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The Name Game

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The entirety of the pack (whether they be human or werewolf or banshee or hunter) was gathered at Lydia's house for their weekly pack sleepover. Everyone sat in a lopsided circle, collectively tired and ready to sleep. It was established that they would watch a movie while falling asleep, but they couldn't agree on what movie they wanted to watch. Jackson wanted the Karate Kid, Lydia wanted Twilight, Scott wanted Iron Man, nobody could agree on one movie. So Lydia had come up with a compromise.

"Okay, what we're gonna do is go in a circle and say the name everybody knows you as. Like, I would say Lydia. Then, whoever knows my full name, first middle and last, has to say it. Whoever gets the most right wins and gets to pick what movie we watch. Okay?"

Everyone nodded. Except Stiles. The look of horror on his face was evident, and he appeared to be prepared to bolt from the room in a heartbeat, Derek gave him a reassuring squeeze on his shoulder, a small gesture of comfort, just as Erica kicked off the game.


Boyd jumped in immediately. "Erica Renee Reyes."

Lydia clapped a bit, jumping up and running down the hall. She returned with a pink notebook and a matching fluffy pen. She opened to a fresh page and wrote down all the names of each pack member. She put a neat tally mark under Boyd's name, signifying one win for him. She nodded at Isaac, the next player, and he smiled wide. He softly said "Isaac," with a glint of dominance in his eye.

To everyone's surprise, even Isaac's, Cora jumped in without hesitation. "Isaac Matthew Lahey."

Lydia looked to Isaac for confirmation. He nodded slowly, giving Cora a questioning look. Cora simply shrugged and leaned further back into her chair. Lydia nodded slowly at the next person in the circle after adding a tally mark to the blank space by Isaac's name on the paper.


"Scott Andrew McCall." Stiles said without even having to think about it. Allison grunted in frustration and muttered "I was positive I was gonna get that one."

Lydia shrugged and said sassily "He said it first, he gets the point," as she jotted down a mark for Stiles' victory. She smiled at the next person in the small circle.


She chimed in herself with a sing-songy "Aiden Gavin Grey."

He laughed softly and kissed her forehead. She put a mark under her name and the game continued.


"Lydia Marie Martin." Point for Allison.


"Allison Kate Argent." Point for Scott.


"Jackson Samuel Whittemore." Point for Danny.


"Ethan Justin Grey." Point for Aiden.

The game went on and on, making its' way through the whole pack. Vernon Victor Boyd. Danny Mikael Mahealani. Cora Belle Hale. Derek Hale (no middle name. Two points for Stiles).

It all came down to one.


Dead silence.

There was a very awkward pause. Everyone realized all at once that no one knew. He never told anyone. Scott didn't even know, which was obvious as he say there twiddling his thumbs.

Suddenly, a deep and barely audible voice spoke softly.

"Genim Glancy Paris Stilinski."

Stiles looked over his shoulder at Derek. He was smiling lovingly, a look of complete adoration on his face. Stiles smiled softly and nodded. Jackson let out a chuckle, but Lydia quickly silenced him. She smiled and put a huge star by Derek's name.

"Since Derek's the only one that knew Stiles' full name, he gets to pick the movie."

Derek's smile faded and gave way to his usual broody alpha glare. "I want whatever Stiles wants."

"Beauty and the Beast it is!" Stiles chirped, smiling widely at Derek. The two exchanged a silent conversation.

Sex. Now.

"Lydia... Get the movie started. Der and I will be riiiiight back."