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Don't Touch Her

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Norisuke Higashikata is an honest man. He runs an honest business, tries to be polite and kind to strangers, regularly goes to temples to pray, and cares for his family more than anything else in the world.

There is no reason why he should be punished like this.

Punished with these… filthy thoughts. There is no reason why he should be spending every night with his dick in his hand, slowly stroking it while picturing in his head a boy young enough to be his own son. There is no reason why every time he sees said boy he feels the overwhelming urge to just touch him, kiss his porcelain colored skin, feel his soft fingers slowly touching his dick…

There is no reason why he should be thinking about Josuke like this.

Norisuke has no idea when it started. It seems like it has been years since he started dreaming about Josuke’s full lips spread over his cock, but he knows it’s only been a few weeks. It’s as good as it is guilt-inducing. He has countless wet dreams about this young man in his house, only to wake up with guilt eating its way up his throat. He can hardly look Josuke in the eyes anymore in fear that he will just not be able to look away from his half-colored eyes and the younger man will see the pure want in them.

This torture goes on for weeks until one day, where things get significantly more interesting.

It happens one day when Josuke was changing shirts; he left the door open in careless disregard, thinking that nobody would by. But, lo and behold, Norisuke did; and stopped dead in his tracks. The evening light was coming through the window behind Josuke, illuminating his half-naked body in an almost heavenly light. It seemed like something that would come out of an awful romance novel; and Norisuke couldn’t take his eyes off of him even if he tried.

Eventually Josuke got his shirt back on and turned, looking up and freezing as he notices Norisuke hovering in the door.

“Uh,” he begins, but then he takes in… all of Norisuke. And the obvious erection he’s sporting.

Norisuke freezes as well, his mind becoming blank in pure horror. He knew, Josuke can obviously see the tent in his pants, the guilt written all over his face --

So Norisuke does the best thing he could do at the moment. He runs; runs away from the doorframe into his own room, slamming the door loudly and leaning against it, breathing heavily. He could hardly believe what just happened… no, he doesn’t want to believe what just happened. He can’t. Josuke can’t know his dirty, sinful thoughts. He can’t know of the guilt that chokes Norisuke every night while he lays in bed alone.

No, he can’t know. So, he’ll pretend it never happened.

And, well, that’s what he attempts to do. And, as one could assume, it doesn’t go well.

Josuke seems to have become extra aware of him since that day; he can always feel Josuke’s stare on him whenever he enters or leaves a room. There’s also moments where, if they absolutely must converse, Josuke leans in to the point where Norisuke can just barely feel the ghost of his breath touching his skin. The younger man has also began brushing him whenever he walks by; their shoulders bumping each other for a half second. But it only takes that half second to make Norisuke feel like he’s been electrocuted.

And it only gets worse from there. Josuke has taken a liking to coming down shirtless in the early mornings, stretching in a provocative way as he smiles and wishes the head of the household a good morning, then reaches in the fridge for some juice.

The worst occurrence of all, though, was when Norisuke walked by Josuke’s room one night just to hear him moaning and the unmistakable sound of someone jerking off.

Norisuke was no idiot. He knew what Josuke was trying to do; he was trying to provoke him to see what he would do, to see if the older man was actually attracted to him. And, god, was it working. Norisuke spent practically every night touching himself to the thought of Josuke’s latest antics. He is furious at himself for not even being able to look at the younger man without imagining Josuke under him, begging to be fucked.

He’s itching to do something more than just jerk off, but he holds himself back. He reminds himself every day, almost hysterically, that Josuke is old enough to be his son. He shouldn’t be attracted to him. He shouldn’t be touching himself to the thought of someone three times younger than him.

But it just keeps getting downhill from there; with the lowest point being Norisuke coming downstairs to see Daiya draping herself all over Josuke.

And his heart just stops. Then he becomes enraged.

How could Josuke be touching his youngest daughter? What right does he have to come into his house and take a liking to his little girl, one of the few pride and joys of his life? He has to corrupt her with his temptations as well?! He couldn’t believe it.

His anger keeps him from jerking off over the thought of the younger man for a few days, and he’s happy about that. If he can just keep this anger, if Josuke will stop tempting him and start tempting Daiya, maybe this lust will be replaced with hatred; something that Norisuke would much prefer.

But, everything changes one day when he is casually walking by Josuke’s room. He glances at into the room as the walks by, since the door was open, and notices a dark object lying on the floor of Josuke’s room. He backtracks, peering back into the younger man’s room, and freezes at what he sees.

It’s a bra.

More specifically, it’s Daiya’s bra. He knows this because she begged him to buy this specific brand for her as a Christmas present; he remembers buying it for his daughter. And there it is, on the floor of Josuke’s room.

He walks closer to it and bends down to pick it up, shaking with rage. He grits his teeth, feeling anger swell up in him, when he hears a noise behind him.

“Norisuke-san? What are you…” Josuke asks, but trails off once he sees the bra in Norisuke’s hand. Confusion twists in his face. “Why do you have a bra in your hand--”

“Why was this on your floor?” Norisuke interrupts, fury evident in his voice. Josuke freezes at his tone, his face paling.

“I don’t know?”

Norisuke grabs the collar of Josuke’s shirt, fisting the fabric in his hand as he puts his face closer to Josuke’s. The younger man’s eyes widen, and he becomes more visibly scared.

“Norisuke-san, this is a misunderstanding, I did the laundry, it must have gotten mixed up and fell out--”

He’s interrupted as he gets slammed onto the bed by Norisuke. He looks up, fear in his eyes, as the older man towers over him. He trembles, about to open his mouth to say more excuses, Norisuke isn’t listening. He looks at Josuke, scanning his body for signs of Daiya, but freezes when he sees Josuke’s lower half.

Josuke is hard.

There’s an obvious bulge in the younger man’s pants, and Norisuke feels his mouth go dry. His fingers itch to grab it, and this time he can’t even attempt to squash down that desire -- so he does it. His fingers find Josuke’s clothed bulge and lightly squeeze, eliciting a long moan from the younger man, who immediately looks mortified after it comes out of him.

“N-Norisuke-san,” he breathes, still trembling as he looks up at the older man, a dark blush on his face.

“Why are you hard?” Norisuke asks in a strangled voice, then squeezes Josuke’s bulge again, making the younger man throw his head back and buck into Norisuke’s hand. The sight is intoxicating. Flashes of heat run through the older man’s veins and he feels his breathing grow heavier as he leans closer.

“Strip,” Norisuke commands hoarsely, and Josuke doesn’t even hesitate. He pulls his shirt smoothly over his head, then unbuckles his pants, pulling them down past his ankles. He was wearing red boxers, and god, the tent looked even better like this. He could clearly see the outline of Josuke’s dick where it strained against the fabric, and there was a wet spot spreading at the tip. Norisuke couldn’t even breathe; if this was a dream, he didn’t want to wake up anytime soon.

The older man crawls on the bed and over Josuke, his fingers ghosting over the waistband of the younger man’s boxers. Meanwhile, Josuke is gasping at the feeling of Norisuke’s fingertips lightly brushing his hips, and he throws an arm over his face to hide his reactions.

No, that won’t do, Norisuke thinks, then lightly traces a finger down Josuke’s side as he says, casually, “Josuke, look at me.”

The younger man freezes, but brings the arm away from his face, as he mumbles a quiet: “Yes, sir.” Which, of course, goes straight to Norisuke’s dick.

He turns his attention back to the waistband of Josuke’s boxers and slowly begins to pull them down, sliding the fabric at an excruciatingly slow pace over the younger man’s aching dick. Once it’s past, though, his dick playfully bobs up and falls flat against his stomach -- Norisuke admires the sight.

His dick was an average size and length but the coloration of it was beautiful. Porcelain white with stripes of blue veins lining it; and the tip was a gorgeous shade of pink, glistening with precum. It was better than anything Norisuke could have ever imagined. He wetted his lips, then leaned in and licked a stripe up his throbbing cock, making Josuke tense up at the ticklish but pleasurable sensation. Then he moves his attention to Josuke’s beautiful soft thighs, licking and biting them, until he got to the space where his crotch and thigh met and looked down.

And, wow. Four balls. Norisuke could honestly say he was not expecting that, but upon further inspection, it was incredible. There are two rows; one set after the other, and Norisuke wanted to lick them all. So he does; he swirls his tongue, exploring, tasting, and admiring. He eventually moves back up to his thighs and starts lightly biting again.

At this point, Josuke is wiggling and moaning desperately, wracking a hand through his hair over and over again as he continues to moan shamelessly. But, after a while longer of this teasing, he starts babbling.

Please, please, please please…” Josuke begs, bucking his hips in the air in desperation.

Norisuke pauses his licking to look up at Josuke. “Why are you begging? Do you want me to fuck you?”

The younger man practically sobs, throwing his head back as he throatily moans. Norisuke tsks at him.

“What do you say?” He asks, licking a stripe up Josuke’s dripping cock.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, sir. Please fuck me.”

And, god, Norisuke can’t say no to that. He doesn’t even bother stripping, he just unzips his pants and pulls aching cock out, giving it a few strokes. Then, he leans over and reaches into nightstand, looking for the lube he knows is there (he’s heard him jerk off enough times to know he has some).

He finally finds the bottle, takes it out and spreads some on his fingers. He reaches under Josuke and roughly shoves a finger in, making the younger man gasp. He bends over so he’s directly above Josuke, looking into his face as he mercilessly fingers him.

“I told you not to touch Daiya,” he starts in a scarily calm tone. “And what have you done? You’ve fucking touched her.”

He adds in another finger, scissoring his fingers as he continues to roughly shove his fingers in and out. Josuke can’t do anything but moan in a mix of pain and pleasure, trying to protest but finding himself unable to as Norisuke keeps up his relentless pace.

“You don’t touch her, Josuke, you’re not allowed to touch her, and you’re not allowed to be touched by anyone but me,” he shoves his fingers in hard at the end of his words in order to prove his point. The younger man sobs out a moan, and tries to speak.

“N-N-No, I--”

“Shut up,” Norisuke says calmly, and adds in another finger, stretching Josuke farther and making him whine. He then pulls out his fingers and lubes his dick up, hoists the younger man’s legs up, then positions it at Josuke’s entrance. The younger boy is practically hyperventilating in anticipation, and Norisuke takes this as a sign to push in. He isn’t rough, but he also isn’t gentle; he continues to push into Josuke’s tight heat despite the tenseness of his body. The younger man’s eyes are completely scrunched up as he tries to breathe through the splitting sensation.

When he opens his eyes, they’re full of tears, and he looks blearily at the older man.

“I w-would n-never touch her, sir, I don’t want to touch her, I don’t want her,” Josuke says in a shaky voice, and Norisuke just responds by growling and bucking into Josuke hard, and the younger man practically screams.

“You don’t belong with her, you belong right here, under me,” Norisuke replies in a hoarse but stern voice, and Josuke nods vigorously, throwing his head back and Norisuke begins to roughly fuck him.

He grabs Josuke’s hips and begins to relentlessly fuck him, the rough pace making the bed creak loudly. The room was filled with sounds of grunts and the harsh slap of skin on skin, and Norisuke just growls again and pushes Josuke’s head down so it hits the headboard, making tears flow freely from his eyes.

“Say it,” Norisuke grunts, never slowing down. “Say you belong here.”

Josuke groans and sniffles, looking up at Norisuke with tears in his eyes. “I-I… I, ahh, I belong, r-right here, s-sir, I belong under you,” he responds in a watery voice, and Norisuke can’t help but just moan lowly at his words.

He grabs Josuke roughly by the hair and yanks his head to the side, bearing his neck. He bites down hard on the smooth white skin, leaving marks, mumbling “Mine, you’re mine, you can’t touch her because you’re mine,” and Josuke gasps, more tears leaving his eyes.

Norisuke moves his grip from Josuke’s hair down to his dick, where he fists it tightly, stroking. He leans down to speak directly into the younger man’s ear.

“Are you going to cum?” He asks, stroking Josuke in time with his thrusts. “Are you going to cum for your master?”

The younger man lets out a long whine, then his hips stutter as he finally climaxes, clenching down on Norisuke’s cock and making him grunt in Josuke’s ear. Ropes and ropes of cum keep shooting out from the younger man’s dick, and Norisuke marvels at the sight of it.

Soon enough, though, Norisuke also reaches his climax, his hips stuttering as he finishes inside of Josuke’s tight heat, groaning in Josuke’s ear the entire time.

They both take a moment to catch their breaths, then Norisuke pulls out, watching as his cum follows the removal of his dick. It drips out of Josuke’s abused hole, and Norisuke watches, mesmerized.

But, after a moment, it finally dawns on him what they just did. What he just did. What he made Josuke do.

He tucks himself back into his jeans then quickly gets up and leaves, briskly walking away as a confused and dazed Josuke looks at his retreating form.

What have I done? Norisuke asks himself in horror, running a hand through his long hair.

But, as he walks away, he finds that he doesn’t regret it. Not even a little bit.

He would kill to do that again.