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something about a tumblr and some ice

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After Katsuki's first gold at Worlds, someone takes a poster image of him from a couple of years before and puts it on a body pillow. Katsudon colors and cringes whenever it's brought up, but Victor proudly shows it to everyone and announces that he's ordered three.

“I… three?” Katsudon asks, bewildered. “You don’t even need one, I’m right here.”

“For when you travel!” says Victor. “To console us while you’re away. One for me, one for Makkachin, and one for Yurio!”

Yuri turns bright red and throws his soda at Victor. Who (ugh) catches it and (UGH) skates away backward, sucking noisily through the straw and (UUUUUGH) winking.

“I don't know how you live with him,” says Yuri.

“I don't know either,” Katsudon sighs, all smiley and gooey-eyed. Unfortunately, Yuri is out of sodas to throw.