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She's a wildflower blooming in the breeze of a Sunday April morning.

She sits at the top of the hill where I rest beside her, our silence giving us peace. I want her. I truly want her to stay in my life...


Nozomi sighed. There was something on her mind that she could not push away. Blonde strands of hair that looked soft and elegant . Light blue eyes contrasted against pale skin. Eli Ayase.

Nozomi found her to be the most magnificent thing she'd ever had the privilege of seeing. The lighter haired girl wore a poised expression but she knew there was a delicate soul beneath it. So delicate, she feared if she got too close, she'd simply fall apart into a million threads of silk that fluttered away like tiny white butterflies. Still, every time they talked, Eli welcomed her with a smile.

They had known each other for so long, and she knew. She knew that she fell more in love with her every day. It was a gentle, pleasant kind of love. Soft and poetic and just right. Nozomi would never get enough of the flourishing relationship they shared, the flowers on her doorstep one morning. The light that beamed out of Eli's smile, or the satisfaction of, in a beautiful sense, being completely infatuated.