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give me all your sugar, baby

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Heads turn as he walks into the rundown place, two bodyguards behind him with watchful eyes. The other patrons, dirtied lowlives, eye him warily. He knows their gazes stick to his Armani suit, his glimmering watch, and the perfected aura that surrounds him. Kyungsoo isn’t their usual customer, not that he wanted to be here anyways. The stench is awful, and the floor looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in weeks.

But he seats himself at a table near the back, not interested at all in the blonde with the bad orange tan exposing her breasts to the dirty old men by the catwalk. Kyungsoo rolls his eyes and pulls out his phone to find that, of course, they have no wifi. What else should he expect of a dirty strip club in the middle of nowhere? He has service though, and he starts to draft a text to his personal assistant.


To: Kim Minseok

Get your ass to Katira Club right now or you’re fired.


From: Kim Minseok

What the hell? What are you doing in some strip club in the middle of the fucking desert?


To: Kim Minseok

Fucking car broke down and I don’t know anything about cars and neither do Sehun and Chan


He’s interrupted mid-text by the gruff voice of a woman who’s obviously a heavy smoker. “Can I get ya anythin’, baby?” Kyungsoo looks up and notices she’s middle-aged and wearing makeup that should’ve stayed in the 80s.

His father raised him not to be rude though, and he flashes her a polite smile. “How about three beers for me and my men?”

She seems charmed enough and gives him a smile showing yellowed teeth. “I’ll be right back with that, hun.”

The moment she leaves he leans forward to whisper hurriedly. “We need to get the fuck out of here.”

His bodyguards, Sehun and Chanyeol, nod in agreement, glancing around. Sehun even seems hesitant to touch the table, hands squeezed between his thighs in fear of the germs. Who knows what bodily fluids haven’t been cleaned up?


From: Kim Minseok

I’m coming and bringing a tow truck. It’ll take at least an hour for us to get there.


To: Kim Minseok

Your pay is getting deducted.


Three cheap beers are set on the table in front of them, and neither of them dare to take a sip. Hands placed on their laps. Kyungsoo lets out a long sigh. This is going to be the longest hour of his life. Now he’s going to be late to that conference in San Diego, and the business deal with Wu Inc. will never be made. He should’ve just taken a flight in his private jet instead of going through the trouble of riding in his car. Boy, he can’t wait for his father to give him another three hour lecture of “you’re thirty-five, you should be used to the business by now, blahblahblah.” Maybe he’ll die here. That’s more preferable.

An hour later, and they’ve been approached by five different strippers, asking if they need to wind down or are looking for something a little more private. He’s been exposed to more titties in that small amount of time than when he was breastfed. It’s a shame he’s more of an ass man - as in dick and ass.


From: Kim Minseok

Might be a little late.


To: Kim Minseok

Please help me. I might have chlamydia by the time I’m out of here.


“We’re going to go and check out the car one more time,” Chanyeol states as he and Sehun stand. “Yell if someone tries something, ok?” Kyungsoo nods even though he knows they just want to get some fresh air and probably won’t even pop the hood.

He gives in and takes a swig of the beer. It’s terrible, as expected, but he forces himself to swallow. This is all he has to keep him from wanting to scream. That one brunette stripper better consider herself lucky that he’s not giving her the stink-eye every time she comes back to ask him again. He has nothing against sex workers or strippers, but he’d rather just give her money than to have to force a smile and a polite no again.

But as he’s drafting another S.O.S text to Minseok, Kyungsoo is startled as arms suddenly wind around his shoulders and a deep, masculine voice breathes into his ear. “You looked lonely, daddy.” Hands smooth over the lapels of his suit jacket, nails painted a cheap-looking and peeling silver.

Shocked, he tries to turn his head, only for the hands to pull away. Fingers trail around his shoulders until said person is standing in front of him. It’s a man, younger than him and probably in his early twenties. He’s clad in black latex shorts, clinging tightly to his hips and the subtle curves of his ass and upper thighs. Other than that he only has a pink bowtie around his neck and his hair is silver, frayed from hair dye and messy like a bird’s nest. It seems more like a hygienic problem than a personal style choice, especially once he notices how the bright red lipstick on the man’s plump lips is smeared down the corner of his mouth to his chin and his eyeshadow is smudged and glittery. Whatever eyeliner he has on looks like it was drawn on with shaky hands.

Poor thing.

And yet, the male stripper grins at him like he’s confident, and he climbs onto Kyungsoo’s lap without any permission. “I was right, wasn’t I? Daddy doesn’t like to play with the big girls.”

He laughs as he leans closer to whisper in Kyungsoo’s ear. “He likes the little boys.”

Choking on both his own spit and the sweet smell of cheap perfume, Kyungsoo pushes the stripper back a little. “I, uh…” His wide eyes meet those of the younger man’s.

“Was I wrong?” The man pouts, wiggling his butt a little bit. Kyungsoo’s hands have unknowingly placed themselves on his hips. “You were just rejecting all those girls, daddy. You’re such a nice, strong man that I thought maybe you wanted someone like me.” Grasping one of Kyungsoo’s wrists, he leads his hand to his caramel chest, nipples perky and stomach slim. He lets out a light moan as he runs Kyungsoo’s palm over his skin. “You can touch me however you want, daddy...I can dance for you too.”

Kyungsoo doesn’t really know what to think. It’s been a long time since someone’s caught him speechless in the arousal department, and this man isn’t even a high-grade escort like he’s used to or from one of the fancy strip clubs in LA. But Kyungsoo can’t deny that he’s attractive in the way that his actions and mouth speak of experience, even though his whole appearance matches the rest of the club. He has some time to waste anyways. Why not indulge himself?

With a smirk, he reaches up with both hands to tweak the man’s dusky nipples, liking the shudder he receives in response. “What’s your name, baby?” he asks.

“Kai, but I respond well to baby too,” he grins, toying with the top button of Kyungsoo’s shirt. With a sensual sigh, Kai leans forward to kiss the shell of Kyungsoo’s ear, probably leaving red stains where his lips touch. “Do you want to go somewhere private, daddy? I’ll let you see everything, give you a show, touch you here…” Kai cups him through his pants.

Kyungsoo inhales deeply. Minseok would never let him hear the end of it if he caught him with his hands on a stripper, but who cares. “Would you dance for me then?”

“Anything for you.” Kai kisses his cheek, smiling at the red smear left behind.

He hops off of Kyungsoo’s lap and takes him by the wrist, pulling him up from his seat. Kyungsoo has to take his eyes away from the swell of Kai’s ass and how he purposely swings his hips as he walks. He has a nice ass, not too big and not too bony. It’s just enough to grab at.

Kai takes them into a back hallway where there’s three red doors labeled PRIVATE, all of the signs missing various letters from age but with just enough left to make out their purpose. Kai opens the third and pulls Kyungsoo inside with a grin. It’s a small room with dark violet walls and old carpet, and there’s enough room for a pole with a couch in front of it and a small bar with an aged stereo sitting on it.

Kyungsoo looks at the couch warily while Kai puts a CD into the stereo. “Is this clean?” he asks. Who knows what bodily fluids could be on it.

“I cleaned it before I came and got you.” Kai strolls over to him as a sensual R&B song starts to play. He places his hands on Kyungsoo’s shoulders and pushes him down to sit on the leather couch. “Now sit down and watch me, daddy.”

Kai is skillful with the pole, and his body must be pure muscle considering how thin he is. It’s nothing like whatever lazy routine the girls were doing. It’s sensual body rolls, full thighs wrapped around the pole, and dark eyes focused solely on him. He makes it more into an art than a cheap sex routine. Kyungsoo was right. He is different from the rest of the club.

Twirling around the pole and ending back on his feet, Kai grinds against it, stuffing two fingers between his painted lips with a seductive look. Kyungsoo can feel himself growing interested, and he finally gives in to what he knows Kai wants when the stripper turns around to press his front against the pole, back facing Kyungsoo, and drops down, accentuating the curve of his ass.

“Fuck, c’mere,” Kyungsoo crooks a finger, and Kai happily skips over, seating himself on Kyungsoo’s lap again.

“I didn’t even get to finish my routine,” Kai touches Kyungsoo’s cheek. “You gave in so quickly.”

“You’re a good dancer.”

That seems to surprise Kai, and his eyes momentarily widen, cheeks turning red. “Thank you, daddy. Now, what do you want from me?” His tone drops from something innocent to something seductive, and his hand trails down Kyungsoo’s body until he cups the bulge in his pants. “I can suck you off.”

A blowjob from a stripper? Minseok really is going to judge him to no end, but Kyungsoo can’t get the image of Kai’s messy lips wrapped around his dick and smearing the red lipstick even more. “Go ahead then, baby.” He murmurs with a confident smirk, and Kai obediently slides down onto his knees before the couch.

Kyungsoo spreads his legs as Kai unbuttons and unzips his fly, reaching into his black boxers to pull out his cock. Kai strokes him eagerly, smiling up at Kyungsoo before dipping down to kiss the head of his dick, laving his tongue over the slit as he trails sloppy kisses down the length and then back up. When he sinks down, taking half of Kyungsoo’s dick into his mouth, Kyungsoo lets out a light groan, throwing his head back. Kai is clearly experienced in this field, and it makes him vaguely wonder how long he’s been doing this, but that thought is soon overpowered by the sensation of Kai’s skillful tongue.

He looks down and scoffs at the red lipstick marks on his cock, a visible ring around the middle. Kai looks up at him, fat cock stuffed into his mouth and pressed into one of his cheeks, bulging out. “You’re so big, daddy.” His voice is muffled, and saliva drips down Kyungsoo’s length as he speaks. It’s messy but pleasurable, just like the stripper himself.

Bobbing his head up and down, Kai closes his eyes like he’s enjoying it. The sight of Kyungsoo’s wet dick sliding in and out of those thick lips has the CEO groaning. He’s already so close, but it has been a while since he got any action.

Kai releases his erection with a pop of his lips, but he continues to stroke Kyungsoo as he looks up on him. With a grin, he grabs Kyungsoo’s hand and leads it to grip his hair. “You’re close, aren’t you? You can fuck my mouth, daddy, and come inside. I want a taste…” He breathes before going down on Kyungsoo again.

Kyungsoo responds with a curse and tugs on Kai’s bleach burnt hair, thrusting his hips up and watching with heavy eyelids as Kai takes it like a champ. He doesn’t last long, and Kyungsoo comes down the stripper’s throat soon enough, letting out a satisfied sigh as he comes down from his high and Kai swallows.

He reclines back against the couch as he catches his breath, and Kai releases his softening cock, licking his lips and resting his head on Kyungsoo’s knee. Kai looks up at him through his long lashes and caresses Kyungsoo’s thigh before shifting to tuck Kyungsoo back into his pants.

“What’s your name, daddy?” He asks, tracing patterns into Kyungsoo’s leg.


“Pretty,” Kai replies with a cute pout.

Kyungsoo opens his mouth to say something but his phone suddenly vibrates in his pocket. Sitting up, he pulls it out to read another text message from his assistant.


From: Kim Minseok

Be there in five minutes.


“Shit.” He locks the screen and smoothes his hair and fixes his clothes. Kai looks at him curiously, and Kyungsoo pets his hair. “Sorry, baby, I gotta go.”

“Oh,” Kai frowns, and he looks genuinely disappointed as he stands up.

Kyungsoo gets up as well and digs into the inner pocket of his suit jacket for his wallet. He pulls out a wad of hundreds and watches Kai’s eyes go wide as he hands them over. He doubts the stripper ever gets paid this much for anything, but he feels a little soft for Kai, even knowing absolutely nothing about him.

Kyungsoo always got easily attached to cute and pitiful things.

Kai takes the cash from him with trembling fingers. “I…”

The CEO kisses Kai’s cheek. “I’ll be back, baby.” He doubts it will be soon, but he knows something about Kai intrigues him.

He makes it out of the strip club rather quickly, eager to go home, and the moment he gets outside, he’s almost tackled by a worried Chanyeol and Sehun. They’d apparently came back in and couldn’t find him anywhere, but Kyungsoo waves them away, telling them he’d been in the bathroom. Minseok arrives soon enough, with one of Kyungsoo’s other cars and a tow truck close behind.

Kyungsoo sighs as he climbs into the back of the Maserati, next to Minseok. “Thanks for saving my ass.”

“It’s my job,” Minseok replies, glancing over at Kyungsoo, only to pause and stare. “Um…”


“I-Is that...lipstick? On your cheek?”

Kyungsoo scoffs, embarrassed, and looks away as he wipes at his cheek. Minseok bursts into laughter, and Kyungsoo glares at him to shut him up. Goddammit, and he’d thought he could get away without Minseok knowing too.

“So...what stripper did you get it on with, Mr. Do?”

“Just shut up.”


Kyungsoo goes back a few weeks later - this time on his own. The club is a little more rowdy this time, as it’s the weekend. Kyungsoo just hopes that Kai is working or else he’ll just get up and leave. Luck seems to be in his favor as the moment he walks in, Kyungsoo spots him on the pole.

Kai is going for a more feminine look this time. He’s still shirtless but with black lacy panties that hide almost nothing, unclipped garters, and fishnet stockings. His makeup is more smokey this time but just as messy. Kyungsoo wonders why it’s always that way.

He takes a seat at an empty table, not too close to the stage and not too far. He dressed down this time, so he wouldn’t catch too much attention, but Kai’s eyes meet his the moment he sits down. The stripper doesn’t even pay attention to the old guy stuffing money into his panties. Kyungsoo smirks at him, and Kai returns it before going back to dancing. This time he clearly wants to catch Kyungsoo’s attention, not that he doesn’t already have it.

Before long, Kyungsoo looks up from his cheap beer to see Kai standing there with a pout. Kyungsoo spreads his legs and arms, and Kai takes his rightful seat on his lap. Kyungsoo notes that his lipstick is more pink this time.

“You said you’d come back, daddy.” Kai sighs and noses at Kyungsoo’s cheek. “But it’s been forever.”

“I’m a busy man.”

Kai hums, running his hands down Kyungsoo’s chest and feeling his firm pecs. “A busy and strong man.” He moans a little in his ear, grinding his hips down. “You make me so wet, daddy. No cock is as good of a fill as yours.”

Kyungsoo traces his fingertips up and down Kai’s spine. “You haven’t even felt it inside you.”

“Don’t need to. I already know.” Kai pulls away to grin at him. “You didn’t come all this way just to hold me though, right, daddy?” He toys with the buttons on Kyungsoo’s shirt, as if he would strip him down if they weren’t in the center of the club. Kai leans forward, pink lips parted, and brushes their noses together. “C’mon and give it to me.”

That leads Kyungsoo to allow himself to be dragged into the back just like last time, only Kai pushes him down to lie along the length of the couch as he sits on his hips and starts to unbutton Kyungsoo’s shirt. With a glance, Kyungsoo can see Kai getting hard already, cock peeking out of his panties. The fact that the stripper is that attracted to him strokes his ego. Either that, or Kai is after his money, which he doesn’t mind.

“Any requests?” Kai murmurs as he kisses down Kyungsoo’s bare chest, leaving red lip marks in his wake.

“How long do I get to have you?”

The stripper smirks at him, unbuckling Kyungsoo’s belt as he palms him through his trousers. “As long as you can handle.”

As expected, every movement of Kai’s body is as sensual as can be. He encourages Kyungsoo to sit back and only enjoy as he worships his cock with an even better blowjob than before. It drives him to the brink, but Kai is quick to pull away with a smirk and stand up to pull his panties down, showing Kyungsoo his perfectly bronzed ass.

“Fuck,” Kyungsoo breathes, moving his hands to grab one of his asscheeks and pull it aside to see his pretty, puckered hole. Kai giggles and teasingly slaps his hand away, grabbing something from beside the old stereo. When he comes back, Kyungsoo sees it’s a condom and some lube.

Kai skillfully puts the condom on with his mouth before stroking Kyungsoo’s cock with a lube-coated hand.

“No prep?” Kyungsoo asks as Kai moves to hover over his dick, positioning it with his hand.

“You’re hurting my ego, ah, daddy.” Kai groans as he lowers himself down, not used to taking someone with Kyungsoo’s girth. Most of the men he sleeps with are at a dirty strip club for a reason, after all. But this feels so good, and Kai knew that Kyungsoo couldn’t only be attractive from the waist up.

Placing his hands on Kyungsoo’s chest, he starts to move his hips in little circles, gasping at the feeling of being so full. Kyungsoo’s hands stroke Kai’s smooth thighs, his fancy silver watch glinting in the dim lights of the room. He definitely knows Kai isn’t used to a man of his size, and he’s proud of it, judging by his grin.

“Too big?”

Kai grins as he starts to bounce, fucking himself on Kyungsoo’s cock, and letting out soft whines. “J-Just right.” He breathes. His abs become visible as he moves, and Kai throws his head back in delight. The moans he makes are sensual and perfect like a professional porn star, but he’s not acting.

“Shit, you feel so perfect, baby,” Kyungsoo groans, thrusting up into Kai and listening to his voice get louder with pleasure.

“Daddy, uhn, fuck.” Kai’s hooded eyes look right into Kyungsoo’s as he licks his parted lips, hips grinding down onto Kyungsoo’s cock. The older man trails a hand up Kai’s naked chest to his pretty mouth, and Kai sighs erotically as he takes two fingers into his mouth. His expression as he licks and sucks on them has Kyungsoo nearly losing it. God, he’s the literal definition of sex.

Tugging his fingers from Kai’s lips, Kyungsoo presses his palm to the man’s chest and sits up as he pushes Kai down to lie on the couch instead. The stripper looks surprised at first, but his expression quickly blends into pleasure as Kyungsoo folds him in half and starts thrusting into him wildly, reaching down to stroke Kai’s cock in time with his hip movements. Kai cries out wantonly, tears and sweat smearing his makeup even more, and just that sight has Kyungsoo feeling that pull in his gut, and he spills into the condom with a groan. But he doesn’t stop until Kai comes onto his stomach with a shudder and drawn out moan.

Kyungsoo catches his breath as he pulls out and ties up the condom. He glances over at Kai as he sits back, and the stripper is staring at him as he pants for breath, like he wants to ask something.


“You got me off.”

“Well...yeah. Was I not supposed to?” Kyungsoo raises a brow.

Kai sits up, wincing a little, and leans back against the opposite arm of the couch. “No one ever really does is all. You’re such a gentleman, even in bed.” He grins.

“I’m only nice to people I like,” Kyungsoo smirks, getting up to get dressed. “I have to go again, though, baby.”

“You leave so soon,” Kai pouts. “I can go for much longer than one round, you know.”

“I’ll be back,” Kyungsoo assures as he finishes buttoning his shirt. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out his wallet. “Was the money I gave you before enough?”

“Give me all your sugar, daddy,” Kai purrs.

Kyungsoo likes that answer, so he takes out all the cash in his wallet and hands it to him. “You can have it all then, baby.”