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Gray Lord Rising )(1)(

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Chapter 1: 13th time's the charm (1,647words)

Harry’s POV
The feeling of birth is something I will never get used to. OK, I thought, It should be over soon. Then I felt something latch onto my ankle. The cold air that my skin and I took my thirteenth first breath. The sound a baby squalls overtook my ears that I knew could not be me, I stopped crying after three reincarnations, Then it hit me like a bolt of lighting I HAD A TWIN! I squinted up and saw a blur of fire red and a mop of black. My Parents, Every time I get reincarnated I end up an orphan, I risk a look at my twin. He is a blur of fire red likes our mum.

“What are their names?” A voice inquired softly.

“The waiting one is Orion, the black haired one is Harrison after my father, Harry for short. Harry and Orion Potter.”

I felt my world spin. Potter? That means my parents are Lilly, and James, I’m Harry again… The world stopped spinning and turned black

3rd Person
Lilly looked down with Love at her twin sons, one had her hair and James' eyes, It was her Youngest. She named him, Orion. The elder had James Hair when he opened his eyes, Identical to her own stared back at her with an intelligence that surpassed anything a one-year-old should possess, Her first born named after her father, Harrison. The nurse placed the infant in her arms. Orion wailing and Harry calmly looking at her and James in wonder.

“What are their names?” the nurse asked softly

“The red haired one is Orion, the black haired one is Harrison after my father, Harry for short. Harry and Orion Potter.”

The little black-haired infant seemed to gasp in surprise. Don’t be silly, Lilly a voice in her head reprimanded her He’s a baby, babies don't gasp! (Hearing Hermione in my head) Sirius came running in, panting to catch his breath.

“Which one gets the honour of being my godson?”

Lilly sighed exasperatedly at her husband's best friends antics. She held Harry out to him. “Sirius meet your godson Harry.”

Sirius looked down at the bundle in his arms and fell in love. The sleepy eyes blinked open and the little boy cooed and reached up to try and touch Sirius's face.

Harry’s POV
I awoke in someone's strong warm arms, I blinked my eyes open and looked up at the handsome, face if Sirius, I tried to say his name as I reached up to him. It was Sirius, his death it broke me, his death and not knowing if he would survive this time. I turned to look at my father for the first time, I could see why people said that we looked alike, Almost identical to when I was Harry for the first time. For the first time, I had a family and I wasn't about to lose them

First Birthday: 3rd person
The residents of 27 Godric Hallow were very strange thank you very much. With their Broomsticks and Frogspawn, the house was a sight to behold, If only you could see it. Because the Potter where wizards and very proud of it. Their twin sons First birthday was fast approaching and you could see the differences in them, Orion with his red hair was a fair bit chubbier than his twin. With a fiery attitude to match his hair, he was loud and boisterous. Crawling everywhere he could, crying for his parent's attention. Harrison, on the other hand, watched them with too intelligent eyes that haunted with every glance. Black hair, pale skin, and a lean body finished off the look.

Harry was bored, no matter how many times you get reborn being a baby is always the same, boring as fuck, so he spent the time practising wandless magic, even though he mastered it by his third lifetime. HE spent most of his time when he wasn't practising memorising every little detail. The way James sometimes laughed aloud at jokes that no one else could hear, Lilly’s unconscious habit of biting her nails, to how Orion was already a daddy's boy. Siri when he would turn into Padfoot by accident when he had a little too much to drink.

The year passed quicker than Harry thought possible. Now it was his first birthday, Three months until Voldemort comes knocking. Not that you could tell by the Potters. No, they were inviting the order over for a joint birthday party for the Longbottoms son Neville.

Harry spent most of the party with Neville, as the adults partied. The little boy was all puppy fat and wise looks. Neville was intelligent Harry could tell, I wonder what happened to him that made him into the weak little boy from our early years at Hogwarts? Then it hit him, Neville was ABUSED.

“Well, my gran brought me up and she's a witch,' said Neville, 'but the family thought I was all Muggle for ages. My great-uncle Algie kept trying to catch me off my guard and force some magic out of me – he pushed me off the end of Blackpool pier once, I nearly drowned – but nothing happened until I was eight. Great-uncle Algie came round for tea and he was hanging me out of an upstairs window by the ankles when my great-auntie Enid offered him a meringue and he accidentally let go. But I bounced – all the way down the garden and into the road. They were all really pleased. Gran was crying, she was so happy. And you should have seen their faces when I got in here – they thought I might not be magical enough to come, you see. Great-uncle Algie was so pleased he bought me my toad.”*

When They were all 11 and still taking in the wonder and magic of Hogwarts we kind of glossed over it. Harry was determined not to this time.

The party was in full swing and Harry was Happy it's a hard thing to be when you have the weight of 12 lifetimes on your shoulders. Not that killing bothers him anymore, he would do anything to achieve his ends. He knew he was a Slytherin, the hat had seen it in him when he was 11 years old, Well, he thought I would have to be I am, WAS, The house's founder after all.
His family was all around him, smiling, laughing, and alive. Sirius came in, “Pa’foo” Harry called out. Sirius came over, a massive smile on his face and picked harry up and placed him on his hip. Sirius walked up to Remus, Lilly, James, Alice, and Frank, The mothers with their respective baby on their hips. As the Adults gossiped Harry watch Alice and Frank, Soon they would be tortured to insanity and his parents would be dead…

No, he thought savagely No, they would live!!! He had to hope

Halloween Night: 3rd person
“Remeber that the twins bedtime is 6 and feed them, OH and Orion likes to be held. Harry just needs hi Padfoot stuffie to sleep. James this is a bad idea, I should stay. My babies need me!” Lilly cried fussing over the twins.

“Lilly, hon we have to get a move on, Wormtail will take good care of the twins,” James reassured his any wife, not wanting her to cry.
Harry was unsure, he wanted his parents safe, but without his mother's loving sacrifice he would die again.”

A man with flowing black robes and blood red eyes approached the house his name was, Tom Marvalo Riddle, or as he’s known to the rest of the would, Lord Voldemort. His name was feared by all but a few, and he knew that one of the boys in this house would be his downfall.

Voldemort flicked his hand and blew the door off its hinges, a simple feat of wandless magic for dramatic effect. He entered the main room of the Potter safehouse. Wormtail the snivelling twit was there in wait. Wormtail wiped around when his master entered.

“Master, Master, the twins are upstairs.” He grovelled at Voldemorts' feet.

That worthless fool… The only reason I put up with him is he is the Potters secret keeper. Voldemort thought in disgust. He glided up the stairs like a ghost, not making a sound. He opened the door and looked upon the twins.

The twin on the right was awake and crying. His rats nest red hair all over the place and his face an ugly maroon. The name above his crib read Orion Potter.
Voldemort turned to the crib on the left. In set a tiny little boy with messy black hair and eyes that seemed to GLOW Avada Kadavera green. The little bot blinked up at him with absolutely no fear, more of a curious look, as if he was gazing upon and old friend that had changed a lot over time. His name read Harry.

Voldemort assesses the twins magic. Orion had a pool of blinding white magic, Voldemort turned to Harry, and took a sharp breath of pure shock, Harry's magic was a multicoloured ocean, vast and endless. He was the one to destroy him. Voldemort raised his wand.

Harry looked at Voldemort curiously. He looked like he had when his Horcrux had possessed Ginny in his second year. But slightly older as if he had aged a fractional amount. It was a lot different than the last time Harry Potter had gazed upon the Dark Lord. He was handsome, anyone with two eyes could see that, but the image was marred by the evil glint in his eyes.

The killing curse rebounded toward Tom, as Harry utilised his magic, the curse struck him, causing magic to saturate the air. And Voldemort took his final breath.