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The Direct Approach

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He wanted to fuck him. More accurately, he wanted to be fucked by him. He had only been in Morioh for a short amount of time, but it was clear that he wouldn’t be finding any decent lays in the town. That’s why Jotaro was prime material, material that wouldn’t be around for long, so he needed to make haste.

But that was easier said (or thought, in this case) than done.

The first time Rohan tried to seduce him had been during one of their briefings. These briefings happened at least once a week and were held at Rohan’s house, at his insistence. Josuke, Okuyasu, Rohan, and Jotaro were gathered around the dining room table to share any leads they may have on the Kira situation. Like usual, there wasn’t much information to be shared, so they wrapped it up quickly.

The two highschoolers left and Jotaro was about to do the same, but Rohan ‘accidentally’ spilled his tea, which was far too cool to actually burn him, but he let out a small moan nonetheless.

Jotaro had been fixing his coat but stopped at the small noise, looking from the spilled liquid on the table to Rohan’s finger.

“Are you okay?”

Rohan nodded but he was frowning in feigned pain. “Clumsy me.” He said sadly, bringing his finger up to his mouth and sucking it slowly.

As he had hoped, Jotaro watched the movement. Rohan puckered his lips more and let his tongue swirl around his finger.

He thought he might have him with that, but Jotaro seemed unfazed as he replied.

“Aloe is more effective on burns.”

With that, the man adjusted his coat again and left.

The second time, the opportunity arose sooner than he had expected. He was at his desk working when Jotaro had called and said he was coming over—something about wanting to show him a button they had snagged from the killer.

Rohan had been elated and told the man to show himself in when he arrived. He had hung up the phone and ran to the bathroom, quickly hopping in the shower and wetting his hair.

He stood in the hallway at the top of the stairs dripping wet and a towel around his waist, tastefully hung on his hips to show the light trail of hair to his groin. When he heard the front door opened he stepped out, making his gait casual as if he had just been caught coming out of the shower.

Before he could say anything Jotaro looked him over and began retreating. “Sorry. I’ll come back later.”


But the door had already closed.

The third time Rohan decided to be more direct. As the two boys got up to leave, Rohan had put a hand on Jotaro’s arm and asked him to stay behind to talk.

Jotaro seemed unperturbed and seated himself again, waiting patiently to hear the front door close before looking to Rohan.

“Is something wrong?”

Rohan gave a charming smile. “No, not at all. I just wanted to know if you wanted to have dinner with me.”

“I already ate.”

He made to get up but Rohan grabbed his arm again. Jotaro sighed but sat down. This guy was tougher to crack than he had thought. It seemed it was time to pull out all the stops.

 He let his smile grow flirty. “Actually…I wanted to know if you’d like to spend the night. Or as long as you want, really. I have a lot of rooms, you know.” He let his hand trail up Jotaro’s arm before sliding back down and squeezing gently. “You’re spending all that money at that fancy hotel when you could be staying with me for free. I wouldn’t mind.”

The look on Jotaro’s face was impossible to discern, as it always was. “Money isn’t an issue with me, but thank you for the offer.”

Yet again he made to get up but Rohan clung to him. “J-Jotaro, wait!”

Jotaro looked to him curiously and froze, waiting for him to continue.

Rohan finally let his smile slip and his eyes grow timid.

“A-actually, I haven’t been completely honest with you…”

Jotaro frowned but sat down to listen.

He lowered his voice and looked away, as if in embarrassment. “You see, I haven’t been sleeping well…this whole serial killer thing’s rattled me more than I thought.” He squeezed Jotaro’s arm and moved a little closer, letting a small shake reach his voice. “I…I’d feel better if I had someone here with me.”

Jotaro seemed unmoved by his words so he decided to be a little more pushy. He laid his head and Jotaro’s shoulder and clung all the more to his arm. “You’re so strong, Jotaro. Just being around you makes me feel safe.” He took the opportunity to breathe in the man’s scent, not strong and deep as he had imagined, but light and clean, like fresh detergent.

It was clear that Jotaro wasn’t adept with comforting others, but Rohan silently gave him points for effort as he awkwardly patted Rohan’s back before pulling away. “The killer only targets young women. But if any of us are on his radar, you should be safe. He hasn’t seen your face and doesn’t know of your involvement.”

Rohan let his mask fall. This obviously wasn’t going anywhere. This man might be handsome and clever, but he certainly didn’t know how to take a hint.

“That’s it.” Rohan said blandly, letting go of Jotaro finally and standing. “Come with me to the sitting room.”

The man was surely confused by the sudden shift in tone, but Rohan didn’t look back to see his face as he made his way into the neighboring room. When he heard Jotaro’s heavy steps stop behind him he turned on his heel to look at him.

“Sit on the couch.”

Jotaro’s frown deepened, annoyed at being ordered around, but he took a seat.

“What’s this about, Rohan?”

He was done with being coy. Jotaro dealt in hard facts and direct approaches, so that’s just what he would do.

He climbed slowly into the man’s lap and rolled his hips teasingly over his groin. “I want your cock.”

It was the first time he had seen outright shock on Jotaro’s face. His sea-blue eyes widened and his lips parted as if he wanted to say something, but the words seemed to stick in his throat.

Rohan rolled his hips again and wrapped his arms around Jotaro’s neck before leaning down to his ear. “Will you give it to me, Jotaro?”

As an answer, Jotaro gripped his hips steadyingly and began grinding into him slowly.

Rohan laughed lightly and kissed the side of the man’s jaw. He should have tried this from the beginning.

“What do you want? My hand? My mouth?” He rubbed himself more firmly into Jotaro’s lap to punctuate his next words, “My ass?”

He pulled back to get a look at Jotaro’s face. The shock was still there, making his eyes wide, but now there was a deep heat glittering under the surface.


Rohan moaned and bounced a little in Jotaro’s lap, as if imagining riding the thick thing he could feel pressing against his ass. Now that he was so close to his goal he was getting impatient. He had expected Jotaro to say his ass, but the man evidently liked getting head. That was okay, he could deal with a little foreplay.

He kissed Jotaro’s mouth chastely before getting up and going to one of the side tables. He found the lube he had placed there earlier and quickly returned. He could at least get the preparation done while he was sucking Jotaro off. The thought of fingering his ass while his mouth was full of the man’s cock was tantalizing and he was nearly giddy when he stepped between Jotaro’s legs.

But when Jotaro saw what he had retrieved, he seemed to have a different idea. He grabbed the lube from Rohan and sat it on the couch.

“Get undressed.”

Rohan arched an eyebrow but began stripping, watching as Jotaro did the same. The man was even stockier than he had imagined, his chest wide and full with muscle. His dick was a lot more than imagined too.

“J-Jesus.” Rohan muttered, leaning down to the sitting man to tentatively touch the thick head.

Jotaro had the audacity to smirk at the clear awe on Rohan’s face.

Before Rohan could settle on the floor, Jotaro snatched the lube with one hand and grabbed his wrist his wrist with the other before laying down along the couch. “Get on top of me.”

Rohan made to do what he was told but Jotaro stopped him. “The other way.”

He was confused for more than a second before he understood what the man wanted. It was his turn to smirk as he settled on top of Jotaro, his thighs spread over Jotaro’s head and his face directly in front of Jotaro’s huge cock.

As soon as he was in position he felt the man’s hot tongue lick a thick stripe over his hanging balls, his taint, then over his asshole.

“O-oh fuck,” Rohan breathed, his body already trembling at the teasing stimulation.

Jotaro repeated the action before focusing his tongue on the bottom side of his dick. Rohan was so dazed at having such a damn near perfect man licking at him that he had forgotten he was supposed to be returning the favor until Jotaro bucked his hips into his face impatiently.

With another body shudder Rohan got to work, opening his mouth wide to accommodate the man’s girth. He realized how difficult it would be to take more than a few inches of him almost as soon as he started and popped off of him with a moan as he worked to collect saliva in his mouth. He spat a thick wad of spit onto Jotaro’s swollen length and began pumping him tightly as he focused his mouth on the head, prodding the deep slit with his tongue before sucking in as much as he could manage without choking.

It was nearly impossible to keep his teeth from grazing the sensitive skin and as Jotaro clicked open the lube lid and sucked roughly at Rohan’s balls, it became impossible entirely. But Jotaro seemed more than pleased with the small pain, in fact it seemed to rile the man up. He had been silent until that point but as soon as Rohan’s teeth brushed against his dick he moaned deeply, the noise rumbling against Rohan’s scrotum and feeling better than any vibrator ever could.

He worked sloppily, the angle allowing him to make any sort of ridiculous face without shame as he stretched his jaw and sucked messily at Jotaro’s length.

His teeth unintentionally sank into the springy flesh when a slippery finger was thrust into his ass without warning. They both moaned loudly at their pleasures and Rohan fought to open his mouth again as the finger began pistoning in and out of him.

He hadn’t even touched Rohan’s prostate and he already felt like he was at his limit. His fingers were so thick and steady, so sure in every one of their movements that it was enough to make Rohan’s cock steadily ooze precum onto the man’s chest.

He released the head with another lewd pop and had to take a second to drag in air. “C-close, I’m close,” He managed, resting his head against Jotaro’s hipbone as he unashamedly moved his hips back against his face.

The finger was pulled from his hole and he thought briefly that Jotaro was going to give him time to calm down but before he could even begin to compose himself he felt his ass stretch wide. He cried out as his cock jerked and messily shot across Jotaro’s stomach.

He nearly collapsed as the fingers pumped slowly in and out of him. How many were there? He had no way of telling in the high of his orgasm. Jotaro still didn’t touch Rohan’s prostate, seeming to purposely avoid it, but even still Rohan could feel the small bundle of nerves alight inside of him as his ass clenched rhythmically with his heartbeat.

When Jotaro finally pulled his fingers out Rohan was twitching out the last dregs of his pleasure, feeling utterly sated and happy.

“Get on the floor.”

His eyes had been closed but they fluttered open at the rumbling command, seeing that Jotaro’s cock was still stiff and red. If anything, it seemed even more pronounced, the thick veins running down the side seeming to bulge and his balls tightening and loosening, as if Jotaro were fighting to keep his hips still.

He clambered up on pleasure-shaky limbs, quickly getting on his knees in front of the man, but Jotaro again seemed to have other plans. Rohan had assumed that Jotaro would want to finish in his mouth, but saw that Jotaro had squirted a handful of lube into his palm. He quickly coated his length with a few loose pumps and got onto the floor with Rohan before grabbing him by his neck and forcing him onto his hands so that his ass was up and open for him.

“Still want it?” Jotaro breathed, smacking his cock against Rohan’s hole.

Rohan moaned and leaned back, spreading his ass all the more. “F-fuck yeah.”

All of the neglect to his prostate was made up for with the first thrust. Rohan let out a yelp as Jotaro slid in entirely without a pause and began fucking him without reserve. Even with the ample stretching of Jotaro’s fingers, it was hardly enough to stop the thick burn as his ass was stretched, but the pain was accented with short, hot bursts of pleasure that came as the girth of Jotaro’s cock effortlessly pressed into his prostate with every push and pull. Being on the floor allowed no shock absorption like a mattress would offer, so his body was forced to take it all, making every thrust resound deeply in his core and making his knees ache as they rubbed against the wooden floor.

Jotaro fucked him hard enough that his limp cock would smack against his stomach, but it didn’t last long as it quickly began swelling yet again. It was what he imagined being fucked by a machine would feel like, with no reprieve or stop for rest, no stuttering of pace or change in intensity. Jotaro didn’t even pant, as if his stamina was unlimited and he could continue like this until he collapsed.

Rohan, on the other hand, was a complete wreck. Tears ran down his cheeks and drool down his chin as he was rocked back and forth at a near breakneck pace, every intake of breath a broken hiccup of a moan. A hot thread of precum dangled from his cock but was soon smacked against his stomach to cool as Jotaro’s movements forced him to his elbows. His headband slid down over his eyes and he had trouble pushing it back up.

He had never been fucked so thoroughly before, never been used with such fervent need. Even as his body shook and he cried out again as cum dribbled onto the floor he knew he would never get a fuck quite like this.

He was only just coming down from his second orgasm when he finally heard Jotaro’s breath, still even, but heavy. The pace picked up impossibly faster and he felt his knees sting as he was pushed forward. The thrusts were still deep and hard, but now they came at impossibly fast intervals. It felt like he was being fucked by a jackhammer. His whines were broken into hiccups as his over stimulated prostate was abused and sent shuddering waves of pleasure through his oversensitive body.

Finally, Jotaro’s hips stopped. Rohan moaned as he felt impossibly hot ejaculate pour into him. Jotaro sharply thrust three more times into him, riding out the last of his orgasm, before finally pulling out.

Rohan didn’t move for awhile, allowing himself to bask in the feeling of his hole being gaped open and the tired satisfaction of being completely drained.

“Are you okay?”

A steadying hand ran over his back and Rohan shivered at the gentle touch.

“I’m...fantastic.” Rohan managed, and he sincerely meant it. With trembling arms, he carefully rose up onto his knees, placing a steadying hand behind him and touching Jotaro’s stomach, hard and warm. He adjusted his headband and wiped at his chin before looking back at Jotaro with a smile. “We should do the next round in my bed though. It’s a little more forgiving on the body.”

“Next round…”

Rohan leaned back so that his back was pressed flush against Jotaro’s wide chest. “I’m not even close to being done with you, big boy.”

Jotaro was silent for a second before kissing the side of his neck. “Yare yare daze.”