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Daiya Higashikata may not have had good eyesight, but she prided herself on her excellent hearing. She knew the sound of everyone’s footsteps in her house, and everyone’s voice. Additionally, she knew everyone’s smell and feeling too. Her other senses had been sharpened in lieu of her loss of sight, but all of her senses were currently more muddled than usual. She had a cold, and had heard a noise that woke her up from her deep sleep: the sound of her bedroom door being opened. She sat up and looked towards it, seeing nothing but pitch-blackness, since her lights were out.

“Hello? Who’s there?” She asked, eyes wide and heart pounding.

“Hush, Daiya-chan. It’s only me. No need to be afraid.” A familiar voice said, making Daiya’s heart flutter.

“Oh! Josuke-chan!” She whispered, feeling heat flood her cheeks. He sounded a bit different, but she chalked that up to her sickness making her a little hazy. “What did you need?”

“Well, actually, Daiya-chan… I was hoping I could help you feel better.” He said. Daiya felt Josuke sit down on her bed next to her. “I know you’re not feeling your best, so I want to make you feel good!” Daiya blushed harder, pressing her legs together.

“R-really? What do you wanna do?” She breathed, hoping Josuke was saying what she thought he was. Suddenly, she felt his hand slide up her leg, fingers rubbing against her inner thigh. Daiya bit her lip, letting out a small squeak.

“Daiya-chan… I want to fuck you.” He purred, putting his free hand on her other leg, moving them apart.

“R-really?!?” She asked incredulously.

“Oh, yes. I’ve wanted to for so long now… I need to… You’re just so damn cute, I have to be the one to take your virginity…” He said, moving closer and pulling down her blankets.

“O-oh… Please, Josu-chan~! I want you to do it, please~!” She whimpered, quickly pulling off her shorts and panties, along with her pajama top. “I need you… Make love to me, please…” She breathed.


Jobin smirked as his baby sister stripped, succumbing so easily to his seduction. She was just as much of a slut as he knew she would be. He’d wanted to fuck Daiya so long, ever since she’d blossomed so beautifully last summer, her breasts getting bigger and her body curvier. He’d already had his way with Joshuu, and now it was her turn. Hato was too smart to know better, but Joshuu and Daiya were much more airheaded than their older sister. More naïve. Joshuu would do anything for his big brother’s approval and love, and Daiya was incredibly pent up and horny, desperate to lose her virginity to their new resident. All Jobin had to do was trick her into thinking that was who he was, and he would be golden.

He watched as Daiya spread her legs, exposing the dark curls of her pubic hair and the soft, pink, wetness of her pussy. Jobin reached forward, stroking her entrance with two fingers.

“You’re so wet already… Mmm… I can’t wait to taste you…” He purred, leaning down. Daiya gasped, fluttering her eyes closed and biting her lip. Jobin slowly licked along her wet pussy, tasting how sweet she was. Daiya arched her back, reaching up and hugging one of her teddy bears close to her chest.

“Oh, Josukeeee~!” She cried, spreading her legs wider as her big brother licked deeper, the tip of his nose pressing against her clit as he ate her out thoroughly. Daiya breathed hard, letting out small sobs of pleasure.

“How does that feel, baby?” He growled, slipping two fingers into her pussy and sucking on her clit.

“Oh~! So, so good, Josuke~!!! Oh, I’ve never had anyone eat me out before… It feels so amazing… You have such a good tongue~!” she replied, shivering. Jobin continued pleasuring her, rubbing hard against her g-spot.

“You taste so fucking good, Daiya-chan… So sweet…” He breathed. “I need to fuck you. Now.”

“Oh, yes, Josuke~! Please~! Take my virginity!” She cried, tossing her teddy bear aside and pulling her lover up towards her, kissing him passionately. Jobin forced his tongue into her mouth, swirling it around Daiya’s, moving her legs and lining up his cock with her entrance. Jobin pulled away suddenly, leaning down to suck on one of her nipples, stopping occasionally to bite and suck bruises all over her chest.

“Ready?” He huffed, pressing the tip of his dick against her pussy.

“Ye~ssss” she whimpered, “Just put your fat cock in me! Mmm, I need it…”

“Ah… Good girl… that’s what I like to hear… oh fuck, next time I’m gonna fuck that dirty whore mouth of yours, you naughty thing…” Jobin groaned, slamming his cock into her. Daiya’s eyes widened, gasping loudly as he tore through her hymen.

“Oh Josuke! Josuke, JOSUKE!” She whisper-yelled, burying her face in the crook of Jobin’s neck, squeezing her eyes shut and feeling tears well up in them. Jobin held his baby sister close, shushing her as his cock twitched inside her, so hard at the sensation of robbing his own flesh and blood of her virginity. Only minutes later, Jobin was fucking Daiya roughly, pounding her tight pussy hard and fast.

“You’re so fucking tight, Daiya-chan… But you act like such a fucking slut…” He moaned, leaking precum into her with abandon.

“Oh, yes, Onii-chan~! Only for you~! I want your cum…” She cried, practically sobbing with pleasure.

“Oh god, baby, not until I get you to cum.” Jobin huffed, reaching down to rub her clit.

“A-ah~! I’m so close alreadyyyy~ Just knowing that my big, strong Josuke Onii-chan is pounding my pussy makes my tummy feel all squirmy like it does when I touch myself…” She whimpered. Jobin bit his lip and kept rubbing harder on her plump clit, making his sister squirm and twitch around his cock as he fucked her.

“Oh fuck yes, cum for me, baby… Cum for Onii-chan!” He growled, leaning down to kiss her and get a better angle to rub her g-spot. Suddenly, he felt Daiya clench hard around him, whining into his mouth as he felt a warm gush just above his cock when he fully buried himself in her.

“Oh, YES~!!! Cum in me, Nii-chan! Please fill my pussy with your hot cum~! Fill me up like a cream puff~!!!” She sobbed, tears running down her face. Jobin growled and felt heat pooling in his gut. He couldn’t hold back anymore. He had to, he had to-! Just as he was about to pull out to cum on Daiya’s tits, she wrapped her arms around him and leaned in close to whisper into his ear. “Please, please… I want Jobin Onii-chan’s cum~!” She begged. Jobin shuddered and came hard without warning, his hot, thick semen spurting into his sister’s womb.


“How did you know?” Jobin asked after several minutes of eating his cum out of Daiya’s pussy and making out with her.

“Don’t be silly, Jobin-chan! I know my big brother when I hear him. And I know how you smell. Like cologne and soap. And there was no gap in your teeth when you kissed me.” She giggled, blushing. Jobin rolled his eyes and pulled her onto his lap again, kissing her deeply.

“Mmm… This is our little secret, okay, baby girl? You’re not allowed to tell Papa or anyone, or else we can’t do this anymore. Okay?” He said, running his fingers through Daiya’s hair as she smiled sleepily.

“Mm-hmm… Of course, Onii-chan… I promise I won’t tell anyone~” Daiya murmured, leaning in to kiss her brother again. “Will you sleep in my bed with me tonight, Jobin-chan?” She asked. Jobin pressed a kiss to her neck.

“Alright, baby. But I’ll be gone when you wake up; so don’t be surprised when I’m not there in the morning. I don’t want anyone to get suspicious now, do I?” He purred. Daiya giggled again and snuggled up next to her big brother, wrapping her arms around him.

“I love you, Onii-chan~”

“I love you too, imouto. Get some rest.”