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Urgent Quest

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Bilbo let out a breath he had not known he was holding in. How did it escalate from being rudely interrupted during his smoke to inviting an old wizard, apparent acquaintance of his late mother, to tea. “Late for dinner indeed.” Bilbo was aggrieved to admit but he would have to prepare a fine feast for his impending guest. It was what his mother would have wanted.

As Bilbo went about making his Hobbit hole presentable, flitting about, he did not realize that his heat would be early for dinner.


Soon day turned to night and Bilbo found himself exhausted. The hobbit huffed as he sat plopped down in his study for a quick rest before his guest arrived.

Bilbo had not noticed how tired he actually was until he stopped moving. Now, as he sunk into his comfy chair, Bilbo realized not only how exhausted he was but that he was quite flushed. His body felt hot and uncomfortable. “It must be from the kitchen,” Bilbo decided.

His warmth did not go away.

In fact, the hobbit noted, it got steadily worse.

“Oh no no no no no!” Bilbo jumped up out of the seat and started wagging his finger at the room. “This cannot happen today! It is not time. I am a Baggins of Bag End, we do not get untimely heats.”

But a heat this was, Bilbo realized. He could feel himself slightly harden under his breeches and a wetness start to soak into his small clothes.

The hobbit's mind started becoming fuzzy, slow, and filled with lewd thoughts. As a confirmed bachelor, Bilbo was not allowed to be offered “assistance” with his heat cycle and had to bare through the heat until it ended. Usually he would have been prepared for his heat, but for some reason it had began earlier than expected.

Bilbo's mind was a mess, but nevertheless he tried to weed through his thoughts to come up with a plan.

He had plans tonight.

The plans included a guest coming over.

“Oh dear, I must put a sign on the gate to ward the old wizard off before he gets-”

A knock sounded through the hobbit hole.

Without a second thought, Bilbo rushed to the door. "I will just have to explain to the old wizard and hope that he forgives me for the impoliteness." Reaching the door, Bilbo only cracked it open. "The least I can do is hide my disrespectful state."


Peering outside, Bilbo realized that opening the door in his state was neither proper or safe.


A dwarf was at the door.


An alpha dwarf was at the door.


An alpha dwarf was at the door and Bilbo was an omega in heat.


The gentlehobbit in Bilbo was scandalized. Bilbo made another mistake. Breathing in deeply before yelling at the stranger.


Bilbo could not think straight. His senses were filled with alpha pheromones.


The hobbit could not take anymore. Grabbing the dwarf by the beard Bilbo used what strength he had to pull the alpha into his hobbit hole.
Dwalin was not completely sure what was happening but he was not going to stop this little creature. It smelt too good. And while he was hungry from his long journey, Dwalin much preferred the enticing morsel who roughly handled him into the home.


His mother, and Balin, had taught him manners, it would be a shame to be remiss in them.


"Dwalin," the dwarf dragged his gaze down the hobbit's body, "at your service."
Finally meeting the hobbit's eyes.

The Hobbit did not waste anytime, he tugged Dwalin down by the beard to his level and smashed their lips together.

With an urgency that Dwalin had never seen before, the Hobbit started undressing himself. Dwalin chucked against the Hobbit's lips. “Eager aren’t we?”

The Hobbit just nodded. He was fumbling with his breeches, the Hobbit's coherency must have left as soon as he opened the door.

Dwalin replaced the Hobbit's hands when he did not seem to be getting any further. “Not even gonna tell me your name?”

“Bilbo,” Whimpering as Dwalin's hand slightly grazed his crotch.

Now that his pants were unbuckled Bilbo threw off his breeches. His small clothes followed.

Divested of all his clothing, Bilbo jumped on Dwalin and assaulted his neck.

Bilbo breathed into Dwalin's ear, “Take me.”

What was a dwarf to do?

The door was ajar.

Balin had made his way to the Shire and all the way to Bag End, and the door with the mark on it was slightly open.

He could hear his brother. It sounded as if Dwalin was in a fight.

Instincts kicking in, Balin rushed through the door.

The sight that greeted Balin was not one he expected.

Dwalin was fully clothed, on the floor, on top of what seemed to me a very naked hobbit. He was thrusting into the Hobbit with strength that Balin could have done not knowing about.

Balin cleared his throat, “Dwalin?”

The dwarf did not stop having sex with the hobbit but merely looked up at his brother, “What?”

“I could ask you the same?”

Smirking at his older brother, Dwalin grunted out “He wanted my services.”

Balin shook his head and continued on into the hole. He could smell food and he was not going to let his brother ruin a good meal.