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J'onn J'onnz can believe it.

Lena's unannounced visit to the DEO – courtesy of Kara Danvers – wasn't a surprise; only Supergirl would do something like this and consider it okay. What J'onn hadn't anticipated was it taking as long as it had for Kara to finally bring Lena over. After all, Green Martians had a knack for reading minds. He'd taken to deliberately tuning out Kara Danvers' mind altogether, a mental block button, lest he be barraged by images of the woman's libidinous desires regarding L-Corp's CEO. Minds in the midst of any strong emotions were like lighthouses shining bright against a matte gray world of small thoughts and background emotion. All the same, he'd never seen someone's mind obsess with the intensity of Kara Danvers'. He mused, pridefully, that it was yet another way in which she was truly an exceptional person.

Alex Danvers ran to catch up with J'onn. She was furious. “My sister's downstairs. With-” she let out an exasperated chuckle- “Lena Luthor. And turns out that someone's been writing about Kara online. Oh, and did I mention that now Tumblr's all over it somehow and everyone wants to see Kara and Lena together?” J'onn turned toward her, his face an inscrutable mask. “Then let Ms. Luthor upstairs.” J'onn walked away without another word. Alex Danvers stood there dumbfounded and furious; hands tensed, fingers curling at J'onn's dismissive attitude.



Alex paced back and forth, Winn swiveling in his chair to track her frenetic movement. “My sister...with a Luthor?”
“It's more likely than you think,” quipped Winn. Alex turned on her heel to face him, the chill of her gaze making him shiver. He fidgeted, turning it into a shrug mid-way through to cover for his discomfort. “Say what you will, Kara and her have really...y'know...” he bumped his fists together, “...bonded.”
Alex raised her eyebrows, taking an entirely different meaning to his words. Winn glanced at his fists, then threw up his hands in surrender. “As frien- I mean, not bonded. There was no bondage.” He winced. It had sounded more innocent in his head. “Which is to-”
Alex raised up a hand. “Stop talking, please?”
“Yeah,” concurred Winn, the word creaking and elongated as he fixed his sight at a point behind Alex. Silence permeated the air as Winn avoided catching Alex's eyes, then-
“You've got work to do.”
“Oh thank god, yes I do.” He swung back to face the bank of monitors.
“Let me know when you've got more about who put them in the spotlight?” Winn gave Alex a thumbs up. She nodded back to him, then made her way towards a small conference room just off the main floor.

Kara and Lena were waiting in a small conference room off of the main floor. Alex had shown them up, but then made up an excuse to talk to Winn before Kara could explain why Lena Luthor was holding her hand. In the meantime, J'onn slipped into the room and joined them. He sat across from the pair at one end of a sleek glass table. At first he'd asked simple questions about how Lena had deduced Kara's identity. Lena did her best to be forthright but not explicit and Kara appreciated the concern for her modesty. Soon enough, though, he assumed the role of psychic father figure – needling Lena with questions about her intentions.

“And you've had no contact with your mother, Lillian Luthor, since she broke you out of jail?”
“J'onn-” Kara began to protest. Lena put her hand on Kara's knee. Her eyes met Kara's and once again Kara was stunned by Lena's beauty. Her mind moved back to their time together this morning, the way that Lena's hips moved as they-
“Kara, please stop thinking that,” J'onn said. Kara didn't break her gaze from Lena.
“I don't think that's realistic, J'onn...” Her frank response elicited a laugh from Lena. Lena took Kara's hand in her own, then turned to face J'onn.
“Like I said, I'm happy to answer your questions. No. I haven't seen my mother since she tried to frame me and recruit me into Cadmus.”
J'onn narrowed his eyes. A moment ago Lena's mind had been easy to read, but it had closed itself off to him. All he was getting from Lena was...Katy Perry on a loop? Lena smirked.
“You're probably wondering why you can't read my mind.”
“Lex was paranoid, true...but he was paranoid and smart: he required every Luthor Corp employee undergo extensive corporate espionage training. That included how to shroud one's mind from those who might attempt to read it, like Green Martians.” Lena had gone out of her way to mastered the art. Her mind was her one refuge. It was a safe place, free from the madness that had gripped her family. She could be whoever she wanted, without fear or persecution. The world could have everything else of her's, but her thoughts would be her own. That was enough.
“Perhaps you can pass along some of those secrets to Kara,” J'onn said.

Kara brightened at the notion. “Yeah! She should. In fact, she should help me with that. Right now.” She did her best to not yank Lena's arm out of her socket as she made her way toward the door. Alex stepped in front of Kara before she could leave.
“Going somewhere?” Alex's arms were folded across her chest.
“Alex. Hi. Yes, we were just going to, um...train?”
“Kara you're not subtle.”
“I keep telling her that,” Lena said with an amused smirk.
“Um, I once told you I flew to your office on a bus and you didn't catch it, so...”
“You're proving my point, Kara,” Lena purred as she closed in to kiss blonde superhero.
“Lena, can I talk to my sister? Alone?”

J'onn stood from his chair. “I'll give Ms. Luthor a tour of the DEO. I have a feeling she'll be seeing this place a lot.” Lena gave Kara a quick peck on the cheek then followed J'onn out of the room.
“That happened fast,” Alex said.
Kara blushed. “Yeah,” was all she could muster.
“I just wonder if it wasn't...a mistake.”
“Wow. Okay, thanks.”
“You know what I mean!”
“I really don't, Alex.”
“You brought her here, Kara. You've been dating her since literally this morning.”
Kara sighed. “You know how I feel about her. And I'm a really good judge of character! So what's this really about?”
Alex shrugged. She hated to admit it, but Kara had a point.
“Y'know when you were worried that I was slipping away? I guess I worry about that, too. And Lena's...”
“Don't say dangerous.”
“I was going to say 'high maintenance'.” Alex said with a wry grin.
Kara laughed. “Sure.”
“I'm worried that things are going to change between us. I mean, remember that time you thought you had a crush on Mon-El?”
“Let's never speak of that again.”
“Still, I'm worried. And not just because she's used to getting her way. Kara, after everything with Lillian trying to frame her, Lena's never been such a public figure. And you dating her – whether it's as Kara Danver or Supergirl – means more people watching your every move. What if someone realizes that you're Supergirl who shouldn't?”

Winn rapped on the glass of the door before entering the conference room. “Hey, so I found out who posted the message. It was-”
Kara gestured to Winn. “Lena. We know.”
“What? No. It didn't come from any IP address associated with that Luthor.”
“That Luthor? Then where...?”
“Cell Block X.”
The words hung in the air, surrounding Kara. She tried to refuse them entry, to make the cruelness of it all be a figment of her overheated mind. She couldn't deny the inevitable conclusion, though. It forced its way into her mind. It made itself be known despite her protestations and rationalizations. He knew...

Kara shook her head. “No. Lena wouldn't do that.”
Alex – with a practiced fluidity – pulled the pistol from its holster as she pushed past Winn out into the hallway. Kara cut off Alex, using her super speed to dash in front of the veteran DEO agent.
“Kara, move.”
“Didn't we just go through Lena being framed for a crime she didn't commit?” The tense note of frustration in Kara's voice belied the anger roiling inside of her. She had seen Lena's quest for redemption first hand. Kara had seen the look of wounded shame in Lena's eyes when Maggie dragged her away. She had looked in Lena's eyes time and again, only to see a friend. What couldn't they get about that?

“Um...” Winn stared at his tablet. “So, not to just make it worse or anything, but someone just sent this to the DEO's private servers...”
He turned his tablet to face Kara and Alex. Kara heard Lena's voice say “If only, Kara, Supergirl were here...” And then Supergirl was there, floating above Lena Luthor. Kara swatted down the tablet before it could continue any further. Tears streamed down her face. She'd had happiness for only a few moments, but now everything was coming undone. Lena would be a suspect all over again.

J'onn and Lena rounded the corner, laughing, only to stop short at the sight of Kara weeping softly into Alex's shoulder. Excusing herself, Lena made her way over to Kara. Alex twisted Kara away from the Lena, shielding her.
“What happened?” Lena asked.
“It's Lex,” Kara whispered.

Lena's stomach went cold. The serenity and peace she'd felt just moments before melted, congealing into horror and panic. She cursed herself for believing she would ever have a moment of peace.