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The Anomaly

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Title: The Anomaly
Genre: Romance, Angst
Pairing: Xanxus X OMC
Summary: When two angry souls find each other and one is a girl from another world who is murdered and finds herself being reborn in a world where it is normal for people to catch fire. Literally. Did I mention that said girl is now a boy?
Warning: OC (not Self-insert), Slash, Yaoi, BoyXboy, Reincarnation, Language


She had a happy life, really she did. She had great parents, an awesome little sister and the best boyfriend ever; except said boyfriend thought it would be a good idea to cheat on her with her own sister. She never knew, oh she never knew about their sordid affair until the day she died – the day her sister snapped and had enough of hiding her relationship. She decided it would be a good idea to kill her, her own sister whom she had grown up with and shared everything since they had been together in their mother's womb.

Her sister did not miss telling her all about her reasons for doing this as she carved into her body with a kitchen knife, a crazed look in her usually cheerful blue eyes.

Jealousy could do many things.

As her last breath left her she could not prevent the single tear from sliding down her cheek, one single thought going through her mind, 'Where did I go wrong?'

Sawada Naoki was always a strange child. He was quiet and had no friends, always observing everyone around him with eerie, intelligent icy blue eyes. His older twin brother though was clumsy and dubbed 'Dame-Tsuna' for being good in absolutely nothing except getting himself bullied. However, being twins should they not be close? Should they not help each other out and stand up to the outside world together?

Not likely.

The younger twin was always aloof, keeping everyone at arm's length, including his brother and his own mother. But if one truly knew him it would be understandable. After all before being born he had been a girl tortured and murdered by her own sister, someone she had strongly trusted and loved.

No wonder Naoki was wary of letting anyone close to him despite how lonely it was. He would not allow anyone to hurt him again. And for this he made sure not to get attached to anyone.

The first time Naoki realized that there was something different with the place he had found himself being reborn in he was three. His father – some kind of real idiot – brought his boss to their house from overseas.

At first there was nothing that really made suspicion perk up. They met up with the man at the airport where he landed after his flight from Italy. Nana was particularly ecstatic and his brother… Well, Tsunayoshi shyly hid behind Nana. Naoki, however, did not know what to do with himself. He just stood there beside Nana, the large baby story book he had been trying to decipher held tight in his arms, wishing he could go back to his room to continue reading. Or trying anyway.

After three years of living in where he had deduced was Japan he had learned or adapted enough to the language that he could at least understand the basic of the basics of what was being said around him. He had made Nana read to him at night before bed and had memorized some of the writings. He only needed to expand his vocabulary and he was determined to be as independent as he could be as soon as possible, and it would not be possible if his study time was taken by those people.

He silently watched on the sidelines as the old man crouched to Tsunayoshi and his level and smiled, presenting himself as Iemitsu's boss whom he simply called Nono and the twins were asked to call grandfather.

When they were back at the house, Iemitsu thought it would be a good idea to pick one of his sons and throw him in the air. Fortunately enough the man picked Tsunayoshi, and Naoki was even more thankful when the man failed to catch him. Naoki was decidedly unimpressed.

The saying 'birds of a feather flock together' really applied there as Naoki stared at the cooing Nana, the laughing Iemitsu and the crying Tsunayoshi.

'Idiots, the lot of them,' thought Naoki as he slipped away from the 'happy' family. 'Better stay far away from them or I'll be infected by their germs,' a snide voice commented from the back of his mind and Naoki could not help but agree.

He did not see the curious aged eyes that followed him as he slowly climbed up the stairs.

It was later in the afternoon that he realized that he really was in one crazy world.

He heard a commotion outside and obviously went to see what was happening from the window in the nursery.

What he saw shocked him to the core.

He saw Tsunayoshi falling from a tree and getting 'saved' as he caught fire.

The fire of a familiar deep orange colour. Not even the usual colour of normal fire.

He saw how 'grandfather' put a finger to Tsunayoshi's forehead.

A finger glowing of the same strange orange fire.

He saw a group of suspicious men dressed in suits and dark sunglasses join the man and Iemitsu after Nana got the sleeping Tsunayoshi back in the house.

Stunned and suspicious could not even begin to explain how Naoki felt but it helped to confirm something in his mind.

No one was to be trusted.