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Your chivalry electrifies me

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No one knew how this has come to happen, but people are all for it and press is on a field trip. Tony has dated Coulson for few years when the whole clusterfuck of invading Asgardians happens and Tony and Thor meet after their initial confrontation and the current predicament happens. Somehow press gets a wiff what has transpired and their ravenous about it and news spread like bonfire – Tony suspects Fury as the man is still pissed at Tony for stealing his right hand man, even as genius keeps insisting that it was him who got stolen – and world is loving it.


So Tony took a swing at alien prince and could stand toe to toe with him somehow seemed to translate into something entirely different in Asgardian and the moment thei had met on the Helicarrier – Tony sans the armor – Thor had taken one look at the billionaire and declared to woo him accordingly to have him as his mate and effectively shutting Tony in mid rant, freezing on spot to stare back at the thunder god.


That was the part media got wind of.


Coulson on other matter had immediately approached the god and and gone between Thor and his boyfriend and told him to back off while revealing to entire SHIELD agency just who he was dating. Tony had gone shade redder, still gaping like goldfish for sudden attention from not one, but two men declaring their fancy for him. Thor instead had gal to grin at Agent and proceed to compliment him and wish him best on their upcoming good natured feud for hand – and heart - of Man of Iron.


So here Tony found himself after New York 'whack-a-alien' invasion/party and three months since then on one of his charity galas, accompanied by two men equally interesting, endearing and alluring on their own ways for the genius. (Fuck you fury for that 'Coulson is dead'-plot) Both still hellbend on wooing the man for themselves. As much as this was mix of funny and terrifying to Tony, he was going at end of his rope by now. He wasn't used to one let alone two persons really fighting for his attention and love in this matter. Both Thor and Phil did their feuding in polite manner and neither didn't really go out to sabotage the other – no worse – they chose instead to focus on Tony and other bowed out when other got first, or on some occasions they shared him.


Tony was so out of his depth.


Because despite his better judgement...


He liked them both.