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I think my band mates need help.

I think that all the time too.

Yeah, well, you didn't just witness Aoi and Reita fighting each other with chopsticks during lunch.
Apparently, Uruha nominated himself as the "prize" for the victor - why, I have no idea.
But Aoi and Reita were determined not to lose after that so I guess it worked?
Well... At least until Kai came in and put an end to it.

How very...
Mature of them.

Now they're raiding the vending machines with what little money they have left.
Doesn't look like it's going well.
I think Reita got the last Reese's cup. Aoi's devastated.

Look, I don't need to hear exactly what is it they do daily to know they're as dumb as I thought.

You only think that because you refuse to spend any time with them.
Aside from Kai. But I already know how that was an unfortunate accident on your part.
And they're not dumb. Just bored.

Not dumb? Ha.
Special then.

Are you calling my friends retarded?


Okay, so maybe they are a little retarded. But that doesn't give you the right to call them out on it.

But you can?

Best friend status dictates that I am allowed, yes.


But that's not what I wanted to talk about today.
I had actually text you to find out what your plans for the day were?

Avoiding everyone.

Y'know, you really should stop doing that.
One of these days Kaoru-san is going to handcuff you to the bed - or him - just to make sure you haven't done something dumb.
Like skipped town or died without his permission.

That would take far too much effort on my part.
Besides, I leave the incredible stupid antics up to Die and Toshiya.
The moronic duo are much better at pissing Kaoru off in that regard that I'll ever manage.

Oh, how silly of me to forget.
So am I included on that list of people you're avoiding?


Too bad. I'm already on my way over.


Fine, but no marathons today. I need to be able to walk for tomorrow's live without a limp or lingering soreness.

Oh, I'm sure humping mic stands and railings doesn't help much either.

Fuck you.

Maybe later if you behave well enough.

As if I would let you play bottom.

Worried I'll take your place as reining bitch?

Watch it, Kyo. I may just slip and tell Kaoru-san about your latest "hospital" visit.

Save it. He already knows I lied about the appointment.
Apparently I was spotted leaving your apartment so...

Is he spying on us now?! Because that is really fucking creepy Kyo.

Spying on you, probably not. Possibly put a tracking device on me? More than likely.
As as you said earlier, Kaoru doesn't like not knowing where I am. Especially if I miss out on work for it.
Meaning this is all your fault.

My fault?!
How is it my fault?

You're the one who suggested skipping work to come over.
Now Kaoru doesn't trust me anymore.

I said nothing about you lying to Kaoru-san and sneaking over here. That was all you!
I just suggested if you weren't busy, I could use some extra hands to help me get undressed.
Now Kaoru's sending spies after us? This is totally your fault.


By the way, I just arrived on your floor so you better hurry and unlock the door you creep.

What if I said no?
Or better yet, refused to unlock the door.

Guess I'll have to kick it in then.

And who are you calling a creep?
It's not like I'm the one spying on us.

You see nothing wrong with Kaoru-san spying.
That makes you just as much of a creep.
Even worse, you probably enjoy it.


"True," Kyo said as he unlocked the door for Ruki when he started banging on the wood after he couldn't successfully turn the knob. "Thought you said you were going to kick it down if I didn't unlock it?"

"I decided not to risk injuring myself because you're antisocial," Ruki grinned before giving his lover a kiss and forcing his way further inside like he owned the place.