jimin with his eyes, drinking in the way his name falls from Jimin’s lips repeatedly, but he’s not one to mindlessly give in to temptation.

Yoongi’s fist stills around his cock, slick and wet with precum, and at the same time Jungkook stops moving. At first Yoongi thinks he’s done and he’s thrilled, eager to finally have Jimin to himself, but then Jungkook ducks down, pulling Jimin with him by his hair.

“Did I fucking tell you to stop, Kook?”, Yoongi asks, voice dropping into dangerous octaves.

“Someone’s coming, hyung, what the fuck. I hear footsteps, I told y-“

“Did I tell you to stop?”

“Are you fucking serious right now, hyung? Do you want us to get caught?”

“Do you want to fuck Jimin ever again?”

There’s challenging undertone to Yoongi’s voice. Jungkook looks at him with murder in his eyes, but gets back up regardless. He presses his hand to Jimin’s back, signaling him to bend down, and Jimin places his hands against the car door. One more disparaging look at Yoongi and Jungkook picks up where he left off, this time rolling his hips against Jimin’s ass in slow, deep thrusts.

Jungkook had been right. Someone was indeed coming, a pretty, young thing in a way too short, way too tight dress, stumbling around the far corner of the gas station. She is very obviously drunk beyond belief and the clicking of her high heels resonates loudly from the concrete surrounding them as she steps into the building.

There’s no way she could have noticed them, but Jimin tenses up nonetheless. Jungkook bends down, pressing a wet, open-mouthed kiss to Jimin’s neck before grazing his lips along the shell of his ear.

“What is it, Jiminnie? Don’t worry, she didn’t see us.”

Jimin doesn’t answer, instead he trembles and grinds his ass back against Jungkook's hips.

“Or would you like that, Jiminnie? Would you like it if someone saw you like this? My cock buried inside your pretty ass, fucking you out in the open, against some stranger’s car?”

“Y-…I-, p-please.”

Jungkook chuckles. “You hear that, hyung? Your little Jiminnie gets off on this.”

He digs his nails deep into the soft dip of skin next to Jimin’s hip bone, eliciting a high pitched moan from him. “Tell hyung how much you love it, Jiminnie. Tell him how good oppa is fucking your pretty ass.”

Jungkook presses the phone against Jimin’s sweaty temple and Jimin’s lips tremble when he finally speaks.

“H-he’s-“, a forceful thrust makes Jimin hiccup. “Oppa’s c-cock is so good, hyung. S-so full, I-.”

It takes all of Yoongi’s self control not to give in and cum when he hears Jimin cry at the other end of the line, voice fucked out and shaking from the impact of Jungkook’s thrusts.

“Fuck, Jiminnie. Do you know how good you look like that? Do you know how fucking hard you’re making hyung?” Even Yoongi’s usually steady voice strains a little as he’s watching Jimin looking so wrecked, and he edges off his orgasm for the third time that night.

“Hyung, I-I” Jimin struggles to press the words past his lips. “I’m s-so close, hyung. I’m so close, c-can I, p-please, please-“ He tries snaking a hand down to touch his neglected dick, but Jungkook quickly reaches around him and instead pins his wrist to the small of his back.

“Try and cum from Jungkook’s dick alone, yeah, Jiminnie? I know you can.” Yoongi watches Jimin intently, the way his back arches to find the perfect angle to fuck himself back against Jungkook. Years of adamant training and Yoongi knows Jimin won’t let himself cum before he hasn’t told him to.

“Come on, cum for hyung.”

That’s all it takes for Jimin to fall apart. His lips fall open in a silent cry and his knees buckle underneath him, too worn out to carry his weight any longer.

Jungkook holds him up by his hips and continues fucking him into oversensitivity, teeth worrying at his bottom lip and hissing at the way Jimin clenches around him. “Hyung, fuck, I’m gonna-“

“Kook, stop.”

Yoongi smirks when he sees the amount of willpower it costs Jungkook to stop his thrusts and pull out.

“What the fuck, hyung???” His voice is rough and breathless as he supports himself with one arm against the car, Jimin sliding down against it to press his sweaty back against the cool surface. “What the fuck? You said I could fuck him, he already came twice, what more do you fucking want from me?”

“I want you to come over here and ride my cock, Jungkook.”

There’s a long silence, seconds slowing into hours, before Jungkook moves. He smashes his thumb into the screen of his phone and ends the call abruptly, pulls Jimin up by his wrist, adjusts their pants and strides over to Yoongi’s car. Jimin slumps into the backseat and Jungkook is about to follow him, when Yoongi pats the passenger seat next to him.

He welcomes Jungkook with a smirk, revenge glinting in his eyes and one hand still lazily wrapped around his cock.

“You wanna prep yourself first or do you also like it when it hurts, Kook?”

Something close to a “Fuck off” leaves Jungkook’s lips, but he removes his pants completely, spits on his finger and slowly starts stretching himself open, eyes fixed on Yoongi with a murderous glare. He flinches as he presses the tip of the first finger in.

“You know what, why don’t you sit here instead?” Yoongi slides his jeans down until they’re around his ankles, sits on the edge of the seat and gestures towards his lap invitingly. “You must be pretty desperate to get off by now, aren’t you, Kook?”

Jungkook scoffs. “Thanks, b-but I think I’m good over here.” He squeezes his eyes shut in discomfort and hisses when he forces his finger into himself past the second knuckle.

“I wasn’t offering.” Yoongi’s voice has regained it’s stern tone. He fishes around the middle compartment for a crumpled pack of cigarettes, pulls one out with his teeth and turns around to face Jimin in the backseat. Jimin, still a bit blissed out, looks puzzled for a second before he hastily pats his jeans in search of a lighter, eventually finding one in the back pocket. He doesn’t smoke, but Yoongi needs him to light his cigarettes. Yoongi needs him.

“Come on now, Kook.” Yoongi plucks the now burning cigarette from his lips to speak and pats his thigh. “Don’t make your hyung wait.”

Reluctantly, and with a scowl, Jungkook heaves himself over the gear box and straddles Yoongi, facing him. He’s about to sit down, but Yoongi’s hand snaps to his hips, holding him up in a kneeling position.

“No, no, you keep doing what you’ve been doing.” Yoongi smirks, leaning back into the seat to get a better view of Jungkook. “It just looks better when you’re over here.” Taking a drag from the cigarette, he blows a thick cloud of smoke into Jungkook’s face.

“He looks good like this, doesn’t he, Jiminnie?”, Yoongi says, looking over his shoulder at Jimin, who is watching with wide eyes. “You wanna see him wrecked?”

Jungkook’s gaze flickers back and forth between Yoongi and Jimin, a well hidden plea in his eyes.

Jimin smiles and hides his blushing face in the darkness of the car. “Are you…are you going to hurt him, hyung?” His voice is small and he nervously pulls the long sleeves of his sweater over his hands until only his fingers are peeking out.

Yoongi looks at him with fondness before turning back to face Jungkook, who has begun pumping his finger slowly, and taking another drag of his cigarette. “Depends. Do you want me to, Jiminnie?”

Jimin sinks further into the backseat, looking at his hands in his lap to escape the look in Jungkook’s eyes. His voice is a shaky whisper now. “Yeah.”

Yoongi moves instantly, bringing the almost burnt out cigarette to his lips one last time before handing it to Jimin, who flicks it out the door.

“I think you’re ready, Kook.” Yoongi’s hand on Jungkook’s hip tightens and presses him down to finally sit on his lap. His other hand fists into the hair on the back of Jungkook’s head and forcefully pulls him forward until their cocks are pressed flush against each other and their lips and teeth meet in a bruising kiss.

Absentmindedly, Jungkook hears Jimin gasp and he sees him cover his mouth with fabric clad palms before he gives in to Yoongi’s mouth ravaging his and closes his eyes. Teeth dig into his bottom lip, pulling his mouth open for Yoongi’s tongue to slip inside. He instantly tastes copper, his lip split from the clashing of their teeth.

A low, predatory growl forms in the depths of Yoongi’s chest, vibrations rolling from his lips, making Jungkook shudder and grind down on him, their cocks trapped between their stomachs. The sudden amount of friction rips a moan from the back of Jungkook’s throat which is ultimately swallowed by the plane of Yoongi’s tongue pressing against the roof of his mouth, pulling him closer by the back of his teeth.

Jungkook is growing desperate, rolling his hips against Yoongi and covering both of their cocks in his precum alone. He’s been hard for hours and on edge too many times to count.

“Fuck-“ It’s nothing short of a quaking breath into Yoongi’s mouth which finally lets Jungkook realize that he needs to cum.

Yoongi grabs him by the throat and pries him off of his lips. “Actually, I think you’re more than ready, Kook.” He grabs both of Jungkook’s wrists and places his hands on his chest. “Hands stay where they are, understood?”

Jungkook nods, vehemently. He’s desperate to cum, the act of preparing himself long forgotten when Yoongi grabs the back of his thigh, just shy of his ass, to lift him up a little.

“Fuck, look at you, Kook. Always acting so high and mighty, and now you’re grinding on my lap, waiting for my cock to fill you up.” A crooked smirk plays along the line of Yoongi’s lips as he presses the blunt head of his dick against Jungkook’s ass. “That’s what you want, right? Tell me.”

Jungkook turns his head away from Yoongi’s boring gaze, his neck and forehead covered in a sheen of sweat, and nods. “Yeah.”

“That won’t do.” Yoongi grabs ahold of Jungkook’s jaw, forcing him to look into his eyes. “Didn’t you say it earlier? You know how little sluts beg for a cock.”

Any other situation and Jungkook would’ve told Yoongi to go fuck himself, but at this point he’s too far gone, too achingly hard to care about keeping up a front.

“I want your cock in my ass, oppa.” He says it with an unchanging expression, chest rising and falling quickly and eyes fixed on Yoongi’s. “Just fuck me already, I don’t fucking c-“

Yoongi doesn’t let him finish, pushing him down onto his cock by the jut of his hipbones. The stretch is too quick and too painful, trapping a cry of discomfort in Jungkook’s throat before it can leave his parted lips. He feels nothing but the sharp sting shooting up his arched spine, feels too full to breathe, let alone move.

And he doesn’t have to, Yoongi instantly lifting him up again until only the tip of his cock is nestled inside and thrusting back in from underneath him. This time it’s enough to force a strangled groan from Jungkook’s lungs, his back arching at a seemingly impossible angle and nails digging into Yoongi’s chest as he fucks into him.

Yoongi presses Jungkook down on himself one last time before dropping his hands from his hips.

“Go on, Kook. I’ve seen you fuck Jimin, I know what these hips can do.” He smirks and slides down into the seat even further and rests his now unoccupied hands on Jungkook’s thighs. “Show me how you fuck yourself on oppa’s cock.”

Another gasp sounds through the thick air. Jimin had been observing the scene playing out right in front of him, eyes fixed on where Jungkook’s leaking dick slapped against his stomach every time Yoongi thrusted into him.

“Can I…can I touch him, hyung?” Jimin snakes his arm through the seats and towards Jungkook.

“Go ahead, Jiminnie. Kook, move.” Yoongi’s eyes follow Jimin’s hand as it traces the defined ripples of muscle on Jungkook’s thighs, ghosting over the shirt sticking to his abdomen with sweat and precum and eventually smoothing on his chest.

Jungkook lifts himself up, slowly, wincing as he feels the veins on Yoongi’s cock pulse inside him, before dropping back down. The stretch is still uncomfortable, but nothing in comparison to the sharp tear of pain he felt when Yoongi first pushed him down. He speeds up with every move, when he suddenly feels Jimin push at his chest, forcing him to angle his hips in a way which makes Yoongi’s cock dig into his prostate with manicured precision, and Jungkook whines.

“Fuck, should’ve done this earlier.” Yoongi pants out a laugh, watching Jungkook bounce on his cock, head thrown back and swollen lips parted in a silent cry. Jungkook’s thighs tense up under the touch of Yoongi’s hand, hardening every time he lifts himself up and relaxing when he drops back down. “Expected you to take cock well, but I didn’t think you’d look this good doing it. Did you, Jiminnie?”

Jimin shakes his head, a little reluctantly, but awestruck nonetheless, as he slides his hand underneath Jungkook’s shirt, dragging his nails over his ribcage. “Does it feel good, Kookie-ah?” He looks up at Jungkook through his eyelashes, batting them in elusive innocence.

“Y-yeah, fuck-“ Jungkook screws his eyes shut, quickening his pace, fucking himself on Yoongi’s cock. He chokes out a groan when Jimin wraps a hand around his dick, pumping him in time with his own rhythm. “Fuck, Jiminnie…so close.”

Yoongi slides his hands up and down Jungkook’s thighs, thumbs digging into the soft skin on the insides. “You wanna cum, Kook?”

“Yes, fuck. Please-“

“Ask nicely, you know how.”

Jungkook falls forward, burying his face in the crook of Yoongi’s neck, fists clenched into his shirt. “O-oppa, please, I need-“

Yoongi starts thrusting into him again, pushing Jungkook down into his lap by his thighs. “Come on, Kook, cum on oppa’s cock.”

Jimin tightens his hand around Jungkook’s dick, thumb swiping over the leaking slit a few times, and Jungkook convulses, thighs trembling, breath hitching around a string of unintelligible curses, cum darkening the fabric of Yoongi’s shirt. He grinds down into his lap, taking in the way Yoongi pulses inside him as he clenches around him, milking Yoongi’s cock.

The hands on Jungkook’s thighs are now digging bruises into the skin as Yoongi holds him in place, fucking into him from underneath before cumming to the sounds of Jungkook hissing from overstimulation and Jimin sucking the cum off his fingers. A low growl is ripped from Yoongi’s throat, mixing with pants and curses as he feels his cum squirt from Jungkook’s ass with his last thrusts.

He sits there for a minute, catching his breath and watching as the last aftershocks of his orgasm shake Jungkook’s frame.

Jungkook climbs off his lap, cum running down his thighs, and falls back down into the passenger seat, chest heaving and eyes falling shut.

“Hey. Kook.”

He opens one eye again, to see Yoongi offering him a cigarette while lighting his own. Jimin had already fallen asleep.

“Thanks.” He sits up a little straighter as Yoongi hands over the lighter, blowing smoke into his direction.

Yoongi chews down on his cigarette to hold it between his lips as he reaches down to pull up his jeans and close the buckle of his leather belt. “Can I drive in peace now?”

Jungkook lights his own cigarette and scoffs. “Yeah.”