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Evening Liaisons

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I can't believe how late it's gotten. Time seems to pass rather quickly when I'm with Hanji-san. Maybe I shouldn't have asked so many questions. Eren did warn me that she can talk for hours on end, but I never imagined that he meant it literally. Still, I learned a lot, and I'm very grateful to have been taken under her wing.

Armin traveled wearily along the familiar path back to the Survey Corps' headquarters; an old, long abandoned and slightly dilapidated castle in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. It usually took him a good fifteen minutes to haul ass to and from the research site that Hanji had set up to hold her captive titans Sawney and Bean. It really creeped everyone out, and it was incredibly difficult to find volunteers to assist in the woman's experiments. Armin had been one of the few new recruits that had been more eager to learn and spend his time with his nose in a book than out in the field. It was only natural that he would be drawn to Hanji Zoe and her groundbreaking research on the titans.

However fascinating all the scientific mumbo jumbo was, however, the walk back from the site was always a dreaded one for Armin. It wasn't unusual for him to finish all of his assistant duties right around 10 p.m. and with nightfall came the unpleasant feeling of being watched by some unseen entity hiding in the shadows. Illuminated only by pale moonlight, the path seemed a rather daunting journey for one person alone. A rustling of leaves, the snap of a twig under his feet, a skittering of wildlife; all of it sent chills up the blonde's spine. Although he'd been trained to take down towering titans hundreds of times his size he was ashamed to admit that he was still, to this day, afraid of the dark.

Armin instinctively picked up the pace, his feet carrying him at a brisk walk until the castle appeared on the horizon. The teen heaved a sigh of relief at the familiar sight and slowed down to more comfortable pace, taking a brief respite to catch his breath and calm his racing heart.

Now it was only a short walk through the courtyard, around the side of the castle and through the dining hall doors. During the day personnel was permitted to enter through the rear doors, but after dusk the doors were barred shut to deter would be thieves. Most of the Survey Corps were in bed around this time due to the fact that they were expected to rise at dawn, awake and alert. Tonight seemed no different, and Armin didn't glimpse a single soul in the courtyard save for the two men on guard duty. They nodded at the blonde in acknowledgement as he passed them. Everything seemed to be routine until he neared a large side window that looked into one of the few lecture halls of the castle.

During the day it was used for training new recruits in different attack formations, strategies and battle plans. It should have been completely abandoned this time of day.

Key words; should have been.

Armin could have sworn he was hearing things as he approached the large window. From a distance he could faintly make out what sounded like voices coming from within the darkened room. It didn't make much sense, and the blonde couldn't help but investigate further out of sheer curiosity. He slowly approached the bottom of the window pane which sat nearly even with his shoulders. He took care to conceal himself from view with his back against the side of the building as a precaution, staying out of the line of sight. Normally he would have felt guilty at such an invasion of privacy; however the suspicious nature of hushed voices in a darkened room at this time of night prompted him to take action; he may very well be eavesdropping on a couple of criminals.

Armin slowly turned his head so that he could peer inside. The moonlight barely illuminated the spacious room, and he could scarcely make out the silhouettes of the mysterious intruders. There only seemed to be two in plain sight; however Armin knew that others could be potentially hiding in the shadows.

One of the silhouettes was tall, lean and lanky, while the other was a bit on the short side. Quite a few members of the Survey Corps fit those descriptions, and it was impossible to tell just who they were.

That was until Armin heard a familiar, baritone voice break the heavy silence.

"You'd better have a damn good reason for talking me into coming here, brat. I have shit to do you know," the voice said, the tone sounding slightly irked at the apparent meeting.

That sounds like…Lance Corporal Levi? But why would he be in the classroom at this time of night? Unless maybe someone needed some extra tutoring? But the Corporal rarely ever instructs recruits personally…

The next sound that met the blonde's ears was a slightly rough yet boyish tone that he was all too familiar with.

"Yeah, yeah. I know you're terribly busy and all but I just couldn't wait anymore. Besides, doesn't it get boring always meeting in your office? I figured a change of scenery would be nice," the familiar voice mused, slowly taking a step towards what the blonde assumed was Corporal Levi.

Armin was completely puzzled.

Eren? What is he doing here? Sounds like he arranged to meet the Corporal here, but why?

Armin surmised that perhaps his friend was seeking tutoring or advice from the man, after all he was a special case, being a titan shifter and all. However, the blonde couldn't help but think that it was quite strange that the two would meet so late at night.

Levi seemed incredulous at the entire situation.

"This is your idea of a change of scenery? What are you, stupid? Did you not see the big ass window over there? Anyone could walk by and discover us at any time," Levi scoffed at the very idea of meeting in such an absurd place. Eren responded with an airy laugh and moved even closer to Levi, leaving barely an inch of distance between them. Armin was more than a little confused at why his friend was acting so casual and comfortable around the usually cold, aloof Corporal.

"Of course I knew about the window. It isn't necessarily a bad thing if someone sees us, is it? It only adds to the excitement," Eren said, voice lowering a bit and taking on a playful tone. Levi snorted in response.

"Whatever gets you off, I suppose. I can hardly see shit, so I don't suspect anyone watching us could even see what the hell's going on anyway," Levi surmised, "but I'd rather have at least a little light so that I don't trip over your big ass feet." Eren chuckled a bit at the half assed insult then planted his rear on the edge of the instructor's desk that was situated in front of a large blackboard. The raven haired male pulled what Armin could only guess was a match from his jacket pocket and fumbled around in the darkness searching for a gas lamp. Once his fingers brushed against the smooth glass he turned the knob to let out the gas before igniting it and flooding the room with an orange glow.

The light reflected off of Eren's ocean colored eyes, causing them to sparkle slightly in the glow. His short brown locks were in their usual messy state, slightly unkempt but still attractive. He was wearing casual clothing consisting of a white button up shirt and the usual tight white pants and knee high boots that all recruits wore. His maneuver gear was missing of course since gas was currently being rationed and the gear itself was far too valuable for everyday use. Levi was dressed much the same except that he still wore his token jacket with the wings of freedom emblazoned on the back.

In contrast to Eren's sun kissed skin, Levi's skin was milky white, shining almost luminescent in the glow of the lamp. His steel grey eyes caught the light and appeared almost glassy. Eren leaned back on his hands and gazed at the other male with a predatory gleam in his eye. Levi seemed to pick up on the subtle look and returned it with the faintest hint of a smirk playing across his lips.

"Lazy brat, are you expecting me to make the first move? Take some initiative," Levi deadpanned, folding his arms and looking at the brunette expectantly. Eren's lips broke into a mischievous grin at the statement and he moved from his spot on the desk and sauntered over slowly to close the gap between them. He stood a bit taller than Levi, which irritated the older male to no end, but at the moment his height was the least important thing on his mind.

It should have clicked right then, that there was something going on between the Corporal and Eren beyond a mere friendship. Armin was brilliant, an intellectual who could teach even the most gifted scholars a thing or two; however, when it came to everyday common sense he was certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed. In his mind the two were still just meeting in secret because of some unfinished business or tutoring or whatever, but he couldn't bring himself to look away from the exchange for some reason. A gut instinct told him that things were definitely about to get interesting.

"Hmm what should I do first?" Eren wondered aloud, casually walking around Levi until he was behind his back before snaking his arms around the older male's chest, one hand diving beneath the tan jacket to brush against the hardened muscles lying beneath his thin white shirt. Levi visibly stiffened at the touch, going rigid as a board as the teen felt him up. His mouth was a thin line and his steel grey eyes were narrowed a bit, whether it was due to annoyance at being touched or pleasure, Armin couldn't be sure.

The brunette nuzzled against Levi's neck, inhaling the other's scent in a subtle way as he leaned into the older male, his crotch inadvertently rubbing against Levi's ass.

"I missed you," Eren whispered in a low, husky tone that was tinted with desire. He playfully nibbled on Levi's earlobe a bit, licking the sensitive flesh every now and then between bites. The usual apathetic man's face contorted into an almost unreadable expression; somewhere between pissed off and turned on. His steel grey eyes were narrowed in a false anger that was betrayed by the slight shiver of pleasure he gave at the ministrations.

Eren's lips curved into a mischievous smile at the reaction. "Who would guess that the brave, strong Corporal's weak spots are his ears?" the brunette teased, licking behind the sensitive curve of the abused ear. All the while Eren's hips were moving of their own accord, rolling against Levi's ass and grinding the teen's growing erection against the supple flesh, creating a delicious friction that made him growl low in his throat at the amazing sensation. His hands wandered over the expanse of Levi's chest before stopping to unfasten his shirt buttons one by one.

Having seemingly reached his daily dry humping quota, Levi suddenly broke away from the teen and whirled around on him, brows furrowed in annoyance as he used his jacket sleeve to wipe away the gratuitous amount of saliva that Eren had left behind.

"Tch, that's disgusting. Quit slobbering and humping me like a damn dog," Levi snapped, scrunching his nose in disgust at the now wet sleeve of his jacket. Eren didn't seem the least bit perturbed at the outburst, however, as he nonchalantly sauntered back over to Levi, suddenly grabbing the older male's chin and crushing their lips together in a rough kiss.

By now the blonde had turned several shades of crimson, the realization of just what was transpiring before his very eyes finally dawning on him.

Oh my God…Eren and Corporal Levi are…together? But if that's true then that means that Eren is…

His thoughts trailed off into unexpected territory. He'd never imagined his best friend had any interest in romance whatsoever, let alone with males. The subject had never come up before; their conversations usually consisted of titans or the outside world. Armin himself had often been the butt of many a joke concerning his obvious affection for the brunette. Reiner had been the one to start the rumors of his apparent crush on Eren, despite the blonde's protests. Luckily, either the brunette hadn't heard the rumors, or he'd paid no mind to them, because he'd never confronted Armin about his true feelings.

Armin wasn't exactly sure what he felt for Eren himself; whether it was a deep friendship born from a childhood bond, or something more, he couldn't be sure. All that he knew for sure was that he truly cared deeply for the boy who had saved his life, and that he would go to any lengths to ensure his happiness and well being.

Eren certainly did look happy as he pressed his lips deeper against Levi, and flicking his tongue across the older male's lips, begging for entrance. His attempt was thwarted when Levi bit the wandering muscle as Eren began to forcibly push it inside his mouth. The brunette yelped in pain and pulled away from the kiss to nurse his wound.

"Shitty brat, how many times do I have to tell you, no tongues, it's disgusting," Levi hissed, pulling out a handkerchief and wiping his lips. Eren moved his hand to wipe away a bit of blood that had begun to trickle from the corner of his mouth. The brunette stuck out his tongue and inspected it, noting the wisps of steam that had begun to rise as his wound began to miraculously stitch itself together. The rich, coppery taste of the crimson liquid lingered in his mouth. Instead of deterring the teen, however, the injury only served to fuel his almost bestial lust.

Levi caught wind of the feral look in those turquoise orbs and raised one thin eyebrow in surprise. "I suspected that you were a deviant, but a masochist as well? How indecent," Levi remarked, lips curving into knowing smirk. Eren licked his lips, making sure to lap up every last drop of blood that had spilled, a hungry look flickering in his eyes as he fixed his gaze on Levi. The suggestive use of the brunette's tongue stirred something within Levi, something buried deep within that was begging to emerge. In one swift, fluid motion he crossed the gap between them and laced his fingers through Eren's hair, grabbing a handful before roughly yanking the locks and forcing the younger male's head back, fully exposing his neck.

Eren squinted his eyes and hissed in pain at the painful tugging sensation. Levi leaned in close until his warm, humid breath ghosted across the boy's ear.

"If you're so eager for punishment then get on your knees and let me oblige you," Levi whispered in a low, suggestive tone, emphasizing his words with a flick of his tongue across the sensitive flesh of Eren's collarbone. The brunette groaned in response, legs buckling underneath him as he fell to his knees in obedience before the raven haired male much like a trained dog heeling before its master. For once Levi was able to look down on Eren, and that fact brought him great satisfaction as he roughly ground his boot heel into the teen's crotch, eliciting an uninhibited moan.

"How shameless," Levi taunted, unfastening his cravat and shoving it into his jacket pocket to avoid soling it any further. His shirt was halfway unbuttoned, revealing his lean, muscular chest that was littered with old scars, some almost completely faded into his milky white skin. Despite his imperfections the sight was utterly breathtaking. Eren whimpered once more as Levi applied more pressure to his sensitive groin, reveling in the brunette's reactions.

Armin was more than a little shocked at his best friend's apparent pleasure derived from the abuse. He was discovering more new things about Eren with every passing moment, some of them completely bewildering. For one, he'd never expected a sound like that to come from the brash, headstrong friend he'd known for so long. Hearing such a lewd noise escape from Eren's mouth stirred something within the blonde that made him look away in shame, pink tinting his cheeks as he realized the kind of effect it was having on him. Heat was beginning to pool in his nether regions, his arousal coming to life despite his best efforts to control it.

I should not be having this kind of reaction…Eren's my best friend and here I am ogling him…

Eren had been reduced to a panting mess from Levi's ministrations, his self control being tossed out the window as he ground his arousal against Levi's boot in desperation. The older male looked rather pleased with himself as he took in the shameful display before him. He removed his boot from Eren's crotch, causing the teen to whine at the sudden loss of contact. Levi crossed his arms and regarded the brunette with a smug look.

"You must want it pretty bad to get this worked up so easily, brat" he mused, gloating at the effect he'd had on the teen. Eren looked up at him almost pleadingly, eyes half lidded and glazed over with lust and his breaths coming in short huffs. Levi ignored his silent pleas to continue, dead set on making the younger male beg for it. He leaned over Eren until the strands of his raven hair tickled the brunette's nose.

"Show me just how badly you want it, Eren. If you do a good job then maybe I'll consider obliging you," Levi practically purred, his voice low and smooth as silk. Eren wasted no time in complying with the order, sitting up on his knees and making short work of unbuttoning the rest of Levi's shirt, letting it fall open before attacking the skin beneath with his mouth, licking and raking his teeth along the sensitive flesh of the older male's stomach. Levi rested his hands on Eren's shoulders, letting the teen have his way with his body.

Eren lingered a bit on the junction of Levi's stomach and hips, trailing his tongue along one of the lines that formed a V-shape. The older male let out a low groan, barely audible but noticeable enough to get Eren's attention. He focused on Levi's expression, the way his eyebrows knit together in concentration, as if he was doing his best to conceal any show of pleasure on his part. The way he bit his lip and tightened his grip on Eren's shoulders were dead giveaways, however. The teen let his hands wander, exploring Levi's lower body without hesitation.

One hand slowly slid up toned abs seeking the hypersensitive flesh of Levi's nipple, pinching and squeezing the pink bud between his thumb and forefinger none too gently and causing the older male to dig his nails into Eren's shoulders. While Levi was distracted the brunette slipped his other hand under the hem of Levi's pants, fingers brushing against his ass before giving one firm cheek a light squeeze, all the while continuing to bite and suck at the older male's slightly protruding hip bone.

Armin deduced that the form fitting white pants that were standard in the military were certainly not designed to leave anything to the imagination, judging by his growing erection that was not so subtly pitching a tent between his legs. He couldn't help but wonder what Eren's lips felt like, were they soft? Or were they chapped from the sun? How would it feel to have someone kneeling before him, seemingly worshiping his body with their mouth?

How he envied Levi in that moment, and how he hated himself for it.

The blonde turned his attention back to the scene before him. When Eren began to dip his tongue below the waistband of Levi's pants the older male pushed him back, detaching the teen's mouth from his body and locking gazes with him.

"Stop screwing around and get on with it already," Levi barked the order, his breathing ragged and a light sheen of sweat beginning to form on his skin. Eren's mouth broke into a shit eating grin at his partner's impatience and Levi scowled, glaring daggers at the boy.

"What is it that you'd like me to do, sir?" Eren inquired coyly, feigning ignorance and using the title sarcastically to get under Levi's skin. The raven haired male was far from amused, lust clouding his mind and making him even more impatient than usual. He once again yanked a handful of Eren's messy hair, forcing the brunette into submission.

"I want you to put that loud mouth of yours to better use than making stupid remarks," Levi snarled, using the brown locks as leverage to shove Eren's face in his crotch. Despite the humiliating position Eren appeared more enthusiastic than ever, wasting no time in unfastening Levi's pants and pulling them down to reveal his black undergarments. The older male's erection was quite obviously straining against the thin fabric, revealing just how much the youth's touch had affected him. The brunette nipped at the supple flesh of Levi's thigh, leaving a small red mark in his wake. He nursed the spot with his tongue before focusing his efforts on a more important area.

Eren massaged the hardened flesh through the material, eliciting a low groan from Levi who tugged the teen's hair in response, encouraging him to quit teasing and hurry up and fucking do something already. Eren took the not so subtle hint and swiftly slid down the undergarments, fully exposing Levi's length. Eren's ocean colored eyes widened as he took in the sight of the imposing organ. Despite having seen it before, the sight still managed to impress him. What the man lacked in height he certainly more than made up for in this area. His obsessive neatness showed here as well, his pubic hair a neatly trimmed patch of black at the base.

Armin had never expected to see his commanding officer's dick, but he would be lying if he said that he didn't find the sight attractive. Before he realized it he was stroking his own length through his pants, covering his mouth with his hand to avoid making any noise that would give him away. He sincerely hoped that no one would be taking this path tonight.

This is wrong. What am I doing? I shouldn't be watching this, so why can't I look away?

A bead of pre-cum formed on the tip of Levi's length and Eren flicked his tongue over the head to capture the clear substance before it fell. It was slightly salty but not unpleasant and Eren greedily licked his lips as if he was a cat enjoying a bowl of cream. He swirled his tongue around and under the sensitive head before dipping down to lick up the shaft, making the older male inadvertently shudder in pleasure.

Levi rubbed the tip of his cock against the brunette's mouth impatiently. Eren fulfilled his desire, sliding his mouth over the tip and along the shaft until the head hit the back of his throat, nearly enveloping the entire length in warm, wet heat. Levi let out an uninhibited moan, bucking into that delicious warmth and making Eren gag slightly at the sudden intrusion. Bracing himself with his hands on Levi's thighs, Eren began to move his head back and forth, swirling his tongue along the shaft and sucking the tip of Levi's cock as if he was trying to milk him dry. Levi used his grip on Eren's hair to forcibly increase the pace, all the while gazing into those turquoise orbs that were fixed on him. Eren didn't want to miss a single expression, the slightest twitch of pleasure in the usually stoic man's face causing his own cock to twitch with desire. Levi's steel grey eyes were half lidded in pleasure as he took in the enticing sight before him.

"Mmm…you look good with my cock in your mouth, Jaeger," Levi remarked, voice low and husky. Eren seemed to be encouraged by the statement and hummed a bit in appreciation, the sound vibrating around Levi's length wonderfully. Levi's body went into sensory overload and he pulled his cock from Eren's mouth, a long string of saliva trailing from the tip to the brunette's lips.

"Enough," he choked out, pushing Eren away gently and taking a step back to brace himself against the large desk in the center of the room. The brunette's mouth had felt far too good and he was certain he wouldn't have been able to last much longer if he hadn't pulled away right then and there. Eren pursed his lips in a pout at the sudden interruption but was soon distracted by the aching between his legs.

"Corporal…I want you…" Eren stated in a needy voice, positioning himself on all fours and locking gazes with Levi.

Levi arched a thin eyebrow at the brunette's provocative stance. "Oh? And just what is it that you want, Jaeger? Be more specific."

"I want you to fuck me," Eren blurted out hastily and without hesitation. There was no wavering in his voice, his desires made clear. Despite the genuineness of his statement Levi shot him a skeptical look, folding his arms and looking at the brunette expectantly.

"You'll have to try harder than that, brat. I don't give it up that easily," Levi stated as he studied the ceiling, feigning disinterest. Armin wondered to himself how anyone could be so nonchalant while their dick was out in the open. Eren was normally a proud person, never bowing to anyone, unyielding in his goals and determined to eliminate all obstacles in his path. However, all rational thoughts had long since been abandoned in the youth, his blood supply being diverted entirely to his nether regions. He crawled slowly, seductively on all fours towards Levi, his eyes fixated on the older male.

"I want you to fuck me, Corporal," he said once again, continuing towards him, "I want to feel your hard cock inside me, I want to ride it until I cum again and again, screaming your name" his voice became hoarse yet deep and sultry as he finally stopped in front of Levi, once again kneeling at his feet. "I want to pleasure you, to hear your moans as you fuck me senseless, to see your face when you finally reach your peak. I want to feel you finish inside of me and fill my ass to the brim with your cum. I'll take it all, milking every last drop until your cock is completely dry and neither of us can move without hurting."

Well, if that wasn't specific then Levi didn't know what was. It was blunt, straight to the point and completely shameless, and fuck did it turn him on to hear Eren talk like that.

If anymore blood rushed to Armin's head he was sure to pass out. The imagery Eren had oh so tactfully described was forever etched into his brain, but he couldn't say that he minded much at all. His cock was standing at full attention, oozing clear liquid from the tip. A rather large wet spot had formed on his underwear, nearly soaking through to his pants. If he was going to walk away from this with at least some of his dignity intact, he was going to have to slide his pants down to avoid staining them. Silently hoping that no one would walk by, he unfastened his button and zipper and pulled his pants down to his thighs, exposing his standard black underwear and the weeping erection it concealed to the cool night air.

It was so wrong to be doing this, on so many levels, and Armin was aware of the fact that he was now a shameless pervert, a voyeur that spied on his best friend and commanding officer during their intimate moments. But wasn't it partially their fault as well? Eren had confessed to knowing about the window, so wasn't he displaying himself intentionally? Armin was simply an innocent bystander caught up in the moment, blissfully unaware of what he'd stumbled upon.

What am I thinking? Of course I'm guilty! I could have walked away and pretended this whole thing never happened and yet here I am.

Despite his inner protests, Armin was getting harder by the minute to the point that it was becoming painful and impossible to ignore. The teen bit his lip and let his hand slide beneath the thin black fabric, past a tuft of blonde curls before gripping his length and massaging the head with the pad of his thumb. His fingers were soon coated with clear, sticky liquid as he let out a muffled groan at the sensation. It wasn't as if he'd never touched himself before, but he couldn't recall ever being so aroused that he soaked his underwear.

Well, there's a first time for everything.