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"We are going to kill Master Midoriya".

Those were the first words Katsuki had heard once he walked into the meeting room. Many Shinki appeared before him, nearly two dozen or more from various backgrounds. Katsuki always hated the bad habit Izuku had. Izuku would often name any loose human souls and take them in to be apart of the family.

Izuku Midoriya was the God of Endurance and Diligence, famous all around Japan for his unyielding determination and his successful underdog battles. He always had a need to protect every single human soul, so he had a habit of naming any kind of human soul, even if they were faulty. While Katsuki was proud of his god, he couldn't help but feel like Izuku was holding onto a dangerous burden. It turns out, Katsuki's fears were right.

Katsuki couldn't understand why Izuku's Shinki would turn against their own master. Sure, he was weak looking piece of shit, but Katsuki knew that Izuku was an amazing god. Probably one of the best. Killing him would be a sin.

His gut was right. Katsuki always felt like the rest of the Shinki would often put up an act towards Izuku. It was strange. The worst part was that Katsuki could never agree with the other Shinki, and often times would end up arguing or even fighting those who managed to piss him off. Many Shinki avoided him as a result of his violent behavior, but Izuku didn’t care about it, and still considered him a friend. Sure there were times that Izuku would flinch or look intimidated against Katsuki, but that never got in the way of their friendship. Izuku even put up with the nickname Katsuki gave him, Deku.

However, despite all the red flags, Katsuki would never had guessed that the lead Shinki, a man who was around the age of 45, would betray Izuku. A lead Shinki is the advisor of the god, leading him and offering advice. They're suppose to be Izuku's light in the dark and help Izuku find his way.

"What the fuck are you talking about, " Katsuki says while rubbing his eyes, still a bit drowsy from his nap. Maybe I'm just hearing shit, since I just woke up.

"Bakugou, "the lead Shinki says. "You just barley arrived in time. We're planning to kill Master Midoriya and we want to know if you agree to this proposal".

Blinking from the blunt and straight-to-the-point statement, Katsuki says, "You fucks are serious about this shit? I thought you were all joking. You dumbasses really believe Deku's going to let this shit slide? Believe me, he'll find out sooner or later. He's going to purify the shit out of all of you until you wished that you were dead again".

Fed up with the conversation, Katsuki made his way to the exit, angry that this proposal was even mentioned at all. Unfortunately, he found himself blocked by the other Shinki, preventing him from leaving.

"I knew you were going to be a problem Bakugou," says the lead Shinki. He crossed with arms while he sat on the meeting table. "What makes you, a Shinki who can only turns into a diamond ring, think they can speak to me like that? You're hardly a threat".

Fuming, Katsuki sped walked closer to the lead Shinki, who continued to sit down. "Say that again old man," Katsuki grabbed onto the man's suit and pulls hard. "Ill beat you into submission".

The remaining Shinki, who watched Katsuki's act of violence, stood up in order to retrain Katsuki, but stopped. The lead Shinki raised his hands, indicating that he can handle himself. He smiled at Katsuki.

"I'm sure your aware of Master Midoriya's….. habits".

"You're talking about the mumbling shit? Fuck, sure its annoying as hell but—".

"No, I'm talking about his kindness".

Katsuki let go of the Shinki's attire. What's wrong with Izuku's kindness? Its one of his best traits, and its part of the reason he's such a famous god in the first place.

And part of the reason why Katsuki found Izuku to be so damn attractive

The lead Shinki continued. "….Master Midoriya is far too kind. With his wealth and power, I'm sure other gods see him as a tool. We need to turn our master into a war god. He has the strength and the talent! He just needs to learn how to use it!".

"So you think killing him is the right answer?", Katsuki says. "That is one stupid ass plan".

The lead Shinki huffs at Katsuki's statement. "He won't actually die. Bakugou, aren't you aware of reincarnation?".

"Bakugou," spoke another Shinki, who seemed to be around the age of 30. "A god like Midoriya won't cease to exist. Midoriya is almost as famous as All Might. He'll just be reincarnated into a toddler. That way, we can raise him to be a finer god than he was before".

Not convinced, Bakugou slammed his fist on the table. "So you ungrateful bastards think its okay to just kill your own master!?" Katsuki glared at the man, who could only smirk in response.

"The fact that he will reincarnate doesn't give you the right to decide Deku's future!".

"Listen," the lead Shinki says. "We know what we're doing, either you join us Bakugou, or you're against us. I know just how to deal with people who won't follow my orders".

"You know," Katsuki crossed his arms. "I always felt like something was off about you. The way you would follow Deku like a goddamn hood rat made me sick to my stomach".

The lead Shinki stood up abruptly, and slapped Katsuki across the face. He leans closer to Katsuki's ears, whispering.

"I'll have you killed if you defy me again Bakugou. Now are you with us or against us? I've seen the way you intimidate our god despite being a mere ring, so I'll find heart to forgive you if you would join us".

Katsuki stayed quiet. He can never, ever kill his god, who was perfect just the way he is. He thought about his options. He could just agree and leave the room to tell Izuku but that would make him far too suspicious. Plus, it runs the risk of having Izuku forgiving his Shinki without punishment. I can't let him die. Katsuki's thoughts raced as he considered his next actions.

Katsuki slowly rises his head and replies, "I noticed Deku's been blighted for a while now. I thought it was because of the strain of having too many Shinki but… it was all of you bastards this whole time." Katsuki locked eyes with the older man. "That was quite the smart move there".

The lead Shinki smirked. "Of course. Despite Master's appearance, he's quite the powerhouse if he needed to be. If only he would use his abilities more oft—".

Katsuki's eyes twitched and he couldn't hold back his anger any longer. Katsuki threw a direct punch at the old man in an attempt to wipe the snarky look off of his face. The weight of the punch managed to send the send Shinki flying and slamming against the wall. It was a direct shot against the jaw.

All the Shinki's stood up and raised their hands, ready to use a boundary line in order to trap Katsuki.

"Okay listen up you ungrateful fucks." Katsuki snarled his words as he walks towards the wall where the lead Shinki had just been slammed against. Standing above the lead Shinki's body, Katsuki yelled, "If you want to get your filthy traitor hands on Deku, you're going to have to get through me!"

The crowed finally burst into an uproar. Words such as, "your making a mistake", and, "you'll pay for that", was heard throughout the crowd. Katsuki could care less about what they thought. He looked around, estimating his enemies. There was at least two dozen or more Shinki out to kill him.

Katsuki would never let his guard down.

He does not care if he's forced to become a killer or a monster. Katsuki would protect Izuku with everything he had. He knew that everyone underestimated him since he can only manifest into a diamond ring. But—

Something felt different inside Katsuki. His sweat trickled down his face, and he felt almost ready to explode.





Izuku found himself twisting and turned so much in his sleep, as well as sweating and breathing harshly. There was a sudden sharp and unexplainable pain in his chest that caused him to finally wake up. He tried to get up from the bed, but he felt lightheaded. "Must be the blight," Izuku thinks.

He began walking and nearly stumbled over. The sharp pain remained in his chest, and suddenly he felt bruises develop all over his body. This was something much more serious than he initially thought. "This is more than just blight".

Suddenly, Izuku's natural instincts screamed inside his head. It was there that he knew his Shinki were in danger.

"My Shinki are dying. I have to go save them!"

Despite the intense pain throughout his body, Izuku ran. His chest felt like it was on fire, and he panted, weaked as a result of his blight. He didn't exactly know when or why he was blighted, but he assumed he could endure the pain, as usual.

Izuku found himself running all over the Shrine, opening and searching through every single door he could think of. Izuku realized that there was one more room that he hadn't checked.

The meeting room.

As he ran, there was voices in his head, screaming in agony. Izuku closed his eyes and ran even faster, attempting to block them out.

Finally reaching the meeting room, Izuku sensed a horrific aura in the room. Without giving a second thought, he opened the door wide open, but it was already too late.

The room is dark, and the light is broken, flickering several times being dying down. Izuku felt something warm wet his toes, and looked down in horror.

It was blood.

His Shinki's blood.


Izuku suddenly faced a large amount of bodies that were beaten into a bloody pulp. They practically laid on top of each other, some even to the point where the skull had been smashed inside. Several bodies weren't even intact, and the air smelled like nitroglycerin. Its like an atomic bomb had just exploded inside this room, killing everyone instantly.

Izuku's heart dropped, and the tears began to form in his eyes. He tried to speak, but there was a knot in his throat.

He saw the familiar suit of his lead Shinki.

Running to his side, Izuku raised the body of his former lead Shinki and let go immediately. Lifting his hands up to cover his mouth, Izuku felt horrified. The poor soul had his face smashed in, anything left of his head was now indescribable.

Izuku was living his worst nightmare.

Tears started to roll down his face. Izuku looked around and noticed a black figure standing in the middle,

Izuku jumped over the bodies and walked closer to the figure. Naturally, he would had attacked the figure, thinking it was the killer but....hope filled his body, at least one survived this massacre. There was one left, one family member left!! One had survived! I have to see them and make sure they are okay…!

The black figured turned to look at Izuku, and walked closer. The window's curtains blew from the wind, allowing the moonlight to illuminate the room, and faintly, Izuku recognized Katsuki.

"K-Kacchan!", Izuku says as he rushes to Katsuki's side. He stopped once he notice's Katsuki's body, where he had a torn shirt along with bruises, cuts, and blood.

Katsuki continued to stand, dazed. He had a distant look on his face. Izuku didn’t hesitate to pull Katsuki into a hug, and Katsuki reciprocated, wrapping his arms around Izuku's waist. He placed his face on the crook of Izuku's neck. He mumbled something that was a bit difficult for Izuku to hear, but managed to.

"I… won't let anyone ever hurt you, stupid Deku. That’s a promise," Katsuki said before finally lost control over his own weight and fell against Izuku, who slowly went down with him. Holding Katsuki on his lap, he brushed Katsuki's hair, blood staining his light hair.

"I'm the one who's suppose to protect you," Izuku says. Finally, he let out his bottled up emotions and started crying. In between his sobs, Izuku looked up at the ceiling.

"This was all my fault wasn't it? "




Katsuki eyes shot open, and looked around. He felt a sharp pain hit his body every time he moved, but he ignored it. Katsuki noticed Izuku sleeping on top of his legs, sitting on a chair and folding his arms into a headrest. He took note of Izuku's under eyes, which was tinted in red along with his nose.

Izuku must had been crying, and it was all his fault.

Katsuki felt like it was inevitable. It was either Izuku or the Shinki.

He thought back to that brutal night, where he suddenly had the ability to create explosive with practically his sweat. Despite blasting several victims into smithereens, Katsuki couldn't understand why no one had stopped to reconsider their actions. Its like they hated Izuku, and Katsuki couldn’t understand. Izuku was a ball of sunshine, and he tried his best to please everyone. So why?

"Fucking Deku is going to blame himself, " Katsuki thought as he ruffled Izuku's hair. It wasn't Izuku's fault, if anything, it was the other Shinki who betrayed him.

The door clicked open, and a red-haired individual entered the room. "Oh! So you woke up!" Cheerfully, he made his way to Katsuki.

"Who the fuck are you, " says Katsuki .

"Oh! I'm Eijirou Kirishima, but enough about me right now. How do you feel? You didn't look like you would make it through the night, but I'm glad you did".

Katsuki turned his attention back to Izuku. Eijirou took note.

"You're master is quite adorable, isn't he?"

"Back off".

"Woah, chill. I'm not making a move or anything, but that doesn't mean I cant appreciate beauty when I see it!"

Katsuki frowned, turned away. Its like this guy knew how to pick at every single tolerance button Katsuki had.

Eijirou, giving his usual bright smile despite Katsuki being cold to him, smacked the back of Katsuki's shoulder. "Heh, you're just as interesting as your god. You came in here, battered and beaten while your god was safe. Who knows what you did to protect him! If it wasn't for your bad attitude, I would've looked up to you!"

Katsuki, having mixed feelings of both feeling offended and complimented, looked back at Eijirou. Eijirou continued to speak.

"My goddess, Yaoyorozu, created all this medical supplies. She's given you permission to stay at her manor while you heal up. Apparently her and Izuku are longtime friends".

Katsuki pulled at his IV fluids, trying to remove them. "Thanks for the help. But I need to get my shit together and take Deku back to the shrine. Plus I gotta clean up, or else Deku's gonna have PTSD or something".


"Yeah, its his nickname. It means useless".

".....Anyway", Eijirou didn’t want to comment about the nickname, having other matters to talk about first. "I should probably bring Yaoyorozu here. She can prepare you to go back to the shrine safely".

Eijirou made his way to the door. Before he left, he turned back to Katsuki. "Don't run off or something!".

Katsuki grunted and then turned his attention back to Izuku.

"Hey Deku, get the fuck up, we're leaving." Katsuki poked Izuku's head repeatedly, causing Izuku to groan in response.

"Ahhh….. give my five more minutes mom".

Katsuki, who had felt extremely tired with his conversation with Eijirou, snapped, "DO I LOOK LIKE YOUR GOD DAMN MOTHER!"

Izuku, startled by the sudden noise, rose his head up. "Kacchan? Is that you?"

"Yes I'm here Deku," says Katsuki. "So where the fuck are we exactly? I don’t know much about this go-"


Izuku practically flung himself on top of Katsuki, causing him to blush in response. Katsuki always knew that Izuku enjoyed physical contact with nearly everyone who he felt comfortable with, but its just something Katsuki could never get used to.

"Get your fucking mucus and other bodily fluids off me Deku," says Katsuki with a groan, but Izuku ignored him.


"Woah, calm the fuck down, I barley heard any of that".

"I'm a failure of a god," Izuku says with a voice slightly cracking. "I—If you want me to release you Kacchan, I would understand…".

Katsuki, practically feeling offended by what Izuku had just said, smacked Izuku's head, causing him to squeak a bit.

"Okay first of all, who the fuck are you to tell me what to do. Second of all, you're not a failure Deku. Its not your fault that your Shinki……," Katsuki words trailed off. What will he tell Izuku?

Katsuki wondered if he should tell Izuku the truth. He was afraid that if he tells the truth, Izuku would hate him forever.

It was there that Katsuki made a life-altering decision. He's not going to tell him, ever. It will be a secret that Katsuki will take to his grave.

Before Katsuki even had the chance to response to Izuku, Izuku grabbed onto Katsuki's face, then pulled Katsuki into a drawn out kiss. Without thinking much himself, Katsuki responded back, taking a hold of Izuku's chin and tilting it, getting better angle. The fatigue of Katsuki's mind were practically melting away. Katsuki had always wondered how Izuku's lips tasted like. It was natural after all, Izuku was known to be quite popular with both genders, but Katsuki never had the intentions to court Izuku. It’s a sin after all, for Shinki and gods to become lovers.

Izuku suddenly pulled away. "Uhm, I-I was planning to hug you but my body just r-reacted on its own......." Katsuki noticed how flushed Izuku's cheeks were.

"Why did you-". Katsuki was then cut off by Izuku, who's eyes shined in determination.

"Kacchan." Izuku held onto Katsuki's hands. "I'm pretty sure you know my Shinki are dead. All of them. You’re the only one left". Tears started to form on his eyes. Katsuki wanted to make him stop talking, but Izuku continued, wiping his tears away.

"I've decided not to take in any more people into my household. You’re the only one I need, my one and only!"

Katsuki felt his chest warm up, but he felt guilty. If Izuku ever found out what truly happen… would he still consider him his one and only?

While Katsuki was busy thinking, Izuku's determined exterior reverted back to his shy and insecure attitude.

"A-ah that is.. If you want to Kacchan…".

Katsuki was fed up with this whole conversation. Deciding to decipher Izuku's actions for another day, he decide to change the pace of the conversation.

"Of course I'll stay behind, you shit. Come 'ere".

Izuku, thinking he was going to get kissed for a second time, instinctively closed his eyes. However, he was surprised to feel Katsuki kissing his forehead. Pulling away, Katsuki looked at him.

"Don't ever call yourself a failure ever again, fucking Deku. You're perfect the way you are, I don’t care how much you think you suck, you’re a god Deku. All of your actions are justified".

Before Izuku could respond, the door clicked open once again. A women with large, black hair pinned up into a pony tail walked into the room. She was beautiful, as her hair contrasted her white long kimono. "Sorry to eavesdrop, but I couldn’t help but listen".

She walked into the room, confidence radiating from her. "Bakugou, you are exactly what Izuku needs during these dark times!"

Katsuki tiled his head. Momo, who noticed his shock, continued to explain. "Izuku here lost his lead Shinki. Since you’re the only one left, you have to be the next lead". She pulled up her sleeves near her mouth, covering her grin. "And it seems like your doing a wonderful job already, I always knew Izuku preferred men but-".

Katsuki was ready to blow up this women, but he was stopped by Eijirou who popped his head into the room.

"Yo Bakugou! This is my master, Lady Yaoyorozu!"

Izuku turned to the goddess, "Thank you for your constant support Momo".

"It's my pleasure Izuku. I wanted Lady Uraraka to come visit you as well but she couldn't make it."

Izuku shook his head, "Don't worry about it Momo, you've done enough. Look at Kacchan! He's almost good as new".

Momo brought her hands to her hips. "Naturally. Izuku I've always noticed this but, you have a habit of adding -chan to your favorite Shinki's names. Its endearing".

Feeling restless, Katsuki tugged his IV. "Can we go home now Deku? I have shit to do".

Eijirou pouted at Katsuki. "Stay a bit longer! There's this guy I want to introduce you to! He recently became a new member of our family, and he's so adorable. Much more than your god, I might even add".

"No thanks", Katsuki turned to Izuku. "Deku help me get out of these things. This hurts like a motherfucker".

Izuku flinched when he saw Katsuki remove his IV fluids forcefully. "K-Kacchan maybe you should slow down…".

"I'm not going to slow the fuck down Deku, just give me a towel and I can clean myself up".

Momo walked closer and took out a towel from her chest. "Here use this".

"The fuck?" Katsuki raised his eyebrow as he took the towel and placed it on his wound. "Where the hell did you pull that towel out from".

"Kacchan, Momo is the goddess of creation. She can create anything she wants, as long as she knows the materials". Izuku said while carefully making sure that Katsuki is cleaning himself up correctly.

Katsuki thought to himself. Maybe he could ask her to make a car if he asked.

"Bakugou," Eijirou waved his hands to get Katsuki's attention. "We have a car for you and Midoriya. The driver will take you back home".

"You," Katsuki turned to Momo. "You're pretty useful".

Eijirou smacked Katsuki's head playfully. "Her name is Yaoyorozu!".

Izuku and Momo watched as both Katsuki and Eijirou began to argue, with Eijirou somehow winning. The two gods looked at eachother and smiled.

In all honesty, Izuku has never felt this good. Having only one Shinki eased his burden, and he felt like he could do anything. He looked at Katsuki and smiled, pink tinting his cheeks. Momo took note of that and smiled.

"Izuku, you deserve happiness", she whispers.

"What was that?" Izuku asks.

"Oh nothing", Momo said as she begins to head out of the room in order to prepare for Izuku and Katsuki's departure. While she was genuinely happy for Izuku, she knew that there was one person, one significant person, that was missing in Izuku's life.

"Shouto..... I wonder how you would respond to see Izuku falling in love with someone else".