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Your pov;
*I always lived with my mom and my big sister but now I've decided to move out because London's closer to where I work, mom's never home and lucy (my sister) doesn't like it when I watch youtube videos specially Joe Suggs videos... I really don't understand how she doesn't like youtube! She hasn't been on youtube since her last boyfriend that relationship ended badly! It was 2 years ago and she's still not over him! Anyway I'm moving to London tommorow and I'm exited because London is such a beautiful city!!*

"Y/n have you finnished packing yet?" Lucy asks screaming from upstaires.

"No I just don't know what I can take with me and what I can't" I screamed back.

"Wait I'm coming to help you" Lucy said while coming down.
She came to my room and looked around... then she asked: "Why are all the computers gone and why are all your clotes on the ground?"

"I don't know what clothes I should bring" I answerred.

"That's easy! All of them!!" She said "but why did you take all the computers?"

"I figured since you don't go on youtube you wont need them as much as me" I answerred.

"You know youtube's not the only thing you can do on the computer right?" Lucy said and she sounded a bit angry.

"Yes I know" I said.

Lucy looked at me with her weard look: "soo..."

"Okay fine!" I gave in "I leave one behind so that you can do whatever it is you do on the computer"

"Thank you" she said satisfied.

"Okay now can you please help me pack" I begged.

"Yeah sure!"
We finnished packing and put everything inside her car!
*now that everything's ready I can finally go to sleep*