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Vampire Knight Rewritten

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Hi guys! This is my first KaZe fic and I'm really excited to share my thoughts about them through this fic. First of all I apologize in advance for grammatical errors, I don't have a beta reader and I'm going to be usually so excited to post the chapters to have to go through the waiting process but I'll try my best to proofread them myself before posting. Still I'm probably going to miss a couple. Also, if you haven't noticed yet lol- English isn't my first language so please go easy on me T_T I decided to write despite all that because I just really ship these two so much...

This story is basically a re-write of Vampire Knight. There are similar scenes but it doesn't at all follow the story and dialogues as this is BL/YAOI. So please enjoy?...

Chapter 1

"We're here, Zero."

The voice jolted him awake as he was nodding off. Throughout the quiet drive, never once did Toga Yagari speak to him. No 'good luck' or 'will you be fine?' But Zero appreciates that. Words are cheap anyway. And he didn't need words, he needed justice. He needed vengeance.

He hadn't slept well since that night. In dreams he's reminded of what happened, like a broken video player it goes on repeat over and over again. His parent's screams of agony and pain became the soundtrack of that nightmare that even while awake it haunts him.

He doesn't say it but he's exhausted. He's still hurting. His body is still sore from the attack, from his futile attempts at saving his family while never minding his own. He's too tired and angry for anything right now. Even for words.

When Zero finally looked out the window, a giant arch caught his sight.

Cross Academy

Yagari drove inside the open gate and directly towards a building on the left. He opened the car's door for Zero and together they turned their heads when the main door of the building opened to reveal a tall bespectacled man with his long blond hair pulled back into a ponytail. The smile on the man's lips were sweet but his eyes showed sympathy the moment he laid eyes on the boy next to the hunter. Yagari noticed how Zero averted his eyes and his hands ball into fists.

"Zero, this is Chairman Kaien Cross, the school's headmaster and..." Yagari paused for a second and then carefully said "-your guardian."

Taking the cue from the hunter, Kaien offered his hand to the silver-haired boy now looking at the ground and as Kaien looked closely he thinks he might be looking at his shoes. "It's nice to see you again, Zero-kun. Welcome to Cross Academy."

Finally looking up, Zero reluctantly and awkwardly took the headmaster's hand for shaking. He still couldn't manage to utter a word. He's never seen the man before but he doesn't have the strength to be inquisitive now.

"Chairman?" Says a small child's voice coming from behind the headmaster.

As if reminded that there's a little person behind him, Kaien turned to Zero with an excited smile. "Oh! I'd like you to meet my daughter." He stepped aside and a small brunette with big red-brown eyes appeared out of the shadows looking at the new boy with curiosity. "Come on Yuuki, introduce yourself."

"Hello! I'm Yuuki Cross, nice to meet you. Welcome to our house. What's your name?" Yuuki asked with eagerness as she smiles and cocks her head to the side to wait for a response.

Zero was overwhelmed, she looked too bright that she was blinding and Zero didn't want to look. He felt like any kind of smile is not right. He doesn't deserve any. It felt out of place. Not when he's still hurting. Still mourning. There's no meaning to smiles now because the people he wants to smile at him and to give his smile to are now gone. It's a disrespect for the world to continue without his family.

When the silver-haired boy took two steps backwards trying to get away from the headmaster's daughter, Yagari placed his hands on Zero's shoulders to stop him gently. "Nice to meet you too, Yuuki-chan. I'm sorry but Zero is so tired and sleepy. We traveled a long way." He glanced at Kaien Cross sending him a silent message.

"Oh yes! That's right. Let's do all the niceties and greetings when Zero has recovered from his lo-" With Yagari's glare he took his words back. "-Ah, I mean when he's had enough sleep. Come on in and I'll show him to his room. Yuuki and I cleaned and prepared it ourselves."

With the tray of food on his hands, Kaien hummed as he made his way to Zero's room. When he turned to the corridor going to the boy's room, he saw a small figure standing exactly outside Zero's door.

"Yuuki, what are you doing here? Our breakfast is ready now, you should go to the dining room." He reminded her.

Taking her eyes off the door, she looked up at her adoptive father. "He's not joining us today, is he?"

And though it sounds like a question, the headmaster knew it was a statement. It has been three days and never once did the boy go out except when going to the bathroom because his and Yuuki's rooms doesn't have one. All the rooms on the second floor have a common bathroom.

"We need to wait when he's ready, okay?" He said. In order for Yuuki to understand Zero, Kaien told her about what happened to Zero's parents that very same night the boy was sent here.

With a small smile, Yuuki nodded and sadly walked away from the door. But before she gets any further, Kaien said "When he's ready, he'll need a friend like you Yuuki so be patient with him, alright?"

Now with hope in her expression, Yuuki nodded resolutely.

A loud long rumble of the thunder jarred Yuuki out of sleep. Just as she opened her eyes, she had to close it again because of the flash of lightning followed by a loud crack as if it was so close.

She's not scared of lightning and thunder but when they're this loud and disturbing, it takes a while before she could go back to sleep. The headmaster never mentioned about any typhoon coming so she left her window curtain open to let the moonlight in before she slept hours ago. The angry wind is still causing a ruckus on her window.

Getting off of bed, she pulled the curtain from the side to cover the closed window and then suddenly felt her throat is dry so she decided to head to the kitchen for a glass of water.

Out in the corridor, she looked at the side where Zero's room is for a while and then continued to the kitchen downstairs when she saw nothing unusual. She's never seen the door open ever since it was occupied. She had a feeling Zero goes out at night to get to the bathroom when they've all slept.

But just as she was about to get to the fridge, her eyes caught something moving under the cupboards next to it. One of the drawers were opened, it was the drawer for the glasses and cups.

Alerted by the thought of a possible intrusion, Yuuki stepped back to quickly run to the headmaster's room when she heard a sound. A sob. And another. Then a grunt.

She hasn't heard Zero speak before but she had a strong feeling that the sound is him. It doesn't sound like an adults' voice. Carefully she turned on her heel to go back to the kitchen.

Yuuki rubbed the remaining sleep from her eyes to focus on the darkness. A glimpse of silver hair that shone when a powerful light flashed the sky was revealed to Yuuki from her position behind the table and she became sure it really was the new boy. So she walked forward only to be surprised at the sight of Zero crouching on the floor scratching the surface of his neck repeatedly. If it wasn't for him looking like he's in pain, she wouldn't have thought something was off. Zero scratched a couple of times more before Yuuki's loud gasp got the boy's attention interrupting him for a second. She noticed blood oozing from his neck and as he scratch- no scrape his nails most likely on his skin, it trailed from his hand to his elbow staining his shirt.

Yuuki hurried and knelt beside him and in an instant she was holding his hand, prying it away from his neck that was bleeding like crazy now.

"Go away!"

The feel of her fangs, cold and sharp just like the vampire herself, digging into his neck is still too clear, vivid in Zero's memory. Bile rises in his throat. He wanted to throw up but when he does, nothing would come out. Whenever he closes his eyes, he could see blood. His family's blood everywhere. Their blood on his hands and all over him as he calls them out, trying to wake them, denying their passing. Of when he would scream their names hoping for any miracle that they'd live.

Then the bite-mark on his neck started to itch again. Every night it does. Zero touched it again, forcefully taking his arm back and felt dirty. The red-eyed beast touched him. He felt filthy. He scratched the area he'd been bitten. He can still feel the punctures as if it was just fresh. It's taking a while to heal. He wants to get rid of it. Zero started scraping his nails on the skin, as if by doing so the bite mark would be removed.

The pain is a painful reminder of being alive. Surviving is worse than death because he gets reminded every single time of what happened. Of how he escaped death but not his family. His anger is escalating at every second. He's never felt this much urge to kill. He will find that crazy bitch and kill her.

"Stop it." Says that small voice.

Zero pressed himself in the corner. Away from the headmaster's daughter. She's too close. He doesn't like it.

"Stop it please, Zero. You're hurting yourself." She fought to pull his arm again but to no avail, Zero's just stronger. "You're safe now. I'm here, I will help you. The chairman is a good person, no one's going to hurt you here." Yuuki's tears coursed her cheeks. She felt him loosening so she brought his hand over her chest, holding it tightly preventing him to pull it back to resume hurting himself.

"Go!" Zero grunted, still pulling but not as rough, afraid he'd unnecessarily hurt the girl who's now crying and he's suddenly not sure if it was because of pity or that he's already hurting her.

"I'm not going anywhere, Zero." Yuuki said, now hugging the boy and pressing her head on his bleeding neck to prevent him from hurting himself even more. "We're just the same. I don't have a family anymore. Much worse, I don't have memories of them." She sobbed. "There's a reason why we're still alive." She pulled away to look at Zero in the eyes. "I want to know what my purpose is. Why I was spared by death. Don't you want to know too?"

That hit him like a ton of bricks. She's right. What happened already happened. Crying and wallowing in self pity won't bring his family back from the dead. But he can still do something. That's his purpose! To give his family's death justice. And the only way for him to get justice is to find that bloodsucker and kill her. All of them! All of their kind! Vampires never should have existed and he'll do his best to correct the gods' mistake.

The storm was raging outside. But despite that Takuma was able to sense an approaching aura from outside the Ichijo mansion. A couple of seconds later he heard knocks on the door.

"Seiren..." He greeted.

"I have news for Kaname-sama." She said.

Takuma nodded having an idea. He started to turn his heel to go upstairs. "Great job. Make yourself comfortable while I let Kaname-sama know of yo-"

"There's no need Takuma, I am here." Says the ever calm voice of the pureblood now in front of Takuma after completing his turn.

Kuran Kaname lead them to the nearest sofa but didn't take a seat and proceeded to stand by the window to watch the angry wind wrecking havoc in the woods causing some trees to fall down. When he turned to the two nobles who are now sitting on the couches facing each other but looking at him, Seiren began relaying her news.

"The boy is in Cross Academy now."

After hearing that, Kaname felt a dull throbbing at the back of his head. It was because of him. He released the crazy pureblood out of boredom. He set her free because he can. He knew she'd cause a violent disturbance. He knew she's going to exact her revenge to the hunters who killed her mate. They had it coming and he made it happen. It's not like him to feel guilty. He hasn't felt that in a couple of thousand years. Not in the many lifetimes he has lived. He's too old for that. He doesn't understand the want to know what happened to the boy. Does he want to know if he's fine so he could now get rid of that stupid emotion? Maybe?

But it's not fine. His gem. His precious treasure is hidden in that school. He doesn't want her to get caught in the boy's circumstances. But what's going to be the problem if they meet?

"I need to speak to Cross." The pureblood uttered and Takuma immediately stood.

"Kaname-sama, you don't have to worry about the boy he is not your responsibility. It's not your fault."

Kaname turned to Takuma so fast he felt him jump a little on his feet in surprise. "It is not the boy I am worried about. Does it seem to you like I am?"

The aura inside the mansion started to tense, and knowing how the suffocating aura is the result of the pureblood king's emotions, Takuma felt the need to pacify him.

"Of course not. I'm sorry for my wrong assumptions." He said lowering his head. And that's how fast the air inside started to normalize and breathing is now so easy.

AN: Thank you for reading! I'm finishing up the 2nd chapter now so it'll be up in no time at all. Let's all continue to spead the kaze love!