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It Blurs

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Jimin opens his eyes and the sight is always the same. It doesn't matter how many times he's seen this, how many times he's dreamt of this, it's still astonishingly beautiful.

He looks down to his bare feet that touch the water, he takes a step, he doesn't sink. So he looks up, taking in every detail of that place.

The dark shade of blue of the sky is tinted with bright stars, the constellations surrounded by a lilac halo. All of this reflects on the ocean where he stands, the reflection broken only by the tiny, almost inexistent, movements of the water. Jimin looks at the horizon, forces his eyes to look as far away as they can. And yet, where sky and sea touch, there is no line to divide them.

Once again, in his sleep, he's in the place where sea and sky are one.

He starts walking, there's a soft breeze in the air but no wind, a sweet smell to it that brings him to walk further. He wonders what would happen if he kept on walking, without ever stopping, without ever waking up. He might find the horizon, that thin line that divides what should be divided.

As he walks, he looks up to the sky and he sees the moon, bigger than it should be in reality. He's happy this isn't reality. Reality is dull.

At some point, he stops walking. Jimin crouches and touches with his index finger the mirror of water and as he brings it up, the water follows his finger in a thin, neat line. The liquid is clear and yet it still holds the stars.

-Who are you?

Jimin stands up abruptly, the string of water falls back in the sea. He turns around to the unknown voice and he sees someone else.

No one should be here.

-Who are you? -Jimin asks.

-I asked you first.

Jimin raises an eyebrow.


The stranger takes a step forward. He's as tall as him, maybe taller, slender and with a sharp gaze in his hooded eyes.

-You shouldn't be here. -he says, approaching Jimin -I don't want anyone here.

Jimin frowns.

-I don't want anyone here either. This is my place.

The stranger snorts.

-Your place? This place belongs to me, kid.

-No, it doesn't.

The stranger has grey hair.

His hair has the color of stars, Jimin thinks.

-Listen, this is my dream. -the stranger says, crossing his arms -And I'm damn sure I don't want you in my dream.

-This is my dream as well! -Jimin retorts -I've been dreaming of this place for ages.

-Well, so do I you little... -The man pauses -Wait, what did you say?

Jimin stares blankly at this stranger, this intruder, for a while.

-You've been dreaming about this? -the man pushes -For how long?

Jimin wonders whether or not he should answer, but then again this is probably just another part of his dream, right? A weird one, that's for sure, but his dreams have never been normal.

-Don't know. -Jimin says -Since... forever, I guess. For as long as I can remember.

The man looks at him without saying anything for what feels like ages, the water under their bare feet gets a bit colder. Jimin knows what that means.

-You're probably just a part of this dream. -the man says, his voice is low -I knew I shouldn't have eaten that much kimchi this evening.

Jimin bites his bottom lip to keep himself from giggling.

-You probably won't be in the next one. -he says.

-I hope so. -Jimin replies, earning a glare.

There are thin white clouds reflecting on the water, the breeze gets stronger.

-I think I'm waking up. -Jimin looks up at the moon, it has now a faint shade of pink.

-Yeah, me too. -Yoongi looks at the water -I won't see you again.

-I guess not.

A pause, the breeze turns into a strong wind.

-But just in case I do... -the stranger is looking at him with curiosity -My name is Yoongi.

Jimin can feel the wind dusting away his body, turning it slowly into blue petals of wild flowers. He sees Yoongi's eyes widen at the sight.

-Jimin. Just in case I see you again.

Yoongi nods. A sharp breath of wind and Yoongi's body starts disappearing as well, his pale body softly turns into white, soft snowflakes under Jimin's eyes. Before he wakes up, Jimin has time to think of two things only: the first one is that he never liked snow. The second one is that this particular snow looks absolutely mesmerizing.






Waking up is something that Jimin still can't bring himself to understand. One moment you're sleeping, safe, warm, in a place that shouldn't exist. The next one you're suddenly pulled back into the sharp reality, where colors are dull and the lights are not as bright.

Jimin sighs and covers his eyes with his forearm, inhaling deeply, as the images from his dream come rushing back at him.


Yoongi is an intruder. An intruder that looks like snow, but still an intruder.

It's fine. He probably won't ever see Yoongi again.

It's fine.



Taehyung's head pops up from behind the stock of books and the boy has an arched eyebrow and diseblief in his eyes.

-There was someone. -Taehyung repeats -In your dream.

Jimin nods, staring at the bookstore door from his seat behind the counter.


-Why would I lie about that?

-It's just that it never happened before, right? -Taehyung rubs at his forehead -You've always been alone. Why would you start dreaming about some random guy? Unless you're so thirsty that you can't even control your own dream.

Jimin pulls a face at his friend, crossing his arms with annoyance.

-I'm not some thirsty hoe, Tae. I'm not you.

Taehyung hisses and clutches at his chest, taking a step back.

-Oh, that hurt Chimchim. That hurt like a bullet.

Jimin smiles, unable to keep himself from doing that. Taehyung does that to you, it makes you smile like there are no worries in the world.

-Besides, I might stop being a thirsty hoe very soon. -the boy plasters a proud smile -Guess who scored a date?

-Seriously? With who? Who's crazy enough to go out with you?

-Fuck off. -Taehyung laughs and starts putting the rest of the books up on the shelf -You know that really hot dancer?

-Which one?

-The really fucking hot one. The one who always dances with his crew in front of the coffee shop down the street. The one with heart-shaped lips.

-Heart-shaped lips? What the hell, Tae? But yeah, I remember him.

-He asked me out yesterday. He's taking me out for ice cream today.

-We're in the middle of January and he's taking you out for ice cream? Are you sure he doesn't want to make you freeze to death?

-I like ice cream! And I like him. -Taehyung's smile widens -His name is Hoseok. And he's so hot I could die.


-But enough about my incredible love life. What will you do if the guy comes back in your dream?

-I'll kick him out. -Jimin deadpans -For sure. It's my dream, my safe space. He has no room in it.

-Why would you even dream of an intruder if you want to be alone?

Jimin fidgets with the end of his sweater's sleeve.

-He said it's his dream too. -he whispers.

Taehyung snorts.

-Right, 'cause that's a thing that totally happens. Two people who have never seen each other before share a dream. -Taehyung picks up a book and almost shoves it on Jimin's face -That kind of stuff only happens here.

Jimin frowns at the book.

-Shared dreams are told in “The world as I see it” by Einstein?

Taehyung looks at the title of the book and groans loudly.

-You're such a fucking smartass sometimes, my bro. -Taehyung puts the book back on the shelf with the others -I almost feel sorry for the guy you share a dream with since he has to deal with you.

Jimin rolls his eyes and picks up the book he left open on the register.

-You're so helpful Tae. So helpful that I hope your date fucking sucks.

-What a shitty platonic soulmate I have. -Taehyung shakes his head -I regret offering you my lunch back in first grade.

Jimin concedes a small smile at that, but before their bickering can go on the door opens and the bell on top of it rings, their attention gathers on the old woman who just came in.



That night, Jimin takes precautions. He eats small portions of food that is easy to digest, takes a long, warm bath and even uses one of those bathbombs that Jeongguk got him for his birthday. He goes as far as to light up freaking scented candles. Jimin is well set on not dreaming the stranger with grey hair tonight. Tonight it's for him, as it usually is, with his safe space and the rules he set up for it.

Jimin falls asleep with the faint smell of slightly burned vanilla in his room.




Where there should be the horizon there's just the night sky and sea touching, blending in. And Jimin is alone.

He smiles at the realization that this time his dream is not tainted by anyone, that Yoongi's presence was just a one night thing.

Jimin starts walking, enjoying the warmth of the water under his bare feet. He looks down and he sees the stars reflecting on the mirror of water, he sees himself on it. It almost looks as if he's drowing with the universe and he loves it.

When he looks up there's a cherry tree in the middle of the ocean, it's branches softly swaying even though there's no wind, pink petals flying and never touching the ground.

Jimin walks over to the tree and he touches the trunk, the wood rough under his finger tips. The moment his skin makes contact with the tree, the petals turn blue.

Jimin closes his eyes and there is just silence around him, the promise of safety and security. This is how it should be.


Jimin snaps his eyes open and turns around. Yoongi is there, staring at him with an incredulous look on his face.

-Why are you here again? -Jimin asks bitterly and Yoongi grimaces.

-I could ask you the same thing, sweetheart. -the boy shakes his head -This is fucking ridiculous.

-Yeah, the feeling is mutual.

Yoongi arches an eyebrow, his expression hardens.

-You think this is funny? -he asks, taking a step forward -This is my dream and you're an intruder. I want you out.

-I want you out as well because this is my dream. -Jimin takes a step back and places a hand on the tree, almost as if he's trying to protect it -I'm not letting you ruin my safe space.

Yoongi stops walking and the hard expression on his pale face seems to soften.

-It's not my intention. -he whispers -I don't want to... listen to me, I'm confused as well, okay? I don't know what to think, all I know is that I never wanted to dream about you, so your presence is scary.

It is. Jimin knows it is. He feels the same way, Yoongi scares him terribly. His sole presence is terrifying, the fact that someone made his way into his head scares him.

Jimin is about to say something when he notices that something changed in the air: it's colder now, not so much that is annoying, but nonetheless colder. When he looks up he sees snowflakes hovering in the air, never touching the water, flying in the air with his blue petals. Snow and flowers almost seem to be chasing each other, playing even.

-Is that a cherry tree? -Yoongi asks -Why does it have blue flowers?

Jimin turns his attention back to the other boy.

-When I touch it they turn blue. -he answers -Why is it snowing?

Yoongi shrugs.

-It always snows in my dream. -Yoongi looks back to the petals lingering closer to him -Why the flowers?

-There are always flowers in my dream. -Jimin replies -It's what I do.

Yoongi frowns and takes a tentative step forward, this time Jimin doesn't move away. Yoongi is still a few feet away from him.

-What you do?

Jimin nods before kneeling on the sea and pressing his palm on the surface. He slowly lifts it up and, from the salted water, a flower with cerulean petals blooms.

Yoongi kneels down as well with his head tilted to the side, an amused smile stretches his lips.

-Cute. -he says before looking at Jimin -But is that all?

-What do you mean?

-Do you just make flowers?

-Who do you think made the cherry tree? -Jimin crosses his arms -Why? You think you can do better?

Yoongi's eyes are suddenly full of mirth.

-I know I can do better.

-Prove it.

Yoongi smirks.

-You can only make flowers because, clearly, you're not trying hard enough.

The grey haired boy places his hand on the water as well and suddenly, from where it touches the sea, ice starts spreading on the surface, moving slowly in intricated designs, almost creating a clear image. Jimin looks at the ice as it moves towards him and reaches the flower, clinging to it until it covers the plant completely. His flower stays still, completely frozen, as the ice keeps spreading.

Jimin glares at Yoongi.

-Did you just fucking freeze my flower?

-Oh, I'm sorry, did I hurt your feelings? -Yoongi clicks his tongue -You should leave this place if it's too hard for you.

-Fuck you. -Jimin hisses before slamming his hand on the ice that has been slowly surrounding him. Just like that, the ice melts under his touch and turns back into water.

Yoongi's smug expression disappears, the amusement in his eyes turns into something akin to, perhaps, respect.

-So you can try hard enough. -he says as he stands up -That's good to know.

-Don't you ever ruin my flowers again. -Jimin warns, getting to his feet as well.

They glance at each other for what feels like ages, blue petals and white snow fluttering right before the surface of the sea, never touching the water and never sinking.

Yoongi is the first one to break contact, turning his eyes to the moon. He seems to relax his body, stuffing his hands in the pockets of his ripped jeans.

Jimin thinks that Yoongi's silhouette looks annoyingly good in the starry night.

-Does anyone know? -Yoongi asks, breaking the silence -Of the dreams you have.

Jimin leans on the cherry tree with his back.

-My friends do, Taehyung and Jeongguk. Tae was the first person I ever told.

-Did he believe you?

Jimin chuckles.

-He didn't even question it. He believes there are rabbits on the moon, the dreams weren't even that exciting to him.

Yoongi smiles, it's a soft and small smile.

-When I told Jeongguk he looked at me for a while before saying “Tough shit”.

-He sounds like a brat.

-He is. -Jimin can't hide the fondness in his voice -And you? Have you told anyone?

Yoongi nods.

-To my friends as well. When I told Namjoon he asked me questions about it for like three whole hours, he was so fascinated by the whole deal it was almost annoying. Then I told Jin, his boyfriend. He said “Do the dreams tire you out? Do you get enough rest? Maybe I should make you eat more, so that you get more energies, it must be tiring to dream of something like that”. He's like a mom.

Jimin giggles and Yoongi turns his head to look at him.

-Weird. -he says, his voice so low that Jimin wonders if he wanted to say it out loud.

-What is?

Yoongi takes a deep breath and stares back at the moon without answering him. Jimin decides not to push it.

-So, what does this mean? -he asks -Are we sharing the dream now?

-I still think you're an intruder. I mean, seriously? Shared dreams? That's bullshit. -Yoongi pauses -I guess I'm just... accepting you in my dream. For a while.

Jimin snorts.

-So you still think I'm the one who's intruding and not the other way around?

-Of course.

-Well, I think the same. And I guess that I'll just have to accept you for the time being. -Jimin notices that the moon has gotten bigger -As long as you don't freeze my flowers.

-Damn it, I got it! -Yoongi rubs at the back of his neck -I won't freeze your goddamn flowers again.

-Good. -there's a stronger breeze in the air, the petals and the snow get pushed away from him -I'm waking up.

Yoongi frowns and looks at the water.

-I'm not. -he says before setting his eyes on Jimin -Not to sound rude or anything, but I hope I won't see you again.

-Somehow, weirdly enough, you still sounded rude.

Jimin can feel the wind slowly taking his body away, he sees his own petals being carried away. And he sees Yoongi holding his breath.

-What? -Jimin asks.

Yoongi grins.

-What a pretty flower you are.


And just like that, Jimin is awake.





Jeongguk and Taehyung are sitting cross-legged on the floor, staring at him with wide eyes whilst Jimin is sitting at his usual spot behind the counter.

After a few seconds of silence, Jeongguk speaks.

-So he flirted with you?

Jimin lets out a desperate groan.

-Of the whole story this is what got your attention?!

-Why, what should have taken our attention? -Taehyung frowns.

-I don't know, the fact that now I'm dreaming of this random guy that freezes my flowers?!

-That was the least interesting part, hyung. -Jeongguk scrunches his nose -I'm more interested in the fact that the guy was abviously flirting with you.

-Seriously? What the hell, Guk?! Besides, he wasn't flirting with me, he was trying to get on my fucking nerves! And he doesn't even exist, it's part of the dream, so no one is flirting with anyone. -Jimin crosses his arms -I can't believe that the only thing you guys reacted to was that part of the dream and not the one where he almost froze the entire ocean.

Taehyung's lips stretch into an ungodly cute boxy smile before he says:

-You're right, this guy is unbelievable. He should just... let it go. -Taehyung clicks his fingers.

Jeongguk sighs.

-I can't believe someone is willing to keep up with you enough to ask you for a second date. -the boy says, earning a snap on the back of his neck from Taehyung.

-Hoseok asked you for a second date? -Jimin asks, deciding to give up on trying to have a serious conversation about his dream with the two boys.

-He did! -Taehyung's eyes light up -Hobi is the cutest person on earth.

-Hobi, what the fuck that's so cheesy. -Jeongguk grumbles.

-He bought me two ice cream cones because I wanted to try so many flavors that only one cone couldn't hold them all. -Tae sighs with a dreamy expression -And he laughed at all my jokes... his jokes are funny too!

Jimin arches an eyebrow. If Taehyung finds Hoseok's jokes funny then they must be absolute shit.

-At one point he said “if there's a suite room... then there must be a salty one too!” and you should have seen his face when he said it, it was too funny!

-Well, he's gone. -Jeongguk turns to Jimin -We lost him. And I feel like we'll lose you too if this guy keeps coming in your dreams.

Jimin grimaces.

-I have no interest in him. I just want him to leave, but it's not like I can really kick him out. Apparently, it doesn't work like that. -Jimin sighs and closes his eyes -It's fine. At some point or another I'll stop dreaming about him.

There's silence for a while, from outside the book store Jimin can catch the soft laughter of kids playing with the snow.

He doesn't like snow.

-What if you won't stop dreaming about him? -Jeongguk asks -No, let me rephrase that. What if he's not a dream? What if he's a real person that is now stuck in your dreams?

Jimin opens his eyes, eyebrows knitting together.

-Since when do you believe in this stuff?

Jeongguk snorts.

-I didn't believe in people controlling their dreams, but here we are.

-Guk has a point, Minnie. -Taehyung pulls his legs to his chest -What if he's actually real?

If he is then how am I supposed to dream?

-He's not. -Jimin replies sharply -He's just an intruding thought.




Jimin can't help but notice the subtle changes. When he arrives in his safe place, things are different.

It's colder. Much colder than the previous night. There's snow already fluttering in the air, and the sky looks heavier with more stars.

In front of him, not too far away, Yoongi is already there.

-Hello. -Jimin says as he walks over to him.

Yoongi turns his head around and smiles. It looks forced, maybe even rehearsed, and it disappears in a second.


-Is this you? -Jimin points at their surroundings -The cold, I mean.

-Usually in my dreams is way colder than this. It's hot in yours. -Yoongi looks at the water -In my dreams the water is usually darker as well, not this clear.

Jimin hums.

-In my dreams the sky doesn't have so many stars. -Jimin crosses his arms to his chest, shivering slightly.

-Are you that cold? -Yoongi asks, amusement fills his voice.

-I don't do cold. -Jimin says betwen gritted teeth.

There's silence for a few moments, then Yoongi is taking off his black sweater.

-What are you doing?

-You look like a kitten who has been sitting under the rain. -Yoongi offers the sweater to the boy -Take it.

-No, I...

-I'm not cold. I'm actually quite warm.

Jimin debates on whether he should accept the piece of clothing or not. Yoongi shouldn't even be here, why is he acting nice all of a sudden?

I'm accepting you”

With a pout, Jimin takes the sweater and quickly pulls it on. He's taken aback when he feels that the fabric is warm. He expected it to be cold. He didn't expect it to feel like someone was actually wearing it just a few moments before. The warmth makes it too real.

-Thanks. -Jimin says, turning to Yoongi and frowning -Is that a Kumamon t-shirt?

Yoongi looks down at his black t-shirt, printed with the picture of Kumamon listening to music through some headphones.

-What if it is? -he asks, sounding a bit too defensive about it.

-Nothing, it's just... you don't look like a Kumamon fan.

-I am.

Jimin chuckles.

-I'm not Kumamon shaming you, relax.

The boy then starts walking towards his cherry tree, the flowers still pink.

-So, Yoongi, what do you do?

-Why do you ask?

Jimin shrugs before he places his hand on the wood, smiling at the way the petals immediately turn blue.

-I mean, you're here. Might as well make conversation. After all, you're just a dream as well, I'm curious to see what my mind will make up.

-You know that I could say the same about you, right?

-Just answer the question. -Jimin turns around and sits on the water, his back leaning on the trunk.

Yoongi doesn't say anything for a while. He stays quiet, looking at the snowflakes that seem to gather around him almost as if they're attracted to him.

-I make music. -he finally says -It's less cool than what it sounds like.

-I never said I though it was cool.

Yoongi shoots him a glare, but there's a playful smirk on his lips. Absent mindedly, Jimin thinks that Yoongi's lips have the color of cherry blossoms.

-What do you do, smartass?

-I work at a bookstore. -Jimin replies. He lifts the palm of his hand and waits for a blue petal to fall on it, almost weightless and velvety to the touch.

-That's it? -Yoongi asks with a frown -You just work at a bookstore?

-By night I'm a vigilante. I kill every person who freezes poor flowers.

-Do you now?

-My vigilante name is “blue daisy”.

-That sounds like a stripper's name. Also, what kind of fucked up vigilante would go by the name of “blue daisy”, the enemies would straight up laugh in the vigilante's face whilst they shoot him down.

-The enemies freeze flowers, why would they even have guns?

Yoongi pauses for a while, staring at Jimin with a blank expression.

-You make a compelling argument. -he finally mutters, turning to watch the snowflakes again.

Jimin stays with his back against the hard wood, his eyes look up to the starry sky. The dark blue of the sky is drenched with the light of stars he's never seen before, constellations he can't even fathom.

-Why so many stars? -he whispers.

-I like them.

Jimin trains his gaze on Yoongi, who is looking back a him.

-I like stars. -he repeats.

Jimin sits up a bit straighter.

-Didn't think you were a romantic.

-I'm not. -his voice is sharp, his words slurred and thick with accent, his timbre hoarse, low, scathing -I just like them.

-I almost don't want to ask you why.

Yoongi arches up an eyebrow, a clear invitation for Jimin to explain himself.

-You're not real. -Jimin briefly wonders why his voice is so weak -You're something I made up. I don't know why I did so, but it must be true. I made you up and now I'm giving you quircks, a personality. All these things make it easy for someone to grow attached to someone else. But I shouldn't grow attached to you because you're not real.

Yoongi seems to let the words sink in before he slowly nods.

-Then again... -he starts -I think I made you up as well so...

-I'm real. -Jimin snaps, there's a sudden burst of wind coming from behind his tree -I'm not some part of your fantasy, I'm real.

Yoongi's expression remains blank, his body relaxed as the wind takes away some of his snowflake, but in his eyes Jimin can see something akin to surprise. Yoongi tilts his head to the side.

-I'm real too, Jimin. -he murmurs.

Faintly, Jimin realizes that this is the first time Yoongi called him using his name. He decides to drop the subject.

-The stars. -Jimin points at the sky -Why do you like them?

Yoongi shifts his weight from one leg to the other.

-Stars are easy. -he says -They have a simple life.


-They are born, they shine, they burn and then they either burn out or explode, giving life to another one. They're easy to understand.

Jimin snorts.

-There's nothing easy about space. It's scary as shit.

-Scary? -Yoongi takes a step back, looking almost offended -Space is the easiest thing you'll ever see. The universe does nothing but expanding itself, creating stars, keeping the earth on his axes. The universe repeats itself. You can find comfort in such a routine.

Jimin grins.

-Do you find comfort in it?

Yoongi clenches his jaw.

-Do you find comfort in the ocean?

-I asked you first.

-I'm not going to answer you.

Jimin nods.

-You don't have to if you don't want to, I'm not forcing anyone. Just trying to make conversation. -Jimin forces a smile -You wanna see something cool?

Yoongi's jaw relaxes and he gives Jimin a brief nod.

Jimin waves at him to come closer, so Yoongi sits in front of him, his hand lazily hovering over the water. Yoongi has slender fingers, long, completely different from his.

-Look. -Jimin says before dipping his hands in the water below him.

When he lifts them, palms facing the sky, Jimin watches intently Yoongi's reaction. As the tiny blue flowers start sprouting from his wet hands, Yoongi's eyes widen and Jimin takes in their shape. Half moons.

-Shit. -Yoongi mutters -Holy shit.

Jimin lets out a giggle and Yoongi's gaze is back on him, around him Jimin notices that the snowflakes have stopped fluttering for a moment, standing frozen in mid air.

-I thought you weren't so impressed by flowers. - the flowers have covered almost his entire palms.

-I never said that. -Yoongi grins -But last time you only made one flower. These are a lot, and they're pretty. -he licks his lips -Okay, check this out kid.

Yoongi cups his hands and sinks them in the ocean, lifting them up slowly whilst carrying water. His eyebrows furrow in concentration, his toungue between his teeth, as the water slowly starts to freeze. As it does so, the shape starts changing and under Jimin's eyes it turns into a copy of his flowers.

-Ice flower. -Yoongi says, clear pride in his voice.

Jimin can't help the smile that take over his face as he watches the tiny ice sculpture, a perfect replica of his flowers, details so accurate that Jimin wonders if Yoongi is a perfectionist, he even recreated the veining of the petals.

-This is really beautiful. -Jimin glances at Yoongi -I could even forgive you for freezing my flower last time.

-Seriously? You're still mad? -Yoongi lets out a theatrical sigh -Wow, Jimin, you're hard to please.

Jimin chuckles as he lets the flowers on his hands fall on the water, floating gracefully around him.

There's a change in the wind, Jimin looks at the moon: it's turning pink.

-I'll wake up soon. -he says, ignoring the disappointment clear in his tone.

-Time is fucked up here. -Yoongi is looking at the ice flower -How can you tell you're waking up? I'm curious.

-The wind changes slightly. -he points at the moon -And the moon gets bigger and pinkish, water gets colder too.

Yoongi frowns and turns his head so that he can see the moon.

-It looks the same as usual to me. And there's no wind.


Yoongi nods.

-Then how can you tell?

-It gets warmer and the stream of the water gets faster.

-Faster? The water is unmoving all the time.

-No, sometimes it has strong streams.

-I've never felt them.

Yoongi hums and he opens his mouth to say something, but quickly shuts it as Jimin's body starts scattering into deep blue petals.

-I guess I'll see you soon. -Jimin says.

-Or maybe not.

-Maybe not. -Jimin smiles -You know, I never liked snow.

Then something impossible happens. Yoongi smiles. It's not a smirk, not a grin, it's not forced: it's genuine, natural, wide, with his gums and teeth showing. Jimin's heart stops for a second, in that exact moments his petals halt as well for a bries moment before they start fluttering again.

-That's a shame, Jimin. -Yoongi says -I really like flowers.






-Wait, wait, wait. -Jeongguk holds a book in front of Jimin's face -He made an ice flower? For you?

-It wasn't for me.

-Who made what?

Jimin sighs.

-Tae, why is he here? No offence, but what the actual...

-He's here because he's my boyfriend. -Taehyung chirps, his fingers intertwined with Hoseok's who, apparently, had been invited by Taehyung to visit him at work.

It's not like Jimin hates Hoseok. On the contrary, Hoseok is funny and chatty, with a personality so bright it could rival Taehyung's, it's just that when they're at work they talk about their dreams and Hoseok knows absolutely nothing about them.

-I feel like I'm missing something. -the dancer says -Someone sculpted a flower out of ice for you? -Hoseok turns to face Taehyung -That's oddly romantic, I need to step up my game.

Taehyung coos at him, lips stretched in a rectangular smile. Jeongguk gags.

-Well, Jiminie here is my platonic soulmate, I told you right?


-My platonic soulmate is a fucking nutjob and can control his dreams and now there's an intruder in them.

Jimin roughly puts a book in the shelf where it belongs before glaring at Taehyung.

-Did you just call me a nutjob?

-You can control your dreams? -Hoseok stares at him with his mouth open and his eyes wide -Is it true?

Jimin grimaces but he nods anyway.

-Woah. -Hoseok turns around to face Taehyung -Your friends are amazing.

Okay, not exactly the reaction Jimin expected, but then again this is the guy who somehow decided to keep up with Taehyung's crazyness, so maybe he shouldn't be so surprised.

-Back to the main topic. -Jeongguk points a finger at Jimin -You were right, this Yoongi isn't flirting with you. He's downright courting you.

Jimin squints his eyes.

-Courting me. -he repeats.

-Yes. Courting you, wooing you, pursuing you...

-When did you swallow a dictionary?

-He likes you.

Jimin sighs, shakes his head and turns around, bending over to take more books to put in the shelf.

-He is not real, Jeongguk. -Jimin says -Maybe I am a thirsty hoe, maybe I'm just lonely, or desperate and in my dreams I made him up so that I can feel wanted or some shit like that, I don't know, I'm not Freud.

There's a pause in which Jimin basically slams three books in their place, one of them is upside down.

-But he's not real.

Silence again, outside the snow has started to get dirty with mug and soil.

-Why do you sound so sad when you say that? -Taehyung asks, his voice is serious -Do you want him to be real?

Do I want that?

Jimin is about to take more books but he stills his movements, his eyes trained on the book that is upside down.

Do I want that?

-I just want him out. -he finally whispers -I just want him out.

Hoseok clears his voice, catching everyone's attention.

-Jimin-ah, I don't really know you that much and I'm still missing some pieces to the whole story. -he says, his voice is gentle, almost careful -But if you dream of someone who makes a flower out of ice for you, I think it's normal to want them to be real.

Jimin closes his eyes and lets the world sink in, deep in his head. He knows that's normal. He also knows that if he did want Yoongi to be real and said it out loud no one would judge him.

Do I want that?

-I just want him out. -he repeats.

He doesn't believe his own words.





Jimin immediately notices the stars. It's hard not to, really, when the whole night sky is literally shining with constellations and something else. Jimin doesn't know what they are, they almost look like a painter threw watercolors in the dark sky and smudged them together.

But it's beautiful.

Jimin lowers his gaze and, standing on the water right next to Jimin's tree, there's Yoongi. Jimin thinks that Yoongi's back is quite broad for someone that small. He makes his way over to him, snowflakes swifting away from his face merely a second before they touch him, the cold bites his skin.

-What the fuck? -he grits out and Yoongi turns around.

There's a smile on his lips.

-Hello to you too, flower.

-What's up with the sky?

-This is how it usually is in my dreams. -he says, looking at it with a fond gaze.

Jimin hums before he silently places his hand on the tree, petals immediately turning blue and fluttering in the air, dancing with the snow.

-It's beautiful. -Jimin says and he points to one of the colorful spots in the sky -What are those?

Yoongi follows his gaze.

-That's a nebula. The Horsehead nebula. It's a dark nebula, in the constellation Orion, located right to the south of the star Alnitak. -Yoongi points to Jimin a star that is absurdly shining with a blue light -And on the left of Alnitak there's the Flame Nebula.

Another point of color, astonighing white that explodes in lilac and golden yellow.

-Wow. -Jimin crosses his arms, trying to keep himself warm -This is... wow.

-I know, I'm pretty amazing.

-I'm talking about the sky.

-Who do you think made this sky? -Yoongi glances at him with the corner of his eyes and sighs -Can't you wear something warmer when you got to sleep? You should know that we appear in the dream wearing what we slept in.

Jimin rolls his eyes.

-This is my favorite pajamas.

-It's too thin, you're gonna freeze your ass. -Yoongi takes off, once again, his sweater. This one is thicker than the black one, white and fluffy. When Jimin grabs it, the fabric is so soft to the touch that the boy sighs at the feeling.

-Why don't you wear pajamas is the real question. -Jimin says whilst wearing the sweater -Do you go to sleep wearing ripped jeans?

-Ahah, real funny kid. -Yoongi stiffs his hands in the pockets of said jeans -I never sleep in my bed. I'm always falling asleep in the middle of working myself to exhaustion with my face on my desk.

Jimin grimaces.

-That doesn't sound healthy.

-Composing never is. -Yoongi shrugs -Somehow, this is part of the beauty of it.

Jimin hums, not entirely convinced by Yoongi's words, but he doesn't question it either. He knows what having a passion feels like, he knows what loving something makes you behave. Sometimes it even gets to the point where you don't feel fatigue, where your heartbeat is just a soft echo lost in the back of your head. At least, he thinks he remembers how it felt.

He looks around and he notices, once again, changes. Yes, the sky is the biggest change, but there's also the way the snowflakes and petals swirl in the air that is different. If Jimin thought the danced together, now he's almost sure that they're chasing each other. The way both petals and snow move, never straying from each other, always leading in the same direction, always so close to each other but never touching, it feels like watching some kind of love story.

-You're noticing, right? -Yoongi's voice is soothing -The changes.

-I am.

-I think my snow likes your flowers. -there's a hidden laughter in his words -Did you see the ocean?

-The ocean? -Jimin looks down.

He can't control the sharp intake of breath, almost painful in his throat, as he watches the way the water is different from the previous dream.

It's still as clear as usual, reflecting the sky with even more colors now, but the surface isn't as flat and unmoving as it should be. Instead, there are tiny wavelets, creases in the water, he can feel it now, moving under his feet. The stream, the flow of the sea. And it's so familiar, so heartbreakingly familiar, that Jimin finds it hard to breath again.

-I wonder why. -Yoongi says, breaking the silence -I wonder why things are changing.

Jimin passes a hand through his black hair, keeping them away from his eyes.

-Things started changing the moment you came in my dream.

-It's the other way around, brat.

-Actually... -Jimin ignores him -I think the real changes began once we accepted each other's presence.

At that, Yoongi pulls a face and crosses his arms.

-What kind of cheesy ass thing did you just say?

-But it's true, isn't it? -Jimin goes back to Yoongi's side, looking at a sky that he never thought he could see -So weird.

They stay in what Jimin considers the most comfortable silence he's ever shared with someone. He now feels the intimacy this whole situation bring in. There's the silent, sudden even, realization that what they're sharing is something that is almost considered a myth. Shared dreams. The ability to meet someone, someone completely unknown and new, through something as feeble and involuntary as a dream.

Jimin is sharing the most hidden and precious part of himself with someone, that someone is doing the same with him.

And that's also when Jimin realizes that he's considering Yoongi a person. A real person. Not a part of his imagination, a fragment of his subconscious, a hidden desire.

A real living person.

Do I want that?

Jimin looks at Yoongi and smiles when he sees a tiny snowflake has gotten stuck to his lashes, a white tiny thing that will soon melt away.

-You got something on your... -Jimin gestures to his face and Yoongi starts patting his cheeks -No, it's.. wait, let me take it off.

Jimin carefully takes the snowflake off of Yoongi's lashes, but then the little thing falls on the boy's cheeck, so Jimin slides his thumb over the milky skin. That's when everything around them changes.

Suddenly the sky is a clear beautiful pink, the sun is out, the air warm. Suddenly, there's daylight in their otherwise dark dream.

Jimin jolts away from Yoongi, his hand not longer touching the other one, and the sky turns back to it's usual starry self, dark enveloping them both.

-Fuck. -Yoongi mutters, he sounds out of breath -Fuck.

-What was that? Did you see that?

-'t was a little fucking hard to miss, Jimin. -Yoongi looks around -It was sunny. Has it ever happened to you before?

Jimin shakes his head, staring at the sky.

-It was sunny. -Jimin whispers -How did that happen?

-Touch me.

Jimin turns his head so abruptly that his neck hurts and he's met with Yoongi looking at him with wide eyes and pink cheeks.

-Excuse me?

-Touch me again. -Yoongi extends his hand to Jimin -Come on.

Jimin thinks about it for only a second before he's slowly grabbind Yoongi's hand. As soon as his skin touches Yoongi's, the sun is out again.

Jimin stops breathing and Yoongi squeezes his hand harder as they both take in their surroundings.

The color of the sky is the one of the sky just after the sunrise in winter, slightly pink and still too close to the vanishing night. But the most incredible and astonishing thing is that there are still stars painting it, the same stars that Yoongi loves so much and that should be visible only during the night, those stars are in the sky with the sun shining.

With a gasp, Jimin points with his free hand at the moon. Sun and moon are both visible in the sky. He dares to look at his feet and Jimin feels himself on the verge of tears. If with the night sky the sea looked similar, familiar, with the sun out it's unmistakable.

-I've seen this sunrise before. -Yoongi croaks, when Jimin turns around to look at him Yoongi's eyes are filled with tears -In Daegu.

Jimin tries his best to swallow.

-This sea. -he starts, he finds it hard to talk -This is the Busan sea.

Yoongi looks back at him, a single tear escapes his eye and he looks like he's about to say something but his attention gets caught by something else.

-Fuck. Fuck, Jimin look.

Jimin feels like asking “where do I even start looking”, but as soon as he trains his eyes away from Yoongi he knows.

It's almost crazy. Actually, no, it is crazy. His petals are still fluttering in the air, carefree as usual, but they're not blue. His petals are white. The purest white he's ever seen. The color of the snow. It takes him a moment to realize that Yoongi's snowflakes are blue. The same blue his flowers are usually painted with.

-They swapped colors? -Jimin can hear his voice shaking -What the hell is going on?

Yoongi looks down at the water and curses under his breath.

-I'm waking up. -he says and he tugs at Jimin's hand -Listen to me, I don't think this dream was made to be had by just one person.

Jimin frowns, Yoongi's body starts turning into snow, fading away.

-What are you talking about?

-I've had this doubt for a while but now I'm sure. -Yoongi holds him tighter -The stars are mine but the water is yours, you make flowers as if you were spring and I make snow and... fuck, Jimin I think this dream was meant to be shared.

Jimin can feel that Yoongi's skin is so cold that it's almost painful to touch but his words burn him.

-I... -Jimin takes a long breath, he wants to say so much but Yoongi is slowly disappearing in front of him, so all he says is -I really hope you're real, Yoongi.

The last thing Jimin sees before Yoongi disappears is how soft his usually piercing gaze becomes. Then Yoongi is not there anymore and it's night again, the dawning sun gone, his petals are blue again. But there are still a few snowflakes.





Taehyung stares at him for what feels like ages, styrofoam cup in his gloved hands and his breath creates little clouds in the chilling air.

-I think you broke him, hyung. -Jeongguk says from behind his cup of coffee.

-Tae, you there? -Hoseok clicks his fingers in front of Taehyung and the boy blinks a few times.

He takes a long sip of his Caramel Brulée Latte before sighing dramatically.

-I think I just burned my tongue. -he says, earning a laugh from Jeongguk and a concerned look from Hoseok -But that's not important.

-Isn't it? -Hoseok questions.

-What's important is that there some deep shit behind all of this. -Taehyung fixes his beanie over his red hair and gives Jimin a pensive look.

-Okay. -Jimin nods -What deep shit?

-I haven't thought so far ahead, but it's some deep shit nonetheless.

-Wow, hyung, you're so helpful. -Jeongguk rolls his eyes.

-Okay Gukkie, since you're such a fucking genius why don't you give us your opinion? Uh? Why do you expect so much from me, I'm only human for Christ's sake.

Jeongguk raises an eyebrow in challenge and turns to Jimin.

-Here's the deep shit that I got from your story. -he says -You two need to bow chika wow bow.

There's silence for a few seconds before Hoseok speaks.

-Never in my long life I thought I was going to hear the words “wow chika wow bow” used in a serious dialogue between consenting adults.

-Jeonggukie, why the fuck would you suggest that I should have sex with Yoongi? -Jimin asks, fearing the answer.

Jeongguk shrugs.

-Because he made ice flowers for you and when you two touch suddenly the sun is out? I mean, it's kind of obvious what your dream is trying to tell you.

-My dream is trying to tell me to bang Yoongi?

-No, your dream is trying to tell you that you two are... -Jeongguk seems to think about it -That you are meant for something. I don't know what, I don't know if maybe you're just meant for each other or bullshit like that, I just know that the guy who started as an intruder now belongs to your dream just as much as you do.

Jimin wants to say that no, Yoongi does not belong, but at this point wouldn't he just lie to himself? How does Yoongi not belong when he accepted him without so much of a second thought? How can he say that when Yoongi makes snow fall as if he's winter and brings galaxies and stars in his otherwise dark dreams?

I think this dream was meant to be shared.

Jimin is starting to believe those words more than he'd like to admit.

Suddenly, Taehyung snaps his fingers and sits up straighter on the plastic chair outside the Starbucks.

-What do you think it would feel like to have sex in your dream?

-Why?! -Jimin almost shouts -Why would you even wonder about that?!

-Can't a man have fantasies?

-Not when they include my dream, he can't!

-Surely you gave it a thought as well.

-No, because I'm not a sick hoe like you.

-Don't slut shame me, I'm in a serious relationship now. -he pouts, taking Hoseok's hand and squeezing it hard.

-Whatever. -Jimin angrily gulps down some of his warm drink -I don't want to think about anything concerning my dream or Yoongi, when tonight comes I'll figure something out.

The three boys hum and silently drink their beverages.

After a few seconds, it starts snowing.





The stars are even more than the previous night, the blue petals swirl lazily in the air, pausing just above the surface of the water, standing still and unmoving.

Jimin is sitting with his eyes closed against the tree, the water silently brushing against his feet and drenching his clothes, but the water is never cold. It never has been.

He can sense Yoongi arriving even with his eyes closed. The air gets chiller, the quiet more deafening, and then there's the gentle touch of a snowflake grazing his cheek. Until now the snowflakes never touched him. Now they almost seem to reach out for him.

He opens his eyes and Yoongi is standing in front of him, staring with his eyes narrowed.

They don't speak, Jimin feels like words would be wasted. Finally, Yoongi takes off his sweater and tosses it at Jimin before sitting next to him.

He waits for Jimin to put on the sweater before offering his hand to the boy. Jimin takes it, holds it firmly, and the sun is shining, the water is colored with the softest light blue and his petals are white, blue snow dances around them, the stars shine on a pink sky.

-Did you know that a dream usually lasts around twenty or thirty minutes? -Yoongi asks, his voice is barely a whisper -And that sometimes they last only for a few seconds?

-I didn't.

-Yet they all feel the same. And those seconds or dreams are about two hours of sleep. How much do you think our dream lasts?


Yoongi nods.

-It's an illusion. We feel like minutes have passed when it could actually be just seconds and in reality it's two hours. It's fucked up. This... -he points to the sky -This is fucked up.

Jimin doesn't say anything and waits for Yoongi to continue. He knows that he's not done talking. He doesn't know how, but he knows.

-And yet... -Yoongi takes a deep breath -And yet, as fucked up as this is, I can't bring myself to regret it. Not even a single second of it.

Something stops Jimin from saying that he feels the same. There's a knot in his throat that keeps him from speaking out, a soreness in his muscles that prevents him from squeezing Yoongi's hand harder. He recognizes it as fear.

-Do you ever get the urge to start walking and see if there's actually an horizon? -he asks.

Yoongi looks up to the endless ocean in front of them, he looks at the spot where sea and sky should separate each other but instead melt.

-Not really. -he replies.

-Really? -Jimin frowns -It's been bugging me since the first moment I've noticed that there's no horizon.

Yoongi turns his face to look at him with a puzzled expression.

-But there is an horizon. Just because we don't see it it doesn't mean it's not there. It's just that where sky and sea meet it blurs. -there's a pause -Two lovers meet and the line that divides them blurs.

Jimin tries very hard to keep his breath even and his eyes trained on Yoongi's without them trailing down to his lips.

-How do you know?

-Because the sky is mine and the sea is yours. -there's a small smile on Yoongi's face now -Two lovers meeting.


-We're not lovers, though.

Yoongi shrugs.

-We kind of are.

-Is that so? -Jimin giggles and, once again, the snowflakes stop moving for a moment -They do that sometimes. Why do they stop?


-The snowflakes, sometimes they stop moving.

Yoongi quickly tears his gaze away from Jimin, looking at anything and nothing.

-I have no idea. -a pause -You said you don't like it. The snow, I mean.

Jimin hums, nodding as the snowflakes slowly fall onto his lap.

-I don't. -he says -But I'm starting to grow fond of it.

Jimin doesn't fail noticind the smug grin on Yoongi's lips, but he decides to let him go this once.

Yoongi's hand is cold, yet Jimin finds himself getting warmer and warmer as the seconds go by.

-I was born in Daegu. -Yoongi suddenly says -This is the same exact morning sky I've seen there a few years ago. You said that the sea is the Busan sea.

Jimin feels his jaw clenching.


-You live in Busan?

-Not anymore.

-Oh. -Yoongi doesn't inquire -I don't live in Daegu either.

None of them ask each other where it is that they live now. Jimin feels like he knows why, but he stays quiet and looks at the moon whilst it gets bigger and pink shades paint it.

I don't want to wake up.

-What do we do now? -Jimin asks and Yoongi shrugs.

-Same thing we do every night.

-Try to take over the world.

Yoongi turns his face so that he's looking at him, and in his eyes Jimin can quite clearly see judgement.

-You did not just quote “Pinky and the Brain” in this place.

-Hey, this dream is as yours as it is mine, so I'll quote whatever I want.

Yoongi rolls his eyes but lets the question drop, Jimin feels like he won this round. Then, Yoongi's hand grips his a little harder.

-You're waking up. -he whispers, staring at Jimin's legs that are slowly turning into petals and carried away by the soft breeze.


-You just said that this dream is also mine.

Jimin looks in Yoongi's eyes and for the first time he sees something akin to vulnerability. He can feel himself being drifted away, his grip on the dream fading.

-You said it yourself. -Jimin smiles -This dream is meant to be shared.

The last thing he sees before he wakes up is the easy smile on Yoongi's lips.






As the days pass, they blur together. Almost like the line that should divide sea and sky.

Jimin works in his bookstore with Taehyung, Jeongguk coming every afternoon and keeping them company, Hoseok becomes part of their life.

Jimin still wrinkles his nose at the new couple because, somehow, they manage to become grosser and grosser as the days go on.


-I'm so in love with him, Minnie. -Taehyung tells him one morning -He's so good to me, you know?

-I know, Tae.

-And he always buys me ice cream even though it's winter.

-I know, Tae.

-And the way his dimples show every time he cracks a smile, I swear to God...

-I know, Tae.

-I love him so much... -silence for a few seconds -And fuck the things he can do with that tongue.

-Now I don't know anymore and I don't want to know.


The routine is easy. You wake up, wash yourself, have breakfast, go to work, get through Taehyung's jokes and weird questions (“Do fish get thirsty?” “Oh my God, Tae.” “No, really, do they? I need to know, it's keeping me awake at night!”), have lunch, keep working, go home, eat, go to sleep.

But if the days blur together then the nights are the clearest things he has ever experienced. For a few days, Jimin is almost scared that his dream with Yoongi will become routine as well. They don't. They never will.

Every night is similar yet completely different, every night Yoongi has snow clinging to his grey hair but he still manages to make it look like it never happened before.

Yoongi, Jimin notices, owns a particular and astonishingly delicate beauty to his features. From the button nose to the curve of his cheeckbones and down to his pretty pink lips, Yoongi is soft and looks almost frail, his skin holds the color of winter.

Then there's the way Yoongi looks at him, a piercing gaze in his hooded eyes that sometimes can be so intense, so questioning, that it can leave him breathless. And Yoongi's laughter could fill up an entire auditorium, replacing an entire orchestra, for the sound is so rough and endearing.

Just like Winter.




-Merry Christmas.

Yoongi looks up at Jimin from where he's crouching.

-Oh, yeah, it's Christmas. Almost forgot.

Jimin chuckles and crouches on the water in front of Yoongi.

-How do you forget Christmas?

-When you do my job days kind of... -he seems to look for the right words.


Yoongi smiles.

-Yeah, blur. -the boy takes off his sweater and gives it to Jimin.

Lately Yoongi's been wearing thicker sweaters, warmer and softer.

-Well, I prepared a gift. Well, more like the idea of a gift, but still.

-Are you shitting me? -Yoongi groans -Now I feel like an ass, I didn't prepare anything. Not even the notion of an idea.

-You didn't even remember it was Christmas, I don't blame you.

-Okay. What's this gift?

-You said you liked flowers, right?

Yoongi's lips curl up in a smirk.

-I sure do.

-What's your favorite?


Jimin snorts at Yoongi's boldness but he still can't help the flush that takes over his skin.

-That's so horribly cheesy.

-You liked it.

-I mean it, name me a flower.

Yoongi licks his lips and his eyebrows knit together in concentration, letting a few moments pass before his eyes light up.

-I don't know if it's the right name, but my mom calls them “farewell to spring”.

-Oh, yeah. The name's right. -Jimin clears his voice and sits more comfortably on the sea -Okay. The color will probably be fucked up.

He can see the confusion written over Yoongi's face, but the grey haired boy doesn't make any questions.

Jimin takes a deep breath and places the palms of his hands on the water's surface. Closing his eyes, Jimin pictures the flower in his mind, the double layer of petals, the fading colors.

He hears a sharp intake of breath coming from Yoongi and he knows that it's working. When he opens his eyes there are hundreds of blue farewell to springs sprouting on the ocean, covering it like a carpet and surrounding Yoongi.

And Yoongi... Yoongi looks absolutely dazed, his eyes hungrily scanning over every flower.

-Holy shit.

-Why is that the only thing you say when I make flowers? -Jimin asks, the snowflakes softly fall on the petals.

-Because it's... it's just... -Yoongi sighs -Holy shit.

Jimin smiles proudly and crosses his arms.

-I told you that I can try hard enough.

-Fuck yes, you can. -Yoongi laughs breathelessly -Wow.

The rest of the dream is spent with Jimin making flowers and Yoongi recreating them in ice.





Two more weeks pass. Jimin goes to work, lives his life, keeps up with Taehyung's antics, watches him as he falls desperately in love with Hoseok. And he watches as Hoseok does the same.




-I'm going to ask you a question. -Taehyung says, and the atmosphere in the bookstore suddenly changes, Jeongguk and Hoseok both seem to be holding their breaths -And I'm gonna need you to be totally straight with me.

Jimin grimaces.

-You can't ask for the impossible, Tae.

-I'm gonna need you to be as bisexual as possible but honest with me.

-That's more like it. -Jimin leans on the bookshelf -What is it?

-So, we decided that this Yoongi guy is real, yeah?

God I sure hope so.

-We did. -Jimin nods.

Taehyung bites his bottom lip.

-Are you in love with him?

Jimin is suddenly surrounded by white noise.

I'm not in love with him.

That's what he wants to say. Because he's not. But that's a lie as well. The truth is, Jimin doesn't think he is. There's... something. That's for sure. But is it love? It would be reckless to call it love, Jimin thinks that whatever feelings he has for Yoongi can't exactly be helped when there's the dream they share. They share something so impossible and so scarily intimate that it's impossible to not feel something, right? But is it love?

I'm not in love with him.

-Does it matter? -that's what he finally says.

-Shouldn't it? -Jeongguk questions -You accepted him, and you accepted that he's real, so isn't it important to know whether you're in love with him or not?

-They're right, Jimin-ah. -Hoseok gives him an understanding smile -You always talk about him.

-I tell you what happens in my dream. Yoongi happens to be in it too. -Jimin doesn't know why he's defending himself.

-Yeah, but when you talk about what he does, you're... -Hoseok quints his eyes -I don't know. Like the other day, you told us that Yoongi tripped and landed face first on the water.

Jimin can't help but smile at the memory and suddenly, all three of his friends start snapping their fingers and clapping loudly.

-There it is! -Taehyung screams, startling the old lady who's scanning through the mistery section.

-What are you talking about?

-The smile! -Hoseok replies -You have that smile when you talk about him!

-He landed face first on the water, of course I'm smiling, it was funny!

-You always have that smile when you talk about him. -Jeongguk grins -It's almost cute.

-Shut up. -Jimin takes a book from the box at his feet and pretends to read a page -And let's get back to work.

-That book is upside down.

-I will fight you, Taehyung.





The days blur together and the nights stay cristal clear.

Then, at some point, he realizes.

Jimin isn't sure of how or when it happened but, along the way, he fell in love with Yoongi. And he fell hard. It doesn't surprise him, not after the talk he had with his friends especially, and mostly because falling in love with someone like him is probably a hard thing to avoid.

They share an intimacy so deep that it startles them, makes them wonder where they should draw a line. But the line would blur anyway.

Still, it happens. He doesn't know how or when. He just realizes he's been in love for quite a while.

One night, Yoongi is creating a monarch butterfly with his ice, a soft smile warming his face and his cold hand holding Jimin's. With the pale rays of sunshine casting shadows on his face and blue snowflakes falling on his grey hair, Jimin knows.

“Oh, yeah.” he thinks, wondering what took him so long “That's true, I love him.”

The petals of his flowers start falling harder at the realization and Yoongi turns to face him.

-Tomorrow night go to sleep wearing some shoes.

Jimin frowns. Well, that's an anticlimatic thing to say to his face when he just had an epiphany.


-Just do it. You won't regret it.





-He asked you to wear shoes?


-Oh. -Taehyung clicks his tongue -Maybe he has a shoe kink.

Jimin throws a book at him but instead of hitting Taehyung's face it lands on Hoseok's ass.






He opens his eyes but Yoongi is still nowhere to be seen. He did wear his shoes though, so he better hurry up.

After a few seconds, maybe minutes, snow starts falling around him.

-Okay, did you wear shoes? -Yoongi asks.

-Hello to you too. Yeah, I did, they're getting drenched.

-Okay, let's do this. -Yoongi gets on his knees on the water right next to Jimin and rubs his hands together -This is gonna be awesome.

Before Jimin can ask what's going on, Yoongi has set his hands in the water. Under Jimin's eyes, the sea starts to freeze. The water turns to ice, thick and solid, white and almost sparkling under the moonlight. Yoongi lifts his hands when he's satisfied with the length of ice that now stands before them.

-That's... impressive but why did you freeze half of the ocean?

-This. -Yoongi points at the ice -Is your Christmas present.

-It's almost New Years Eve.

-It took me a while to come up with a decent idea, don't be ungrateful.

-What am I supposed to do with a frozen sea?

-Yah! It's an ice rink, you dense flower boy!

Jimin's eyes widen and immediately an amused smile takes over his face.

-You made an ice rink?

-We're going to ice skate.

-You can ice skate?

-Absolutely not. Can you?


-It's a dream. You make flowers and I freeze half of the ocean, I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that we can probably ice skate in this dream.

Jimin considers it for a while and decides that he's probably not wrong.

-Okay, let me just... -Yoongi grabs Jimin's ankle and ice starts forming under Jimin's shoe in the form of blade -There we go, ice skates. Ah! -Yoongi giggles as he does the same to the other shoe -Elsa got nothing on me.

-You watched Frozen?

-Who hasn't? Okay, you're ready to go. -Yoongi does the same to his own shoes and stands back on his feet and grabs Jimin's hand. The sun comes out and the ice rink is tinted with shades of pink -Let's do this.

They take one step on the ice, then another, and they are slowly but surely sliding.

-Oh. This is easy. -Yoongi mutters.

-We're not even skating.

-Yeah, but we're probably gonna be pros. Shall we try to actually skate?


In unison they take a step. That's when they realize they made a huge mistake.

-Shit! -Jimin screams, holding to Yoongi's arm -I'm slipping, I'm totally gonna fall!

-Hey, don't bring me down with you!

-You will never ever bring me down.

-Are you actually quoting EXO right now?! Oh God, this was a mistake!

-Fuck, I'm about to do a side split!

-Don't do a side split, hold on to me!

-Hold on to you?! You look like you're about to dive in with your head in the ice, why should I trust you?!

-Why did I think this was a good idea?!

-I don't know! I kind of hate you right now!

-Yah! I did it for you!

-Yeah and look how good it's going!

-You're so fucking ungrateful!

-Okay, wait, maybe if I do this we'll...





-So? -Taehyung asks, Jeongguk and Hoseok looking at him with eyes full of expectation -What did you do next?

Jimin sighs.

-We decided to just let ouserlves fall and wait until we wake up. We couldn't get back to the water. -a pause -My muscles are sore and my butt is still freezing.

Taehyung bursts out in a laugh so loud that the whole district probably heard him, slapping Hoseok's thigh whilst the few customers they have in the shop shoot them annoyed looks.

-You have to admit, frozen ass aside... -Jeongguk smirks -It was pretty damn romantic of him.

Jimin doesn't need to admit anything, he already knows.





Everything is wrong when Jimin opens his eyes. The first thing that hits him is the unforgiving cold, then the wind is so strong Jimin fears it will cut his skin. And the snow falls so heavy and thick he can't almost see what's in front of him, but he knows. This is a storm.

The water splashes violently in waves at his thighs as he makes his way into the dream. He knows Yoongi is there somewhere and he needs to find him and make him stop the snow.

He tries to scream Yoongi's name, but the wind swallows his voice. Then, in the distance, he can make out Yoongi's silhoutte standing still in the snow.

Jimin runs to him, straining against the snow and the wind that look like they're trying to stop him and, somehow, he manages to reach him.

-Wake up! -Jimin screams -Yoongi!

There's no responde and as he sees his face, Jimin knows why. Yoongi's eyes are blank, staring at nothing, and his whole skin is covered in a thin layer of ice. In a split second of absolute terror, Jimin thinks that Yoongi is dead, but there are faint clouds of breath condensing in the freezing air.

-Yoongi, please wake up. -Jimin grabs Yoongi's hand and almost recoils at how cold he is -You're having a nightmare, wake up!

Yoongi doesn't answer, but the sun has come out and, even though the storm hasn't stopped, the rays of light are a sudden blessing. Jimin then sees that where his hands are touching Yoongi, the ice is melting. Immediately he goes to cup Yoongi's face, staring at the ice as it turns into driplets of water.

-It's okay, just wake up. -Jimin takes a deep breath -It's really fucking cold, so wake up. There's no way I can make flowers when it's this cold. -he pauses -I feel like an asshole, I'm guilt tripping you in waking up. Can you even hear me?

The ice has almost completely melted from Yoongi's face and his damp hair stick to his skin. Jimin puts his forehead on Yoongi's and closes his eyes, ignoring the way his wet clothes make him shiver.

-Please, wake up.

Seconds go by, maybe even minutes, then suddenly Yoongi's eyes widen and the boy takes a sharp breath before he flinches and takes a step back.

-Hey, it's me! -Jimin grabs Yoongi's wrist and stops him -It's just me!

Just like that, the storm slows down until it stops, leaving only the quiet fluttering of snowflakes.

Yoongi looks around as if he's lost until he focuses his gaze on Jimin.

-What the fuck?

-I should be the one asking that question! You scared me, I though you were dead!

-You're here. -the words are whispered, barely loud enough to be heard.

-Of course I'm here. Did you have a nightmare? You still have some ice on you.

Yoongi lets out a shaky breath before he throws his arms at Jimin's neck, holding him firmly aginst him. Jimin stills for a moment, caught back, but he manages to lift his arms to hold Yoongi's waist.

-You're way too thin, do you even eat?

-I'm so fucking cold.

-Yeah, I can feel that. Are you okay?

-Do I look okay to you?

Jimin snorts.

-I can see that the sass hasn't gone away. -Yoongi's breath breaks on his skin -What did you d...

-Don't you dare ask me that. -Yoongi hisses, but he holds him tighter.


-Distract me. Until I wake up.

-What do you want me to say?

-Anything. What did you eat to day?

-Pork skewers. -Jimin replies, the rest of the ice that still clings on Yoongi's skin melts -Hoseok-hyung paid. Err, Jeongguk bitched the whole time because he prefers lamb skewers. There's this old lady who is a regular at the shop, today she bought thirteen books. Thirteen! I can't wait until I'm an old man who screams at pidgeons so that I have time to read so much. I'm running out of stuff.

-Please, don't.

-Okay, give me a moment. -Jimin grimaces -I was a dancer once.


-Back in Busan. Busan Arts School, one of the top students. I had to drop out after a year. Money was short, my parents had their own stuff to take care of and they never really liked the fact that I cared more about dancing than I did about anything else, so I left the city with Taehyung when he told me we could start working at his grandmother's bookstore.

-You never told me you could dance.

-Yeah, it's weird to talk about it. I really thought I was going to be a dancer, so when that didn't happen I wasn't in the happiest place. But it's fine. I like my life now. You're waking up. -Jimin says when he sees Yoongi's body turning into snow -Did you know that Taehyung is from Daegu too? He moved to Busan by case, we went to highschool together. You two would get along. Actually, maybe not so much, you're polar opposites. Or maybe you'd get along just because of that, you know what they say about-

-I'm in love with you.

Around them, the snow starts coming down a little bit faster, the air gets warmer.

-I'm so fucking in love with you, Jimin.

There's something desperate in the way Yoongi says it, his voice hoarse as if he's been screaming for hours. And Jimin can't find in himself the strength to say something back, his mind completely taken over by Yoongi's words. So instead he holds Yoongi even closer before he turns completely into snow and until Jimin finds himself hugging nothing but the air.

The sun disappears, and it's night again.





-What will you do now?

Jimin looks at Taehyung, sitting next to him behind the cash register, the store empty in the early morning.

-I mean you love him too, right? -Taehyung bites his bottom lip -So the obvious answer would be “tell him you love him as well and have five kids”. But something's holding you back.

Jimin looks away from Taehyung and to the street behind the bookstore's glassdoor. It's raining heavily, the snow is melting.

-I'm afraid.

-Of what? You already know he's in love with you, he told you.

The snow is melting outside.

-I'm afraid he's not real.

He can feel Taehyung's eyes on him but he can't find the courage to look away from the melting snow.

-You said he's...

-I convinced myself he's real. What if he's not?

The snow is melting.

He never liked the snow.

Jimin closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.

-God, Tae, what if he's not real?

Taehyung doesn't answer him. He just reaches for Jimin's hand and holds it tight.





There's no storm this time, which is already a good start. The snowflakes are quiet as the graciously fall on the sea, never quite touching the surface.

Jimin sees Yoongi sitting beside his tree, legs close to his chest and an arm resting on his knees.

Jimin wordlessly sits next to Yoongi, leaning his back on the tree. Yoongi is staring at the stars, his eyes are heavy with tiredness.

Silently, Jimin offers his hand to the other boy. Yoongi holds it immediately, releasing a breath Jimin didn't know he was keeping in and the sun rises next to the moon.

-You have freakishly short fingers, has anyone ever told you that? -Yoongi asks and Jimin grimaces.



-I have the worst complex over them.

Yoongi mutters something under his breath that sounds like a very complex curse.

-I like them though. -he then says and Jimin raises an eyebrow.

-You said they're freaky.

-I meant cute.

-No, you didn't.

-Well, I do now.

Jimin lets a giggle escape his lips and the snowflakes still their falling in the middle of the air for a second before resuming their movement. Next to him, Yoongi blushes.

-Will you tell me why your snow stops when I laugh?

Yoongi nibbles at his lip.

-It's not when you laugh. It happens with that other sound you make.

-Other sound?

Yoongi frowns.

-It's like a laugh but not really.

-Wait, you mean when I giggle?

Yoongi click his fingers.

-That! That sound.

-Why would your snow stop falling when I giggle? -Jimin then smirks playfully -Is it because your heart skips a beat?

Under Jimin's incredulous eyes Yoongi blushes even harder, his pale skin tinting with red and he shifts uncomfortably.

-You're kidding me.

-Shut up.

-Yoongi, that's like the cutest thing ever.

-I mean it, drop it.

-Who knew you could be such a sap.

-Yah! -Yoongi finally turns to look at him -I've been meaning to tell you for a while, you disrespect me constantly and I'm clearly older than you! Shit, you don't even call me hyung!

-It's a dream, my dream, I'm not giving you honorifics in a dream.

-You're so annoying. -Yoongi scowls and looks back at the sky, pouting in a way so adorable that it almost doesn't suit him. Almost.

Jimin lets the silence linger on, Yoongi's hand is cold against his skin but Jimin has never felt more comfortable than now.

Then he remembers the storm.

-What was the nightmare about?

Yoongi stiffens.

-Don't push it.

-You need to talk about it. You were terrified.

-No shit, Sherlock, it was a nightmare.

-Yoongi, I mean it.

-So do I.

Yoongi stays quiet for a long time. Jimin thinks he's never goint to reply to him, that he'll never tell him what exactly was that almost turned him into ice.

And then, finally, Yoongi speaks.

-Your giggle sounds like a handpan to me. -his voice is as soft as a caress -It's an instrument, you graze it with your hands and the purest sound comes out.- he pauses -Do you ever wonder why I never asked for your full name? Or why I don't ask you where you live now, or for your phone number or anything? And why you do the same?

Jimin doesn't need to wonder. He already knows why he doesn't ask Yoongi any of those things and, in a way, he thinks he knows that it's the same reason as Yoongi's.

-I'm terrified that if I do ask you and maybe actually try and reach you outside the dream I'll find out you don't exist. -Yoongi swallows hard -That I made you up.

The snowflakes and blue petals dance around each other silently.

-I don't think I'd be able to survive if I found out you're not real.

Jimin stares at the water.

-Yeah. -he holds Yoongi's hand tighter -Yeah, me neither.

-That's scary.

-It is.

-In my nightmare you were gone. I opened my eyes in the dream and you weren't there and immediately I knew that you were an illusion. -a petal falls on Yoongi's hair -I don't want to love an illusion.

-I'm real.

Yoongi snorts.

-I sure as fuck hope so.

The truth is, Jimin wouldn't be surprised if he found out that Yoongi isn't real. He wouldn't be able to find shame in making up someone as beautiful as Yoongi and he sure as hell wouldn't find shame in falling in love with such illusion. As terrifying as it sounds, he wouldn't regret it either.

-I'm in love with you too, you know that right?

Yoongi's grin is so smug that Jimin kind of wants to punch it off his face.

-Of course you are, who wouldn't want a piece of this.

-I take it back, I hate your guts.

Yoongi laughs and Jimin watches him as he scrunches up his nose and how his smile shows his gums and teeth. There's some sort of miracle in being able to witness this.

Yoongi looks at him in the eyes and something in the air clicks.

Yoongi lifts his free hand and traces the line of Jimin's jawline before cupping his face.

-I need to try something. -Yoongi's thumbs brush over Jimin's cheeckbones -If you'll let me.

The snowflakes and petals are falling harder and faster. Jimin nods and stays still, holding his breath as Yoongi leans in, closer and closer until finally he's kissing him. It's brief, almost a caress and Yoongi immediately pulls back, staring at Jimin with wide eyes and his lips parted.

It takes him one second before he's leaning in again and closing his eyes, this time pressing his lips against Jimin's more firmly.

It feels real. It feels so real that Jimin's heart aches, it feels like kissing a snowflake. When Yoongi tilts his head to deepen the kiss Jimin finds himself yearning for more, more, more.

Everything seems to blur: the feeling of Yoongi's chapped lips, of how soft his grey hair is under Jimin's fingers, of Yoongi's hands on his neck, of the sound Yoongi makes when Jimin pulls at his shirt to get him impossibly closer, everything seems to blur.

Two lovers meet and the line that should divide them blurs.

They kiss until Yoongi is turning into snow and Jimin into petals. When Yoongi breaks the kiss there's something desperate in his eyes, pupils blown wide and breath coming out ragged and short.

-What's wrong? -Jimin asks and fuck, he's breathless too.

-You're so fucking scary. -Yoongi whispers, tracing the line of Jimin's lips with his fingers -If kissing you in a dream fells like this I don't what I'll do if I'll kiss you in the real world.


Yoongi falls quiet at that. They're about to wake up but they're holding to the dream, straining to stay asleep.

-I'm real, Yoongi. -Jimin whispers -Please, be real as well.





Hoseok and Jeongguk are staring at him with wide eyes whilst sitting cross-legged on the floor, Taehyung has his mouth still hanging open and the usual old lady is patiently waiting for them to snap out of it so that she can pay for her books. She doesn't seem to be bothered by the waiting, though, she's still walking around with her basket full of new books and sometimes she picks another one, opening it at a random page and reading a few lines.

Hoseok is the one who breaks the silence.

-So... you basically professed your undying love for each other?

Jimin groans.

-The word “undying” has never been mentioned. -he mumbles.

-Damn right, that's because it wasn't necessary! -Hoseok lets out a short laugh -This is unbelievable. Why are you so calm about this?

-What am I supposed to do? Take my journal and write Yoongi's name with hearts and flowers all around it?

-You know, you can leave the sass in your dream. -Jeongguk says -Ain't nobody got time for that.

-You little...

-You told him. -Taehyung interrupts him -You told him you love him.

Jimin frowns but nods at his friend.

-Even though you're so scared?

-What was I supposed to do? Leave him hanging? -Jimin sighs -Yeah, I'm scared. He's scared too. And maybe he's real, maybe he isn't, I don't care. There's not much I can do about it.

Silence falls in the bookstore, broken only by the soft sound of the old lady's steps around the shop, then Jeongguk sighs and ruffles his hair.

-You know, I'm starting to feel like we're missing something.

-What do you mean? -Taehyung asks him.

-Like, why are you two dreaming about this? Why do you share a dream? -Jeongguk squints his eyes -Let's say he's a real person, how do you share a dream with someone you never met before? What kind of connection triggers this stuff? Why the two of you specifically? To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised to read a story like this in a book about star crossed lovers or something.

-Star crossed? -Hoseok asks.

-Like Romeo and Juliet and all that jazz.

A pause.

-Don't they both die horribly in the end? -Taehyung aks, earning a groan from the whole group.

-Way to lighten up the mood, babe. -Hoseok grins at him and Taehyung sticks his tongue out.

Silence falls again, this time it lingers on. That's until a fifth unknown voice joins the conversation.


Taehyung jolts and turns around to find the old lady behind him, looking at the group with a kind smile and tired eyes.

-Shit, that scared me...

-Language. -Hoseok scolds him.

-Sorry. Err... -Taehyung purses his lips -Poop, that scared me?

Jeongguk groans and rolls his eyes.

The old lady turns to look at Jimin.

-Isn't sharing a dream something that you read in a book about two people destined to meet? Maybe you and that boy you talked about are soulmates.

-Soulmates? -Jimin asks in disbelief, the old lady shrugs.

-I used to dream about my late husband as well way before I met him. -she says -But I'm just an old woman who reads too many books. Oh, and I need to get home before it gets too cold outside, so if I could please pay for these...

-Oh, yeah, absolutely! -Jimin quickly makes his way to the cash register -I'm sorry we kept you waiting.

-It's quite allright, dear, time doesn't really matter when you're my age.

Jimin smiles as he scans the books and hands the woman a receipt, accepting the money the woman gives him.

-You're all quite young. -she says as she walks to the door, her frame slim and frail -I used to think that everything was possible when I had your age. Perhaps it's true.





Jimin wants to tell Yoongi these things in the dream. About soulmates and of how crazy it sounds, about the old lady and the kind smile she had on her face. He doesn't. Yoongi doesn't appear in his dream.

Jimin thinks that he's having a nightmare at first. When he realizes that this is not a bad dream he's terrified.


“It's okay” he tells himself “Yoongi is busy. He's probably writing a song and forgot to go to sleep because he had too many coffees. It's okay.”



It stops being okay when Jimin doesn't see Yoongi in the dream for two more nights.

“Oh.” he realizes. Once again, he comes to a realization as the only things that flutter in the sky and falls on the surface of the water, never quite touching it, are his petals and not Yoongi's snow “Oh, that's true then. He's not real.”







-I'm going to Busan for a while. -Jimin tells Taehyung after those two nights.

-When? And why? It's been so long...

-I'm leaving this afternoon, I already got the tickets for the train. -Jimin looks at his hands resting on his lap -I just... want to see my parents again. I'll be gone for two days or so, I'll be back soon.

Taehyung nods.

-Okay, can you now stop spitting bullshit and tell me the truth? We both know that you probably won't even get near your house, let alone talk to your parents.

Jimin grimaces. It was quite naive of him to assume that Taehyung would have believed his lies.

-I need to go there to... I don't know, maybe not think about Yoongi for a while.

-Why would you need that? Did you guys have a fight?

-No. -Jimin clears his voice -No, I haven't dreamed about him for three nights.


Jimin shrugs.

-Why the hell didn't you tell me, Minnie?

Jimin looks at the street outside his store, where the snow has melted completely, leaving only dirt and soil.

-Because I'm not ready to accept that he's not real. -Jimin replies.

-You don't know that, maybe he's...

-He's not real, Tae. I'm not surprised. It's just that... I think my heart broke or something. I don't know. I thought that I would've cried. Or felt something. -Jimin sighs -I'm not feeling anything. Something broke.

They don't speak for the rest of the morning and no customer comes in. But Taehyung holds his hand for the whole time.



☾  ☼



Busan, Jimin realizes, didn't change. He should be happy about it, he should at least appreciate the fact that his city is still the same, that it waited for him to come back and not feel lost. Instead, he hates it. He hates that the streets are exactly as he remembers them, that the little park near his old highschool is still ugly and that no one cleaned the writings from the slide, he hates that the air smells the same, that the seagulls are still flying near the docks and that the sky has the same colors.

What he hates the most, though, is the sea.

There's no one on the beach, probably because of how cold it is, the air is chilling and the sun is pale behind white clouds.

The Busan sea is still the same and it's still exactly like it is in his dream. He could accept it. He could if only the line that divides sky and sea were blurred. It isn't, though. It's there, cristal clear. The horizon is there in front of him, so real that it hurts.

The dream in which Jimin found comfort and peace for so long it's now something he despises. An illusion, a fabricated reality where he found a love that is not real and never will be. Jimin resents his dream, his imagination. And he hates, hates it so much that his insides burn and he hates Yoongi. He hates how well he can picture him in his head, grey hair falling on moon shaped eyes, lips pink and dry, skin as white as snow and a voice that could stop the world from spinning if he wanted to.

He hates his memory and he loves the image of Yoongi walking barefoot on the Busan sea with his eyes set on the sky of Daegu.

Jimin takes off his shoes and stuffs them in his backpack, sighing as the damp sand sticks to his feet. He walks towards the shore and the water hits his skin with a short wave.

-It's cold as fuck. -he mutters, chin tucked in his scarf.

He's so used to the water being warm that he almost doesn't recognize the feeling he kept in his heart for so long as a child.

-Everything's falling apart. -he whispers, staring at the water -Something broke.

Jimin starts walking, the water drenching the edges of his jeans and the wind freezes him but he still walks, looking at the horizon that for so long he searched in his dream and now that it's here, right in front of him, he wants it to disappear.

The sun is now low in the sky, soon it will disappear behind the sea. Jimin isn't sure if he's ready for another night to come.

Jimin tears his gaze away, looking at the beach and he stops dead in his tracks.

He's not alone, someone else is walking on the shore, feet bare and shoes in their hands, meters away from him.

Jimin can't see their face, covered by a hoodie, but he can see their back. He's seen it already. He's seen those steps already, he's seen that way of walking, steps so light they almost didn't hit the surface of the water.

Jimin can't move.

-Yoongi. -the sound that comes out of his mouth is choked, barely a whisper. The moment the name slips out of his lips, though, the man abruptly turns around.

He's too far, Jimin can't see his face, but immediately the man starts walking to him.

Jimin can't move.

-Yoongi. -he tries again, this time a bit louder. He takes one step forward and as he does the man drops his shoes on the sand and he starts running -Yoongi.

One more step, the sun is almost touching the sea.

And then, over the sound of his frantic heart beat, he hears the man's voice, carried by the wind, as he calls his name.

Jimin then runs, almost trips on the sand, but he keeps running because that's his name that the man is calling, and Jimin could recognize Yoongi's voice even amidst a raging hurricane. The hoodie that's been covering his face falls back as he runs and Jimin can see the pale skin, the grey hair and the pure, utter happiness in the hooded eyes. He can see Yoongi.

As soon as he's close enough, Jimin throws himself at Yoongi and they both stumble back until they're falling on the wet shore and the waves hit them.

Jimin has his eyes closed and he can feel Yoongi's warmth, he can feel his arms holding him so hard that it hurts and he loves it. Jimin passes his hands between Yoongi's hair and they feel exactly like in his dream, and his smell is the same and his skin is still cold and this time it doesn't just feel real, it is.

-You're here. -Yoongi's voice comes out in ragged breaths and Jimin shivers -You're real. Fuck. Fuck, you're real.

-Where the hell have you been? -Jimin asks with his face hidden in the crook of Yoongi's neck -I thought you were gone, I didn't see you in the dream, I thought-

-I'm so sorry, shit, I'm sorry. I literally forgot to go to sleep, I had this song I was working on and I had too much coffee, then I basically fainted and... it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter, I'm so sorry. -Yoongi's hold tightens -Oh God, you're real.

-What the fuck are you doing in Busan?

-I don't know. I woke up today and I just bought the tickets. What are you doing here?

Jimin laughs.

-I woke up today and I just bought the tickets. -he says as his eyes start welling up with tears -I can't believe you're here.

-Shit, are you crying?

-What, did you expect me not to?!

-I didn't expect you to be here! Fuck! Fuck, wait, I need to see your face.

Reluctantly, Jimin lifts his head up and lets go of Yoongi, keeping his hands on his neck and tilting his head so that Yoongi can see him and so that he can do the same.

Yoongi is actually there and he's real and so beautiful it feels like an illusion, but it isn't. It isn't.

Yoongi's eyes take in hungrily Jimin's face, his fingers trace the lines of Jimin's cheeckbones and then there's that smile that Yoongi makes, the one that can halt his blue petals in the middle of their descent.

-I swear to God, you're so fucking beautiful.


-Shut the fuck up. -Yoongi sits up on the sand with Jimin still on top of him and he still has that smile -I don't care if I'm a sap, I'll say the most cheesy of stuff right now and I won't let you judge me.

Jimin giggles and Yoongi's smile turns soft and his eyes redden.

-Literally the purest sound I've ever heard. -he chuckles -Fuck, I am cheesy.

-You are.

-I'm happy, I can't help it. And why the fuck am I not kissing you yet?

-Don't know, you should probably do something about it.

Yoongi rolls his eyes before pulling at Jimin's jacket and kissing him softly, carefully.

-Shit, it's even better than I imagined. -he says before kissing him again, harder this time, and still smiling.

In between the kisses, Yoongi says a whole amount of things: “I can't believe this”, “I swear to God, I'll take you to coffee dates”, “I'll even watch shitty romance movies if you like them”, “Shit, I owe Namjoon 20,000 wons”, “I'll take you to Daegu”, “I love you so much”, “I'll even fucking cook for you”, “Shit, I'll write songs for you”.

And in between kisses Jimin just laughs and tells him he loves him back and urges him to use those lips for more important matters instead of talking so much.

And as they kiss, the sun hits the sea, casting orange shadows on the water and the horizon disappears, the line that divides sea and sky blurs.

It blurs.

Two lovers meet and the line blurs.