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Teen Wolf: Claws and Chaos

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"Reid! Tyler!" shouted Benjy's voice, however lost amongst the crowd and the rave music. It was summer and the house parties around Harvard University were on full swing. "Reid! Tyler! C'mon guys!" Benjy was Reid Garwin and Tyler Simms' roommate in one of the off-campus apartments and it was past time they agreed to head home.

Benjy continued to search the house, opening each closed door he came across. Vacant bathrooms. Closets. Bedrooms—which he inadvertently disturbed couples making out. Finally, on the third floor, he found them. On the bed, two girls were nearly naked but for their panties, their tongues down each other's throats. Against the long dresser, Reid had Tyler pressed against the piece of furniture, Reid devouring Tyler's lips while Tyler had both his hands down Reid's pants, one in front the other in back.

"Can we go now?" Benjy said, leaning against the door frame, his annoyed expression directed at his two roommates.

"Five…more…minutes…" Reid panted as Tyler kissed his way down Reid's neck.

"You said that an hour ago. And then you slipped away to go make out in Franco's grandmother's room? Classy." Upon hearing whose room it was, both couples stopped.

"Franco's grandmother…ugh," Reid said, straightening up as Tyler removed his hands, following Reid out the door, their hands clasped.

"Ladies," Benjy said with a nod as they began to find their own clothes.


— | | —

"How was Parker's party?" Tyler asked the guys walking behind him, Reid, and Benjy; the six Harvard students each lived in the same apartment community.

"Pretty lame," began one of them. "Drinks were good…they're always good. But the music was shit. And the girls…well…y'know."

"I don't," Tyler said, removing his supportive arm from Reid's shoulder and slipping his hand down the back of the blonde's jeans. Tyler looked back with a smirk, the three guys faces turning to shock.

"Stop fuckin' with 'em, Tyler," Benjy said, hoping not to get jumped by three of the university's athletes.

Tyler wrapped his arm around his slant-walking boyfriend and followed the vintage car they began to pass with his eyes.

"How much did he have to drink?" Benjy asked, looking at Reid as the blonde continued to stumble forward.

"A lot," Tyler said. "I lost count after the first hour."


"It's better he drink. You know that."

"I don't really since someone won't tell me what he's hooked on."

Tyler only made a face, one that he's made multiple times on this very subject. "Just drop it dude."

Benjy put his hands up, clearly surrendering before another argument ensued.

"Did you talk to Candice?" Tyler said, changing the subject.

This time it was Benjy's turn to make a face.

"C'mon dude! That's the whole reason we went tonight."

"So you're not all fags?" said a different jock behind them.

Reid's outer arm immediately went up, a fingerless-gloved middle finger sticking right up.

"Don't start shit, Garrett," said the jock who had been the first to converse.

"What? Are you a fag, too?"

"Fuck off. Dude, that's Reid and Tyler. The ones that kicked your brother's ass."

"You're Aaron's brother?" Tyler said, a smirk appearing on his face. "Yeah, he was a puss—"

Tyler was interrupted mid-sentence, but not by the angry jock behind him. Tyler was suddenly flung several yards forward into the sidewalk. Reid stumbled and tripped as he watched the three jocks suddenly be torn to the ground, blood flying into the air. Reid's half lidded eyes widened as he watched Benjy's throat be slashed open before his roommate fell to the ground. Reid flipped himself over to make his way towards Tyler when he was knocked face-first into the pavement. And before he could fight back, all he saw was black as numbness washed over him.


— | | —

"He's coming around," came a familiar voice. Reid's eyes slowly opened to see Kate Tunney standing over him, her bright eyes and gaping smile a sight for sore eyes. And then there was Pogue, who had gotten up from the seats across the room and joined Kate.

"Hey, thought we lost you for a minute there," Pogue said, nudging Reid's shoulder.

Reid cracked a small smile, attempting to look around the rest of the room.

"Caleb and Sarah are outside," Kate said, reading the blonde's mind. "Your aunt and uncle are on their way."

"Great," Reid croaked. "Where's Tyler?"

"He's uh—" Pogue began

"Mr. Garwin," interrupted a voice from across the room. A doctor. "Glad to see you're awake. I'm Dr. Thompson."

"How's Tyler?"

"Mr. Garwin, please don't work—"

"How's Tyler?" Reid demanded, his voice strengthening.

Dr. Thompson looked from Reid to the worried faces of Pogue and Kate before returning to Reid. "Mr. Simms…is in a coma."

Reid just stared at him. He almost forgot to breathe when his lungs began to strain.

"Mr. Garwin—"

"Get out," Reid said plainly. And when the doctor refused to budge, "Get out!"

Dr. Thompson frowned before taking his leave in a hurry.

"Was it Chase?" Reid asked when the automatic door shut.

"No, it wasn't," came a voice when the door opened again. Caleb.

"Then who—" Reid began.

"What," Caleb interrupted as he continued further into the room, Sarah Wenham behind him.

"We got attacked by an animal?" Reid said, laughing in disbelief.

"We're not sure," Pogue said, a look of deep worry still dawned on his face.

"I don't get it…someone wanna' fill me in?"

"The initial police report states an animal attacked you," Pogue continued. "Two problems: there hasn't been a large wild animal attack in Boston in a long time and the report also seemed to indicate intent behind the killings."

"Killings?" And then it dawned on Reid. "Benjy?"

No one answered.


"Whatever did this," Caleb resumed, "killed all but you and Tyler."

Reid looked up at the ceiling and noticeably exhaled.

"Mr. Garwin," interrupted the physician again, "there are two detectives here to speak with you. I can ask them to come back later?"

"It's fine," Reid stated plainly, not taking his eyes off the ceiling.

Dr. Thompson nodded and two detectives garbed in wool trench coats entered the room. "Mr. Garwin," began the female, "I'm Detective Callahan, and this is my partner Detective Mclean. We'd like to ask you a few questions about the attack, if that's alright?"

Reid nodded.


"C'mon," Caleb said, Sarah and Pogue following hastily.

"Let us know if you need anything," Kate said, squeezing Reid's wrist before following the others.