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Lucky You

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Lucky You
by The National
You own me



You can download the xvid here



I've had POI marked as a fandom to watch every since sockkpuppett started talking about it but I kept back-burnering it because it seemed really involved and I just didn't have any extra mental capacity for something that wasn't "Scandal."  I did vid review at VVC this year and when I received astolat 's phenomenal "When I Ruled the World" vid, that was it. All she wrote. Done. For future reference if you want me in a fandom? Make a dual pov slash vid. They are my catnip (which is interesting because I *rarely* make them).

Anyway, massive thanks to Luminosity for handholding as I watched every single episode (yeah, she rewatched so I had someone to fling emotions at) and also for helping me hash out if this vid was finished or was done or if it was actually done, done. I had even more beta help in the form of fan_eunice who really helped make this vid much more coherent, and sweetestdrain who was my Doesn't Watch the Show Beta, which quickly devolved into Drunk-Out-of-Context Beta and who probably gave me the greatest piece of feedback ever when she said  "I SUCK AND YOU'RE PERFECT AND YOUR HAIR HAS SECRETS!"

That's it. That's the show.