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Heart of Frost

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Everyone knew that Viktor was Yuuri’s coach in skating, but only the people at the rink knew that Yuuri had recently become Viktor’s teacher on Magus Studies. Because, really, if considering how Magi was going to be a popular issue to be discussed regarding the skating world and therefore a popular question done by the reporters, no one could find out that the living legend of skating apparently didn’t know shit about history.

Unfortunately, something about the topic seemed to bother his fiancé-slash-teacher, and Viktor was easily getting on Yuuri’s nerves with his questions.

“No, Viktor, we don’t know why Magi look like humans.” Yuri’s voice was dry and tired. “Can we move on. We literally haven’t moved past what kindergarteners know about Magi.”

“But, Yuuuuuuri, how will I know if a big scary Magi is going to hurt you? Then I won’t be able to protect you!”

“I will know. And then I’ll tell you, okay?”

“But how do you know? I want to learn too!”

Narrowed brown eyes stared directly into Victor’s own eyes. “Viktor, I spent six years for a degree in Magus Studies, working my ass off every night to learn as much as I can about some people who deserve equal rights with us despite the large prejudice against them. I spent all the previous years of my life before Detroit in Japan, which has the leading record for the most number of myths and stories regarding Magi. It is ingrained in our culture to understand and learn as much as we can about these people out of both respect and fear, which you would know if we would continue with lessons. Now, please listen carefully, alright?”

Viktor nodded excitedly. Old memories of his old tutor who was bored and didn’t even bother to teach him well flashed through his mind, and he shook his head. He didn’t want to think about it, so he thought of a firm but kind Japanese man that he was listening to right now.

Yuuri smiled, but it was a strained one. “Alright. Other than that, what else would you like to ask me?”

Viktor placed a thoughtful finger on his chin. “Well, how would you know the difference between a Magus and a human without relying on magic?”

He noticed that Yuuri seemed to freeze up a little. “Uh, well, there is one way.”

Yuuri stopped speaking after that.

Viktor waited a while, before continuing to ask, “What is it, then?”

Yuuri pursed his lips. “Well, the torso of a Magus isn’t bare. They have large markings, like a tattoo, covering the chest. It varies depending on the type of Magus, but every pattern is unique for each Magus.”

“What are the different types of Magi?”

“Well, there are generally four different elements of magic: water, earth, fire, and air. They can have subcategories, but that’s generally it.”

“What about their markings? What do they look like?”

Yuuri beamed, the first true smile the entire time they were having the lesson. He stood up, saying he’d get paper.

Viktor wondered why Yuuri seemed so fearful during the lesson. He sighed inwardly. He’d just have to wait for Yuuri to trust him further. When it came to Yuuri, it was just a point of waiting for him to come to you, like feeding a cat.

Or in this case, a pig. A very cute, lovely, and sexy pig.

Yuuri came back with four sheets of paper and a pencil. He sketched out a rough diagram of a human torso. Surprisingly, it was pretty well done.

“Oh, Yuuri, you didn’t tell me you could draw!”

Yuuri sheepishly scratched his head. “Well, only a little. I didn’t exactly practice drawing much, so I never really developed the talent.”

Viktor smirked at his fiancé. “Are there any more secret talents that you’re hiding from me?”

Yuuri stopped in the middle of sketching. “Err,” he hesitated, “none that I can think of.”

“Oh really? Nothing?”

“Uh, yeah. Nothing.”

Viktor leaned close to Yuuri’s ear. “Are you sure about that? Because for all I know, you might be good at dominating the bedroom-”

“Viktor!” Yuuri jumped out of his seat. “I’m not a dom!” He started pacing. “I couldn’t chain someone to the bed, or blindfold them, or order them around-”

“You like to order me around.”

“Th-that’s different! That’s for skating, something that I do everyday!”

“We can have sex everyday if you want to.” A recent conversation flashed through Viktor’s mind. “Except for during competitions. I heard it hurts to skate afterwards.”

“Are you forgetting the ‘I’m-not-a-dom’ part?! I don’t order you around about sex, I can’t challenge you, I can’t ask you to serve me, I-” Yuuri stopped, in the middle of his rambling, and a moment of thinking passed. “Oh my- fuck. I am a dom. Fuck.”

Viktor smirked. “I told you that you liked those things.”

Yuuri put his face in his hands. “Fuck.”

Viktor scooted closer, hugged Yuuri, and started patting him on the back. “There there. It’s okay. I’m a switch, according to a test I took online. I can be your sub.”

Yuuri’s face was bright red now.  He lifted his head. “Th-that’s not what I’m worried about! I can’t be a dom, I mean, look at me! I may like doing that stuff, but I don’t- I’m not good at it!”

“Speaking as your sub, I will disagree with that statement.”

“Viktor, you’re not helping!”

Viktor laughed as his fiancé grabbed a nearby pillow from the couch and threw it at Viktor. Shielding himself, he said, “Well, I’d stay with you no matter what you are, dom or sub.”

Yuuri’s eyes widened. He started squirming in his seat, a telltale sign when he was nervous.

Huh. Could it be that it was Yuuri’s sexual frustration related to BDSM that was the reason that Yuuri was acting as if he had a secret?

Hm, but no… It couldn’t be. He’s talking about it right now, and it was more of shyness and denial than the strong anxiety that he was seeing in the previous times.

“Yuuri,” he spoke softly, “you know that you can tell me everything, right?”

Yuuri looked away. “Yeah,” he spoke even softer than Viktor did.

There was a moment of silence when no one spoke.

Once again, Viktor sighed. Hopefully, Yuuri would open up soon.

 “Anyway,” Yuuri spoke, finally, “let’s continue with the lessons.”

Yuuri started by first finishing four torsos. He started with the first torso. He had gotten a red crayon (Viktor loved coloring books immensely so Yuuri didn’t have a problem finding coloring materials) and started sketching. He drew radial curves growing upwards, spreading outwards from the root.

“Is this the sign for fire?” Viktor asked.

Yuuri nodded. “They’re usually reddish or red-orange in color. They’re the easiest to notice majority of the time.”

He started on the second torso. “Earth Magi are divided into two - dwarves and elves.” He sketched out dark green angular looking lines that looked jagged and torn. “These represent the dwarves, or the ones that deal with rock and mineral magic. Elves have too many types of markings to show, to represent how they’re closely connected with nature magic.”

He snatched the third sheet and started drawing golden curves spreading outwards, different from the fire markings only due to the fact that the lines were thinner, from Viktor’s perspective. “Air Magi have the palest marks. That’s also why they’re the least caught Magi.”

Lastly, his hands were shaky, but he picked up the fourth sheet. He drew radial waves in blue, elegant and simple. “The final one is water. Which one is your favorite?”

“Hmmm… I’d say the water one? It’s rather beautiful.”

Yuuri blushed. “Really? I’m… actually partial towards that one too.”

Viktor beamed. “Aw, we’re perfect for each other!”

Yuuri let out a hesitant smile.

Victor let a little sigh out. Hopefully, he would be able to keep that smile on his fiancé’s face for a long time.


“Yes, my dear?”

“Stay close to me. Always.”

Victor smiled. “Of course. I’ll always be there for you.”

Even if you don’t think so.

Now, they didn’t know what to do in ice skating other than practice previous routines and moves that they were having trouble with. Yuuri found out a lot of things about Viktor’s rinkmates; Mila enjoyed high-end fashion just like Viktor, Georgi had a penchant for old classics, and Yurio was the sole breadwinner of his family apparently.

It was interesting to find out more things about people that he was used to just watching on the screen. It made them feel like actual people and Yuuri would’ve have said that this was probably the best thing about having Viktor as your fiancé, disregarding Viktor himself.

But now, it was a special event: Christmas. So of course, there was no practice, and Viktor invited all of his friends to their apartment for a small party. And Viktor’s definition of small was going all out with high end Russian restaurant delivery and homemade Japanese food (cough guess who cooked it cough).

“Wow, Yuuri, this is rather delicious,” Georgi complimented him. “It’s a good thing you can cook when Viktor can’t.”

“Why do you think I call him katsudon?” Yurio spoke with his mouth full.

“Because you have an innocent teenage crush on him?”  Viktor asked.

Yuuri had a difficult time preventing Yurio from throwing his plate at Viktor.

Oh, and there were party games. Lots and lots of party games.

That’s how Yuuri ended up needing to separate Mila and Yurio from a fight over Monopoly.

“Fuck you, Mila. Fuck you and your stupid hotel on Boardwalk.”

Mila smirked. “Oh, I’m so sorry for your poor metallic kitty.”

“It’s not a ‘kitty,’ it’s a tiger!

“Sure, sure. Keep telling yourself that.”

Yuuri was glad he didn’t bring out his Wii U. The last thing he needed was to replace a broken TV because someone used a blue shell on Yurio in Mario Kart.

Everyone left all happy and not at all concerned about the Magus fest anymore. Yuuri could relax now. No need to worry. He was worrying over nothing haha-

“Yuuri, my dear? Why do you look so worried?”

“Ah, sorry. It’s just my anxiety shaking me up again. I just need a moment.”

“Ah…” Viktor nodded. “Take your time.”

There was some silence as the two shuffled around and cleaned up after everyone. Yuuri liked it, the way they could be together, in both silence and without. It was calming for someone like him.

But Yuuri smirked. There were ways he could pay him back…

“Viktor? I haven’t given you my gift yet.”

“Hm? Oh, you didn’t really need to. What is  it, solnyshko?”

Yuuri took out a large box covered in metallic wrapping paper, with a large blue bow. He silently handed the box over to his fiancé, who gingerly touched it delicately.

“My first birthday gift from my fiancé,” he spoke with a tender smile.

He gently unwrapped the gift, slowly pulling apart the paper and tape from each other. Yuuri watched as Viktor’s smile broadened as he saw the gift.

“Yuuri,” he murmured, “Is this a textbook on Magi?”

Yuuri scratched the back of his neck. “I bought it from the bookstore at the corner. I learned from that book best when I was in college. I thought you might enjoy it.”

Viktor continued to stare at it. When he didn’t reply, Yuuri continued, “Well, I know you love to read and I don’t know about textbooks, but-”

Viktor kissed Yuuri.

After they finished cleaning up, Yuuri asked if he could be alone for a bit.

Viktor was surprised, but he relented. “Tell me when it’s okay for me to be with you. Just know that I’m always there for you.”

They shared a quick hug and then Viktor shared one last look with Yuuri, before heading to their bedroom.

Yuuri sighed. His mind was swirling with all sorts of thoughts. He sat down in one of the dining chairs and fiddled with decorative blue roses. He could feel the ice slowly covering his chest.

He felt his phone vibrate. Curious, he took it out and checked it.

The text read: I know what you are, Yuuri Katsuki.