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Jungkook is young and he is more acquainted with confusion and poor-decision-making than he’d like to admit. Despite being only 19 years old, he sometimes argues that he’s been through quite a bit. He is never sure where he’s going to end up and he’s not entirely sure what kind of future is waiting for him. He is often not sure of a lot but he is certain—absolutely certain—that he’s not gay.

Jungkook didn’t identify himself as someone that generally disliked people without knowing them first but for some reason he found it unsettlingly easy to dislike Park Jimin. All he knew about the guy was his name—when he could be bothered to remember—and reputation for being a good dancer. It was altogether not really enough to feel as negatively toward a person.

Jimin didn’t know Jungkook didn’t like him, of course. In fact, he didn’t know Jungkook at all to know that the boy didn’t like him. Jimin, like Jungkook, knew of the younger boy but had no further relationship with him. Technically and mutually, all they knew about each other was the stuff they heard from other people.

Jungkook had a sizeable reputation by himself. It was like anyone his age that went to school and excelled in something that not just anyone was good at. Jungkook had swept in somewhat like a dark horse, quiet, new, young and full of talent for which he waited patiently to expose little by little through his first year in college. He could dance, sing, draw and was good at various sports by nature. He also, somehow, managed to be satisfactory in his academics too. He was considered a prodigy among his friends and anyone else that appreciated talent.

It was somewhat of a running joke that Jungkook didn’t know how to fuck up when in reality he was intimately familiar with what it was like to fail... That was why he pushed himself so hard to begin with. Jungkook liked the attention of being known as a prodigy, reveled in it even. He liked the sound of it too.


It pushed him to continue to do well just so he could keep that crown polished and exactly where it belonged—in his possession. Not to mention, he didn’t want some average nobody to pop up and steal his thunder. Maybe it had gone to his head at some point, maybe it was leading him to believe that he was by some standard invincible…Yeah, maybe.

Though he was good at quite a few activities, he favored dancing the most and for all the most typical reasons one might think. When he’s dancing, he’s free, he’s himself, and he can do anything. He also loves how it feels to dance. Jungkook feels like he makes the most use out of his body and he can express himself easiest when he’s dancing.

Sometimes it feels really erotic to him. He likes to watch himself dance quite a bit. He enjoys it even more when he’s allowed to lose himself in it and really feel the moves and give them that extra lick of charisma.

It had always been that way. Since before he had even had the nerve to perform, Jungkook had been addicted to the high of people watching him in awe. People envying him and praising him as though he was the human embodiment of perfection just because he could do something so well was addicting, especially when that ‘something’ came so easily and naturally to him.

That all having been said, Jungkook’s own reputation was something that fell short in importance compared to that of his crew—Bangtan. They were his family and had been for quite some time. Very few things were more important—or could even compare—to his love and devotion to them.

And then there was Jimin, a boy who perhaps wasn’t so great at drawing, had no apparent talent for singing—not that Jungkook would know any of this for sure but whatever—no interest in joining any sports and his grades were likely average at best. Jungkook had had no reason to look at him and no reason to be aware that he existed.

Hell, Jungkook would never have even met him had it not been for Hoseok—one of his closest friends and the main person he shared a love for dance with. He was one of the few people Jungkook could tolerate, one of the few who so very good at what he did that Jungkook didn’t feel the need to compete with him because, technically speaking, Jungkook already knew that Hoseok was better.

Anyway, Hoseok swore by Jimin, always talking about how he’d be perfect for their crew.

Jungkook didn’t allow it to reserve space in his mind long enough to remember the name Hoseok had been going on about. It was just Hoseok’s friend even when the older boy invited him to the auditions they were holding for a single open slot in their group that following month.

Jungkook had had a very specific idea of what he was looking for in a dancer. He had a vibe, a style and a look all in mind and he would settle for no less than that specific minimum of expectation. So, really, he wasn’t worried about the guy being a problem… The bar was high. Hoseok’s friend wasn’t likely to fit the bill.

He wasn’t worried at all until he had seen the boy move. He remembered specifically watching Hoseok walk up to him at the studio after classes, a boy at his side and Jungkook had felt thoroughly unimpressed and almost bored just thinking about the next hour or so to come. He remembered thinking that the boy was just a pretty face.

Jimin was a short, chubby-cheeked boy that had a reserved smile—too shy to dance as confidently as Jungkook or Hoseok would need him to. On that front alone, Jungkook was ready to turn the kid down.

Then Jimin was dancing and Jungkook was fucking bitter. The way he could move his body so fluently, his limbs coordinating easily to compliment each twist and turn of his hips and torso...fuck. Not only was he good, he had a style that he danced with that would have the girls absolutely squealing in ways usually only Jungkook and Hoseok could achieve.

The boy transformed completely when he danced. The ‘shy’ melted away, leaving behind a confidence that sucked Jungkook’s breath right out of his lungs before he had the chance to exhale willingly. Short of oxygen, Jungkook felt himself tense a little at the smirk on Jimin’s lips several times. His straight white teeth were biting into his plump lower lip when he rolled his hips as the bass of the song dropped—along with Jungkook’s stomach—before he continued to pop and move in time with the music so cleanly that it actually kind of had Jungkook itching to practice more just so he could be as polished.

Jimin kept Jungkook’s attention with ease.

Jungkook took in every inch of Jimin’s body from afar, his brain lagging. The boy had powerful legs, his thighs thick and obviously disciplined by years and years of dancing. If Jungkook couldn’t already sense Jimin’s experience, those thighs, at the very least, would be a dead give away. Jungkook kind of wondered how the boy had managed to fit into those jeans he was wearing and how they had yet to tear during the boy’s audition. He moved so gracefully and perfectly, completely unhindered and without worry too…

Jungkook kind of hoped he would tear his pants… He was that bitter.

Jungkook had been lost and practically hypnotized by the time Jimin’s bangs clouded his eyes. His hand had reached down to grip the hem of his own shirt seconds before he pulled it up to expose perfectly defined abs during a sudden drop in the bass of the music. Jungkook couldn’t hear anything anymore—all he could feel was the tremble of the bass. It was like time had warped.

He’s good… Jungkook’s head lazily concludes. He’s very good.

As the music came to a close, Jungkook was busy pulling his head together when he realized upon shifting in his seat that he was also sporting a semi in his jeans.

His thoughts came to a skidding halt because excuse-fucking-me...? Licking his lips, Jungkook shifted and moved his bangs out of his eyes, subtly reaching down to adjust the hem of his own shirt before he looked up to watch Jimin—he most certainly knew his name now—walk up to them with a subtle bounce to his step. He looked satisfied.

He was breathing a little heavier and his bangs were a little damp from the sweat that had collected from dancing but he looked… good? Jungkook didn’t understand it. Sweat had never really been something he thought about positively in terms of attraction but… maybe…

Jimin smiles disarmingly, asks how it was and Jungkook is still trying to kick start his thought process back into gear. Hoseok is excited and immediately expressing his awe without shame. Jungkook isn’t so quick to do the same… but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t agree. Jimin is a great dancer.

The word beautiful comes to mind but Jungkook barely entertains it. He reserves such a word for irreplaceable things and or things of perfection like his skateboard, his phone, his laptop and his mother… and maybe his black kitten Illi but that depends on the day. There’s no room for Park Jimin on Jungkook’s beautiful list.

“Age?” Jungkook blurts out once his mind is up and running again.

“21.” Jimin replies promptly, his attention shifting readily from Hoseok who had previously been talking up a storm—praising his audition, gushing about Jimin’s charisma and whatever.

Jungkook feels the back of his throat stiffen a little because fuck he should’ve been paying attention to Hoseok a little more when he had talked about this guy. How could he have missed it—him being older? Had that even been mentioned? More importantly, how could someone so small and soft be older than him? Jungkook’s right eye is this close to twitching in resentment.

“Do you have a job?” Jungkook asked, continuing on.


Jungkook just stares at Jimin and waits for him to elaborate, thinks his silence makes it obvious that that’s what he’s seeking because yeah, Jungkook is a little bit of an ass to people he’s hell-bent on not liking. When it becomes clear that Jungkook had asked the question for a more informational purposes—though it does take Jimin a second to realize this—rather than making small talk, Jimin takes the hint and keeps talking. Jungkook thinks Jimin’s voice reminds him a little of honey.

“I work at a shop after school… usually from 4 to 9. I’m always off on the weekends.”

“What about your classes?”

“All of my classes are throughout the morning and then I have one from 1 to 3 PM except on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I have a class from 5 to 7 PM. Those are also the days I work less at the shop.”

Jungkook doesn’t miss a beat.

“Practices are every day except for Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays. Times would be 7 PM to 10 or 11 PM on weekdays and then 4 PM to 8 or 9PM depending on how well the practices go on the weekends.” Jungkook goes on. “If things change, usually Hoseok or I will let everyone know. You have a class that just ends when we start on Tuesdays, so we’ll just always expect you to be a little late. Can you commit?”

“Yes.” Jimin replies, smiling softly, looking Jungkook in the eyes, which the younger doesn’t quite like. He’s a little more used to besting people when it comes to eye contact but it seems that Jimin is comfortable enough to not fall victim to the leverage that would’ve given to Jungkook.

“We take a lot of time out of your schedule… We won’t ask you to drop your classes and we will be understanding about your job if it bites in to some of our time… but what we won’t take is you bitching about the group a couple of practices from now, saying it takes up too much of your time or that it’s too much for you to handle.”

“Kookie-yah…” Hoseok attempts to step in but Jungkook shakes his head and gestures at Jimin.

“He needs to know what he’s getting into.” Jungkook states, turning his attention back to Jimin, speaking just a little bit more pointedly and bluntly. “We take the group seriously and anyone else who doesn’t take it seriously as well doesn’t belong here.”

“I want to dance and I want to do it with people as serious as I am about it. I heard that this is the place for me…” Jimin speaks up and Jungkook kind of wants to bare his teeth or scowl but he doesn’t. “The shop is family-owned. They’ll understand if I don’t have time or if I can’t help out as much.”

“Good.” Jungkook replies, trailing off for a moment before his next question pops into his head. “Have you ever performed on a stage?”


“Solo or grouped?”


“Get along well with others?”

“Of course.”

Jungkook blinks only once. They hadn’t broken eye contact once yet but if it happens, he’s determined to not be the one to do it first. He’s waiting for the other to break under his gaze but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. After a long enough pause, Jungkook nods once and continues speaking.

“Okay.” Jungkook nods again, decisively. “If you’re not going to be at practice, you let me or Hoseok know so we don’t expect you to be… Whatever you miss, you catch up on in your own time. Like I said, we won’t kick you out for being absent but we will kick you out if we feel like you aren’t committed and or can’t keep up. Understand?” Jungkook stands once he’s confident his semi is gone.

“I got it.” Jimin replies.

“Practice starts next week on Tuesday. What time?” Jungkook asks softly after a moment, tipping his head slightly to the side, curious as to whether or not Jimin had been listening.

“7 PM.”

Jungkook searches Jimin’s face even after he answers. He knows he’s being a little rude and uptight, coming off a little too hard, but he knows he has to. Whether Jimin is a good dancer or not doesn’t matter. He needs him to be beneficial, not detrimental.

After about a minute of eyeing Jimin’s face, Jungkook eases up a little and nods, walking up to Jimin so he’s close enough to see just how perfect the boy’s skin is. He’s close enough to notice that Jimin has light green contact lenses in his eyes, which are lined very neatly with charcoal black eyeliner… and Jungkook’s stomach is acting funny. He reasons that perhaps he just needs to do something manly and unattractive like blow up the nearest bathroom… Yeah… that’s what’s wrong. Definitely.

“Alright...” Jungkook replies evenly, licking his lips while looking down at Jimin. He likes that, at the very least, the other is much shorter than him, which is the only thing that makes the following easier to force out of his mouth, “Welcome to Bangtan, hyung.”

Jungkook is ready to write Jimin off that following Tuesday. He finds himself expecting the boy to not show up just so he can have something to say ‘I knew it’ about. He hopes he can just write him off as another no-show and be done with him but ironically enough, earlier than Jungkook would like, Park Jimin is walking into the studio and setting his backpack off to the side.

He is wearing his hat on backwards and his bangs are brushed neatly across his forehead. His headphones are in at first but he ends up taking them out and stashing them away in his backpack before he sits down on the floor to change his shoes.

The boy had a nice sense of style, Jungkook thinks. They are similar in that regard—Jungkook likes to look good while dancing so he never really dresses down unless he is feeling especially lazy. He can’t assume for certain that that was also Jimin’s reason for showing up looking like that but he knows that dancing feels good when you can watch yourself move in a mirror with confidence because you know how good you look.

That being said, Jungkook can’t say he wouldn’t be amused and or kind of sort of hopes Jimin rips those tight pants while attempting to show off. God, he’d lose his shit so bad…

Greet your hyung, asshole. Ugh. How was he supposed to hate someone when his conscious was concerned with manners? The audacity.

“I thought you had class until 7.” Jungkook spoke up just as Jimin took his headphones out. Okay great. Jungkook has done his part—a greeting is a greeting—Jimin should be thankful… right?

Oh boy, Karma have mercy…

Jimin glanced over at Jungkook. If Jungkook didn’t know any better, he’d say the other looked a little surprised that he had remembered his schedule. Or maybe he’s surprised Jungkook has decided to talk to him in general.

Jungkook resists the urge to look smug—Karma is going to fuck him so hard later. He’s being such a terrible dongsaeng right now.

“I didn’t go. I meant to take a nap right before and slept through the first hour. Didn’t think it was worth it to bother with the second half.” Jimin replied nonchalantly. “Where’s Hoseok hyung?”

“You’re really early.” Jungkook says simply from where he was across the room sat on the floor, back propped against the wall with his legs spread out in a V in front of him while he looked through his phone.

Jimin nods once and then turns around a little to face the wall mirror. He is not watching himself at first—he’s only stretching. However, as he pushes himself forward, he glances up at himself in the mirror and Jungkook can’t help but tip his head a bit to the side and watch intently as Jimin leans far forward and slowly shifts into a split. Jungkook, not for one second, believes the other boy is trying to taunt him but he feels fixated on him anyway. He’s not sure why. He likes to look so it’s hard not to.

Jimin stretches a little more before lying back on the floor on his side, propped up on an elbow... Jungkook really hates how relaxed he looks. If the other was younger than him, Jungkook may be tempted to tease but he’s not quite that disrespectful and he doesn’t know Jimin well enough to risk pretending to be joking around like that but God does he wish that that wasn’t the case. He would have loved to swoop in and tease and annoy his dongsaeng… if Jimin were his dongsaeng that is… but he’s not. Obviously.

Sad day—truly.

Hoseok and Taehyung show up together. Hoseok walks up to Jungkook and nudges their fists together before hooking his fingers into Jungkook’s in a lazy hand shake thing they always kind of do when they see each other or just before they part ways. Taehyung does the same thing before plopping down beside him and setting his shit off to the side in a heap on the floor.

There’s about ten minutes before practice is supposed to start.

Jungkook allows Taehyung to tug him back against his chest so his back is mostly lying in his lap and stomach while his head is propped up on his chest. Jungkook isn’t overly fond of skinship but Taehyung gets away with shit most people can’t because Taehyung has never given a single flying shit about boundaries in all the time Jungkook has known him. The boy is literally the King of cuddling and it’s not something anyone is allowed to just ignore.

Either way, Jungkook is used to it now anyway and just lets it happen when Taehyung lazily wraps his arms around his shoulders and hugs him in greeting. Jungkook props one leg up a little while the other remains out lazily. He is kind of like a cat that doesn’t really care much for humans but attention is inevitable and kind of nice. He supposes he can tolerate it. Whatever.

“Jin hyung said he can’t be here—girlfriend agro.” Hoseok informs after he drops his bag near Taehyung’s.

Jungkook sighs softly, shaking his head because ugh.

“Noona is really scary sometimes… and demanding.” Taehyung comments, trailing off a little when he notices Jimin who is still on his phone. “New guy…! Why… why are you all the way over there?”

All three boys look over at Jimin who blinks and opens his mouth awkwardly in reaction to being put on the spot. Whatever he was about to say, however, is cut off by Namjoon and Yoongi walking in, both snickering about something that steals Taehyung’s attention because he’s just that nosy. Jungkook is kind of glad too.

Taehyung was too friendly. Jimin was an outsider—he was where he needed to be; he was at a distance.

Jimin keeps up with ease. He goes toe-to-toe with Jungkook and Hoseok and, by the end of the first practice, he is literally sucked right into their circle. The dance positions are rearranged from Yoongi dancing in the front to Jungkook’s right to Jimin being at his right while the older shifts more to the back—best dancers are always in the center and front. Jungkook stays in the center so he’s not ready to bitch just yet but if at some point—and he feels it coming in the near future—someone suggests Jimin take center, he may just flip his lid.

It’s like the boy is the missing puzzle piece, actually. Taehyung acts like he’s made a new best friend. Namjoon really loves how gentle, small and easy Jimin is to talk to so he takes him in under his wing almost straight away. Yoongi doesn’t say much but he doesn’t act remotely hostile toward Jimin either, which is as good as his blessing for someone to breathe the same air as him. Hoseok is thrilled that his friends are bonding. Jin will probably like him too. Ugh!
Jimin is also invited to go with them to get something to eat and Jungkook finds that he really can’t say anything because everyone has already agreed. His lonesome opposing vote would fall on deaf ears anyway so Jungkook just doesn’t bother.

Jungkook is fucking annoyed.

They go to a cheap restaurant because it’s almost 11 PM and it’s one of the only ones left open. It’s comfortable inside and for a while, Jungkook is allowed to forget about Jimin elbowing his way into his life during the first half of dinner… but that’s only because they’re a table of six men who love food and they’re too busy shoveling as much of it into their face as they possibly can. Jungkook is so hungry he nearly forgets etiquette completely. That being said, he catches himself and successfully avoids embarrassing himself albeit very narrowly.

Somewhere around the time Jungkook’s stomach settles and he feels less controlled by the urgency to feed himself, he glances down the table at Jimin who is eating without a care in the world. He’s not sure what he expects but he knows he hopes that Jimin is ugly when he eats.

He had half expected Jimin to be a little bit like Jin who stuffs his cheeks in the most unattractive ways… but then Jungkook scolds himself for thinking like that because no one compares to his eldest hyung in Bangtan. Jin can get away with that shit because he’s endearing when he does it and he takes care of every single one of them like it’s his primary purpose in life. Jimin isn’t worthy of being compared to Bangtan’s mommy.

Anyway, maybe Jungkook expects Jimin to make weird noises when he eats or to be sloppy… but he’s not. No such luck whatsoever.

It turns out that Jimin looks good eating too—for fucks sake—and Jungkook has no idea why he acknowledges this but he does.

Jimin has a very boyish way of eating. He takes large bites and when he chews, his jaw is sharp and attractive. His chopsticks are collecting another bite seconds before he’s done with the first and the bites are always large but not enough for food to be bursting out when he attempts to chew it… Sometimes he is unsure what he wants to eat next and rests the tips of the ends of his chopsticks against his plump lips, glances around a bit and then proceeds as before. He’s fucking cute.

Yeah, Jungkook thinks Jimin looks good eating. He imagines, in time, he’ll also be the type to let his hyungs pick at his food and vice versa without asking… Kind of like himself, Jungkook realizes as he lets Taehyung reach over to steal something from his bowl. Jungkook imagines Jimin will try to feed everyone or make them taste something if he thinks it’s particularly yummy. He might show up at practice some day with a bunch of food for everyone too…

He looks like the type to be a very good dongsaeng and a very good hyung all at once and it’s fucking annoying. Is there any flaws? Anything at all?

Either way, Jungkook narrows his eyes and glares at Jimin, only looking away quickly when Jimin seems to feel his gaze and it provokes him to look up instinctively, almost catching Jungkook looking at him.

“Try this, Kookie-yah,” Hoseok voices, turning to Jungkook, chopsticks offering him a bite, “you’ll like it.”

Jungkook forgets about Jimin in an instant and leans in to allow Hoseok to feed him. He chews thoughtfully for a moment before looking at Hoseok’s food longingly.

Jungkook makes a sound of awe, his mouth still full. “… Hyung—”

Then his gaze shifts to Hoseok, his eyes growing big as he puts on an innocent demeanor. Hoseok knows the look well, he knows it’s all an act and yet doesn’t hesitate before he’s already putting together another bite for him. Jungkook receives the bite thankfully and smiles brightly, feeling loved.

“What a manipulative brat.” Yoongi states this confidently, earning a hum of agreement from Namjoon.

“I’m not.” Jungkook smirks slightly despite his claim.

“Don’t bother, we know better.” Yoongi comments. Yoongi is like that though, his words are blunt but sometimes, kind of like at that moment, he delivers them with a disarming smile on his face and it holds lot less weight than what it seems.

“Jimin-ah…” Hoseok addresses next, offering Jimin a similar bite with one of his hands hovering beneath his chopsticks just incase the food slips.

Jimin clears his mouth of food and carefully leans in, letting Hoseok feed him. He winces and is forced to chew with just his teeth because of how hot the food is but after a short delay he’s able to really taste it. Jimin mumbles something about the food being delicious, his voice one of awe and his eyes are bright. Jungkook tries not to focus much on how appealing he looks like that; how appealing he looks when he enjoys something.

Jungkook prefers to not acknowledge how polite he manages to be while doing it. It is getting old very quickly for Jungkook—acknowledging how perfect Jimin actually is—and he has absolutely zero intentions on letting it go much further.

As everyone starts to eat less committedly, conversation starts to rise. Namjoon and Yoongi reveal that they’ve made a lot of progress on their lyrics and Jungkook feels really tingly because he’s excited to see what they’ve been working on, especially because he knows they’ve written a part for each member of Bangtan. Even if what most of what they do simmers down to just messing around and posting some stuff on the internet here and there, Jungkook really likes what they do as a team. It’s fun and it feels productive.

He thinks they harmonize well. He wants them to last forever because so far, it’s the only thing he’s ever stuck to for so long and he doesn’t feel himself growing tired yet, not even a little. Sometimes he entertains thoughts about his life revolving around them and it doesn’t seem so bad.

He doesn’t really tell anyone about that stuff though.

“Can Jimin do anything? Did anyone ask?” Namjoon asks, a thumb in Jimin’s direction as he looks around the group. When he receives no answer, he looks directly at Jimin. “Do you have musical talents?”

“Um…” They’re all looking at him. Jungkook looks at him with unhindered scrutiny because yeah, can you do anything else impressive? “I can sing… sort of.”

“You can sing?” Yoongi asks, as though he doesn’t quite believe the other’s claim, to which Jimin nods and Jungkook is feeling a little ill. “You dress like a rapper.”

“Kookie dresses like a rapper too, though.” Taehyung chuckles. “Yet we all know how misleading that is.”

“We’re hardly comparable.” Jungkook says out loud before he can stop himself.

There’s a slightly awkward silence that falls over them. Jimin is eyeing Jungkook and Jungkook can feel it for certain now. He has made it clear, not on purpose, that he is not comfortable of Jimin’s presence.

It’s also clear that it vaguely confuses Jimin. He hasn’t done anything wrong or anything necessarily deserving of Jungkook’s behavior toward him so of course it confuses him.

No one says anything about Jungkook’s comment, however, and it’s Hoseok that comes to the rescue with a change in subject. Jungkook can feel Jimin looking at him once in a while but he ignores it and pretends to be unfazed while carrying a conversation with Namjoon who is sat directly across from him. He’s showing him videos on his phone and Jungkook does feel the urge to look over at Jimin but he doesn’t. Instead, he allows the other to feel the complete wait of his feigned indifference toward his existence… because, well, what else was there to do?

The only time things don’t feel awkward is when they’re practicing or performing. Anything social is just weird. Things proceed like that for the next two weeks, into their first performance and so on.

They all dance well and they click perfectly. Jimin is a spicy addition—credit goes to Taehyung for the terminology—to their group. He adds a flare that they all—Jungkook included—really like, agree and synergize with. He has a good body and he compliments their flow well. He has a style that matches them and he can fit the part of whatever they throw at him. All in all, the first performance is a success and if nothing else, Jimin proves that he is a skilled performer and he belongs.

Jungkook will never admit it, but he’s not so sure they could have gotten any luckier with Jimin as a final addition to their group. Also, he had been completely correct—Jin likes Jimin as well. When they first met, Jin seemed a little unsure what to think of him and how to act around him but that is how he always is when he first meets people. It had faded away easily and, similarly to how well everyone else had after their first dance practice together, Jin bonded with Jimin quickly.

Jungkook doesn’t pout… ever. That’s not what he does and that’s certainly not what he did when yet another one of his friends seems to have nothing but love for the bane of his existence.

Jungkook hears Jimin sing for the first time after their second performance and he feels a little… conflicted.

His true opinion—the one he won’t say out loud—is that Jimin really has an incredibly lovely, gentle and melodic voice. He loves his pitch and softness. When he sings, he’s as graceful as when he dances. He closes his eyes a lot and immerses himself in what he sings about. There’s a vein in his neck that pops out a little—similarly to Jungkook—and it does something to the boy’s appearance.

Jungkook thinks Jimin looks good singing.

Jungkook tries not to think of the high notes because they make his cock twitch depending on the emotion Jimin does it with. If nothing else, that is the most confusing and least okay of all the things that had happened to him as of late… He’s never been sexually attracted to someone’s high notes before. Like… what the fuck?

Namjoon and Yoongi think Jimin has a nice voice as well and they express interest in doing a recording with him included. Jimin seems excited and of course, because all of Bangtan play their role and he seems elated that he’s being granted one as well. Jungkook can tell that it makes Jimin feel more confident in his skin around them. It makes him feel like he belongs more so than he did before.

Jungkook is there when it comes time for Jimin to take his turn singing his part for a song Namjoon and Yoongi are calling Blood, Sweat and Tears. He has to do it several times and they listen to the playback more times than Jungkook can count. The thing about editing content that Jungkook really hates is having to listen to it over and over. He gets tired of hearing everything about it. He gets tired of hearing the raps and melodies. He gets tired of his own voice. He gets tired and wants to set it aside for a while and come back to it after he’s had a chance to bounce back from hearing the same thing a hundred times. However, it doesn’t quite happen the same way with Jimin’s voice and this song. Listening to it over and over is easy and Jungkook really loves the way Jimin’s voice creates its own melody, loves it even more because no one can do Jimin’s part—it really is made for him. It’s unique…

Jungkook steps away from that particular session of recording inspired. He wants to make choreography for this one. He wants this song to get finished this time. He really does. He just kind of wishes that this all didn’t come from someone he really still doesn’t feel inclined to like because he wants to be excited about it all with someone else. Instinct has him looking at Jimin, wanting it to be him that he proposes they design a choreography together to… but he doesn’t.

He asks Hoseok instead and Hoseok, as always, agrees readily.

Jimin doesn’t approach Jungkook like he approaches everyone else. It’s been yet another month, they’ve had two more performances and they have another one coming up soon enough. The song isn’t complete yet, neither is his and Hoseok’s choreography for it. Things haven’t changed too much but Jungkook can’t help but feel like it’s supposed to be a little bit different.

Jimin really doesn’t interact with Jungkook like he does with the others. He does when it’s necessary and he’s always calm. He calls Jungkook—never Hoseok, oddly enough—if he knows he’s going to be late for practice or when he’s not going to be there at all, neither of which happen often. Or if he plans on getting everyone something from the store on his way to practice, again he calls Jungkook and has him ask everyone what they want.

He’s good to Jungkook even though it’s clear that they have absolutely no relationship. He even includes Jungkook and asks what he wants as well and it always surprises him; it makes him feel swirly, fluffy and gross and it fucking sucks.

Today, he has brought them some chicken and tea. They’ve been eating for some time and every time Jungkook looks up, Jin is feeding someone like he’s a mother bird and the rest of them are his babies, which is nothing new.

Taehyung’s cheeks are full. Yoongi is eating noncommittally while scrolling through his text messages. Namjoon is talking to Hoseok. They look at ease and before they know it, an hour has been chiseled away from practice but no one seems to care nor show interest in doing anything about it.

“Let’s not practice today…” Taehyung suggests once he’s finished eating, leaning heavily into Jin who tips his head a bit to the side and rests it on top of Taehyung’s like it’s a natural reflex. “Let’s just hang out… We’ve been really good about practicing so far. We should do something.”

“Like what?” Jungkook asks. He’s not entirely above skipping out on practice for some fun with everyone else. Taehyung is right after all. They’ve all been really good about practicing and some anarchy sounds tempting.

“We could go to the Crux?” Taehyung sings and instantly the majority of them seem completely down with the idea… Except for Jin but that’s only because he has a girlfriend now—a girlfriend who really doesn’t appreciate her boyfriend coming home smelling like a combination of alcohol, other women and or acidic bile.

“The Crux?” Jimin asks, blinking curiously.

They all look toward him and raise an eyebrow. He looks around at them hesitantly and then ducks his head very slightly.

“I’ve never heard of it, sorry. What is it?” He asks. He’s kind of cute about it too but no one needs to know that. Jungkook would sooner take it to his grave.

“It’s a club… sort of…? Except it’s not as dingy and out of control.” Taehyung hesitates, glancing around at the others to see if they agree with his attempt to explain things to Jimin. “It’s a really great place to just chill. It has good music, pretty nice people and you can perform there sometimes if you’re good and you’re a part of a crew with a decent reputation. We used to perform there all the time until Jin stopped going. Sometimes we perform individually there, though. Mostly everyone knows about us. They know about Namjoon hyung and Yoongi hyung down there the most though.” Hoseok chuckles, reaching over to pat Namjoon’s shoulder who grins, proud. “They call them Suga and Rap Monster.”

“Suga?” Jimin asks, chuckling a little. “Can I call you that, hyung?”

Yoongi laughs and rubs the back of his own neck but just shrugs, seeming indifferent.

“Suga hyung,” Jimin tests, causing most of them to chuckle—not Jungkook.

“Yeah so, we should totally go.” Taehyung speaks up excitedly.

“I’m down, boy!” Hoseok sings, boy curving off of his tongue playfully as he jumps up and does an exaggerated and silly dance to top it all off. He’d be embarrassing if he wasn’t so endearing.

“I can’t, I gotta get back.” Jin says, earning some pouts and groans but no one fights him because it is what it is these days. Also, Jin is a respectful boyfriend and even though it sucks for the guys, they have to understand and accept it so they just do.

They are all standing and Yoongi pauses, turning to gesture at Jimin. “Wait, you’re coming right?”

Fuck! Jungkook wants to stomp his feet—can’t he get a little bit of space away from this guy?

“Oh!” Jimin straightens, blinking owlishly, which made it clear that no he hadn’t really been planning on going—he hadn’t known he was actually invited. “I… I don’t have to, no—I—“

“I mean if you don’t wanna go, whatever but just know you’re totally invited.” Yoongi chuckled.

“Yeah, man. You’re one of us, you go where we go if you want. Don’t even ask—just come with.” Namjoon agrees, nudging Jimin’s arm. Jungkook hangs his head forward, reaching up to adjust his beanie because fucking fuck.

“Really…?” Jimin asks and Jungkook has to seriously fight down the urge to mock the little shit.

“Yes, really.” Namjoon chuckled. “Dude, we like you. If we didn’t, you’d be gone. Just accept it. You’re a part of the family and it’s okay to act like it. Stop that awkward shit—it’s exhausting.”

Jimin can’t help but giggle and as his eyes disappear. Jungkook kind of stares a little, his stomach swirling… Jimin’s eye smiles are cute... I’m so gross.

“Can we get out of here already? I need a drink.” Jungkook grumbles, not waiting for answers as he leaves the studio, serious about needing that drink.

The Crux is everything Jungkook really likes to be surrounded by when he lets loose. He doesn’t drink often but he is partial to the sweet stuff on a social basis and no one really knows how to mix him a drink like Jackson Wang does.

The guy is a legend and funny as shit—Jungkook thinks he is his silliest hyung.

The music is loud but in a good way and it’s always with a flow that makes Jungkook want to dance so he’s especially not bothered by it. He spends the first few minutes he’s even there not paying attention to too much except for his drink, the music and his friends around him.

Some people who recognize them come up and greet them. Some greetings are more brief while others take a bit longer. Jungkook sees a couple of old friends he used to dance with a couple of years back. They hang around him for a while and tell him how things are back at home without him.

He doesn’t feel sad about hearing any of it even though he smiles and allows himself to reminisce with these old friends of his. Truth is, he doesn’t really miss the old days or the dance team attached to them. They weren’t like Bangtan. Bangtan was his home and he wouldn’t go back for anything. He doesn’t say any of this, of course. He knows better. It doesn’t need to be said anyway.

Jungkook prefers to keep his less-than polite thoughts to himself most of the time… mostly because insulting people and dealing with the aftermath is exhausting.

An hour or so passes by uneventfully but not negatively so. They’re all just hanging around and basking in the feeling of freedom. They all spend quite a bit of time practicing and often forget what it’s like to be young so it feels good to put that behind them for a night.

Namjoon is coaxed into rapping and by default, probably also for old times sake, Yoongi gets pulled along with him. They turn into Rap Monster and Suga so fast it’s inspiring. Jungkook watches his friends perform with a sense of pride and happiness—they’re so good at what they do and part of him wonders if one day he’ll make them just as proud of him as he feels watching them.

Hoseok gets pulled on stage at some point and the trio performs a song that Jungkook has never heard before but he finds that he really loves how underground it feels. He likes the dirty style it has and he figures it’s something the three of them have worked on together on and off during those late nights when it was just the three of them. He’s never seen Hoseok rap like that before either. It feels like Jungkook is seeing a new side of one of his closest friends. It’s nice.

He’s introduced to a girl soon after that, around the time his friends get off stage and rejoin the group.

Jungkook gets flirtatious when he’s buzzed on alcohol. He’s good at luring people in and getting close. He never has to look too far for someone to grind with and even if he’s not really feeling adventurous, there’s always someone in Bangtan willing to dance with him. Tonight, isn’t one of those nights though.

He’s pressing up against the girl and she has a pretty face and nice legs show-cased by very tight booty shorts layered over fishnet leggings. She has an oversized long-sleeve shirt on but even then he sees and knows her frame to be petite but perhaps fit as well. He’s taller than she is but she’s not really backing down at his attempts to establish a clear leading role. He likes that and it keeps him interested.

He grips her hips and pulls her in close, tipping his head a bit to the side. It seems almost like he’s going to kiss her and he can see it on her face that she expects the same thing but he doesn’t. He leans in and speaks into her ear instead.

“You should be ashamed, noona… looking at me like that.” He doesn’t know for certain that she’s older but he knows he has a certain charm among older women and hopes he gets lucky.

If he’s wrong, she doesn’t try to correct him. Instead, she sighs and pulls back, peering up at him almost wistfully as she grips his chin.

“Like what?”

“Like you know I’m a bad idea but you still want it.” Jungkook bites his lip, smirking a little. “Like you want to sit on my face...”

Jungkook doesn’t usually say anything he doesn’t think he can get away with but even he feels like he’s being a little risky, a little too bold. When the girl he’s dancing with shivers a little and presses a little closer, he knows he’s sniffed out a guarantee at getting laid tonight though and realizes eh, whatever. It is paying off.

He smirks down at her and nudges her nose with his own. He grips her hips securely, turns her away from him and tugs her back against his chest, aligning their hips for a slow and dirty-feeling grind just to string her further along. He likes girls like her the best—it’s easy to get under their skin.

Her hair is brushing over his lips as she tips her head back and leans into him, ready for whatever he has to offer. Jungkook just so happens to glance off to the side and for whatever reason and he notices Jimin. He’s dancing with Hoseok and if Jungkook didn’t know that they were friends, he would swear they are fuck buddies.

Jungkook watches Jimin move with Hoseok, their hips in synchronization and harmonizing in such a way that it is crystal clear to anyone that they were dancers.

There are lips brushing against Jungkook’s neck but he isn’t really able to offer the girl as much attention as he promised anymore. He is glancing over in Jimin and Hoseok’s direction periodically. Sometimes they are dancing less intimately and more for style points—the only indication that solidified that they are just friends dancing together—but other times, they are working off of each other and causing heat to pull in Jungkook’s stomach because fuck Jimin looks…—no.

Jungkook doesn’t care about Jimin.

Jungkook is confident that, despite him being a terrific dancer, Hoseok has nothing to do with it. It was Jimin. It was all Jimin and it was fucking daunting. So again, no… Jungkook… doesn’t care that much. Of course he doesn’t.

Jungkook can’t remember the girl’s name for the life of him but he’s pretty sure it’s Ji-something or… maybe close to that. She had told him what it was early on in the night but had proceeded to fly off the handle with about four nicknames, two nicknames for ‘friends only’ and two more special nicknames for ‘cute boys like him’.

Yes, Jungkook found it annoying—incredibly so—but the girl was very attractive with a number of easily appreciable assets. She had a tiny waist and really nice legs with very slight but feminine abs, which Jungkook had always found attractive due to his guilty preference for athletic physiques. Once in a while he gets a craving for softer women—sometimes ones on the chubbier side—but he finds that those aren’t usually the ones brave enough to approach him anyway. It’s always girls like Ms. Twelve-Different-Names here that have the balls so that’s just what he has most experience with by default.

Anyway, he has opted to just call her baby to cover up the fact that he can’t remember her name. She seems to really like it. That and he occasionally purrs ‘noona’ at her here and there to really lay it on thick and… it works quite effectively.

From what Jungkook gathers, it isn’t so much the name that does it for the girl, it is the fact that it emphasizes their age gap; she is very much so into younger guys it seems. Jungkook doesn’t mind. He likes older women. He loves experience, never really having been one to go for virgins. He likes fast and confident. God, does Jungkook love confidence. Confidence is the sexiest thing in the world to him behind nice legs.

It is easy for Jungkook to slip back into the mindset of a complete fuckboy once they have slipped away and he has allowed the girl to bring him back to her dorm.

Jungkook is immersed in the soft mewls that come from his noona’s lips whenever he presses down between her thighs with his hips. They’re still fully clothed for the most part except for her pants. She keeps dragging her nails over his skin and up the curve of his spine, bunching his shirt up around his torso. It makes him feel heated and desired, which reflects in the way he gently moves his hips against hers, teasing her and attempting to get her to lose even more control.

He expects the front of his own pants to be damp with how wet her panties have become but he also kind of hopes that isn’t the case because he doesn’t plan on staying for long once they’re done. He’d prefer to not have to walk home with a damp-looking crotch but he’s done it before… so it wouldn’t be the first time.

When he reaches down, his cold fingers make her shiver violently but she says nothing. The shock makes her more needy for it—she tells him to keep going and so he does.

Jungkook doesn’t go down on this one. He doesn’t really feel like it and she hasn’t made him work hard enough to feel like doing it out of spite either. He just tugs her panties off when he’s done playing around and undoes the front of his own pants, ready to get the ball rolling. He lets them rest lazily around his waist as he rolls a condom down on his cock.

Her breathing is hitching but for the most she’s quiet as she watches him do this. To her credit, she’s not as annoying in bed as she is when she’s talking. He’s kind of happy she doesn’t try to talk to him or say anything she thinks he wants to hear.

When Jungkook leans in and rests one of his elbows beside her head, his other hand guiding his cock to her entrance, she grips his ass cheeks and whines for him and he decides that’s kind of sexy but... it reminds him of something.

Jungkook’s mind short circuits a little but not necessarily for her… He clears his head without missing a beat, however, pushing his cock into her carefully until he’s able to let go. He brings his other elbow up to rest it on the space beside the other side of her head, allowing his spine to dip as he worked his way the rest of the way in. She tips her head back and bares her throat, gasping at the stretch.

“K-Kook-k…” Jungkook exhales sharply as she moans this in a breathy voice.

“Mmph…” Jungkook growls huskily, moving shallowly, “fuck… you’re so tight, noona… feel so good around me.”

She drags her nails up over his ass cheeks to grip at his lower back, pulling his shirt up some more as he does but neither of them are concerned with removing it. She cranes her neck to kiss him as he fucks her more committedly but the kiss turns into more of a breathing-into-each-other’s-mouths type of thing than anything else.

Jungkook—f-fuck…!” She gasps, whining sharply.

Jungkook fists the pillow beside her head and dips his own head down to graze his teeth against her jugular, his hips moving fluidly, a dance no one ever truly survives because Jungkook likes to impress. He knows he is succeeding too.

The girl beneath him claws at him a bit, so much so that he finds himself breathing short gasps of slight pain. Eventually, in favor of not shattering the mood, Jungkook just reaches for her hands on him and pins them against the bed on either side of her head, kissing her hard on the lips to solidify and play it off perfectly as something that is intended to drive her crazy when really, Jungkook doesn’t fucking like nails on his skin.

For as long as Jungkook can tolerate his face being in her face, he stays between her legs, his hands pinning her wrists to the bed. However, eventually, there does come a point when Jungkook is more immersed in the actual fucking and the girl is seeking kisses and other acts of intimacy a little too often for Jungkook to really want to be bothered with it.

He pecks her lips a few more times, wanting to at least give her that before he pulls back and sits back on his knees. She attempts to wrap her legs around him to keep him close but he slips his hands to her thighs and unwraps them from his waist.

He doesn’t ask, he merely roughly rolls her over and tugs her hips into the right position. Jungkook doesn’t like to think during sex. He likes for everything to feel needy, hot and fast. Unfortunately, sometimes Jungkook just has to make the sex good—to his own standard—by himself.

The girl doesn’t complain whatsoever, thankfully. She keens and glances back at him like he is basically God himself. He half expects her to start praying or singing his name or something like that. However, he isn’t surprised. Girls like him for his attitude—both in bed and on a general basis. He is very aware of it and he knows it allows him to get away with shit he probably wouldn’t be able to get away with otherwise.

He grips her hips tightly as he fucks her from behind, feeling his muscles tightening. He glances down and watches his cock disappear and reappear repeatedly.

His fingertips were digging into her skin, his short nails leaving slight crescent-shaped imprints among her otherwise unblemished skin. From her entrance, his eyes slowly slid up her back and along the curve of her spine. He attempts to glance up at her face but it is buried into one of her arms while the other is tucked beneath her body, her hand fisting the sheets like they are her only lifeline.

Jungkook’s eyes slide back down her back, taking in her toned frame. She has a very nice body—both front and back. He likes the beautiful curve of her spine. He is willing to bet that his little play thing can take it if he bent her in half too but… ugh, this angle is so good.

He grazes his thumbs over the dimples in the small of her back thoughtfully. No, this was good enough and didn’t involve facing her.

His hands slide away from her hips to grip each of her ass cheeks tightly. He parts them—not really on purpose—but naturally due to the force of his grip. He pulls her back on his cock and just rolls his hips a little as he eyes the space between her cheeks, the wheels in his head start turning without his permission an instant later.

Absentmindedly, he rubs his middle finger over the tight ring of muscles, his cock twitching as she jerks a little in slight surprise at his blunt behavior.

He bites his lip a little and glances up at her from his position behind her. She has shifted a bit. Her cheek is pressed firmly against the bed. She’s not looking at him. She’s just panting and seeming to be waiting, likely testing his nerve but… she doesn’t know that Jungkook is the wrong one to play that game with.

Jungkook shifts back and pulls out a bit, gripping the base of his cock. He’s never done this before. He’s never even really thought about it but he finds himself slipping upward to tease her second entrance with the tip of his cock.

“Can you take me here, noona?” Jungkook asks. “Think I can fit?”

She shivers and bites her lip. He glances up her body and at her face, his pupils dilated. He knows a freak in the sheets when he sees one. He knows the look on a girl’s face when they want something but think it’ll make them look dirty to allow it, which makes them hesitate… That being said, Jungkook would bet anything that she’s done it before because she doesn’t immediately say no.

She shifts around a bit and Jungkook wonders if maybe she’s going to back out after all. It’s a brief thought though. Instead, he watches her pull out what looks to be a discreet bottle of lube from her drawer. He wonders why she has it but the curiosity isn’t intense enough to ask. After all, most answers to questions in reference to the habits of girls who are unhinged in bed tend to have lack luster answers anyway.

He almost asks what she’s going to do with it but he’s not allowed a chance to get that far. He finds himself watching her squirt the lube onto her fingers seconds before she’s working herself open right in front of him and he’s on the fence about how it makes him feel.

He bites his lip and watches her wistfully, unsure why he’s enjoying this but he really is. His vision wavers slightly and his mind strays as she stretches herself open for him and his hand has long since taken to stroking his cock gently, effectively edging himself.

He imagines soft brown hair, plump lips and small hands. Jungkook’s eyes are open and there’s a woman in front of him doing one of the most lewd things he’s ever experienced for him but he’s not really seeing her. He sees someone else.

Someone else has three fingers inside themselves before Jungkook grips their wrist and pulls their hand away. It earns him a whimper that makes his cock twitch and leak a little into the condom. He shifts closer and lines himself up again, circling the hole with the tip of his dick before he presses his thumb against the tip to apply enough pressure to breach the initial ring of stubborn muscles.

Jungkook’s jaw locks as he sinks deeper. He feels the entrance tightening around him reflexively while soft mewls are leaving the other person’s lips. He barely hears them when they tell them they’re ready and that he can move—he’s already kind of moving anyway. He thinks maybe he’s going a little too rough but he doesn’t hear ‘stop’ so he keeps going and going until he’s so far gone, he can’t fight down the sharp exhale that leaves his lungs when he comes a few minutes later.

He buries himself deep and unloads into the condom without restraint, his hips twitching. When he tries to pull out, it’s so sensitive that he winces repeatedly and can barely keep himself from groaning.

When he glances up, his stomach drops because, for a split second, he sees Jimin looking back at him with hooded eyes, his lips parted lazily and a small bit of saliva leaking from the corner of his mouth. He looks wrecked, thoroughly fucked and so well used… and he’s smirking now.

“Mmm… Kookie… look how wet you made me.” He says, his fingers coming up from between his legs to circle his abused asshole before dipping inside. Jungkook blinks and shakes his head seconds before there is a shift on the bed and a hand against his cheek. “Hey, are you okay?”

Jungkook opens his eyes and sees the girl now. He blinks at her, staring at her before he plays it off by leaning in and pecking her lips.

“You winded me, Noona.” He blurts and winks, hoping flattery will detour her interest.

She smirks a little—thank god—and lays back on her bed, pulling her shirt down even though it does nothing to cover her lower half. Jungkook ties the condom off and then tucks himself back in his pants before sitting on the edge of the bed. The girl rolls onto her side and props her head up with her hand while Jungkook bends down to get his shoes on.

“Fuck and run, huh?” She teases.

“Ah…” Jungkook pauses and glances back her, Jimin flashing into his thoughts once more. “I should, yeah.”

She eyes him thoughtfully before sighing and lying back lazily. Luckily, despite how annoying she seemed to be earlier, Jungkook realizes that she’s not the worst girl he’s had a one-night stand with when she nods understandingly.

“Maybe we can do this again sometime.” She suggests, reaching down to grip his hand even though the sleeve of his sweatshirt mostly covers it.

“I don’t usually do stuff like this twice…” Jungkook says honestly, not the type to string a girl along, regardless of whether or not they have just let him do some pretty dirty stuff to them or not. “Complicates stuff.”

“Sure, I get it.” She smiles lazily, only looking vaguely disappointed but Jungkook can tell that she knows the game and how it works—she takes his no for an answer and waves him off.

The girl whose name Jungkook still isn’t sure about walks him to the door, having the decency to at least pull on a pair of panties. Jungkook gives her one last kiss and allows her to guide his hand to various places on her body during said kiss before it ends. He smirks down at her charmingly and dips out of her dorm before anything else can be said or initiated.

The second he leaves her dorm building, he realizes he feels like a total pervert. He just fucked someone in the ass for the first time ever… and he had done so imagining one his hyungs.

Ugh—fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!

Jungkook kind of wants call Jimin out on his shit the second he walks into the studio the following evening. He is not really feeling anywhere near mentally content at the moment thanks to Jimin’s apparent ability to just fucking pop up in his thoughts when he isn’t welcome. The night before should not have happened the way it had for Jungkook. It was supposed to be his night to let loose and have fun without having to worry about responsibilities… It was supposed to be his night to get his dick wet and savor it like any other 19 year old—as crudely as possible.

And yet, for the umpteenth time… ugh. But really, what ‘shit’ was he meant to bring up exactly? What was he supposed to be calling Jimin out on? There was nothing there.

In actuality, Jungkook isn’t fucking dense. Jimin hasn’t done anything. It is all in Jungkook’s own head and he isn’t sure what is going on. He isn’t sure why his mind is straying to such odd places when it has never done it before… at least not to this extent. Jungkook has thought of some pretty crazy things in the heat of sexual frustration before but never with a guy—never about another guy. Jungkook isn’t…—he doesn’t like guys.

Why would he think about fucking one…? Whatever—doesn’t matter… It doesn’t matter. Jungkook repeats this over and over, hoping at some point he’ll believe it wholeheartedly.

“Ayyyyye…” Taehyung hollers as Jungkook walks into the dance studio the next day, looking a little bit like he has had a rough night, which he has… thanks to fucking… Park Jimin—bastard.

Jungkook’s hood is pulled up and his eyes are clouded.

“Yah… too loud…” He whines, waving Taehyung away at first before allowing the persistent child of a man to wrap his arms around his waist from behind after he runs up to him in unhindered excitement.

Taehyung is kind of like a puppy sometimes, he really is.

Jungkook notices Jimin almost immediately and sighs heavily. He waddles further into the dance studio, ignoring it as everyone else teases him along with Taehyung. It is nothing he isn’t used to and he never gives it as much of a reaction as they hope for but it is common knowledge that it is all in good fun.

“Was she good?” Yoongi drawls said question lazily.

“Overall.” Jungkook admits, glancing in Jimin’s direction as the other shifts and leans back into the wall mirror, pulling his phone out and unlocking it with an audible click.

“Only you can be that critical when it comes to sex.” Namjoon chuckles, amused more than anything even though his tone has a slight bite to it.

“Want me to lie?” Jungkook asks, reaching for Taehyung’s hands around his waist so he can unwrap them and then plop down on the floor. “She was good. 8.5 out of 10—would recommend. Happy? Also, TaeTae is more critical than me.”

“That’s higher than usual at least.” Hoseok snorts. “And TaeTae isn’t critical of sex, he is specific in his ideal type.”

“Oh whatever, same difference.” Jungkook grumbles.

“You do gravitate around 7’s too much, though, Kookie. Maybe you’re not entirely sure what a 10 looks like.” Jungkook can see Jimin glancing over at them periodically from the confines of his peripheral vision.

“I’ve never had a 10.” Jungkook huffs, trying to ignore Jimin’s presence—it makes him think too much about what happened the night prior.

“You probably have but you’re too proud to rate someone that high.” Jin pitches in, immediately earning a hum of agreement from Namjoon and Yoongi.

“Nah,” Jungkook pauses, contemplating, “I gotta reserve that 10 for someone I don’t think can be beat. There’s no such thing as 11 so 10 gotta be special.”

“Agh…!” Taehyung squeals. “Kookie is so cute even when he’s being a superficial prick!”

Jungkook snorts again and shoves Taehyung as everyone around them starts chuckling… except Jimin who blinks and glances off to the side, not feeling like he was necessarily allowed to be laughing apparently. Jungkook wonders why that is but it’s a fleeting thought; gone as soon as it comes.

“She still got a 8.5, though. That’s high for you.” Namjoon pointed out. “Probably let you put it in ‘er butt or something, didn’t she?”

Hoseok chokes while Taehyung gasps and looks at Jungkook wide eyed. Jungkook blinks and lets his head fall forward, shaking it. The room is silent for exactly four seconds before it explodes with cackling. Jungkook just curls up a little and hides his head among his arms, whining petulantly.

“I hate everyone.” He announces upon emerging a moment later, his voice barely carrying above everyone else’s laughter.

Jimin is blinking at him, his lips pressed together carefully, unsure how to react. God, why did he always look so lost and awkward?

“This is just too good… you didn’t strike me as the type.” Namjoon comments.

“The type? What kind of type do you need to be to put it in a girl’s butt?” Taehyung wonders out loud. Yoongi snorts and shakes his head, thoroughly amused.

“Namjoon has a fucked up way with words.” Yoongi cuts in. “It’s whatever. Our little Kookie has had his cock up someone’s ass now. If at all, our baby is an adult.”

“I was an adult before.” Jungkook grumbles indignantly. “You guys act like I lost my virginity last night or something.”

“No but I know I wanna know how it went!” Hoseok speaks over everyone, his excitement apparent. “Was it good?”

“I thought so…” Jungkook smirks slightly, boyish. “It’s weird thinking back on it but it felt good… obviously. Feels really dirty. I felt like a pervert later—I feel like a pervert now thanks to my evil hyungs...”

“We tease because we love you,” Yoongi clicks his tongue disapprovingly, “you know that.”

Jungkook nods slightly because yeah he knows.

“Anyway, you shouldn’t feel gross. It’s kind of perverted but that’s just because it’s unconventional or taboo to some people. Whatever. I think it’s kind of hot in all honesty.” Taehyung pipes up.

“It’s actually not that uncommon. The first time a girl approached me about that, I almost shat a brick on the spot. I was so shocked, man.” Namjoon nudges Jungkook with his elbow. “That’s how you know a girl is a kinky minx, though. If she lets you do that shit, you can probably get her to do anything.”

“No kidding.” Hoseok muses, glancing at Jungkook in slight awe. “Did she ask you to do it or did you ask her?”

“Ah…” Jungkook trails off, not sure he wants to admit that part of the story out loud but luckily Jin comes to the rescue.

“Jimin looks so pale right now.” Jin observes. “Are we making you uncomfortable, Jimin-ah?”

Six pairs of eyes turn to Jimin who blinks and straightens his back slightly.

“N-No…! I just uh… I don’t really know how to contribute to a conversation like this. I don’t talk like this with other friends.”

“Do you have a bunch of virgin friends or something out side of us?” Taehyung asks bluntly, causing Jungkook to smirk in amusement as Jimin swallows thickly and shrugs. He looks even more embarrassed now.

“I don’t know about a lot of my friend’s personal lives. You guys are all so open compared to them.” He went on to say, causing Yoongi to snort.

“You gotta break out of that, Jimin-ah. You’ll never be comfortable with us otherwise.” He explains, gesturing around the room. “We’re all extremely open with each other. We shower together, everyone has seen everyone else naked at least ten times each and we’ve all walked in on each other with our cocks out, in our hand or while fucking. There really are no secrets here.”

“Don’t make it sound like he can’t have a personal life.” Jin pitches in disapprovingly, waving Yoongi along before turning his attention to Jimin. “What he’s trying to say is we are a very close family. You’ll hear us and see us doing stuff you aren’t used to. The trust levels are very intimate. We don’t hide from each other.”

“Right.” Namjoon agrees, adding his own thoughts. “We talk about everything together—our experiences with one night stands, parties and all that bullshit—but there’s deeper friendships here than that. That’s all just a part of the package. When we’re sick, we know Mama Jin and TaeTae will be fluttering around like unsettled chickens. We know that when one of us isn’t speaking to another, everyone else is going to pitch in and clear that shit up quickly before it does real damage. If someone is in trouble, we’re all in trouble and we’re all going to work to get out of it together. It’s the true purpose behind our group. Bangtan is a family before anything else.”

Jimin blinks and glances around, taking it all in before he glances at the floor. He looks somewhat caught between uncertainty and confusion—clearly he has never met people like them before. Jungkook wonders if any of Jimin’s friends are much more than just close friends he sometimes has meals and or hangs out with to pass time—he can’t imagine such detachment.

He would feel and or be completely lost.

“Yeah so if there’s ever anything you have on your mind or if someone rubs you the wrong way, put that shit out there.” Yoongi adds, waving a hand dismissively. “Don’t let that shit ferment and eat at you.”

Jimin nods again and, for a second, Jungkook thinks he might bring up how Jungkook acts towards him or perhaps the general strain between them but the other boy never does. Instead, he kind of just nods and listens to his hyungs speak.

“Anyway, to a more interesting topic—did you get lucky last night?” Taehyung asks, clearly the nosiest bitch in the world.

“I…—No…?” Jimin reaches up and rubs the back of his own neck. “I don’t uh… I don’t have one night stands.”

“Never?” Namjoon asks.


“Have you ever had sex?” Taehyung blurts, earning a kick from Hoseok who clicks his tongue disapprovingly but the other just rubs his shin and leaves his question floating about in the air.

He wants an answer.

Jungkook finds himself interested in hearing the answer himself but he tries not to seem too eager. He leans into Taehyung a little, tugging the older boy’s arms around himself so he can cuddle up to him comfortably. Taehyung responds to the gesture instantly, holding Jungkook close and resting his chin on his shoulder while waiting for Jimin to reply.

“I… I have—yeah.” Jimin replies, swallowing thickly.

“You don’t have to lie about it if you really haven’t.” Jin replies softly, not wanting Jimin to feel pressured. “It’s not a big—“

“No… I really have. I just uh… didn’t like it too much.” Jimin reaches up to scratch the back of his neck awkwardly before readjusting his snapback.

“What…?” Everyone leans in a bit, eyeing him with vaguely shocked eyes. “Was she hideous or something?” Taehyung asks, this time earning a slap in the back of his head from Yoongi—yet again, he didn’t care—and an amused snort from Jungkook.

“Ah… no.” Jimin bites his lip, seeming unsure at first but perhaps everything that had been said had really stuck in his mind because a moment later, he looks vulnerable and shy but ultimately like he was ready to finally confide in someone. “I uh… lost my virginity when I was 16 to one of my brother’s older friends. I just uh… I didn’t really like it.”

Everyone, Jungkook especially, can’t help but stare at Jimin in curious uncertainty. Only Jin seems a little less confused and more concerned and Jungkook figures that that is likely because of his motherly instincts kicking in full-force at the moment.

“I mean it’s your business but I know I’m curious.” Yoongi admits, his tone casual, likely in an attempt to let Jimin know it was okay to speak to them.

Jimin looks hesitant. Jungkook can’t help but sense that something big is about to be put out in the open and it is about to run his own mind through a bit of a loop. He isn’t sure what to think. He just knows he isn’t thinking about last night anymore. The girl was forgotten and all he is interested in was Jimin’s first time for some fucking reason.

“Ah…” Jimin pulls at his shoelaces, playing with them. “I… feel like it’s important for me to say t-that I’m… I’m bisexual… at least I’m pretty sure I am.” Jimin pauses and hesitantly glances up and around the group.

They all just stare back, waiting for him to continue. Jimin seems to be waiting for something though—more of a reaction, perhaps.

“Yah…” Namjoon asks, the first to realize this. “What’s that look for?”

Jimin blinks and swallows thickly. “… I have a preference for men…”

“Alright…?” Namjoon furrows his eyebrows, earning a confused and shocked expression from Jimin who seems to have been expecting more.

This time it is no question what Jimin is expecting. He is expecting to be ridiculed or something equally as negative. He is prepared to be treated like shit over this and it makes Jungkook, and likely everyone else, wonder just what kind of people Jimin is surrounded by to think like that.

On one hand, Jungkook envies the boy for being up front but he does feel disgust bubbling up in his stomach toward that look of careful preparation painted on the boy’s face because he’s ready to be looked down upon for something… Jungkook would probably be too terrified to go through whatsoever… Jungkook realizes that maybe Jimin has more nerve than he had ever wanted to believe. Jungkook thinks the boy is brave.

“… Do we look like a band of homophobic douchebags to you?” Yoongi asks. “Unless you’re about to tell me you want me, I really don’t care. As cute as you are, Minnie-yah, you’re just not my type.”

“H-Hyung…” Jimin cast his eyes to the ground, his cheeks a light shade of pink. Oh fuck, Jungkook’s mind swirls violently. He wants to coo at the younger boy but no, he will fucking not. He was a man—men, especially Jeon Jungkook—didn’t coo at other boys. No way.

“He’s just kidding.” Jin chuckles, reaching over to grip Jimin’s thigh reassuringly.

Jungkook isn’t sure quite yet how he feels. His mind is kind of blank. He can’t really say something at the moment even if he wanted to.

“Anyway, go on, Jimin.” Namjoon leans back against the wall, encouraging Jimin to continue. “I’m curious now about your story.”

“Oh… y-yeah. Um… m-my first time was with a guy…” Jimin hesitates, choosing his words carefully. Jungkook notes, however, he seems a bit more relaxed; his discomfort stems more from his own words rather than the group—he can feel it.

He is proven right when Jimin seems to ease up visibly, his voice becoming more calm and even.

“He wasn’t exactly nice to me. He wasn’t someone that I liked that much either. The experience just hurt a lot because he wasn’t exactly worried about how it was for me. He just wanted to see what it was like to top a boy… I was really young and stupid.” Jimin shrugs. “Because of that, I just prefer to get to know people better and partake in intimacy only when I know I can trust them.”

The silence in the room is thick and a little uncomfortable but soon enough it ebbs away and it’s replaced with sympathy.

“What a fuckbag.” Jin grumbles while Taehyung crawls away from Jungkook, much to the younger’s slight annoyance. He goes over to Jimin and cuddles up to him, hugging him securely, declaring that he will forever protect his Jimin. It makes Jimin eye smile but it’s not the brightest smile Jungkook has seen. He can tell that Jimin doesn’t like to remember his first time. As the smile fades, they all can see that that is especially true because Jimin’s eyes are glassy.

“Do you know his name and current address?” Hoseok asks seriously, causing said glassy eyed Jimin to crack a smile before he let out a watery laugh. Jungkook hates that he kind of wants to find whoever had done this to Jimin and rip his fucking throat out.

But also, Jungkook doesn’t understand why he feels so personally about all of this. He doesn’t understand why Jimin, someone he doesn’t really even like in that way, is making him feel so mentally convoluted. It provokes a slight surge of panic to course through Jungkook’s veins and, in a slight collapse in mental stability, Jungkook blurts the first thing that comes to mind in his attempt to counteract these mushy feelings. What better way to do that than to be fucking destructive?

“So you took it up the ass and got upset because he didn’t wanna get married afterwards?” Jungkook asks, causing the room to go silent.

God, what fucking awful logic I have… I’m the stupidest bastard in the world.

“Yah… What’s your problem, Jungkook?” Namjoon asks, his voice rough—borderline angry, even.

“Yeah… what is your problem?” Yoongi asks, all eyes now on Jungkook who is only really looking at Jimin whose eyes have glazed over. Fuck… the poor boy looks so wounded and vulnerable.

Wrong timing, Jeon Jungkook. Wrong fucking timing.

Collectively, Jungkook didn’t like the new negative atmosphere and to be fair—toward himself—he really hadn’t meant to say something that fucked up. Even to himself, it had sounded incredibly insensitive and he wasn’t really sure where it had come from because it didn’t stem from any authentic thoughts of his own. Whether he likes Jimin or not, he has never otherwise been inclined to voice any of the things that sometimes sling shot through his head in his fits of petulance. It figures that the one time he slips up with his tongue, it just so happens to be during a time it is absolutely the least acceptable.

“I-I apologize, hyung.” Jungkook bows his head forward, staring at the ground, his bangs clouding his eyes. “I didn’t mean to… I didn’t mean it.”

Jungkook’s guilt is growing rapidly and he feels so fucking bad it’s insane… Why is such an ugly part of him showing at the moment? Fuck.

“It’s okay…” Jimin replies, his voice soft, encouraging the younger to look up and meet his wounded gaze. “If you must know, Jungkook-ah… I got upset because he used me. I got upset because he didn’t stop when I asked him to. I got upset because it hurt—I told him it did—and he didn’t care…”

Jungkook’s own gaze wavers because oh my god… The room is still silent and tense and Jungkook is watching a stray tear almost fall from Jimin’s left eye but the boy reaches up to wipe it away quickly. Jungkook has no fucking clue what to do but he knows he wishes he knew how to convey just how fucking sorry he was. This wasn’t what he wanted at all.

“S’not about marriage…” Jimin adds. “I would’ve liked to have felt like a human being instead of a hole for him to park his dick.”

“I-I… I didn’t—“ he attempts to say but Jimin smiles softly, still gentle despite obviously being hurt.

“You didn’t know…” Jimin nods. “I get it.”

The silence constricts them all. No one knows what to say in light of the incredibly awkward and hurtful predicament. Some of the silence is derived from the shock of Jungkook stepping so far out of line—it never really happens.

Jungkook usually, if ever, only messes up with small things that come with being young but he never really truly screws up big enough to notice. This is the first time where no one knows quite what to say or how to handle the maknae and it just so happens to be the time in which Jungkook could use the guidance the most.

This is the first time that Jungkook is left to flounder about in his own mistake because it is so bad that his hyungs don’t even know how to come to his rescue just yet… or maybe they just won’t. Maybe this is a lesson they think he needs to learn…

“Practice can wait for today…” Namjoon says gently after a while of them all just sitting there and drowning in the awkward atmosphere of Jungkook’s fuck up.

Taehyung, Hoseok and Jimin glance at him but only the first two open their mouths to say something. Namjoon shoots them all a look, serious and firm.

“Practice will wait for today.” He says, his voice dropping an octave, which is a clear warning to not question him further. So they don’t. Practice is canceled and Jungkook has never felt so fucking bad and disappointed in himself in his life.

Jimin calls out of Tuesday’s practice. When he and Jungkook speak on the phone, the other boy was cheerful and bright, which is everything the younger of the two wasn’t expecting. He sounds apologetic in having to call out and on any other day, Jungkook may have been inclined to pretend to be annoyed but as it stood, Jungkook hadn’t given the poor boy any shit over having to miss a day. Instead, he took it as it was.

He still felt really shitty for what he had done. He couldn’t believe such offensive filth had come out of his mouth but it had and it was something he had to deal with. It was something he had to figure out on his own.

Late in the evening, after practice had concluded on that same day Jimin had called out, the remaining six had sat down and talked about it again, much to Jungkook’s embarrassment. He had expected his hyungs to be upset but they were just slightly disappointed and concerned with helping their youngest get back on track. That being said, no one really knew what to suggest. There weren’t many options out there to resolve something like Jungkook’s current predicament.

What it came down to was this—he had already apologized and he needed to change his attitude toward Jimin. That was that. Jungkook didn’t explain his feelings—it was the first time he had kept something so big from his hyungs—because he himself had no idea how to understand it all or what to make of it in general.

He wasn’t gay and he wasn’t about to have anyone suggesting that he was. He didn’t want to be talked into believing he was and didn’t need someone teasing him for a crush he most certainly didn’t have on Jimin. More importantly, he didn’t want anyone to realize that his attitude—his piss poor attitude—toward Jimin had primarily been born from his unwillingness to accept the fact that Jimin had an effect on him… Jungkook was stuck but he knew that he had no choice but to figure this one out on his own.

Jimin shows up the rest of the week. Practice is calm and it’s almost like nothing had happened at all but Jungkook is too aware that it had. He’s too aware that the façade Jimin is putting on in the attempt to keep up the act that everything was just fine is all fake as shit. Jungkook is absolutely sure that everyone else can feel it too. The hyungs aren’t stupid. Again, they probably just don’t know what the fuck to do.

It’s great… and thoroughly inconvenient.

Jungkook watches Jimin get very close to Taehyung and it results in an astounding lack of attention toward Jungkook from one of his closest friends. Jungkook isn’t the type to get jealous that easily but he has never really liked the idea of people just taking things from him completely. It can easily be argued that Taehyung is not a thing that he possesses but they are close and to watch Taehyung slip away and greet him less and less is hard to swallow. Additionally, Jungkook notices them getting closer physically too.

He doubts anything is going on but he is starting to think that Jimin has latched on to Taehyung and he is letting him in far more than anyone else. The idea of that really shouldn’t bother Jungkook because what does he care what Park Jimin does? What does he care if he and Taehyung get close? What does he care if Jimin avoids him outside of necessary interaction?

He doesn’t. Whatever. Fuck it.

They’re all over Namjoon and Yoongi’s apartment one night and it’s late. Taehyung has fallen asleep in Yoongi’s room while the rest of them remain in the living room. Jungkook has been lying on the couch for the better part of four hours watching his friends play a video game. At first he had been on his phone a lot, checking social media and messaging a girl who had added him on Facebook for shits and giggles.

He eventually gets bored and sets his phone down on his chest. His eyes start drooping and before he knows it, he’s fallen asleep. When he opens his eyes again, everything is blurry and the living room TV is off. Taehyung and Namjoon aren’t there—likely in the older’s room asleep—but there is a figure off to the side. After blinking a couple of times to clear his vision, Jungkook realizes that it’s Jimin and he’s doing something on his phone—who knows what.

Too tired, Jungkook’s acknowledgement dissolves into nothing as his eyes droop closed and he’s back to sleep in seconds, his breathing evens out as his dreams take him far away to a place where plump lips smile when he appears. He dreams of a pair of beautiful brown eyes disappearing in an eye smile as a contagious laugh floats through the air and swivels around his head warmly. It’s intoxicating in this place and he feels content knowing that the genuine happiness here is something he’s caused.

The dream blurs out of view at some point and Jungkook finds himself opening his eyes again however long later. He feels someone touching him and maneuvering him. His leg had been hanging off of the couch and he opens his eyes just in time to see Jimin—who has turned to glance at him upon feeling him stir—picking his leg up and situating it properly on the couch.

“Hyung…” Jungkook mumbles, shifting and bringing his arms up absently, stretching wearily before he goes limp, his arms draped up over his pillow. His hipbones and stomach are on display, his arms above his head having drawn his shirt up a bit but he doesn’t notice. He’s barely awake.

Jimin reaches forward and gently readjusts Jungkook’s shirt before turning around to pick up the blanket he had apparently brought out. He gently covers Jungkook but not before taking his phone and resting it carefully on the coffee table.

“Hyung…” Jungkook mumbles again, one of his hands moving to grab Jimin’s wrist loosely.

He’d never admit it but in his sleepy haze, Jungkook’s mind is slower and less hindered by his pride and anxiety. One has the potential to hear plenty of interesting things come out of Jungkook’s mouth when he’s half awake it’s just all about catching him at the right time. There’s no way Jimin would know such a thing but he’s about to find out because Jungkook is looking up at him with bare emotions and droopy eyelids.

“Jimin hyung…” Jungkook whispers for the third time, the older boy’s name slurred. In fact, it sounds more like ‘Min’ than it sounds like ‘Jimin’.

“What is it, Jungkook-ah?” Jimin asks softly.

Jungkook tightens his hand around the other’s wrist weakly. It’s not enough to hurt him but he really needs the boy to understand everything he doesn’t know how to put into words. He needs him to feel it—Jungkook’s guilt—because the boy is fucking atrocious at expressing himself. He’s good at everything except emotions… and he knows how detrimental that can be.

He knows it’s hard to fix. He knows he fucked up—he just hopes that Jimin can understand. Jungkook swallow’s thickly, his eyes filled with deep regret. His head is a bit clearer but he has to do this while he can—before he loses the nerve.

“I’m sorry…” Jungkook whispers. “I didn’t mean—“

“You didn’t know.”

“It doesn’t matter…” Jungkook adds, watching Jimin’s lips press together firmly. “Please… don’t hate me.”

“Okay,” Jimin whispers after a while, “okay. Go back to sleep, Kookie-yah…”

Jungkook carefully releases Jimin’s wrist and leans back into the couch, his eyelids drooping, the fatigue getting to him all over again. In the end, sleep takes over and Jungkook’s head lulls to one side. His lips part and his chest rises and falls evenly. Jungkook isn’t awake to see it but Jimin looks down at him for a short while, watching him.

He blinks once or twice here and there and bites his lower lip in thought. He even reaches down, his fingers hovering over Jungkook’s messy bangs with the urge to neaten them but he resists.

He pulls his hand away and turns away completely, walking over to the other end of the couch where he lays down and curls up in his own place. He stays up for some time, his eyes in Jungkook’s direction as he listens to the younger boy’s soft snores. He thinks about him and wonders why they don’t seem to click when all he wants and has ever wanted so badly is to just get to know Jeon Jungkook… the boy whose smile, though beautiful, has never appeared because of him. Jimin wishes he knew why.

Jungkook wakes up kind of early. His eyes land on Jimin almost immediately. The older boy is still asleep, lying on his side. He looks very peaceful and content. His hood is up, one of his hands are tucked underneath his head while the other is resting lazily against his mouth, his fingers oddly resting across his lips.

Jungkook blinks at him sleepily before carefully maneuvering his way off of the couch. He glances over in Jimin’s direction repeatedly to make sure he’s not being loud enough to wake him up before tiptoeing out of the living room.

The apartment is still quiet and Jungkook guesses that’s he’s the only one awake. He finds the bathroom with some effort and needs to concentrate a little while attempting to pee, especially when he almost misses the toilet completely. He hears soft snoring throughout the hall and realizes that yes, all of the hyungs are clearly still knocked out.

When he makes his way back down the hall, Jimin is stirring and then looking at his phone, his eyes squinting and his hair a mess. His face is swollen—likely not unlike Jungkook’s—and his lips look slightly chapped from sleep.

Jungkook doesn’t say anything, even when their gazes meet. Instead he kind of just blinks at Jimin and then continues on into the kitchen where he makes himself a bowl of cereal. It’s not so much because he is hungry that he does this but rather because his nerves are scrambling and he needs to do something with himself to avoid losing his cool.

Jungkook has made it through only two bites of his cereal by the time Jimin wearily pads into the kitchen with him. They exchange another glance before Jungkook glances down at his cereal. He vaguely remembers the night before but he’s not sure how much of it is true so he doesn’t want to go anywhere near the topic… not if he can avoid it, that is.

Jungkook can hear Jimin moving around behind him a bit before the older walks forward and sits down in the chair across from Jungkook.

“I think we should talk…” Jimin murmurs, speaking softly. Jungkook glances up and looks at the older boy, noticing that he still looks a lot like he has just woken up. Regardless, he also looks like he’s forcing himself to confront Jungkook at the moment, which makes the younger feel a little guilty because technically he shouldn’t have to. It is Jungkook who is being a little fucker after all.

Jungkook swallows his mouthful of cereal, shifts uncomfortably in his chair and then pushes the half-eaten bowl of cereal forward on the table. He sits there quietly for a few seconds before glancing over at Jimin, offering him his attention.

“I know you don’t like me.” Jimin says.

Jungkook can do nothing but just look at him because attempting to fight something that was delivered with such a certainty would likely be entirely counterproductive… also it just sucks to hear because wow, he’s made Jimin believe he doesn’t like him… He finds it ironic how he has spent however long convincing himself that he both doesn’t like Jimin and wishes the boy would just take a hint and now that it seems he’s gotten some kind of point across—one that isn’t actually true in the slightest—he regrets it completely.

“I’ve known since the day I auditioned…” Jimin sighed and fuck if it doesn’t make Jungkook want to curl up and weep in self-loathing. “I’ve spent the last couple of weeks wondering why and I just don’t understand. I thought that maybe you had heard something messed up about me… The most paranoid side of me thought you knew about my sexuality and it grossed you out… but then I opened up to everyone and you snapped your teeth at me like I was trash… so… heh…”


“I’m not looking for another apology…” Jimin cuts Jungkook off, “I’m just trying to understand what I’ve done. I care about you Jungkook. I want us to be friends. I want us to laugh together like the others. I want to tell you about stuff and I want you to tell me about stuff. I want to decide to go get something to eat and know I can call you to accompany me if I wanted to. I want to know that we are okay… but I don’t. I know we’re none of that.”

Jungkook frowned slightly, feeling like absolute shit the more Jimin talked because, even if this is the most they had said to each other since they have met, it only solidifies the fact that Jungkook is completely wrong in how he had chosen to treat Jimin. Jimin doesn’t deserve any of his bullshit.

“If it’s my sexuality, you don’t have to worry about it. I’m not a pervert… I’m capable of being friends with other guys without just immediately rubbing up on them or trying to stick their dick in my mouth.”

Jungkook winces, swallowing thickly. “H—H…H-Hyung…” He doesn’t think Jimin should be talking about himself like that at all, especially because it’s not even remotely reflective of how he really thinks about Jimin much less what he thinks about the older boy’s sexuality.

“It’s the truth, Jungkook. I’m not like that.” Jimin murmurs. “All I want from you is friendship… that’s all I’ve ever wanted. If you really can’t stand me a-and… if you want to reject me… then okay… I’ll keep my distance.”

God, Jungkook feels so fucking bad it’s insane. The worst part is he really doesn’t know how to explain anything to Jimin in a way he can understand. No matter how it is laid out, Jungkook doesn’t really have a proper reason to dislike Jimin but letting the older boy know that seems cruel. And technically, in all honestly, Jungkook doesn’t actually hate Jimin—not even a little bit… He is just really confused.

At first, he knows that a lot of what he had felt had been things that could’ve been mistaken for hate when, in reality, it was all more… rivalry than anything, now that he thought about it. Jungkook had always been like that, especially in high school. If he was good at something and someone else was good at it too, he needed to be better. He also fucking hated to be compared to other people. So really, it had never been Jimin’s fault. Jungkook was just… competitive… and he had taken it all a little far.

Aside from that, there are other things, however. Their problems aren’t all just Jungkook being competitive… there is the awkward shit too but how is he supposed to talk about that to anyone? How is he supposed to talk about that with Jimin especially if he can’t even bring it upon himself to talk about it with the people he trusts more than anyone else in the entire world?

“It’s okay if you say no…” Jimin says after a while, taking Jungkook’s silence as his cue to do some damage control. “I just… yeah, it’s okay.”

Jungkook swallows thickly, clenching his jaw. He can feel Jimin’s gaze on him as silence consumes them both, probably because Jimin doesn’t know what else to say now. Jungkook has frozen up a lot like a deer in headlights because he isn’t used to this. He has literally never been in this position before. Jungkook had never experienced any of the things that might have prepared him for this… so all he can do is just kind of sit there and stare at his half eaten breakfast bowl and watch it rise slightly as the cereal in it gets soggy.

After some time passes, Jimin swallows audibly, the sound alone forcing Jungkook to feel the need to do the same so he does so reflexively. Jungkook bites his own bottom lip and feels his heart sink as he watches from his peripherals as Jimin stands and gets ready to leave. He probably thinks that this is Jungkook’s way of telling him to fuck off… but it really isn’t.

God, it’s not at all…

Jungkook has never met someone so gentle and he sure as hell has never had to sit there and listen as said person, in the softest and most sincere voice in the world, told him that all they wanted was his friendship. He has never thought his friendship to be that important. Jimin believes otherwise and it makes Jungkook that much worse because how dare someone like Jimin—so pure and good—be shit on by Jungkook’s negative, rude and judgmental ass?

Jimin almost clears the table before Jungkook reaches out and gently takes his wrist into his hand. It’s innate and desperate and Jungkook’s heart stops when he does it because now Jimin is looking at their hands and then at his face in astonishment. He can’t fucking find his voice.

Jungkook knows he needs to man up so he licks his lips and slowly turns his head to look up at Jimin, his eyes unhindered and bared before Jimin who looks back at them with equal openness. Why they hadn’t just done this from the beginning—why Jungkook hadn’t done this from the beginning—suddenly drifts through Jungkook’s conscious as an entirely rogue inquiry with no apparent answer anywhere in sight.

Jimin shifts slightly, the fingers of the hand whose wrist Jungkook has a grip on twitch slightly before Jimin turns his hand over and carefully slips out of the hold. It’s only done in order to brush their fingers together.

Jungkook’s heart flutters and so does his gaze. Again, he doesn’t understand the boy in front of him. He has hurt him, has degraded him and has rejected him completely and still he stands there with nothing but complete willingness to let Jungkook in. There’s no resentment, no anger and no guard in the way. Jimin is just Jimin in front of Jungkook and Jungkook isn’t sure why he had wasted so much time being mean and disliking the boy when they could have been doing this. They could have been closer. They could have bonded… They could have done things properly.

The patience in Jimin’s eyes makes Jungkook want to crumble because he doesn’t think he deserves this. His own eyes soften and he tips his head very slightly to the side.

“You mean more to me than you think, hyung…” Jungkook says honestly, his voice cracking as a result of his convoluted nerves. He’s embarrassed when he hears himself say it but he knows it’s true. Why else would all these feelings be surrounding him? Why would guilt be all he can feel after what had happened? Why else would he be so shocked by Jimin’s own adoration for him?

“And I'm sorry you may find it hard to believe me when I say that…” Jungkook adds, swallowing thickly, his nerves causing his throat to tighten a bit.

Jimin doesn’t say anything, letting Jungkook have a moment—he senses that he needs it and yeah Jungkook kind of really does. Jimin waits and waits, just standing there waiting for Jungkook to say what he needs to say… so Jungkook says what he feels in the moment and doesn’t let himself worry about holding back.

“Don’t give up on me.” Jungkook says softly.

“I won’t.” Jimin replies without hesitation, turning toward him.

They kind of move together as if they know exactly what to do—almost like it’s rehearsed. Jimin steps forward and their hands separate when Jimin gets close enough to stand between Jungkook’s legs. His arms wrap around Jungkook’s shoulders before they settle around his head, hugging it to his chest. Jungkook hugs Jimin around the waist and presses his cheek against the firm surface of Jimin’s pectorals, his cheek smushed slightly but he doesn’t care at all. This feels warm and secure. Jimin feels solid but small in Jungkook’s arms and the younger decides very quickly that he wants this—the contact—to be a thing and he never has to let go of. He hopes Jimin won’t make him let go for at least another minute.

And Jimin doesn’t. He allows the contact to last for a period of time, long enough for Jungkook to realize how good it feels to touch Jimin.

When they pull apart, Jimin looks down at him calmly and then smiles slightly, seeming happy… Jungkook feels good because he knows that this time… it’s because of him—that look—it’s for him.

Time passes and it’s like the relationship between Jungkook and Jimin is entirely different overnight. They spend more time together, dance together without the rest of the group, eat together and spend hours and hours just bonding and discovering just how much they like each other. It’s almost like they are making up for lost time but it feels good—Jungkook likes what is born from the refurbished relationship. It’s a close bond that has him addicted, always wanting more and more.

Unfortunately, it births other things—feelings—that neither boy really anticipates. Jungkook knows that what he grows to feel is nothing necessarily new but rather further along versions of something that he had attempted to pretend didn’t exist before.

It takes time but Jungkook realizes that he has real feelings for Jimin and they are intense, sometimes overbearing and they never leave him alone. It’s scary because Jungkook doesn’t know how to do this—doesn’t know how to like another boy so out of the blue. All he knows is that he does… and what he feels is no joke.

Jungkook can do nothing but attempt to continue to pretend the feelings don’t exist. He’s not gay. He can’t be gay… It’s the same bullshit over and over that Jungkook tells himself. He knows technically that liking one guy doesn’t make him gay. He knows that he likes girls and as long as that is a thing he’s not technically gay but he also knows that that state of mind doesn’t help whatsoever.

Why does he have to feel like this for Jimin of all people…?

He can’t do this… he can’t… but fuck… deep down he knows that, more than anything, he really wants to.

Namjoon’s apartment building is a little too fucking reserved for this shit but no one seems to care. Jungkook is familiar with house parties but mini-apartment parties seem a little stupid to him, especially when alcohol is making its way around the group little by little and people become anything but sober. Then again, he likes being surrounded by the rest of Bangtan so no one hears him object when Yoongi, Hoseok and Namjoon gather them in their living room and seem to have stocked up on several different types of liquor, potato chips, dip and about a thousand movies they probably won’t pay attention to much less attempt to watch.

They all change when they’re drunk but not necessarily in stark contrast to who they are all of the time… Jungkook thinks they all get kind of typical when they’re drunk.

Hoseok is loud and laughs at everything. Taehyung gets a little mellow but becomes more and more weird as the night goes on. Taehyung is fun though—they give him the most alcohol frequently just to see what will happen—but Jin is always there to cut him off before things get too out of hand. After all, no one is trying to kill the little alien; they all love him too much.

Yoongi gets lazy and, ironically, kind of cuddly but selectively so. He only looks for Namjoon or Hoseok to cuddle with. Jungkook thinks he’s very cute like that—drunk out of his mind, pliant and reliant on his friends for attention. Jin is giggly but fun as well—he likes to dance when he’s drunk. Namjoon is the most calm. He never really gets too drunk but in the same way, he also has a very high tolerance so he never really seems that drunk even when he has consumed enough alcohol to have someone else unconscious.

Jungkook gets flirtatious and becomes an avid participant in skinship. He likes to sit in laps, loves it even more when someone runs their fingers through his hair. Taehyung sometimes rubs his stomach and it’s the most satisfying thing—Jungkook feels like a big fat and spoiled house cat when he’s drunk because even while inebriated, he gets babied by his hyungs.

Jimin is… interesting when he’s drunk. His tongue loosens and he manifests confidence. He relaxes and is down for just about anything. They all discover that he’s a bit of a lightweight but he’s a relatively pleasant drunk that doesn’t bother anyone in any way that makes them not want to be around him. Jimin is adorable.

He’s currently leaned into Hoseok who is cuddling Yoongi. They had all just had a round telling each other about some of the more embarrassing times of their lives. Jungkook almost pees himself when Jimin tells them about the time he ripped his pants squatting before a performance, especially because he reenacts the horrified face he had made when it had happened. It’s so funny that Jungkook tears up a little.

Namjoon relates and it gets even funnier, talking about a time he had torn his pants in high school when his crush had jokingly tried to teach him how to twerk. Namjoon had tried to get exaggerative, spread his legs and the fabric had torn suddenly. Everyone gets a kick out of it and they talk Namjoon into twerking, which makes Jungkook’s cheeks hurt because he’s been laughing for 15 to 20 minutes straight now.

The embarrassing story telling shifts into sexual territory when Hoseok brings up the recent weekend that has just passed, during which he had hooked up with a girl. He tells them how he had slipped and dropped her and they all cringe violently when he retells how her knee had landed directly on his erection. It’s not so much funny but it opens a door for more sexual reminiscing. They’ve all been here before and it’s comfortable anyway so why not?

Jimin pipes up during this conversation and they’re all really surprised because they had only heard of one experience and it had been a bad one. No one had really given much thought to the possibility that Jimin had experienced other things. Jimin certainly never volunteered that information. So yeah, he has everyone’s attention because fuck yeah—new stories from a source they have so little information on.

“Wait wait,” Taehyung is the one to cut in before Jimin gets too far into his story—in fact, he has only really gotten to say like a single word, “I thought you only did it once.”

“No.” Jimin giggles. “I didn’t do anything else until my last year of high school.”

“I’m so fucking ready to hear this, someone pass me the tequila.” Yoongi puts a hand out for it. Jin is the one to stand and hand it over.

“So guys like my face…” Jimin states, gesturing at himself. “I’m cute and look like a cuntboy apparently.”

“Which is so true, it hurts…” Namjoon agrees.

“A cuntboy?” Taehyung asks.

“It’s a bottom… that’s like the cleanest and most PG way I can tell you what it means.” Yoongi says lazily, gesturing for Jimin to keep going.

“Yeah so,” Jimin goes on, sitting up a bit and fuck… Jungkook thinks it’s kind of cute how ready the boy is to talk, “I attract like… sexually confused guys a lot. I remember this guy, a kind of big guy… he was like Jinnie hyung—wide shoulders, tall and skinny. I was small—very small—next to him. Anyway, we got a little drunk and he wanted to blow me. It was my first blowjob like ever… and I almost died, I swear. He got really carried away and tried to do other things—I’ll spare you the details—“

“Nonsense! I’m drunk enough, let’s do this shit.” Yoongi raised the bottle of Tequila in toast. “Let there be no raunchy details lost!”

“I’m curious too—fuck it. Just say it.” Hoseok slurred, earning some other hums of agreement; Jungkook was among them… but also he’s kind of distracted because all of this makes Jimin giggle… ugh…

“Okay well… he wanted to like… eat me out or something? I wasn’t expecting it. He just kind of went for it. Anyway, what fucked it all up is the part when his girlfriend walked in on his tongue in my ass.”

Jungkook is shell shocked and not really capable of laughing but the rest of the boys around him seem to find humor in it and chuckle. Yoongi is giggling and thoroughly amused. He teases Jimin and calls him the Straight Boy Wrangler.

“A girl did that to me once. I was really confused.” Namjoon snorted suddenly, earning an odd look from Taehyung who scrunches his nose up in slight disgust.

“I’d never eat someone’s butthole.” Taehyung grumbles.

“I’d do it if I loved them enough, to be perfectly honest.” Namjoon shrugged. “My big bro always told me that’s how you can tell you love ‘em. If you’re willing to eat the booty, they’re the one.”

Jungkook starts cracking up at that, unable to hold himself back. It starts a chain reaction and Jimin and Yoongi are laughing so hard there’s almost no sound at all coming from them. Every time they look at each other, it gets worse, so much worse and it doesn’t stop until they’re all painfully red in the face. Even then, stray chuckles leave their lips. Jungkook’s stomach hurts from how hard he laughs.

“Oh fuck…” Jungkook whimpers, reaching up to wipe at his tears, mindful of his eyeliner.

“I don’t know if I’d eat ass…” Yoongi muses after a while, his voice hoarse from laughing.

“Pfft, I’d do it.” Hoseok speaks up. “Well… it’d be the same rule as eating anything. If it’s clean, I’ll do it.”

“Aish… you’ll eat anything. I’m not surprised. The second I watched you dip your pizza crust in Tzatziki sauce, I knew you couldn’t be trusted.” Yoongi agrees, taking a sip of the Tequila before handing the bottle to Hoseok who shrugs and takes a small sip himself.

“You know I just thought about it…” Hoseok speaks up once he passes the Tequila off to Jungkook. “Our Jiminnie is bisexual… but we only know ‘cause he told us… Anyone else have something to share?”

“I’ve had my dick sucked by guys before.” Namjoon comments, raising a hand.

“Yah… guys? Plural?” Yoongi nudges Namjoon’s knee with his foot. “How many…?”

“Enough for me to be 95% sure I like getting head for dudes just a little more than from girls.” Namjoon shrugs, doing a double take upon realizing that Yoongi is looking at him with a thoroughly scandalized look on his face.

“I’ve known you for almost 10 years…!” Yoongi gasps. “How do I not know that shit? Fuck you a thousand times over.”

“You never asked.” Namjoon grins.

“Jesus Christ… anyone else want to make my head spin? I mean fuck…” Yoongi grumbles.

Everyone else kind of mumbles a ‘no’ and they’re about to move on because evidently no one else has any stories to tell. However, Jungkook is drunk and his head is swirling pleasantly. Had he been sober, he would have never opened his mouth. It comes out suddenly and it’s almost like his tongue is lead in his mouth.

“I thought of a guy that time I did anal for the first time.” Jungkook spoke up, causing the entire room to go silent, all eyes were on him and Jungkook can’t help but snort in amusement at the expressions he is surrounded by.

Taehyung is hacking up a lung, having choked on his own spit and that too is funny.

“What the fuck?” Jin blurts and it’s all even more hilarious. Jungkook snorts, nodding his head because fuck it—forgive me, Father, for I have sinned and I came really hard doing it…

“It wasn’t on purpose,” Jungkook says, waving them all off when they start asking if he thinks he’s gay or something like that, “I’m not gay… I know I’m not… but she was on her hands and knees. I was like… looking down and whatever—watching it go in and out, y’know—and I just… fucking wanted to fuck her ass. It was weird. I didn’t even think she’d let me but she did. Anyway, I thought of a dude at some point and it wasn’t the worse thing that’s happened to me.”

“Man, my heart can’t take all this.” Yoongi says dramatically. “My dongsaeng… my baby… my youngest…” Yoongi pretends to whimper.

Jungkook cackles and oddly feels a little bit like a weight has been lifted off of his shoulders. It feels kind of like he has stood up to something but that’s a little weird too, he thinks. He’s not sure why or what but he feels very liberated.

“Alcohol was probably not a good idea after all.” Namjoon jokes after a while but it makes them all chuckle anyway.

Jungkook just so happens to look up and catches Jimin looking at him but he kind of looks at someone else immediately after. Jungkook’s mind is too hazy from the alcohol for him to be sure whether or not he should bother taking note of it so he just forgets about it completely.

“Let’s play a stupid fucking drinking game.” Hoseok speaks up kind of randomly. “I’m in the mood to be every bit of immature as I feel. Suggestions?”

“Spin the bottle…?” Taehyung asks, saying the shit in English and it’s enough to make Yoongi scoff.

“That’s lame.”

“Truth or Dare?” Jin suggests.

“No way.” Namjoon objects. “The last time we did that, you were all complete assholes with the dares and you tried to get me to do some disgusting shit. No.”

Jin and Hoseok agree openly with this. Jungkook also isn’t fond of the idea of Truth or Dare either.

“Never Have I Ever?” Taehyung suggests, having resorted to whipping out his phone and looking up a list of potential games on it.

“Meh.” Namjoon and Yoongi grumble.


“That game is lame as shit.” Yoongi disagrees.


“Excuse me?” Yoongi glances at Taehyung challengingly.

“It’s a game, hyung.” Jimin giggles, nudging Yoongi’s thigh.

“Oh wait. Bullshit—that stupid card game…” Yoongi nods, waving it off. “I thought you were being a little shit.”

“I think there is a version where you can call someone’s bluff too. If you guess right, they drink or something stupid like that.” Namjoon replies.

“Dumb. Next…” Yoongi leans further back into Hoseok and closes his eyes lazily, looking comfortable as Hoseok wraps his arms around him loosely.

“Would you rather…?”

“No. That’s another dirty as shit game.” Namjoon objects instantly. “Not interested in making myself throw up over thinking about whether or not I’d have sex with my grandma or swim through a sea of feces.”

“You’re seriously disturbed.” Jin comments even though he’s laughing. It’s clear that he’s not sure if he should be laughing or not.

“I’ve been done dirty by that game too.” Namjoon grumbles. “Never again.”


“The fuck…?” Yoongi asks.

“It’s like… we sit in a circle and you whisper something to me—a statement of some kind—and I say the name of whomever I think it fits best… and if someone wants to know what you said or like why I said their name, they have to drink.” Taehyung explains, reading it over on his phone. “It’s a curiosity-killed-the-cat sort of game.”

“Eh… that could be okay… see what else there is first.” Yoongi comments and everyone else seems to agree.

Taehyung goes through a couple more and most of them get rejected, some of which even Jungkook thinks sound really lame. Eventually, he reaches the end of the list it seems.

“The last one is called Chicken; a game that tests nerve. Two people each take turns doing something that challenges the nerve of the other. They keep going until someone backs down. The loser has to take as many shots as the number of rounds it took for them to lose.” Taehyung says.

“Fuck... that could be a lot of shots.” Hoseok trails off—he seems daunted by the idea.

“Well it doesn’t say that, I just kind of threw that in there because one shot is not really a big deal.” Taehyung admits.

“Well what if we do something like… Paranoia and Chicken together? Paranoia sounds kind of fun still.” Yoongi suggests.

“Like how though?” Namjoon asks, thinking for a moment before he continues. “We could go around and the first two to lose the rounds have to do a round of Chicken instead of drink… since the person who loses at Chicken will need to drink a shit ton anyway.”

“Oooh…” Yoongi cooes excitedly. “Yes, okay—alright, bitches, let’s fall in formation.” He states, standing and wiggling his butt in a mock-Beyoncé fashion, which causes almost all of them die in some way shape or form, be it in the form of laughter or secondhand embarrassment.

“Also,” Yoongi pauses suddenly, finger in the air as though what he’s about to say is seriously important, “if I end up having to kiss anyone, just know I’m gonna put my tongue in your mouth to make it that much worse. I shan’t be suffering alone.”

Jungkook grimaces and makes a face—he’s not the only one—and Yoongi just cackles because yeah, they better be scared.

They’re in a circle and Jungkook is kind of worried because these types of games are always scary… but at the same time he’s comfortably buzzed and feeling good and he’s surrounded people he loves and trusts. It’s all good.

Jin goes first and he whispers into Namjoon’s ear. Namjoon looks around for a moment before looking at Hoseok. “Hoseok.”

They all sit there for a moment, deciding they don’t care enough so no one loses. It goes around one entire circle before Jungkook whispers into Yoongi’s ear and the older says Taehyung’s name.

Taehyung wants to know so badly he whines a little because Yoongi had laughed when he had said it… but why? What has his evil dongsaeng said about him now?

Never airs out the toilet.” Taehyung hangs his head as they laugh but ultimately accepts that he has lost… even though he whines and pouts about the loss not really being worth it.

They skip over Taehyung as they wait for the next one to lose. It turns out to be Hoseok because Jin makes Namjoon snort at what he says.

Touches himself oddly in his sleep.”

Taehyung and Hoseok sit in the middle of the circle and take turns trying to freak each other out. It doesn’t take long whatsoever because Hoseok gets stuck going against Taehyung who knows exactly what needs to be done to make another human uncomfortable. Hoseok lasts two rounds and needs to take two shots—altogether, Jungkook thinks his hyung is too easily outdone.

They go around again and for the first time, someone says Jungkook’s name. He wants so badly to ignore it but he’s curious because, well, someone has finally said his name so there must’ve been something odd said… right? Whatever… he can hold his own in a game of Chicken, he’s willing to bite the bullet.

“I wanna know.” He admits.

Most likely to make someone come untouched.” Hoseok reveals, making Jungkook blink oddly before smiling a bit awkwardly as everyone chuckles softly—it’s not too bad. It’s just kind of funny.

Jungkook watches his hyungs play. It takes a while but eventually, Taehyung leans in and whispers something to Yoongi who sits up straight and instantly says Jimin. Jimin looks conflicted and eyes Yoongi for a long time. Yoongi smirks back and bites his lips, daring the other boy to ask what was said.

“I wanna know.” He accepts.

Best sounds during sex.”

“Yah…!” Jimin reaches up and holds his hands to his cheeks, covers his eyes and then hangs his head, thoroughly embarrassed as everyone around him either agrees or starts laughing because well, Jimin’s reaction was everything.

“Alright, kiddies. Center stage.” Jungkook had forgotten he had lost for a moment so he’s a little out of it when Taehyung starts nudging him toward the center when Jimin has already moved and is currently sat.

“Oh fuck, right.” Jungkook murmurs, crawling forward. He plops down and crosses his legs.

They stare at each other for a moment before Jungkook glances around at his hyungs as though he’s unsure what to do, which… he really isn’t. “We’re not getting any younger, Kookie.”

He eventually looks back to Jimin whose hand is near his mouth to hide a laugh but his eyes give him away. He pulls it away and licks his lips, just waiting.

“So I guess I gotta go first then… s’at what you’re telling me, here?” Jungkook chuckles.

“I mean I can. It’s whatever.” Jimin replied, shifting forward a little. “I’m good at this game, though… I’m just going to warn you.”

“Oh really?” Jungkook taunts, calling Jimin’s bluff. “Then go first since you’re so cocky. Show me what you’ve got, hyung.”

Jimin hesitates but then nods, shifting up from his sitting position. He flicks his bangs out of his face a bit and then moves forward on his knees, leaning in suddenly so his lips are practically a hair away from Jungkook’s. Though Jungkook does flinch slightly, he doesn’t back down. He kind of just looks up at Jimin who has one hand rested against his thigh, the other resting on the ground beside Jungkook’s hip to hold himself up. Everyone around them squeals at Jimin’s strong first-move but Jungkook is wondering if that is supposed to be the best that can be done.

When it’s clear, however, that Jungkook is going to survive the round, Jimin backs off and looks at him evenly, waits and carefully sits normally, his legs crisscrossed.

Jungkook feels his own blood heating up as he shifts forward. He pauses briefly as Jimin had as he thinks of what exactly he wants to do. When it comes to him, he moves closer to Jimin, walking forward on his knees until their knees touch. He leans in and rests a hand on Jimin’s muscular thigh, sliding it up a bit until it’s as far up as possible. He squeezes it and leans in, brushing their noses against each other gently. Unlike himself, Jimin doesn’t flinch. He only tips his chin up slightly. Jungkook knows he has to do better than that so he presses his forehead against Jimin’s and breathes gently against his lips, his hand coming up to hook around the back of his hyung’s neck firmly like he was just about to kiss the life out of him but he doesn’t. Jimin’s eyelids have drooped ever so slightly and if Jungkook didn’t know better, he would say that Jimin is inviting him to cross that line. Regardless, he knows he has done his job because everyone is squealing again in shock over how bold they were.

In just two turns, they had blown the game straight out of the water compared to what Taehyung and Hoseok had done.

Jungkook sits back down and Jimin opens his eyes and looks at him intently, thoughtfully. Hmm… Jungkook can practically hear him doing that—humming in thought.

Jimin moves forward on his hands and knees, his face close to Jungkook’s for a moment. His face stays close as the rest of his body continues to come forward. Jungkook doesn’t break the eye contact but he can feel thick thighs frame his own as Jimin crawls into his lap and sits. He’s light and small and Jungkook thinks he fits well where he is. He looks up at Jimin quietly, almost forgetting they’re playing a game because round two has his head spinning. The alcohol isn’t helping.

Jimin stares down at Jungkook, licking his own lips—Jungkook can’t help but glance down and look because oh… he has really nice lips. Jungkook knows that he should be able to disconnect himself and remember that Jimin is his hyung and close friend but he isn’t doing it at all, not even trying. He’s just letting himself be consumed. Also, Jimin’s lips are disappearing and moving to his ear, a hand cupping around it so no one can hear it as Jimin takes one extra bold step.

Jungkook’s almost chokes on air.

“They’re right you know…” He says softly. “About what I sound like… aren’t you curious?”

Jungkook turns his head away and blinks hard, his mouth going dry. In an instant, his hyungs are calling bullshit and asking what was said. Meanwhile, Jungkook feels like he’s been kicked in the stomach because fuck… Jimin is playing dirty and it’s only the second round. He glances at Jimin who has moved out of his lap and is sitting across from him challengingly. He knows he’s not supposed to be like this—his reaction isn’t intended. This is all supposed to be cringey, embarrassing and about how much more nerve the other guy has compared to him but instead, Jungkook feels taunted and heated. If he wasn’t wearing a sweatshirt, everyone else around him would know just how much he was affected as well.

Jungkook takes a minute to get ahold of himself before he glances down at his lap and then looks back at Jimin, barely picking his head up and barely able to look at him properly as he does so through his eyelashes.

I got this.

Jungkook moves forward, crawling at first before he stands up on his knees. He squares his shoulders in a display of reflexive dominance before pushing a hand against Jimin’s chest, forcing the other to fall backwards against the floor, his head about a foot away from Jin. Jungkook moves forward kind of quickly, his movements a little sloppy because of the alcohol but also because none of what he’s showing is fake—he really is out of his mind and it’s all because of Jimin at the moment. He kind of wants the older to grasp the extent of what he is doing to him.

Jimin looks up at him, eyes half lidded as Jungkook straddles him. Jungkook leans in, his lips pressing to Jimin’s ear. He doesn’t say anything at first, waiting for everyone around him to stop howling at what they’re seeing. Once it quiets down just enough, Jungkook spreads his legs and presses his erection right into Jimin’s crotch, making sure Jimin can hear it when it makes his breath hitch.

“Aren’t you curious?” Jungkook purrs huskily.

Jimin’s breath double hitches and when Jungkook pulls away to look at him, Jimin is staring at the ceiling, his pupils dilated. He looks like he can’t quite register what’s happening. Good. Jungkook decides before he pulls away and goes back to where he was sitting.

Jimin remains lying the floor for a minute before he’s able to sit up properly, looking kind of lost. However, he pulls himself together once he seems to have successfully reminded himself that they are playing a game.

“What am I doing with my life?” Namjoon whines, shaking his head. “Someone needs to give up before my eyes combust.”

Jimin looks at Jungkook, seemingly thinking it over. Jungkook can tell he’s set the bar at a decent height but he knows that Jimin can win… it’s just a matter of whether or not he has the guts to do it in front of everyone else. As Jimin rises to his knees, Jungkook steels himself because apparently the boy does have some more nerve left in there. Jimin moves forward and reaches a hand forward to touch Jungkook’s cheek. He eyes him for a moment, his fingers light against his face. It lasts for a second, long enough to rope Jungkook in before the younger feels himself being shoved back just as hard as he had shoved Jimin. His head almost knocks against the floor. Luckily, Jungkook had fallen back somewhat stiffly.

Jimin is straddling him and placing his hands on either sides of Jungkook’s head and leaning in. He doesn’t say anything, he kind of just looks at him at first. Jungkook thinks he’s not going to do much—that what Jimin is doing doesn’t possibly top what he had just done… but then Jungkook is made to believe that Jimin has aces up his sleeves because fuck he wasn’t expecting this.

Jimin reaches down and, without shame, cups Jungkook through his pants. This time Jungkook does choke and it gets caught in his throat.

“Perhaps it was me you imagined fucking when you were with that girl, huh?” There’s no whispering this time and everyone hears it.

Jungkook stares up at Jimin, not even hearing it as his hyungs lose their shit. His heart has stopped and his cock has twitched against Jimin’s hand—there’s no way the boy doesn’t feel it—and this is evident in the way Jungkook feels the boy very slightly tighten his grip. It’s not painful but it is tortuous. Jungkook wishes there wasn’t a layer of clothing in the way.

“Concede.” Jimin drawls a second later as his hand tightens. It’s like he knows he’s won and holy shit, Jungkook can’t disagree because the boy’s hand is on his dick and it’s driving him up the wall.

Jungkook’s breath hitches again as he looks up and Jimin, his eyes clouded but probably revealing plenty of information to Jimin who seems to know what he’s doing to him. If the other boy didn’t—quite literally, by the way—have him by the dick, Jungkook may have had the nerve to keep going but as it was, it isn’t even the lack of nerve that is the problem.

Jimin has a level of control over him at that moment that just isn’t normal—Jungkook has never been like this for another person and it’s evident in the way, after being told to surrender, Jungkook is nodding mindlessly because fuck, yes, whatever… your eyes are so fucking sexy… and all that sappy brainless shit that comes with being severely attracted to someone whose hand is currently touching one’s dick.

“Say it—I concede…” Jimin demands, his breath hot against Jungkook’s lips as he leans in and makes like he’s about to give Jungkook what he wants, makes the boy’s eyes glaze over in anticipation for those beautiful lips against his own.

“I concede…” Jungkook breathes.

Jimin pulls back and Jungkook chases his lips slightly. The hand is gone on his cock but his head swirls off balance, causing it to fall back against the floor with a dull thump. Jimin has Jungkook’s head so fucked up that he barely notices it at all when his hyungs tease him as they line up his shots. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care at all.

The three shots burn and have his vision shifting out of place even more but it’s not exactly a negative feeling. Jungkook just knows he needs air and so he excuses himself to go and lie in Namjoon’s room in front of his fan for a while, just trying to calm down and breathe. On his way out, he doesn’t say much or look at anyone… but he does spare Jimin a glance before he keeps going.

He’s just had enough alcohol for the night—he knows he’s at his limit and he doesn’t like the idea of vomiting or waking up sick. The alcohol does have his body tired and lazy, however, so much so that, despite his cock still being vaguely hard, Jungkook falls asleep to the sound of the fan, his head filled with a gentle smile, small hands and the perfect weight in his lap.

Jungkook wakes up in a different place and sober enough. He’s been moved to the floor but a comfortable bed has been made for him and he has a bunch of pillows and a fluffy blanket. It feels nicer than Namjoon’s bed in all honestly. He looks around and notices that someone has also brought him to Yoongi’s room for some reason but he can’t be bothered to wonder why. He figures Hoseok or Namjoon had carried him.

His mind drifts to Jimin not even two seconds later. He’s been awake for less than 10 minutes and the other boy has already invaded his thoughts. Fuck. It doesn’t take long before Jungkook’s head starts drifting and he’s contemplating some really… bad ideas… bad ideas that center entirely around his newest closest friend. There’s a part of Jungkook that insists and reminds him that how he feels isn’t entirely coincidence and Jimin must return the feelings to some extent. This seems especially true when Jungkook thinks back to the game that they had played earlier.

It’s also constantly in the back of Jungkook’s mind that his hyungs are all around and he’s playing a dangerous game… or about to be. He lays there for some time, mulling it over and weighing in the pros and cons of the heat manifesting in the pit of his stomach. He thinks to himself—muses wistfully—that maybe Jimin is on the couch, Hoseok is dead asleep on the other couch and Taehyung is on the floor… because that’s how it usually goes unless someone else falls asleep out there first. He hears Namjoon snoring all the way from across the room. He fears Yoongi the least because he knows the man sleeps like a rock once he’s fallen asleep.

Jin never stays the night because he has to run back to his girlfriend so… Jungkook thinks the odds are highly in his favor.

Jungkook chews on the inside of his cheek for a few minutes, contemplating Jimin. There’s a dark part of him that just wants the contact but the biggest, loudest and most prominent part of him wants—yearns—things that could only be described as irrevocably dangerous… and infinitely more emotional.

Evidently Jungkook, both consciously and subconsciously does not give two fucks about the risks because he’s carefully pulling the blankets back, bracing his hands on the floor and pushing himself up off of it. He glances back at Yoongi to make sure he’s still asleep before slipping out of his room.

Jungkook trails down the hall, moving as quietly as he can, pausing every couple of steps as a result of his paranoia of getting caught. The only thing that keeps him from turning around at that point is the fact that he knows it’s still early on in his plan and if he gets caught now, he can at least make the excuse that he is either running to the bathroom or getting a drink. That window is closing, however, as he reaches the end of the hall that opens up into the living room.

Once he enters the living room, he about loses his nerve completely because oh man… he’s really about to do this. As expected, Taehyung is on the floor, hair a mess, one hand resting against his chest while the other rests limply across the floor above his head. Hoseok is curled up and facing the back of the couch, his body wrapped around a body-length pillow. Then… then there’s Jimin who is on his back, his position similar to Taehyung’s except his hand is resting on his stomach on top of the blanket while his other hand is lazily situated more so beside his head, his fingers shallowly tangled in his own bangs. His lips are parted and he’s breathing deeply in his slumber. Just looking at him makes Jungkook’s spine tingle.

He’s beautiful. Jungkook’s heart flutters and he finds his legs carrying him forward even though he knows he really should be forcing them to take him back to Yoongi’s room where he should be.

When he’s close enough, Jungkook finds himself just looking down at Jimin for a moment or so until he reaches down and gently touches the fingers Jimin has tangled in his bangs. Jimin stirs a second later, licks his lips and forces his eyes to flutter open. He glances up and squints a bit at Jungkook before sighing softly through his nose and allowing his eyes to slip shut again.

He remains like that for a second, breathing through his nose until he’s blinking his eyes open a second time and looking up at Jungkook who licks his own lips and brings his finger up to his own mouth. He lets Jimin know that they need to be quiet. Jimin narrows his eyes wearily and then glances toward Hoseok and then Taehyung before looking back up at Jungkook in tired confusion.

Jungkook thinks he looks cute like that—kind of confused and unsuspecting—and can’t help but be nearly humiliated by the intense urge he feels to fucking coo. He should not feel such an urge when there were more pressing matters at hand.

Jungkook moves forward and pulls Jimin’s blanket back, maneuvering their thighs when the other attempts to move around; he doesn’t want Jimin to have the opportunity to misconstrue what was going on. Jungkook settles between Jimin’s legs, the other boy’s blanket covering them both but barely. Jimin looks up at him and then glances around unsure. “Jungkook…” He whispers as lightly as possible, his hands are kind of raised almost like he was surrendering but Jungkook knows it’s because Jimin doesn’t know what else to do with them.

Jungkook leans down, their noses brushing together, their bangs mixing and he breathes gently against the other boy’s lips. They stare at each other for a long moment before Jungkook actually leans down and presses their lips together firmly without further delay because fuck he has wanted to do that for so damn long. He can feel its affect on Jimin whose breath hitches and his spine curls a little, forcing his chest upwards to press against Jungkook’s. Jungkook cups his jaw, tipping his own head to the side and deepening the kiss.

Jimin kisses back with apparent desire, his style relatable to the same one with which he dances. Jungkook has never really cared much for kissing. He kind of likes it but it was never something that was necessary—there were better things to be doing with whatever time he had but with Jimin… with Jimin kissing feels… addicting and so good it makes Jungkook never want to stop, not even when his lungs start to burn.

Jungkook brushes his thumb over their bottom lips as they kiss, immediately after which Jimin parts his lips invitingly. Jungkook resists the urge to breathe groan before pushing his tongue into Jimin’s mouth, slotting it against the other boy’s eagerly. Jungkook’s heart is throbbing and he wants so badly to let himself loose but he can’t. It is piss poor timing but he has to be careful with this. There are two sleeping individuals not even five feet away each that they needed to be mindful of.

Jungkook can feel Jimin’s hands finally coming down from their prior awkward placement to rest against his sides, his notably smaller hands gripping his shirt wantonly.

The kiss breaks a moment later, the smack slightly muted because they do so carefully. Jungkook looks down at Jimin who stares up at him panting in a slight daze before he glances over to make sure his hyungs are still asleep. He waits a moment before turning back to Jimin and then he looks down at his dark eyes. He doesn’t have to wonder if Jimin wants this too because he can see it on his face—the desire that matches his own.

Neither boy says anything but instead leans in together, their lips meeting once more. Jungkook shifts against Jimin slightly, attempting to bring one of his elbows up to rest beside Jimin’s head but the shift has their hips pressing together firmly, causing a noticeable reaction in them both. Jimin shivers and his breath hitches against Jungkook’s lips while Jungkook holds his breath and closes his eyes tightly.

Jungkook forces himself to open his eyes and stare down at Jimin once he gets himself under control. It is still in the older boy’s eyes—they really shouldn’t but neither really wants to stop, which is good because Jungkook doesn’t plan on stopping either.

Jungkook leans back in, tangling his fingers into Jimin’s hair with the hand of the elbow resting beside his head. His free hand slides down his side where he squeezes Jimin’s hip and then continues to reach down for the other boy’s muscular thigh. Jimin’s breath hitches again against his lips as Jungkook spreads his legs more and pulls his thigh up to hug his waist. With Jimin’s crotch pressing firmly against his own, Jungkook can feel it—prominently so—that Jimin is hardening. His semi is stiffening by the second and nestling right alongside his own dick, which is just as hard if not slightly more so.

Jungkook sinks his teeth into Jimin’s lower lip, gently moving his hips against the other boy’s. Jimin gasps softly, one hand resting against Jungkook’s chest while the other grips his shirt against his hip.

There are about a million and one things Jungkook wants to say and about a million and two ‘fucks’ that have almost slipped out by this point but despite being wrapped up in Jimin, he is still hyper aware of the fact that he is making out and dry humping with his hyung not even three feet away from two of his other hyungs. It feels dirty but it also feels ironically like it has been a long time coming.

Jungkook moves gently against Jimin’s crotch, his breath continues to hitch as their cocks press and rub together. It is decent, Jungkook thinks, but it is starting to really hurt.

He shifts around, pulls back slightly and glances down between them. Jimin pants against his ear before taking his earlobe in to his mouth, nibbling it lightly and tonguing the stud-earring Jungkook forgot to remove before bed. Feeling Jimin’s tongue against his skin like that makes Jungkook shiver but he tries to ignore it as he reaches down and tugs at the drawstring of his own pajama pants before pushing them down with a level of urgency he would never admit to.

Jimin glances down but Jungkook knows he won’t really see anything—he can’t either. He pulls his head back and looks down at Jimin as he tugs at the waistband of his sweatpants as well. Jimin doesn’t try to stop him but he closes his eyes and appears to be steeling himself, attempting to steady his own breathing by breathing through his nose.

Attempting to tug at the front of Jimin’s pants with one hand is kind of annoying and awkward. It’s even more difficult than Jungkook expects. Luckily Jimin seems to take a hint and reaches down to help him, the action both making Jungkook’s cock twitch and boosting his confidence because it’s a prominent indication that Jimin wants this as well.

It is too dark to see but Jungkook can sort of feel the heat of Jimin’s hard cock radiating near his own. Either way, he is slightly distracted from it. The struggle with Jimin’s pants has caused the waistband of his own to slip back up a bit and he has to reach down a second time to push them down. He hooks his thumb down under his balls a bit, hitching the waistband under them to avoid them ending up in the way again. He then reaches back and pulls them down past his ass, feeling thankful for the blanket all of a sudden, otherwise his bare ass would be out in the open.

Jungkook’s bangs brush against Jimin’s lips slightly before he picks his head back up and looks down at the older boy, wanting to see his face. He watches as the other boy’s eyes waver and glaze over, his lips part in a silent moan as Jungkook gently lowers his hips and presses their cocks together. He brings his other arm up to frame Jimin’s head, dipping his head down to peck his lips before he starts rolling his hips. His fingers grip Jimin’s pillow as he moves, feeling their cocks pulse.

Jimin’s eyes slip shut as he tips his head back and bites his bottom lip, his eyebrows furrow as he tries really hard to stay quiet. To his credit, he is rather good at controlling himself. The snores persist around them as Jungkook moves his hips, tangling his fingers into Jimin’s hair as he bows his head slightly, resting his temple against Jimin’s in concentration. He is close already—painfully so—and he can tell that Jimin is as well. There’s nothing graceful about any of it—it’s all urgent and done under the pressure of there being a chance of getting caught. Jungkook feels heat gather in his cheeks at the sound of the couch creaking faintly and prays it’s not enough to wake anyone up.

It goes on for a minute or so before Jimin’s breath hitches seconds before his jaw goes slack. He glances down between them and grips Jungkook’s lower back, his fingertips digging into his spine at the small of his back. They’re both leaking, their precome mixing against their stomachs.

Jungkook knows that he would probably be whining at the moment if he were allowed but as it is, they can’t risk that sort of thing. What they were currently doing would be impossible to explain if they got caught now.

Jungkook can’t help but think that Jimin looks really good beneath him in every way. God, Jungkook was about to fucking explode.

Jimin swallows thickly and lets his head fall back again, his eyes falling shut again as he attempts to breathe as quietly as possible. His other hand is gripping Jungkook’s shirt near his ribcage now, his fists tightening a little the more Jungkook moves against him. He feels like it is probably the best thing Jimin can do to let him know he’s about to come so Jungkook rolls his hips more deeply and a slight bit quicker, pushing himself.

The response is instantaneous. Jimin’s breath double hitches and he curls slightly, his thigh’s trembling around Jungkook’s hips. Jungkook feels it when Jimin’s cock flexes hard seconds before Jimin’s hand moves from his lower back to his shoulder blade, gripping his shirt tightly as though seeking mercy… but mercy is something Jungkook isn’t in the mindset to give at the moment.

Jimin’s hips buck faintly and then Jungkook can tell that the other boy’s orgasm hits when Jimin buries his face into his neck and his thighs clamp around his waist. Jungkook can feel teeth on his skin too. Jimin is holding his breath when Jungkook can feel the hot come leaking over his own cock. It’s all it takes—feeling Jimin tense up and fall apart beneath him and the hot sticky feeling of his orgasm dirtying his skin… Jungkook’s orgasm hits like a whirlwind.

Jungkook’s head falls forward as he comes. The fingers of one of his hands remain tangled in Jimin’s hair while his other hand fists the edge of the couch cushion in desperation for stability that he can’t seem to grasp. The world shifts out of place and Jungkook is pretty sure he sees stars while he continues to move against Jimin jerkily until they’re both too sensitive for him to keep going. Jimin isn’t making noise but his breathing is sharp, shallow, weak and kind of overwhelmed all at once—Jungkook knows it to be a sign that Jimin really can’t take anymore and he needs to stop so he does.

Jimin’s thighs are still trembling even after Jungkook stops and he’s tense beneath him. Jungkook can even feel Jimin’s cock continuing to flex lazily as the seconds pass, likely leaking whatever final bits of come he has left to offer.

Jungkook carefully lowers himself against Jimin and lies on top of him after that, panting as quietly as possible against his neck in an effort to catch his breath. Jimin does the same but allows his head to fall back, his breath grazing Jungkook’s ear. Jungkook feels Jimin’s hand move from his ribs—the other remains on his back—before it trails up to hook around the back of his neck. The hand stays there for a moment before running through his hair on the back of his head.

Jungkook feels like he can fall asleep just like that and he sincerely wishes he could—he doesn’t. He forces himself to pull back five or so minutes later. Jimin looks up at him with half-lidded eyes, his hand still resting against the back of his neck. Jungkook leans down and gently pecks his lips, still wanting to taste them even though he knows he shouldn’t. He shouldn’t want this but he fucking does. He wants it so much...

Jimin stares up at him for a long moment before glancing down between them and then off to the side where their other two friends are still asleep. Jungkook glances at them too before carefully—and as quietly as possible—sitting up. He reaches down to fix his pants. He can feel the come sticking to his body and when his eyes adjust to the darkest around their groins, he catches a glimpse of Jimin’s softening cock as well as their mixed come smeared across his abs. Jungkook feels his throat tighten as the small voice in the back of his mind remains quiet.

It’s like his subconscious knows it doesn’t even have to say anything because Jungkook is going to fuck himself up over this anyway. Jungkook wishes he could think differently but he really can’t… he doesn’t know how. He feels panic slowly bubbling up from the pit of his stomach despite the fact that it really doesn’t make sense. He shouldn’t have sought this out if he was going to react poorly in the aftermath and he knows that.

Jungkook swallows, his eyes fluttering closed for a split second. He shakes his head slightly, attempting to shake the awkward feeling stirring in his stomach but it threatens to consume him. What brings him back is entirely ironic. It’s a hand—a hand much smaller than his own—and it belongs to a boy… a sweet boy who, when Jungkook opens his eyes to see him, meets his gaze with a look concocted from a bizarre mixture of understanding and concern.

There’s this wicked urge to turn his face into Jimin’s palm and kiss his pulse, to gently nuzzle the veins among which Jungkook knows he would be able to feel his heartbeat if he gently pressed his cheek against it and just waits a moment or so. This feeling is intense and Jungkook is confused—so very confused.

Jimin reaches up with his other hand, sits up as he goes, and holds Jungkook’s face between his hands gently. Jimin stares up at him, his expression now one that is entirely dominated by concern. Jungkook knows that Jimin wants to speak but they can’t… Instead, Jungkook reaches up and holds Jimin’s right wrist and presses his cheek more firmly against it, closing his eyes. He only hopes the sweet boy beneath him won’t judge him for this… he hopes he can understand—prays for it even.

Jungkook gives in to his urges and turns his head to kiss the palm of Jimin’s hand before nuzzling it, opening his eyes to look at Jimin intently, hoping he understands what Jungkook can’t currently say out loud. Jimin’s eyes appear soft and he nods gently. Jungkook imagines that he’s saying something like you’re going to be okay because that’s kind of really what Jungkook needs to hear the most…

Jungkook lets Jimin pull him in for another gentle kiss, easily becoming lost in it. Eventually they end up just cuddling and Jimin let’s Jungkook lie on top of him for a while with his cheek smushed against his chest. It goes on and on like that for a couple of hours until birds start to chirp outside and Jungkook knows that the longer they sit there like this, the more likely they are to get caught. He pulls away gently and hovers over Jimin, looking down at him quietly. Jimin looks up at him, his eyes half-lidded—Jungkook can tell the poor boy is tired and will likely sleep some more.

Jungkook reaches up and gently runs his fingers through Jimin’s bangs before leaning down to peck his lips. I gotta go is on his lips but he doesn’t say it. Jimin seems to know what the kiss means because he reaches up to pull Jungkook back down for one more before finally letting him go. It’s all enough for Jungkook to realize that maybe Jimin has wanted to do this for quite some time as well… that maybe he’s thought about it all before too.

Jungkook wants to stay but he forces himself to sneak back to Yoongi’s room. He lies down in his makeshift bed, feeling butterflies tear up his stomach. He wants to go back out into the living room and fucking spoon with his hyung, which is really gross and mushy but fuck if it isn’t something he seriously wishes they could do at the moment. Jungkook hears Namjoon’s door open down the hall and then the bathroom door clicking shut a moment later.

He sighs softly, not sure what he’s going to do about what he’s started but he knows he can’t play around now. Jimin isn’t just some girl and he doesn’t plan on running… he knows what this feeling is and he knows it means a lot of shit he doesn’t want it to mean… but what can he do?

Fuck… Jungkook’s head feels like it’s about to explode. I’m fucked.

Bangtan doesn’t have practice today—only Jungkook is free on Thursdays—so it’s convenient that Jungkook’s need for brutal self-destruction lands on a day that is convenient for avoiding his hyungs.

He’s been at it for three hours so far and has yet to surrender to his stomach begging him to stop and sniff out something to eat. His bangs are matted, sticking to his forehead and occasionally tickling his eyelashes. His clothes are clinging to his body and he is sweating so much he knows he probably smells like death but he keeps going and going. He can’t get Jimin out of his head and the more he realizes that the boy is there to stay, the harder Jungkook pushes himself.

They had had a couple of dance practices since that night but it had never really resulted in anything much. They both ignored it out right but there were gazes shared here and there… most of which were initiated by Jimin. They watched each other but they didn’t talk about it. Jungkook figures that Jimin is waiting for him to address it but probably also knows that the reason it has yet to be touched upon is because Jungkook isn’t quite sure how to approach it… and he’s a scared “straight boy” going through somewhat of a sexuality crisis.

Jungkook trips and growls loudly in frustration, the previous thought causing him to lose focus completely. He is barely working on much concentration as it is and the occasional complete lapses in coordination are frustrating him beyond words. He resists the urge to pelt his water bottle across the room and plops down to take a breather instead. He lets the music continue to play, taking small sips of his water bottle as time passes.

Four or five songs go by, Jungkook has long since caught his breath but his head is equally as much of a mess as it was before. He tangles his fingers into his sweaty hair and turns his face into his own wrist, propping his elbow up on his knee. Several times since that night, Jungkook has wished he had never given in to the urge to seek Jimin out but Jungkook doesn’t believe in dwelling on the fact that the past can’t be changed… so he swallows that lump in his throat and sort of keeps on trucking.

The only issue is this… he knows now, for certain, that it wasn’t just a spike of lust. He wants more and more and he wants all of the mushy shit too. He thinks back repeatedly, less about their cocks mingling, and most about the kisses and the cuddling that had taken place afterwards. He never does shit like that after he fucks around with people… He likes to keep things extremely clean and detached… but not with Jimin.

Those kisses, before, after and even during—those made Jungkook’s lips tingle with a feeling sickeningly reminiscent of the shit people describe in over-the-top romance novels, the kind of shit that seems so gooey and unreal that it must be an over exaggeration. Well, Jungkook knows now that it is very real and it is fucking him up more than he can handle. He’s 19 years old, good at most things, damn near ready for the apocalypse and yet not even remotely prepared for Park Jimin.

Go figure.

Jungkook leaves the dance studio around 5 o’clock in the afternoon and he is thoroughly exhausted both mentally and physically. As he walks to the bus stop, Jungkook turns his phone over in his hand. Part of him feels like calling or texting Jimin but he doesn’t. He pockets his phone, deciding that he needs to eat something before he faints or something stupid like that.

He drops by a local restaurant, one he hasn’t been to in at least four months and he feels extremely awkward because he’s by himself. He knows a couple of the employees there, though, especially the nice old lady who cooks in the back and so he feels a little bit better about it than he would have in any other place because he knows that they aren’t judging him for turning up by himself. He stuffs his face and smiles sarcastically with his mouth full at a girl who walks by and makes an off-handed comment about him eating like a starving swine. He doesn’t care enough.

I have bigger problems, princess. He thinks spitefully, stuffing more meat into his mouth, adding a spoonful of rice in there as well.

Because Jungkook hasn’t eaten all day and eats quickly once he finally gets to it, he actually doesn’t get to eat much at all before he feels full. He thanks the kind woman in the back and dips out of the restaurant not too much longer later after paying his bill. He is ready for the day to end.

Sleep comes quickly to him that night. The shower he takes before hand sucks away the very last bits of his energy and washes it straight down the drain alongside the rest of the dirt and grime. He’s so tired, he can barely think but what little brain power he does have, it is reserved for Jimin who practically lives in Jungkook’s thoughts these days and seems to have no intentions on going anywhere any time soon.

The last thought that runs through Jungkook’s mind is a question, a curiosity, a wonder… a wonder whether or not Jimin knows just how much he drives Jungkook crazy.

Wednesday comes and Jungkook isn’t ready for it at all. He is kind of sore and his body is so tired that he misses one of his morning classes. He makes it to the rest but by the time he is supposed to go to practice, he is completely dead on his feet. He is irritable and it takes everything within his self-control to not explode at his innocent little alien hyung when the boy attempts to snuggle up to him—like he always does—and tell him about a cute puppy his family is thinking about adopting this upcoming weekend.

Jungkook doesn’t give a rat’s ass but he forces himself to smile and tries to look interested when Taehyung shows him pictures but fuck… he just wants to be left alone…

His mood worsens when Jimin doesn’t show up. He doesn’t notice right away but he notices very early on in practice. He glances around and narrows his eyes, wondering why he doesn’t see Jimin among the rest of his hyungs. He checks his phone and looks for a missed call alert but sees nothing, not even a text to make up for it. It puts a strain on Jungkook’s already fucked up mood.

They get through practice and, although late, it occurs to Jungkook to ask Hoseok about Jimin on the off chance that the boy hadn’t just ditched completely after all. Hoseok smiles and, much to Jungkook’s confusion and slight annoyance, reveals that yes, Jimin had contacted him first before missing practice.

So Jungkook really doesn’t have any reason to blow up at Jimin after all because he hadn’t exactly broken any rules… However, it bothers Jungkook to the bitter core because Jimin always calls him… Why all of a sudden would he fucking call Hoseok?

Jungkook isn’t really sure why it happens, but he has his phone to his ear not even two minutes after parting ways with the rest of Bangtan, glaring at the concrete side walk as he walks slowly to the bus stop, waiting for Jimin to pick up.

It takes forever and Jungkook is about to hang up instead of reaching voice mail when he finally picks up.

“Hello?” Jimin answers.

“Where were you today?” Jungkook asks, walking even slower. His voice comes out harsh, kind of emulating how his shitty mood feels.

“Family stuff.” Jimin answers and Jungkook hears him shifting around a bit.

“Family stuff.” Jungkook repeats, narrowing his eyes a little but he says nothing more on the excuse he’s been given. “Why did you call Hoseok instead of me?”

“I thought it was you or Hoseok I was supposed to call if I’m not gonna show…” Jimin replies, his voice breathy this time around—there’s also more shifting around going on, which Jungkook can’t help but notice...

“So are we playing that game, now?” Jungkook growls a little, clenching his jaw, feeling played with.

Jimin grunts and mewls slightly before sighing.

“What game, Jungkook?” Jimin asks, voice strained a bit but suddenly Jungkook hears Jimin’s voice get muffled and he hears him say, “Byungie, I’m on the phone, just wait a second.”

Jungkook knows he wasn’t supposed to hear it and would be willing to bet his life that Jimin had just pulled the phone away from his face in an attempt to cover the receiver. Jungkook’s blood is fucking boiling because wow, he looks and feels so fucking stupid right now talking to a boy he has feelings for—which is a hilarious joke in itself—while he’s getting fucked or some shit on the other line.

“Hello?” Jimin returns but Jungkook is seething, so angry that he can’t even find his voice, can’t even see straight. “Jung—“

Jungkook hangs up and raises his hand with his phone, about to throw the motherfucker as hard as he can but he stops himself. His body is tense, so tense and he can barely breathe properly. It takes everything in him to breathe in and out as deeply as he can before lowering his phone, during which he can’t help but mewl weakly because shit this hurts… and fuck his head won’t stop with the mental images.

Jungkook feels his phone vibrate in his hand. When he glances at the screen, he sees a blurry picture of him and Jimin and ignores the call instantly. He reaches up and wipes at his eyes angrily, causing the skin to redden almost instantly from the abuse.

Jungkook paces slightly for a moment before he slowly stops and just kind of stands there, his fingers tangled into his own hair as he tries to just get ahold of his anger. The worst part about emotions with Jungkook, aside from not being able to express them properly, is the fact that they sometimes control him. Once he loses control, once his feelings reach a certain point, Jungkook becomes more of a slave to them than anything else. Right now is one of those times.

Jungkook’s anger is making a playground out of his head.

Jungkook sits on the curb of the sidewalk and puts his head between his knees and closes his eyes. He sits there for a few moments, swallowing thickly every few minutes. Cars pass him by every so often but he never acknowledges them, just focuses on not destroying something. His phone keeps vibrating, call after call, and Jungkook isn’t entirely sure every single one of them is from Jimin but he doesn’t want to look. He doesn’t want to see the face of that fucking… fuck on his phone right now because he’s pretty sure, if he does, he really will break his phone this time.

It takes close to ten minutes before Jungkook can pick his head up and breathe properly. He licks his lips and continues to hold his head. His mind is blank for the first time in ages but the tradeoff is a sick joke; there are no more shitty thoughts but he feels the betrayal from his head to his toes and it fucking sucks.

Why would Jimin be with some other guy already? Had Jungkook not fucking moved fast enough? Was Jungkook not what he wanted anymore? What was the fucking problem here? Had it been a joke? Did Jimin have any idea how serious all of it had been for Jungkook? Does the fucker understand how much trust had been put in his hands?

Jungkook swallows the lump in his throat and shivers. His phone has finally stopped vibrating but he’s not interested in checking it. He pockets it, picks up his backpack and heads home, wanting nothing more than to sleep this shit off.

He sits on the bus with an aura that feels every bit as douchy as it looks. Jungkook is sat in a double-seat, his legs spread wide and his backpack is taking up the space beside him. He doesn’t look away from the window but he’s sure he gets some dirty looks. Who gives a fuck, though? They can all suck his dick for all he cares. He’s not in the mood to pretend like life doesn’t blow so he’s not about to, not for anyone.

When Jungkook gets home, he doesn’t bother to eat or do any school work. He just takes a shower and flops onto his bed, allowing sleep to take him mere minutes later. He forgets to bother with his phone, forgets to check it at all, forgets to charge it and it dies in his pants pocket sometime during the night.

The shitty mood carries on into the next day only it is kind of worse. Jungkook is itching for a fight and he really hopes Jimin shows up, hopes he has the nerve to call or text him so he can explode. He needs this, needs to let it all out. However, when Jungkook goes to check, he realizes that his phone is dead so he has no choice but to leave with a dead phone and a charger, the phone of which he doesn’t have a chance to charge until he gets to the studio.

It’s Saturday and he is always a bit early. No one is there when he shows up but someone does appear not even ten minutes after Jungkook gets situated. Life must have one hell of a sense of humor because when Jungkook looks up, he sees Jimin and then he feels his blood simmering again.

Jungkook doesn’t say anything at first, contrary to how he had originally thought he would act. He clenches his jaw and digs around in his bag for his phone charger so he can charge the piece of shit. He hears Jimin walk further into the room but doesn’t say shit to him—this is nothing like what they had grown used to over the last few months since they had become close friends.

So Jimin knows that something is wrong relatively quickly.

“Why did you hang up on me yesterday?” Jimin asks, sighing as he dumps his bag off to the side.

Jungkook stands up straight and looks at Jimin callously, glancing from him to his bag and then back again. Hearing Jimin’s voice, despite it being just a single sentence, is like a latch being snapped out of place.

“You’re out.” Jungkook states. “So I wouldn’t get comfortable.”

“Excuse me?” Jimin asks, looking appalled but mostly confused.

“You heard me.” Jungkook says coldly. “You’re done. Get your shit and go.”

“First of all, I’m your fucking hyung and you will remember that.” Jimin snaps.

“Oh please,” Jungkook scoffs, “spare me. If it really makes it easier for you to swallow, I’ll tell you again that you’re dropped from the group and call you hyung to make it sound sweeter, sound good?”

“You can’t make that call by yourself,” Jimin argues, “you also have no reason to kick me out anyway…”

“I let you in and I can remove you if I think you’re detrimental to the group.”

Jimin steps back slightly and cocks his head a bit to the side, looking really confused and even a little bit angry. “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Yeah well,” Jungkook snorts, taking on a mocking tone, “I don’t think you’re committed.”

“What the fuck, Jungkook?”

“Don’t worry, though. I’m sure you can find another group somewhere on campus.” Jungkook adds, plugging his phone in and setting it on the table.

Jimin doesn’t reply and Jungkook is pretty sure he’s not going to at all so he keeps his back to him. However, he soon finds himself being spun around before Jimin is shoving him against his chest.

“What’s your problem?” Jimin asks. “First you get all pissy and hang the fuck up on me and today you tell me I’m not committed? Where is all this shit coming from, huh? Because I didn’t call you instead of Hoseok…? Did I step on some kind of fucking control freak nerve of yours or some shit?”

“Get your hands off of me.” Jungkook snaps, shoving Jimin’s hands off of his body, not wanting him to touch him. He doesn’t keep himself from looking disgusted either and watches a look of hurt cross Jimin’s features… but it’s gone no more than a second later. “I don’t really give two shits what you do.”

“So you’re not going to tell me what I did wrong?”

“I told you,” Jungkook huffs, “you’re not com—“

“Drop the fucking act, Jungkook.” Jimin snaps, his face angrier than Jungkook has ever seen it. “What is your problem?”

Jungkook just stares at Jimin for a long minute, breathing in slowly and deeply, the adrenaline causing his nerves to thrum and sizzle—anger and frazzled nerves is an awful mixture that just never goes well together… two elements that have no business being anywhere near each other.

A second later, Jungkook moves forward and gets in Jimin’s face, shoving him back until the boy’s back hits the wall-mirror. Even then, Jungkook doesn’t let there be space between them.

He presses his forehead into Jimin’s, making damn well sure the other can’t help but feel the height and dominance difference. As much as Jimin has put Jungkook through, Jungkook needs to feel superior right now, even if it means making Jimin feel small.

You’re my problem.” Jungkook admits darkly. “Was I fun? Did you like playing with me?”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Jimin shoves Jungkook away slightly but the younger only moves back an inch, his chest firm and sturdy. Jungkook just laughs in Jimin’s face after a short pause, the laugh lacking authentic amusement. When Jungkook does decide to move back further, it’s more of an independent decision and because he doesn’t really want to breathe the same air as Jimin after what has happened between them.

“Look at you… acting like you don’t know what you did to me. You’re good.” Jungkook applauds sarcastically. “Gotta give it to you… you played me so good.”

“I didn’t play anything.” Jimin narrows his eyes. “I don’t even know what you’re saying right now.”

“How many others are there beside me, hm?” Jungkook asks, smiling maliciously. “Just wondering. Am I the youngest? The stupidest? Was I more fun because you had to work for it a little? Did it satisfy you to watch me like that? I probably looked so pathetic… the cute little straight boy tripping up over his hyung.”

“What is wrong with you?” Jimin whispers, his eyes glazed. “Why are you saying all of this?”

“I don’t like liars.” Jungkook speaks through his teeth. “Just fucking let me be… admit it all so I can be done with you.”

“I honestly don’t understand what the hell is going on.” Jimin replies through clenched teeth, frustrated. “Why are you acting like this all of a sudden?”

“Stop playing innocent.” Jungkook snaps, his own frustration making it hard to keep calm.

“I’m not playing anything!”

“Then who the fuck is Byungie?” Jungkook snaps, his eyes wavering, instantly glassy despite how hard he tries to keep himself from looking vulnerable.

It takes a moment, probably because Jimin doesn’t register what Jungkook is talking about straight away. However, when it dawns on him, Jimin looks at Jungkook like he has at least thirty heads, his expression becomes one of fury. He can’t believe this shit.

Byunghun is my little brother, you fucking twat.” Jimin seethes.

“Your little brother?” Jungkook mocks. “I guess you just have a thing for younger guys, huh?”

“He’s my blood, Jungkook.” Jimin snaps. “He’s fucking nine years old.”

Jungkook blinks, frozen where he stands because… huk?! Jungkook’s entire body has stopped functioning properly. The additional moisture in his eyes goes stagnate, his heart has stopped and his throat is tight.

Jungkook is effectively silenced.

Jimin is panting, his own anger so prominent that it has his eyes watering from how much frustration he is feeling. His eyes are narrowed, kind of like he’s looking at one of the most fucked up people he has ever met… and Jungkook thinks that perhaps that is true.

“What?” Jimin asks, raising his hands slightly before letting them slap down back at his sides. “Did you think I was fucking someone named Byung? Is that what you fucking thought? Is that what all this is?”

Jungkook doesn’t answer, just swallows thickly and blinks, his eyes slowly shifting to the ground because now he has no idea what to do with himself. He feels the anger still but not nearly as bad as it had been before. In fact, as the seconds pass, the anger is almost entirely replaced with shame.

Mostly, he feels vulnerable, somewhat embarrassed and kind of like his emotions are just too out of control for him to handle. It’s all things that Jimin is causing, all things that Jimin brings out of him and he has not even the slightest clue how to deal with it all… It’s like a cyclone and Jungkook has no idea how to take on one of those.

Jungkook’s silence leads to Jimin’s complete loss of patience.

“You know what? Go ahead and judge me, Jungkook. Just like before. Find something to hate me for and run like you always do.” Jimin seethes, bending down to snatch his bag off of the floor. “Add that to the list of shit you’re good at too, golden boy.”

Jungkook is still locked up. His hair is clouding his eyes, his jaw is clenched and his eyes are like black daggers following the other boy’s back down the hall after he turns to leave. Before he gets too far away, however, Jungkook stalks after him and rounds the corner with him, grabbing him by the wrist once he’s close enough. Jimin turns on him, Jungkook catches an extremely brief glimpse of tears before Jimin attempts to rip away but Jungkook expects it, tightening his hold so he can rip Jimin back against his own body and then shove him against the nearest wall, crowding him and caging him in.

Jungkook doesn’t give himself time to think, he just let’s his emotions take him. His free hand comes up and becomes tangled in Jimin’s hair as he surges forward and kisses the shorter boy so hard that it provokes a very soft and strangled mewl from both of their throats. It feels so good but it feels toxic at the same time. It also tastes like salt and it makes Jungkook kiss Jimin that much harder.

Jungkook breaks the kiss, his entire body tense as he squeezes his eyes shut more tightly before allowing them to crack open so he can look at the other boy. Jimin is looking back at him, his eyes half lidded and kind of dazed, the tears still running albeit almost lazily. He is the most beautiful thing that Jungkook knows.

“Get out of my head.” Jungkook whispers, his voice broken as he presses their foreheads together, knocking them against each other slightly.

“Then get out of mine.” Jimin whispers back.

Jungkook’s entire body trembles because no, he would never allow it, not if he could help it and he knows this. As much as he doesn’t want to admit it and as much as he knows how fucked up of an idea this all is, he knows he could never let Jimin go without eventually chasing after him again. He’s in too deep and Jimin is constricted around every part of him. He would be left with nothing—hollow and broken—if Jimin disappeared because Jungkook knows that the boy would take too much of him with him if he left.

“You’ll never want anyone like you want me…” Jungkook growls, his voice strained because he knows it makes no sense but he wants to hear it… God does he want Jimin to tell him that that is true.

Jimin’s eyes soften and for a moment he looks so innocent and open… it makes Jungkook press closer, not wanting any space between them. He wants his Jimin—his Jimin—because everything else is a minute detail in comparison. Jungkook has never been this deep but he knows that now that he is, he is at the mercy of Jimin and the feelings he has… there’s no denying it anymore… but that doesn’t mean that Jungkook doesn’t kind of hate it all the same.

“But I can pretend if you let me.” Jimin whispers, their lips brushing against each other because of how close they are.

“What am I supposed to do then?” Jungkook asks, eyes glassy, mirroring Jimin’s. Jungkook slips his hands up to hold Jimin’s face, closing his eyes a little. “I can’t want you…”

“You do, though…” Jimin speaks softly, reaching up to hook a hand around the back of Jungkook’s neck, holding him in place. “And I want… I want you, Jungkook.”

“I’m not like this…”

“Like what?” Jimin asks. “Gay? Who cares what this means, Jungkook. Who cares what anyone thinks…?”

“I’d never be able to bring you home…” Jungkook whimpers. “I’d never be able to do anything normally with you—“

Jungkook grunts as Jimin shifts forward suddenly, pushes him back during his lapse in thought and turns them so he can press Jungkook firmly into wall instead. Jungkook is shaking and kind of panicking a little but he’s also being kissed and it has his body loosening up in a matter of seconds.

“It’s okay…” Jimin leans in and kisses Jungkook’s lips gently, speaking against them.

“I’ll hurt you—“

“You won’t…” Jimin whispered. “It’d eat you alive. You couldn’t hurt me. I won’t let you anyway. I’ll help you. We’ll be okay.”

“I’m not gay. I can never give you what you need from me…” Jungkook attempts to say but he says it while leaning into Jimin and seeking his warmth—the only source of warmth that has ever affected him so much.

“You’re already giving me everything anyway…” Jimin whispers. “Maybe you’re not gay… maybe you’re not straight. Maybe you’re just Jungkook…”

Jungkook opens his eyes and looks at Jimin, noticing that the other boy’s face is kind of blurry. Am I crying? Am I fucking crying in front of him? Jungkook feels awful because holy shit he must look like a complete mess. Who cries during stuff like this? Who cries in front of someone they love? Love?

Jungkook blinks and a tear falls, a soft mewl leaving his lips as he exhales because fuck… when had he fallen so hard? When had love been something he was thinking about? When had love been something that came to mind and why couldn’t he, for the life of him, think of anything other than how perfect the word was to describe what he feels right now?

Maybe he can get away with writing this all off as a brief obsession. Maybe Jungkook is just on a kick and needs a temporary fix until he gets tired of Jimin and can move on… but then again no. He had thought that before and knows it’s not true already. Love is something else—a different feeling. Not by much, granted—obsession can be mistaken for love and vice versa but there are small differences.

As he’s looking at Jimin’s face, Jungkook feels like the boy has control over every part of his body, including his mind. It’s like he can get anything he wants if he simply asks… and he probably can. Jungkook wants Jimin to have everything, even if that means every part of him… He can’t imagine someone else looking at him like Jimin is looking at him right now. Can’t imagine feeling this for anyone else either. So yeah, Jungkook knows that this is love even though he has never felt it before.

Jungkook’s breath comes short, his mind exhausted.

“You…” Jungkook whispers, his eyes fluttering very slightly as another tear falls, “you scare the shit out of me.” He mumbles, his hand slipping away from Jimin’s face to touch his own chest where he can feel his heart beating hard and kind of fast. He’s never felt like this before. It’s too much.

Jimin’s own eyes are still glassy. He pulls his hand away from Jungkook’s neck and grips Jungkook’s hand, pulling it away from his chest to press it against his own. Jungkook exhales shallowly and watches as Jimin parts his lips, his eyes having become filled with unshed tears of his own all over again and that’s when Jungkook feels it. Jimin’s heart is beating hard too, not quite as fast, but hard enough for him to feel it, almost in sync with his own.

Jungkook glances up from Jimin’s chest and looks at the other boy in slight uncertainty because… was he saying what Jungkook thinks he is?

“You think I don’t know…” Jimin murmurs, trailing off, leaving Jungkook’s hand on his chest while he reaches up to touch Jungkook’s cheek gently, his thumb tracing his lower lip. “I can see it on your face right now—how you feel about me—and… and as long as I see that, I’m not going anywhere.”

Jungkook’s hand gently forms a first in Jimin’s shirt as he speaks, the tears in his eyes continuing to pool into place and then spill over.

“I can’t—“

“You already did.” Jimin speaks gently, his voice soft and careful. “You’re worried about so many other people. Worry about us. Worry about you… If you don’t want me, fine but let that be your choice—an independent decision. Not because you’re afraid of being gay. Not because you’re scared I won’t be able to meet your parents. I don’t care about any of those things. I care about you because you are the first guy that has ever made me feel like this and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you walk away from me because of someone else.”

Jimin’s tone is fierce and it almost seems like he has started to get a little angry toward the end of his statement, speaking through his teeth as he tries hard not let those unshed tears fall. Jungkook feels light headed, his mind so full of Jimin and it’s a lot. It’s just a lot.

“You made me fall in love with you.” Jimin whispers, causing Jungkook’s eyes to widen so much that it forces the tears to freeze in place. “You fucking made me care… so actually… you know what?”

Jungkook’s breath stop as Jimin gets close, his eyes hardening, their noses pressed together, their lips grazing.

“Fuck you.” Jimin growls. “You don’t get to choose.”

Jungkook doesn’t have time to think and it’s good like this. It’s all fast and passing him by quickly. Jimin’s apartment was closest and Jungkook spends the entire walk there practically being dragged at a pace that he, despite having longer legs, has a bit of trouble keeping up with. They scar an older woman in the elevator because Jimin had shoved him up against the closed doors of the elevator the second they had slid shut and promptly kissed him breathless. Once they opened to Jimin’s floor, they nearly tripped and fell but Jungkook manages to catch himself and Jimin before a disaster happens.

The old lady grumbles and they both bow deeply and apologize. The awkward feelings are gone as soon as they come, however, because Jimin is dragging Jungkook down the hall again. Only briefly does Jungkook have time to realize that he doesn’t really care that someone has just seen them. Jimin’s hands are warm and he can still taste him on his lips. He’s so wrapped up in Jimin… so wrapped up and focused on the boy in front of him.

He doesn’t hesitate in letting the feeling consume him because maybe Jimin is right… maybe he doesn’t have to think of anyone else. Maybe he can just be selfish and let himself have this.

The door is a bitch to open but Jungkook busies himself by back hugging Jimin and seeking close contact. Jimin leans into him and pauses to reach back, gripping the back of Jungkook’s neck so he can turn his head and kiss him. One of Jungkook’s hands come up to cup his face, easily becoming lost in the other’s touch.

The kiss continues with short and soft kisses, most of which are kind of hurried pressings-of-lips. Jungkook feels Jimin’s hand slip away form the back of his neck seconds before he hears the door open in front of them. Without breaking the kiss, Jungkook pushes Jimin forward and then kicks the door closed behind them.

Jimin shivers and attempts to stir them down the hall but their legs don’t coordinate well enough for it to work out as planned. Jungkook had attempted to compensate for Jimin’s legs moving while Jimin had attempted to do the same and the result is them both managing to trip each other. Jimin goes down first and in an attempt to catch himself, rips Jungkook down with him. They land with a grunt.

Anyone else may have laughed, and later they still might, but at the moment they’re both a little too far gone to think about it being funny so they make do with what they’ve been given. Jungkook rolls Jimin onto his back forcefully and shoves his legs out of the way, spreading them wide to give himself room and then he’s on Jimin like it’s the last thing he’ll ever be allowed to do.

Jimin’s hands are holding his face and his thighs are hugging his waist snuggly. He pecks at Jungkook’s lips repeatedly before biting at the younger boy’s lower lip, sucking at it lazily before letting it slip from between his lips. Jungkook goes in for another kiss but Jimin is talking against his lips, his voice already hoarse and fucked out—Jungkook decides he loves the way it sounds.

“I thought you were going to fuck me that night…” Jimin whispers after a moment, his breath hot against Jungkook’s lips, “o-on the couch…”

“God I wanted to…” Jungkook whispers, “so fucking bad.”

“I would’ve l-let you…” Jimin whimpered as Jungkook rolls his hips against his own, “I kept thinking you were going to fuck me open… tear me up, m-make me cry in front of H-Hoseokie… a-and T-TaeTae…”

Jungkook’s breath hitches audibly and it makes something snap inside him. He’s sitting up on his knees and pushing the hem of Jimin’s tank top up, revealing his beautiful abs and the faintest inklings of a happy trail that hasn’t been shaved in a couple of days… Cute. Jungkook forgets about it, though, in the next breath as he rips and tugs at Jimin’s belt buckle because fuck, he wants him so bad.

Jimin lets out a soft and kind of submissive noise that goes straight to Jungkook’s cock when he rips his belt through the loops. Jimin’s hips rise a little before jerkily lowering back down onto the floor; he is so needy. His eyes are half lidded, appearing darker and kind of glazed because of his eyeliner being a bit smudged—Jungkook thinks it looks better like that.

Jimin reaches down and rips at his own button and zipper. “Get them off.” He mumbles, the words blurring together. Jungkook tugs at them, grunting slightly because well… this is what he gets for liking the little shit with a wardrobe of tight pants.

They struggle quite a bit and when Jimin’s pants finally allow themselves to be wrestled down, they are tight enough to the point of ripping Jimin’s boxers down right along with them. So in seconds, Jimin’s cock is out and flexing upwards to rest stiffly against Jimin’s toned stomach, the tip leaving a light smear of precome against the other boy’s skin.

Jungkook, enthralled, kind of loses his train of thought and eyes it. Jimin’s pants are only half way down his thighs and they still have a way to go but Jungkook has been successfully—unintentionally—side tracked. He releases his grip on Jimin’s pants and Jimin whines slightly, wanting them off. Jungkook reaches forward and runs his thumb up from the center space of Jimin’s balls and along the underside of his length before he wraps his fingers around it decisively. Jimin’s body twitches and he stiffly lies back against the floor.

Jungkook has never had his face so close to another man’s cock before so he has no fucking clue what to do with it now that it’s in his hand. He’s been in this position, kind of, in the way of eating a girl out before, though, which he definitely likes to do but sucking a cock seems a little taboo, at least for him, who has previously never thought he would end up in a situation where he was seconds from doing so. He knows his inexperience will be apparent to Jimin, knows he’ll probably fail miserably but he also knows that he wants to make Jimin feel good.

He knows that he wants to do everything with him and the idea of putting a dick in his mouth is fucking weird but the idea of putting Jimin’s dick in his mouth doesn’t seem so bad. So… he kind of wonders what he’ll taste like… He wonders if he’ll be sweet or kind of bitter… or if perhaps he’ll taste anything like himself.

His curiosity peeks and Jungkook finds himself leaning down in a bold rush, sucking the very tip of Jimin’s cock into his mouth. Instantly, he feels precome leak across his tongue as Jimin’s dick twitches and the boy arches, his head tipped back.

“Fuck-k… you—you c-can’t…” Jimin whines but Jungkook isn’t really listening.

Jimin’s taste is unique—unlike anything he’d ever experienced during any of the times he’d had his face between someone’s legs. It makes his jaw lock slightly, during which he has to pull off and swallow thickly and wait for his muscles to relax before he can do anything more. It only takes a second but it’s long enough for them to make eye contact and the look on Jimin’s face is beautiful—it’s something Jungkook neither wants to forget nor wants to give up. He wants to make Jimin look like that all of the time, whenever he can or whenever the boy will let him.

Jungkook leans back down and proceeds with nothing but instinct, as he does with anything he has ever done with the first time. He doesn’t attempt right away to take too much and uses his hand to stroke the majority of Jimin’s length. His mouth works tirelessly on Jimin’s tip, his tongue dipping and teasing his slit before he goes back to sucking and bobbing his head. He feels like he’s doing something right because Jimin’s hips are starting to involuntarily buck every so often.

Jimin growls, the sound one of complete abandon and frustration. “J-Jeon Jung-fucking-kook-k…” He says through his teeth. “S-St-top…”

Jungkook pulls off of Jimin’s cock slowly, his lips parting from the tip with a lewd smack that makes Jimin’s breath hitch and his hips jerk.

“Stop… just stop…” Jimin’s breathes, reaching down to push Jungkook’s hands away, earning an ironically confused expression from the younger despite the fact that he allows himself to be pushed away with ease.

Jimin pants a little and swallows thickly before resuming their previously abandoned task of attempting to get his pants off, which tells Jungkook that he hasn’t ruined anything, Jimin had just wanted to keep going. From one guy to another, Jungkook thinks it’s pretty obvious now that Jimin had probably been about to come… so maybe it is better that he had stopped after all.

They have to stop for another moment because they’ve forgotten completely about shoes. Jungkook pulls them off of Jimin’s feet and throws them toward the door one at a time, both of which smack against the door before landing on the floor in a small dejected pile. Jimin’s pants finally come off but Jimin doesn’t give Jungkook the chance to get back on top of him. Instead, he stops Jungkook with a hand on his chest and sits up, leaving Jungkook on his knees. He lets Jimin tug at his pants for a moment before he reaches forward and takes hold of Jimin’s face, tipping his head up so he can indulge in the urge to lean down and kiss him. The hands falter on his waist but only for a short moment and then Jimin is moving again, working at undoing Jungkook’s pants.

The kiss breaks because Jimin turns his face away but it’s only for the purpose of barking orders, which Jungkook discovers that he also loves…

“Stop fucking distracting me.” He pants.

Jungkook smirks lazily before glancing down his own body, watching Jimin’s small hands finally coordinate themselves into successfully getting his belt buckle undone.

Jungkook’s pants don’t put up nearly as much of a fight and unlike Jimin who keeps his tank top, Jungkook finds himself completely naked within a short couple of minutes. Instantly, he is crawling back on top of Jimin, pushing him to lie back down once they’ve managed to rip and tear his clothes off… sort of. Though in all seriousness, Jungkook is pretty sure his boxers do have a tear now.

Their cocks slot together naturally and Jimin brings his legs up slightly. He doesn’t wrap them around Jungkook’s waist like he expects but rather simply frames his hips instead. The kisses have turned extremely sloppy and Jimin is kind of just panting against his mouth at some point, his eyes closed as he moans openly at the feeling off Jungkook’s hips moving against his own. He slips his hands away from Jungkook and reaches for the hem of his own shirt, balling it in his fists as he lets his head fall to the side.

Jungkook dips his head down to kiss his pulse, able to see the vein pumping blood through Jimin’s veins in time with his heartbeat through the skin. He kisses it gently and then sucks lazily, making sure to do so as noisily and as lewdly as possible because he notices, fairly early on, that noises are something Jimin seems to like.

“Kookie-yah…” Jimin whines breathlessly, turning his head back toward Jungkook and nosing his cheek, seeking his lips.

Jungkook allows them to find each other, pressing his tongue into Jimin’s mouth. He can feel Jimin’s cock throbbing against his own, and knows that Jimin is just as mentally scrambled as he is.

The kiss breaks again and Jimin looks up at Jungkook, his eyes barely cracked open a sliver. Jungkook kind of wishes Jimin wasn’t wearing contacts, just so he could look into his natural brown eyes but it’s a minute detail that leaves his mind just as swiftly as it comes… Jimin is beneath him, exactly where he loves for him to be and that means a whole hell of a lot more than contact lenses.

“What is it, hyung?” Jungkook whispers, remembering that Jimin had said his name, having clearly wanted his attention.

Jimin’s eyes search his and he appears to want something but is oddly unwilling to say it. Instead, though, he releases one of his hands from his own shirt and seeks out the hand Jungkook has been using to graze his fingertips along Jimin’s side. He guides the hand down between them and for a second, Jungkook thinks Jimin is going to show him that he wants him to touch his dick.

However, Jungkook about chokes on his own spit when Jimin slips his hand past their cocks, past his balls and then Jimin carefully brushes their fingers against his hole. Jungkook watches as the contact makes Jimin’s lips twitch and then part slightly. It’s such a simple touch too and the reaction is so noticeable... It’s even in his eyes, which glaze over completely.

Jungkook’s stomach clenches and his own cock flexes as he feels Jimin’s hole clench and flutter against the pads of his fingertips. Jimin doesn’t have to guide him for long because Jungkook leans down a little, resting his forehead against Jimin’s gently and continues to tease his entrance with his fingers. Jungkook presses an open-mouthed kiss to Jimin’s lips.

“As inexperienced as I am, baby…” Jungkook purrs, circling Jimin’s entrance with his middle finger, “I still know better than to try taking you dry.”

“I wasn’t asking you to, I just wanted to feel you touch me…” Jimin murmurs, nudging Jungkook’s nose. “I have stuff in my room…”

“I’m fucking you right here.” Jungkook growls lightly. “We’re not moving.”

Jimin shivers, seemingly liking the idea but they both know the inconvenience that was staring them in the face. They were on the floor, intent on fucking right where they were and… the lube was in another room. Jungkook pecks at Jimin’s lips gently before pulling back.

“Where is it?”

“Under the bed. S’in… I-It’s in a blue box…like…” Jimin trails off, lazily using his hands to show the rough dimensions of the box before he’s reaching up to hook a hand around the back of Jungkook’s neck to pull him down for another kiss, reluctant to let Jungkook go when the younger boy attempts to get up and retrieve the aforementioned supplies.

Jungkook pecks at Jimin’s lips and brushes his thumb over his cheek to pacify him but ultimately detangles himself from Jimin and pulls away in the end, jogging down the hall and turning into the first room he sees.

“It’s the next one, Kookie…” Jimin says, his voice hoarse and heavily laced with need.

Jungkook walks out of the room and into the next, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. He kneels beside the bed and peeks under it, seeing the blue box Jimin had described. Jungkook opens it up and pulls out the bottle of lube, blatantly ignoring the fact that Jimin also has a dildo and two vibrators in there, which the guy must have known Jungkook would see.

Jungkook doesn’t see any condoms or anything at first so he digs around a bit, eventually finding a lone condom and it’s luckily his size.

“Jungkook…” Jimin grumbles, startling Jungkook who leaves the box open and ransacked by the bed. He stands and goes to leave the room but catches a look of himself in the sliding mirror doors of Jimin’s closet, which is a slap in the face because, well, he had sort of forgotten that he was naked for some reason.

Had Jungkook not been around Bangtan for so long, he may have been severely embarrassed but… as it was, many people have seen his ass, dick, balls and everything else—whatever. It is what it is. Jungkook leaves the room, on a mission.

Jungkook is back at Jimin’s side a moment later and Jimin looks a little pouty because of how long it has taken. However, his cock is still straining against his stomach and there’s a slight pool forming and slowly inching closer and closer to his belly button as time goes by. Jungkook doesn’t bother to resist the urge to lean in and lick it all away with one long slide of his tongue, during which, Jimin mewls and reaches down to run a hand over the back of Jungkook’s head, his fingers gently carding through his hair. His other hand is still fisted in the hem of his shirt, which is now bunched up over his chest.

“Just two or three fingers… t-that’s it…” Jimin says, his hips twitching as he spreads his legs and tips his head a bit to the side, his bangs clouding his eyes. “It’s s-starting to hurt…”

Jungkook, again, isn’t sure what he’s doing but he has a basic idea of how it should work—it seems kind of like common sense so he just goes with it. He smears a decent amount of lube on his fingers, opting for about as much as he would have used if he was about to jerk off, and then he reaches down and brushes his middle and ring fingers against Jimin’s entrance. Jimin breathes shallowly and his hips shift slightly, eager. Jungkook also notices that the very slight touch, though ghostlike, makes Jimin’s cock twitch as well.

Jungkook leans down a little and kisses Jimin’s knee before glancing down where his hand is. Jimin’s entrance is twitching still, almost as though it’s just as eager with a mind of its own. Jungkook feels his own cock ache and hears Jimin whine a little—he’s also on edge and knows he needs to get his ass moving so he cuts the shit and focuses on the task at hand.

The first finger makes Jimin’s toes curl and his head fall back as an airy mewl forces its way out of his lips. Jungkook isn’t sure if it’s the result of Jimin being that needy for it or if it feels that good to have something inside him but he knows it makes his cock twitch twice in quick succession… and that’s never a bad thing. No it’s not.

Jungkook moves the finger in and out a couple of times before Jimin makes a move to reach down slightly. Jungkook doubts it is meant to mean anything but it’s what makes him push the second finger in anyway because he doesn’t want to be caught moving too slow.

If the first finger’s reaction was hot, it’s not really much compared to the arch of Jimin’s back and the involuntary clenching of his asshole around Jungkook’s fingers that comes from two fingers moving in and out of him.

“Angle u-up… t-towards my c-cock…” Jimin mewls, biting his lower lip.

Jungkook does so without thinking twice, hooking his fingers upwards and feeling around. Jungkook feels around for a minute or so until Jimin’s mouth falls open and he gasps softly, his head tipping back as he lets out a soft a breathy cry that is broken up into multiple exhales of breath. Jungkook figures he’s doing it right then, especially because Jimin spreads his legs a little more and clenches tightly around his fingers.

Jungkook gives up trying to resist and reaches for his own cock. He doesn’t stroke it, he just touches and edges himself a little, grazing his thumb over his slit gently. He’s about to add a third finger when Jimin wiggles his butt and uses his feet to kind of push Jungkook’s hand away.

“Come here, Kookie-yah…” He mewls wantonly, reaching for him. Jungkook almost moves forward but then remembers the condom and resists being pulled in in favor of reaching for it.

Jimin sees him reach for the condom and growls a little. “I want—“

“Not for out first time, hyung…” Jungkook murmurs, reaching for it again but Jimin reaches for his wrist and pulls it back to his body.

“Then just don’t come inside this time…” Jimin murmurs, pulling Jungkook down a little to peck at his lips lightly and Jungkook feels like he’s being thoroughly manipulated but doesn’t lift a finger to stop it, “o-or decide when you’re about to come… just do it wherever you want… O-On my stomach… my thighs… up my ass—i-in my mouth… wherever you want…”

Jungkook shivers and swallows thickly, his head clouded and his cock throbbing because fuck… Jimin was too much for him to handle at the moment. Unable to restrain himself, Jungkook pulls back and forgets completely about the condom before reaching for the tube of lube again. He drizzles a line along his length somewhat sloppily before stroking himself and coating himself with it evenly.

He moves forward eagerly, finding Jimin’s lips in a bruising kiss as he rests one hand on the floor beside his head, the other remaining between them, gripped onto the base of his cock, the tip of which he uses to tease at Jimin’s hole slightly.

Jimin reaches up to hold Jungkook’s face between his hands but just as his hands make contact with Jungkook’s face, Jungkook has started pushing in a little.

Jimin mewls and breaks the kiss with a slight gasp, turning his head slightly. Jungkook leans down and rests his forehead against Jimin’s temple gently, kissing his cheek softly as he feeds his cock into Jimin’s tight heat. He involuntarily gasps a few times himself at how fucking tight Jimin is. He can’t even really bring it upon himself to think straight long enough to compare it to that girl from that one time, all he knows is Jimin feels amazing… and Jimin… Jimin… Jimin… is so fucking tight.

Jimin is whining and his thighs are hugging Jungkook’s torso. He had brought them up slightly to open himself up more, inviting Jungkook in. He reaches down and even grips his own cheeks, spreading them apart for him. It’s supposed to make things easier but Jimin seems to be struggling.

“Wait wait.” Jimin whimpers suddenly, gasping. “Fuck…”

“What?” Jungkook breathes, his voice shaky. He can’t really think straight but through the haze of lust, he worries that he’s really hurting Jimin, especially if the older had felt the need to make him stop.

“Let me…” Jimin breathes, pushing Jungkook’s hand away to grip his cock himself. Jungkook shifts his hips a little and leans down to kiss the corner of Jimin’s mouth as Jimin grabs Jungkook’s hip with his other hand.

Jungkook lets Jimin guide him, pushing forward when Jimin pulls him forward by his hip. He can feel Jimin adjusting his cock, his entrance clenching involuntarily at first but then Jimin pushes back against him. The muscles flutter, open up to Jungkook and he’s suddenly bottoming out, causing them both to gasp sharply. Jungkook’s is more muted, easily overpowered by Jimin’s pitched moan.

Jungkook’s vision is a little blurred and all he can really think about is the feeling of his cock surrounded by such a tight and delicious heat but he still finds it in himself to look down at Jimin to check to see if he’s okay. Worry constricts his chest at the look on Jimin’s face. His lips are parted, his eyes are closed and his eyebrows are furrowed; he looks like he’s concentrating.

Jungkook leans down and kisses Jimin’s jaw gently before pecking his lips.

“Am I hurting you?” Jungkook asks against his skin. “Hyung?”

Jimin releases a shallow breath, licks his lips and turns his head, nosing Jungkook’s cheek until the younger lets him reach his lips. They kiss briefly—a simple peck—before Jimin lays back and blinks his eyes open.

“Jimin?” Jungkook asks again.

“S’ok… I’m okay.” Jimin breathes, licking his lips and swallowing thickly. “You’re… you’re just… kind of big, Kookie.” He smiles slightly, charmingly.

Jungkook doesn’t really laugh though; he has never been the type to find pleasure in the pain of someone else when it came to sex. A past girlfriend had told him once before that his cock was a little hard to take during the first few times they had had sex so Jungkook knows, unfortunately, Jimin isn’t just flattering him.

“Too much?” Jungkook murmurs. “I can take it out, hyung…”

“N-No… I like that it’s big…” Jimin smirks a little more, his eyes rolling shut as he tips his head back and bares his throat, biting his lip. “So full…”

Jungkook blinks, wondering if Jimin can feel his cock twitching—he probably can—because shit, the boy was just so fucking beautiful and sexy. Jungkook hesitantly leans down and mouths Jimin’s throat, pressing his hips a little more firmly against Jimin’s when he feels and hears Jimin’s moan, the vibration against his lips provoking Jungkook to have an urge to trace the line of his Adam’s apple with the tip of his tongue, which he doesn’t bother resisting.

Jungkook feels Jimin’s hands come up and press against his chest, pushing him back a little as his thighs fall away from his hips. He’s open and bare beneath him, almost like an offering sent down from the heavens, Jungkook thinks.

“Slowly…” Jimin murmurs.

Jungkook runs his hands along the insides of Jimin’s thighs before trailing then back up, gripping them gently. He looks down between them, carefully pulling back and then even more carefully pushing back in. He glances up at Jimin’s face to make sure he’s not hurting him. Jimin has let his head fall back and is biting his lower lip even harder all over again, his expression otherwise not hinting at pain but not pleasure either. So Jungkook feels like he’s not doing anything bad… at least.

Jungkook moves with a slight bit more confidence, rolling his hips and pushing back into Jimin each time he pulls out. It takes a moment but he eventually decides that they need just a little bit more lube so he reaches for the bottle, pulls out slightly, and squeezes a slight bit more along his length. He strokes himself gently and even adds a bit of the lube to the rim of Jimin’s stretched hole with the tip of his cock. Jimin doesn’t say anything, just kind of let’s Jungkook do as he desires.

This time, when Jungkook slips inside, it’s infinitely easier and Jimin’s back arches a little, curving upwards in the same pace it takes Jungkook to slip all the way inside. He flexes back down onto the floor, his eyes open and he glances down his own body. His cock is leaking and his eyes are glassy. Jungkook wonders if it really feels good or if Jimin just likes the feeling of something inside of him.

He wants to ask but he doesn’t.

Jungkook slips his hands down slightly so he’s gripping the upper insides of Jimin’s thighs. He squeezes them and then gently pushes them up slightly, forcing Jimin’s hips up off of the ground, the angle a little better. Not to mention, Jungkook can now see everything and it’s exactly what his perverted 19 year old fuckboy heart is foaming at the mouth for.

Jungkook feels Jimin’s fingers brush against his knee and it is for that sole reason that he glances away from Jimin’s hole swallowing his cock to look at the boy’s face instead. His hyung looks fucked out of his mind and it absolutely spoils Jungkook’s ego, polishes it until it shines like a fucking disco ball—yes, a fucking disco ball.

“Kookie-yah…” He breathes, his voice cracking.

“You good?” Jungkook breathes huskily, confident despite his own voice being a bit labored as he moves. “Faster?”

Jimin nods, his eyes rolling shut as he licks his lips and then moans airily a second later when Jungkook starts moving both faster and a slight bit harder. One of his hands reaches down for Jungkook’s, which rests against his thigh, the other fisting his shirt against his chest. He tips his head back and mewls softly, which debut with gasped and slightly overwhelmed exhales of breath. Jungkook can’t help but make a slight noise of pleasure himself, especially as he glances down and watches himself fuck Jimin so deeply.

He reaches down, brushing his thumb over the red and slightly swollen-with-abuse rim of Jimin’s entrance, feeling and seeing it clench every so often.

Jungkook glances back up at Jimin and decides he wants to be closer. He moves forward and spreads his own legs slightly so he can move more fluidly. He reaches down to pull Jimin’s legs up enough for the other boy’s knees to frame his ribcage.

The second Jungkook starts moving this time, Jimin’s mouth falls open and his eyes squeeze shut. He’s entirely silent as his head falls back. One of his hands reaches out and claws slightly at the carpet before he suddenly covers his face and a breathless moan rips from his throat like he can’t hold it in anymore. Jungkook just assumes it must feel really good so he keeps going.

“Don’t cover your face.” He murmurs, however, reaching up to tug Jimin’s wrists away. “Lemme see…”

Jimin lets his hands be pulled away but he doesn’t open his eyes and he doesn’t stop mewling. He’s clenching sporadically around Jungkook and it’s making the younger boy’s head spin a little because shit, Jimin is tight enough as it was with constantly doing that bullshit.

Jungkook doesn’t ask this time around when he decides he wants to go a little faster. He just kind of does and it makes Jimin sob. The older boy clenches violently over and over as his thighs tighten around Jungkook’s torso. Jungkook is a little worried now that it might actually be a case of pain, that he could be misreading things, but that’s only until he feels something hot splatter across his chin.

He glances down and sees Jimin’s cock flexing repeatedly as come leaves the tip as though it can’t get out fast enough. Each time Jungkook snaps his hips forward, Jimin’s cock weeps more come and Jimin chokes on his moans some more.

Jungkook realizes he probably has some of Jimin’s come on his chin or neck—it’s a fleeting thought though. He forgets it a second later because fuck… Jimin’s ass has tightened beyond belief and Jungkook really can’t take it. He leans forward and rests an elbow on the floor beside Jimin’s head like he had done that night they had been on the couch, tangling his fingers into the boy’s hair as he buries his face into his neck and then he fucks Jimin like he’s trying to break him.

Jimin gasps sharply and moans brokenly, overwhelmed. His hands grip Jungkook’s back desperately, his voice cracking and sounding slightly watery—Jungkook thinks his hyung has begun to cry but he’s too far gone to look. His orgasm is hitting and he has forgotten completely how and why he had been against coming inside because that’s exactly what he’s doing. He’s filling Jimin up with everything he’s got, coming inside him so deep that it makes Jungkook see stares as he groans huskily in Jimin’s ear.

Jimin is trembling, gasping and whimpering softly in the back of his throat by the time Jungkook slows down and finally stops. He’s kind of stiff and his face has become buried against Jungkook’s neck at some point but Jungkook isn’t sure when it happened. He’s just now kind of bouncing back from the best orgasm of his life when he realizes that Jimin is fucking perfect in every way…

Jungkook pulls back and hangs his head forward, pushing himself up on his hands on either side of Jimin’s head. He’s still balls deep and Jimin is looking up at him with blurry eyes, his hair a complete mess. Jimin eyes him for a moment before his hand comes up and gently wraps around Jungkook’s neck, which startles the younger but he allows it; he’s curious.

Jimin tips Jungkook’s head up and leans in, shortly after which Jungkook feels Jimin’s tongue, lips and then sucking. Jungkook swallows thickly and mewls softly, his cock twitching weakly inside the other.

Jimin lets him go and Jungkook looks down at Jimin in a slight daze. Jungkook doesn’t even bother to resist leaning down and sucking Jimin’s lower lip lightly before turning it into a gentle kiss.

“Okay?” Jungkook murmurs against his lips, breathing still labored as he reaches up and gently caresses Jimin’s cheek with his thumb. Jimin nods, still panting. “Hurt?”

Jimin swallows thickly, licking his lips. He eventually shakes his head a little. Jungkook leans down again and gently brushes their lips together again and again.

It’s intended to be a short brush of lips but Jimin reaches up and holds his face and Jungkook allows the kiss to become far more passionate. Their tongues brush against each other lightly, their bangs mingle and their noses nudge gently… There are few people that have ever really impressed Jungkook in life, least of all when it comes to kissing but he thinks that Jimin, so far, is his favorite and this particular kiss is the one he’ll never want to forget.

“M’gonna pull out, okay?” Jungkook says shortly after the kiss finally breaks.

Jimin nods softly and reaches down to carefully frame Jungkook’s cock, slowly inching it out bit by bit until it slips out completely and they both wince. Jimin clenches around nothing and squirms.

“I feel it coming out…” Jimin mumbles after a minute, “is it on my carpet...?”

Jungkook glances down and shakes his head before reaching over to snatch his torn boxers so he can carefully situate them under Jimin. They glance up from Jungkook’s attempt at problem solving and both giggle softly because well… it’s not really perfect but it’s very Jungkook.

Jungkook smirks and nudges Jimin’s nose affectionately.

“I can’t believe I let you fuck me on the floor…” Jimin breathes, sighing. “Not how I imagined it, honestly.”

“I liked it.”

“Of course you did.” Jimin giggles, licking his lips—Jungkook realizes that he does this a lot… and it’s pretty sexy—likely to be one of his favorite things about the other. “I’m going to have to skip practice tomorrow… I can already tell.”

Jungkook, for some reason, seems to kind of get what is implied and smiles apologetically… “Me too.”

“There’s nothing wrong with you.” Jimin gripes. “Wouldn’t want anyone to think you’re not committed.”

“Which is exactly why I need to ditch.” Jungkook murmurs, ignoring Jimin’s jab in favor of leaning in and pecking his lips. “I gotta be a good dongsaeng…”

“Don’t talk like that right after we’ve had sex.” Jimin murmurs, his voice lacking every bit of bite, probably because Jimin is too busy pecking Jungkook’s lips again.

Jungkook smirks and nudges Jimin’s nose once more before pulling back and helping the other stand up. They need to get cleaned up.

They end up in Jimin’s bed and they both pass out nearly as soon as their heads hit the pillows. Jungkook is the first to wake up and finds himself being cuddled securely with Jimin at his back. Jimin’s body is smaller than his but for some reason they have ended up in a position where Jimin is the big spoon and Jungkook is the little spoon.

It takes a second for Jungkook to realize he doesn’t really mind this position but half a second later he also thinks he’d prefer holding Jimin and being able to nuzzle into him instead. So, as carefully as he can, Jungkook rolls over and pulls Jimin into his body. Jimin nuzzles close and shifts around in his sleep, mewling softly as he tries to get comfortable.

Unfortunately, the result is him stirring himself awake. Well, it probably is mostly Jungkook’s fault for disturbing their previous position.

“Mmm…” Jimin hums, shifting sluggishly. “You’re still here…”

“Um…” Jungkook blinks, pouting. “Why wouldn’t I still be here?”

Jimin sighs softly through his nose. “I just thought you might not be here when I woke up…” He mumbles, tightening his arms. “Straight boys don’t like to stay the night.”

Jungkook thinks that statement over for a moment before he leans down and nuzzles his nose into Jimin’s hair. “Okay but… I’m gay as fuck for you… so...”

Jimin snorts and then laughs softly, at which Jungkook smiles softly. “Ah, I’m not sure whether or not I find that attractive…”

“Attractive or not, it’s at least true…” Jungkook murmurs.

“You sure about that?” Jimin asks, a smile in his voice but Jungkook senses that it is actually a legitimate question hidden beneath a layer of playfulness. “Or is this just because you get really soft after you get laid?”

“What do you want me to say it in front of the hyungs?” Jungkook asks, speaking gently—he’s feeling really fuzzy at the moment.

“Oh… someone’s getting bold…” Jimin teases, picking his head up to look at Jungkook, his eyes kind of twinkling but that’s also when Jungkook notices something.

“You fell asleep with your contacts in…” Jungkook points out, reaching up to brush his thumb across Jimin’s cheek just beneath one of his eyes.

“Fuck…” Jimin sighs, rolling over to reach for a case for his contacts. Jungkook snuggles up to Jimin as the other carefully removes his contacts and sticks them into the case. He sets them off to the side and then rolls back over, snuggling up to Jungkook’s chest and nuzzling into his neck.

“So what’s this about you telling the hyungs about us?”

Jungkook pauses and bites the inside of his cheek, rubbing his thumb against Jimin’s shoulder blade. “I… I just think you were right… I shouldn’t care what other people think and… the more I think about it, the more I think about you… I really only care what you think…”

Jimin shifts a little and reaches up to brush his thumb across Jungkook’s collarbones, smiling softly. “You don’t have to think so hard about that stuff right now… I’m fine with this just being… y’know… whatever you need it to be—“

“You’re not my booty call…” Jungkook replies dryly, silencing Jimin who secretly finds comfort in hearing this. “I don’t plan on hiding you from anyone…”

Jimin presses his cheek to Jungkook’s chest for a moment, listening to the other boy talk before he turns and kisses it gently and then pulls back to look up at Jungkook.


Jungkook leans down and presses their foreheads together.

“… I’d rather a thousand people look at me like I’m strange than have you look at me like I’m a piece of shit…” Jungkook whispers. “I’d rather deal with anything that comes with being with you out in the open… rather than being the reason you feel like a dirty secret. I never want you to look at me like you’re unsure about how I feel for you… So yeah, really.”

Jimin exhales shallowly, reaching up to rest a hand against Jungkook’s face. “Fuck, you’re so cute when you’re not busy being an asshole.”

“Yeah well… maybe you shouldn’t have got me hard the first day I met you and had my fucking straight boy head spinning on my shoulders.” Jungkook grumbles.

“Excuse me?” Jimin laughs, pulling back to look at Jungkook oddly.

“Oh yeah,” Jungkook admits, appalled now that he thinks about it again, “I was so confused. I think you had me back then too… I was just too hell-bent on not thinking about it like that. I just figured it was one of those really awkward boners… Kind of like the ones that happen when you’re just laying there and thinking about food and bam… you get the strangest hard on of your life…”

There’s a short delay but then Jimin starts laughing and it has Jungkook chuckling too. He loves the sound of Jimin’s laugh… His smile is also nice. Jungkook also thinks that the fact that Jimin’s eyes disappear when he laughs is really adorable too… Good God…

Ugh… My thoughts are all sappy and gross.” Jungkook sighs heavily. “It sucks… I’m so into you that I’m making myself disgusted.”

Jimin giggles, trying to collect himself from having been made to laugh so hard just moments before. He smiles softly and brushes his thumb across Jungkook’s thigh.

“I’m irresistible, sorry.” Jimin giggles as he speaks.

Jungkook smiles and tips his head a bit to the side and then pecks at Jimin’s lips, doing so a couple of times before committing to a proper one. The kiss is lazy and gentle, their tongues tease and brush but there’s no real intent. It’s cute and Jungkook feels himself getting lost in it… until Jimin breaks the kiss suddenly.

“I’m worth at least a 9.”

Jungkook blinks and looks at Jimin oddly.

“A 9 out of 10.” Jimin replies, smiling softly, his pretty teeth temporarily distracting Jungkook who is a little too busy thinking about how good he looks. However, it does catch up to him—what Jimin is talking about—and he can’t help but look down at the older boy a bit scandalized.

Jimin finds this hilarious though and brings a hand up to press the back of it against his lips as he giggles.

“You broke my rating system.” Jungkook accuses, pointing at Jimin’s nose with contempt. He reaches down and squeezes Jimin’s sides, causing him to giggle more and oh… Jungkook notes how ticklish the older is without remorse… he files that information away for later.

“Oh really?” Jimin asks, dropping his hand away from his mouth to reach up and brush it down Jungkook’s bare chest. “So maybe I’m more of a 9.5…”

Jungkook blinks. “Jimin… before you, I’ve only ever looked at women. I not only put your dick in my mouth but I fucking confessed my love to you… the fuck are you talking about a 9.5 for…?”

Jimin smiles, kind of amused, but mostly looks content as he leans in, nudging Jungkook’s chin before looking up at him somewhat innocently. It’s then that Jungkook realizes that Jimin just kind of needs to hear these things to reassure himself. As confident as Jimin is, Jungkook keeps seeing small flickers of insecurity shining through and it makes him wonder who made the boy feel like that.

Then Jungkook remembers that time in the studio when Jimin told them all about his first time and he can’t help but think to himself… maybe Jimin has never really done this before either? Maybe Jimin has never really had someone like him willing to bare themselves before him if it means making him understand just how much he means to him…

Jungkook thinks it’s a little stupid because he kind of thinks, perhaps biased by his own feelings but whatever, that Jimin deserves to be held and told constantly how good, great, amazing and or how beautiful he is from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep…

Jungkook reaches for Jimin’s cheek, his thumb brushing over Jimin’s lower lip, the pad of which the older boy kisses gently as though no thought is needed for the action whatsoever. Jungkook decides he wants to make this boy happy… so happy he has no idea what to do with all the happiness.

“I don’t think I ever stood a chance.” Jungkook says honestly, smirking lazily.

“Me neither…” Jimin sighed. “If I’m being honest, the first day you came at me all boss man? Super sexy.”

“Really?” Jungkook asks, snorting.

“Yes. You look good when you’re annoyed or angry.” Jimin admits, tipping his chin up to press a light kiss against Jungkook’s lips. “If earlier hadn’t been so serious, I probably would’ve been on my knees at some point but… shh… I didn’t just tell you that.”

“Oh no…” Jungkook says against Jimin’s lips, “I’ve fallen for one of those… Are you going to deliberately piss me off until I’m about to flip my lid and then ask me to take my life’s frustrations out on you?”

“Maybe…” Jimin smiles softly. “I like this side of you too… you don’t show this to just anyone else… I don’t think I’d be willing to trade it in for that pissy side of you any time soon.”

Jungkook smiles again and brushes his lips against the corner of Jimin’s mouth before trailing them down along Jimin’s jaw, neck and shoulder. Jungkook feels good like this—pressed against Jimin and holding him close.

“Are you hurting?” Jungkook asks some time later, pulling away from Jimin’s collarbone to look down at the other, noticing that Jimin has melted under his lips and currently has his eyes closed.

He blinks them open and shrugs. “I’m… well… I feel like I had something a little too big up there is all.” He smiles shyly, biting his lip. “I’ll be okay though.”

“Do I need to do anything? Do you need anything?”

“You don’t have to wait on me, Kookie…” Jimin murmurs, smiling fondly. “I’ve done this be—“

“But now you’re here with me…” Jungkook pouts, “don’t compare me… don’t expect the same as those other guys.”

Jimin presses his lips together, searching Jungkook’s face for a moment before he reaches up and touches his lower lip with his index finger, trailing it down to his chin. “Please don’t change, Jungkook-ah… I’m going to fall in love with you very quickly and very likely repeatedly… as it happens, I… just hope you don’t change.”

“I thought you were already in love with me…” Jungkook reaches up and touches Jimin’s lips, hushing him when he opens his mouth to speak because really, it doesn’t matter. Jungkook knows what the boy is trying to convey. “How about this… tell me ‘fuck you’ again… oh and ‘you don’t have a choice’…”

Jimin blinks and giggles shyly. “It was in the heat of the moment…”

“It was kind of really hot…” Jungkook admits.

“Oh really? Is that it?” Jimin asks softly, his breath brushing against Jungkook’s lips. “That’s how I keep the great Jeon Jungkook under me?”

“On top of you, more like…” Jungkook smirks, giggling when it earns him a playful slap from Jimin, “but I think I can be talked into the alterative eventually.”

“Aish…” Jimin scowls, giving Jungkook a look like he’s the most awful joke he’s ever heard, “for a second there, I forgot you were a kid.”

“I’m not a kid.” Jungkook pouts as Jimin opens his mouth to argue that statement. They are interrupted, however, by Jimin’s phone going off somewhere in the living room. Jimin seems to have no interest in answering it because of how inconvenient it is and doesn’t ask him to but Jungkook smirks and gets out of bed—not before leaning down to peck at Jimin’s lips—and jogs out to the living room to go and get his hyung’s phone for him. By the time Jungkook finds the phone, it stops ringing and he huffs a curse under his breath. He sees that there are two missed calls from Hoseok and a text sitting beneath it that asks Jimin about where he is and if he has seen Jungkook.

Jungkook renters the room, stark naked and catches Jimin looking him up and down without even bothering to hide it. Jungkook crawls back into bed with Jimin and leans on one of his elbows, showing him the screen.

“I forgot my phone in the studio.” Jungkook says out loud as he remembers this.

“Just text him and tell him you’re here. My password is 1251.” Jimin reaches up to play with his own bangs, closing his eyes lazily as Jungkook taps his password in.

Just as Jungkook is about to send Hoseok a text message, he hesitates and then glances at Jimin. He eyes him for a moment and then carefully leans in and gently presses a kiss to his lips, waiting for the older boy to turn his head more towards him before he pulls his lower lip into his mouth.

Jimin hums softly, evidently really liking the attention. He presses closer to Jungkook and brings his hand down from his bangs to rest it against the side of Jungkook’s neck, his thumb grazing his jaw. When Jimin least expects in, Jungkook extends his arm and snaps a picture, the click causing Jimin to break the kiss with an abrupt wet smack of their lips.

“What’s wrong with you?” Jimin pouts, hitting Jungkook with some pretty serious doe eyes. He looks betrayed too; it’s really cute.

Jungkook taps around a few times on Jimin’s phone, sends the picture to himself and then taps around again before turning the phone toward Jimin.

Jimin squints a little at the brightness, reaching out to grip Jungkook’s wrist to steady the phone so he can see properly. He sees the picture of them… which… he admits is very pretty looking in a weird way. The kiss is very apparently deep and it makes Jimin’s heart flutter to see so much of their feelings caught in a single little image. However, that’s not even the best part. Beneath the picture, in a blue text bubble, reads;

Jimin and I are fine, hyung, don’t worry. Also, I was wrong, 11’s do exist.

Jungkook is smirking boyishly… because yeah he knows how fucking smooth he is and he knows, especially because Jimin can’t hide it, that Jimin is so happy… happy he really doesn’t plan on keeping them a secret. They exchange small smiles seconds before Jimin is pulling Jungkook in for another kiss. They hear Jimin’s phone go off but neither separate from the other to check it. They don’t care about anyone or anything except for each other.

(Jungkook is young and he is more acquainted with confusion and poor-decision-making than he’d like to admit. He is often not sure of a lot but he is certain—absolutely certain—that he loves Jimin and he doesn’t give two fucks what that makes him.)