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Ron Weasley Cucked

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Ron Weasley hated his ‘best friend’ Harry Potter.


The first day he met him on the train he thought he’d hit the jackpot when he befriended the innocent boy. He knew that with his family lack of wealth he would be at the bottom of the order in terms of popularity at school but Harry Potter had elevated him to heavenly status. His plan was going fine as in the 1st year they had defeated Professor Quirrell from resurrecting Lord Voldemort.


The press loved him, Harry and Hermione. ‘The trio that saved Hogwarts’ they called them. The attention from the opposite sex was also high aswell as girls fell over them. There were rumours that Hermione had been seen bent over one of the sinks with one of the older students fucking her cunt or that is what Moaning Myrtle moaned as the ghost fingered herself for his amusement.


This enjoyment of being famous changed in the second year. Harry seemed different when he entered the burrow. He seemed more confident, like he knew that if he wanted something he could take it.


“That’s just Ginny” I said to Harry as he watched the girl run upstairs after he saw the boy who lived. Ginny had been crushing on Harry for over a year now. It made Ron sick.


After a couple of days being in the burrow I found that Ginny would constantly be in her room while Harry would go missing constantly. Then on one day my life took a turn.


As I approached my room I heard moaning, the door was slightly ajar letting me get a look at what was happening. When I looked my heart stopped. Inside the room was Harry Potter ramming his 7” dick into his sisters’ tight pussy. He had her on his bed while her small legs wrapped around his waist. Harrys butt cheeks thrust into her, dominating her small form as his tongue circled her breasts.


“Tell me what you want slut” Harry ordered her. She just thrashed around as her juices soaked Ron’s bed, her flat chest slight bouncing with the thrusts of Harry’s dick.


“Fuck me…..please” she moaned. Gone was his sister replaced by a wanton slut. Ron was confused as he watched on, he was both thunderous with anger but at the same time he was turned on which should be seen by the tent in his trousers. For some reason, unknown to him he decided to let Harry continue fuck his sister.


Harry decided to switch positions as he made her cling onto the bottom bed posts while being in the doggy position. Ron got the perfect sight of her erect nipples shining from Harrys saliva.

“This is so wrong Harry. He could walk in at anytime” Ginny moaned


“Your brother is a wimp slut. He has no balls and I’m going to take you to show him that” and with that he pushed his dick against her rosebud.


“HARRRRRYYYY” she screamed, thankfully only Ron was in the house as he witnessed Harrys dick disappear in between her lubed butt cheeks. Harry groaned in delight as her ass sucked his meat in until he fully filled her.


“Soooo full Harry” she slouched into the bed sheets. She felt his dick spread her anal passage, pre cum leaking from the tip of his penis as it coated her insides.


Then the young wizard proceeded to pound her. The only sounds from the room were echoes of flesh and moans. As the reached their climaxes Ginny collapsed to her knees while he jerked himself. Shot after shot of seed covered her face, tits and stomach.


At the same time Ron came inside his trousers. Embarrassment taking him as he realised he had gotten off in the fact that Harry had fucked his sister.