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A Series of Short Stories

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Yurio has been feeling down lately. He’s been hanging out with Victor, Yuuri, and Otabek had come to town to visit, but despite it all he has been feeling left out and kinda alone, especially when the topic of family came up.

When Yuuri asks Yakov about Yurio’s family, the trainer explains that Yurio’s only family is his grandfather. His parents have never really been in the picture, and Nikolai isn’t always able to make it all of Yurio’s performances, and because Yurio spends most of his time training, he never really had time to get to know anyone.

“Yuri doesn’t have friends,” Yakov states without a hint of sympathy.

The statement felt like a sting to Yurio’s heart, but what he wasn’t expecting was the piggy getting upset out it.

“Yes he does, us, and don’t ever forget that,” Yuuri argues firmly, taking a step forward, hands clenched at his sides.

Since finding his confidence after the GPF the Japanese man is more of a force then he used to be.

“To you, he’s nothing more then a money maker, bringing in sponor-ships, and celebrity status, but the moment he retires, you’ll just have another skater already lined up ready to take his place. To us, he is OUR FRIEND, and if you ever forget that, I’ll be here to remind you,” Yuuri exclaimed.

And as if to prove his point, he walked over to Yurio and pulled the shorter man into a tight hug.

He wasn’t sure what to make of the situation, emotions of shock, bewilderment, hope, and happiness flooded him. Slowly he reached up and wrapped his arms around the slender body of the man holding him as he heard his mentor speak up.

“We are his family Yakov. Yes?” Victor’s voice spoke.

Otabek responded with a simple gruff. “Yes.”

Tears stung at Yurio’s eyes and he clung to his friend tighter, willing them away, despite them slipping down his cheeks.

Yukov huffed and walked off, where too, Yurio couldn’t care less.

Yuuri eventually pulled back, smiling down at him.

“You.. You mean that?” Yurio asked quietly, his cheeks flushed from uncertainty.

“Of course. You’re like the little brother I never knew I wanted, but I’m glad I have,” Yuuri said with a smirk.

Yurio rolled his eyes, and lightly punched the Japanese man in the arm, while grinning.

Before he knew it, Victor pulled him into a hug, and again he felt sting of salty tears in the corner of his eyes, as they slid down his face.

“You are loved,” Victor whispered in his ear and the young lad pulled the older man closer as a small gasp escaped him.

Once he was calm, they parted and he took a chance and glanced at Otabek, who had been standing some feet away watching.

“You’re already my best friend,” Otabek said with a small smile, one that warmed Yurio’s heart.

He looked around at the smiling faces looking back him and couldn’t stop the smile that took over his own features. He was with friends, with family. His family.