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Ezio's Passion

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Ezio stroked his italian moustache. “Hmmmmmm,” he said in his itiliano voice, “I haven’t had a vision of my Alaire in some time,” then Altaire appeared.
“Ezio,” said the sexy assassin, “come find me, we are made for each other,”
Ezio said, “I am assassino, I find people,” so he jumped out of the window and ran to iseral.
Ezio kept on running, until he was attacked by PIRATES
“I am captain Kenway!” said the evil pirate, “Give me your booty!”
So ezio gave hin his booty, and carried on.
Eventually, Ezio arraived in the land of Milk and Honey, but he did not find Altaire
Altasirte found him.
they did the boom-boom diggity, and lived happily ever after.

This was my third fic! Please comment and rate and tell me what you tohugh! My tunblr is Ezioxaltaire-in-the-tardis