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Stiles stood in the centre of the busy village streets in Vietnam, the sound of helicopters could be heard in the skies all around and the people were frightened as the American soldiers continued to bustle through the streets to their bases.

The war was nearly over but the devastation was clear to see, Stiles himself had lost both his parents in the village fires. He kept a photo of his father John and mother Claudia with him, a reminder to make something of his life and make them proud.

"Excuse me little one?"

Stiles turned to see handsome but slightly creepy older man, with deep ocean blue eyes and dark brown wavy hair.

"Yes?" Stiles could see the mischief in his eyes but there was also a kindness in its depths.

"You look lost boy, do you perhaps need a place to stay?" The man proposed.

"Maybe, who are you?"

"The name's Peter, but people call me The Engineer"

"The engineer? You own that burlesque type place in the capital right? What are you offering".

"Ah, I see you are a smart one Kitten, yes Dreamland. I'm actually looking for a new recruit, I offer food and a safe place to stay with the job?"

Stiles hesitated, he was tired and pretty hungry, after his parents death the farm was sold on leaving him homeless. 

He knew what they did behind the scenes at places like Dreamland and he was still a virgin, so was frightened at the prospect of having to do the 'extra' work involved.

It would have to do for now.

"Ok, but I must tell you that I'm a virgin so have no experience at all"

Peter's face was surprised before his eyes took on a keen glint, as if he'd found some rare jewel.

"A virgin? Well that's no trouble at all, I'm sure the others can teach you on the job and you'll get only the finest gentlemen at first. Come, we must leave this place, I'll give you some tips and tricks on the way"

They both left for Dreamland, Peter hoping his dream to travel to America would come true and Stiles hoping that something better lay ahead...