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Evil Author Day 2017

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Title: Untitled
Series: It Probably Will Be
Fandom: Criminal Minds,
Year: Season 5 (Fall 2009)
Category: Daemons, First Time, Injury Recovery,
Ratings: R
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid
Spoilers: Up Through Season 6
Summary: It was firmly believed outside of the BAU that Spencer Reid didn't have a Dæmon. In the over seven years since he'd joined the academy, no one had ever seen it. Aaron Hotchner knew he had one, he'd been around when he heard Spencer talking to her late at night in the bullpen. He never invaded his privacy though and demanded the answer that all of them wanted, which was what was so bad about her that Reid wanted to hide her.
Warnings: Canon Typical Violence, Torture,

Aaron had never known pain like he did in that instant. He felt the blade slide into his stomach again and groaned. He didn't let out a whimper or a moan, just he groans that he couldn't hold in. George Foyet was sitting on his legs, the blade was in his hand and he pulled it out.

A loud whimper sounded across the room and Aaron turned his head enough to see Kara bound with rope as far from him as possible. She was wiggling in her bindings and trying to get to him. The blade fully cleared Aaron's body and the pain was intense. He was on the edge of passing out and he knew it. It would only take a few more minutes and another slide of the blade inside of him for darkness to take him.

The sound of nails on the tile of his kitchen had Aaron's head turning that way.

"What are you looking at?" Foyet asked. The man reached out and pulled Aaron's face back to look at him. A growl ripped through the air and Foyet looked towards Kara. "Shut it you mutt!"

Before Foyet could get the blade up again, the man jerked on top of Aaron and then blood sprayed all over Aaron. Behind Foyet was a large creature. Aaron couldn't figure out what it was. It looked like a wolf in some way, like his Kara, but in other ways it looked like a fox. It's face was covered blood from where it had just ripped Foyet's throat out with it's teeth.

The creature moved over towards Kara and Aaron finally let out a whimper. It turned to look at him and instead of going towards Kara, it moved towards Aaron. A lick across Aaron's cheek and then it was moving towards Kara. A gentle paw ripped open every single binding on Kara and Aaron's dire wolf ran across to him, nuzzling in at his neck before dragging Foyet's body off of him. The creature said nothing as Kara whimpered at Aaron. Aaron reached out and gripped her wet fur. He didn't care about the blood, there was blood all over him and her already.

"Aaron," Kara said as her tongue tried to clean blood off of Aaron's face.

The clatter of a something hitting the floor next to him had Aaron looking at the creature and he saw that it was his house cordless phone. The creature bumped into Kara and seemingly nuzzled at her neck before disappearing from Aaron's sight.

Aaron blamed it all on the blood loss. He tried to reach out for the phone but Kara nosed it away from him. She used her claw to dial a number. Aaron couldn't see well enough to see what number she dialed.

"Aaron, you are supposed to be asleep," Dave said as he answered his phone.

"Dave, Aaron's hurt."

"Kara, what's wrong?"

"Foyet attacked me and him and Aaron's bleeding."

"Where is Foyet?"

"Dead. Ki-I ripped his throat out." Kara lied.

Aaron wondered why Kara hadn't said that another Dæmon in the building had killed Foyet. Aaron needed to figure out who it was and thank them. He tried to stay awake but the darkness was claiming him.


Aaron woke up but he didn't open his eyes. He wasn't sure what he was afraid of but as he heard the beep of the machines around him, he knew he was safe. He heard breathing around him and he tried to open his eyes. His body was sluggish with the pain medicine that was coursing through his body.

Kara shifted beside him and he reached out to pet her.

"He's awake," Dave said and there was movement to Aaron's left. Aaron moved his head that way and was successful in opening his eyes. Dave and Prentiss were right there at his side. Prentiss looked worried and Dave just looked upset. "Aaron, what do you remember?"

"Foyet. He's dead."

"Yes, Kara ripped his throat out."

"Where is everyone else?" Aaron asked. He was shocked that none of the rest of the team was there.

"On a case. We were called in early. Just after I called everyone about you. JJ and Morgan are with the victim's son at school, protecting it and Reid is with the victim. Garcia is at the office working on helping to close the case." Dave turned and looked at Prentiss. "You need to go back to Reid and help him go through the doctor's files."


"Go," Aaron and Dave said at the same time. Prentiss looked like she wanted to fight it but she did as they both said. Prentiss shut the door behind herself and Dave looked at Aaron as soon as he did.

"Kara has been muttering about someone named Ri. Who is that?"

"I-" Aaron looked down at Kara and saw that she was clean. She had been bathed and it looked like she was uninjured. "I thought I was hallucinating the Dæmon that killed Foyet but I wasn't was I?"

"No. I will not tell you who it is, though," Kara said.

"She lied to me on the phone," Dave said. He looked at the Dæmon with an almost proud look on his face. "She's never lied before."

"No, she hasn't and I'm not sure that I like it."

"Ri will never hurt anyone else. I promise Aaron."

"Is she okay?" Aaron asked.

"I've not seen her since she left. She looked fine when she left."

"What was this Ri?" Dave asked.

"I don't know. She looked like a creature out of a fairy tale or a myth. What is she, Kara?"

"She's asked me not to tell."

"Your own Dæmon keeping secrets is just..." Dave laughed.

"At least Kara is honest when she is keeping secrets. What happened after I passed out?"

"The LEOs and EMTs made it to you before I was able to. I didn't call the team until you were already in the hospital. Then the case came in and we've been trying to take care of both ends and none of us got enough sleep. I don't think the kid slept at all."

"Why not?"

"He was upset before I even called him. I never did get out of him what it was. He's worked the case like a demon possessed, which is good because there is a lot of files." Dave took his time going over the case and what they had figured out. How Prentiss had seen Aaron's file and figured out an aspect of the case that allowed them to realize that it was more than just going after the kid. There was a vendetta to it all. Dave's phone tweeted and beeped more than it really should have and his Peacock Dæmon was upset, meaning that Dave was and he was trying to hide it.

"Dave, what happened?"

"The UnSub went for the doctor. Prentiss was inside in the bathroom when the doctor fled from the house. He was saved but-" Dave stopped and sighed as Morgan and Prentiss entered the room. Aaron could see blood on Morgan's hands.

"He's in the operating room. He demanded to be brought here instead of the hospital in Mclean."

Morgan's use of he could only mean Reid, given that the other males on the team were already in the room.

"What happened?" Aaron asked.

"Reid shoved the doctor out of the way and ended up getting shot just above the knee. He tried to talk the UnSub down but when the man didn't back down, Reid shot him in the gut. Prentiss arrived a second later and helped the UnSub at Reid's assistance. JJ and I arrived a few minutes later and we rode with Reid here."

Morgan and Prentiss only stayed until visiting hours were over but Dave had left earlier to work on the case file for the shooting of not only an UnSub but an agent as well. Morgan had kept him up to date on Reid who was seven rooms down the hall as they were both staying on the surgery ward for the time being. Aaron wanted to go and see him but he knew that he was bed bound.

"All right, Agent Hotchner, how do you feel about a little trip down the hall?" Aaron's nurse Amy asked as she entered the room with another nurse, a male one that Aaron hadn't met yet.

"Why?" Aaron as leery.

"Because it was pressed upon me by Agent Jareau that if I had any issues with Agent Reid, that you would be the best bet on getting him to calm down. He's not letting us give him pain medication, not even Tylenol. So we are moving you both into the same room."

"Let's go." Aaron was happy about it in a way. He didn't like being alone in the room. He'd visited with Jack with Haley talking to Dave for the most part so that Aaron had some relative alone time with his son. The two nurses got him into a room where there was a setup for another bed but Reid wasn't in it yet. Aaron's machines were hooked back into the outlets. "Can you held me sit up?"

"Sure," Amy said.

It was painful to sit up but once he did, he felt better. His body adjusted to it and he relaxed back. Reid was wheeled in a few minutes later.

"Why am I-" Reid stopped when he saw Aaron. He looked at Amy and then the male nurse. "I want taken back to my room."

"We need the bed and you two already know each other."

"You want him to bully me into taking pain medication. It won't happen."

"Reid," Aaron said.

"We are not working, we are in a hospital. I am not going to do as you say."

"As your friend, I wouldn't mind having a friend in the room with me."

Reid glared at Aaron and his eyes said that he knew what Aaron was doing and he wasn't happy but he'd submit to it. Reid's bed was hooked up to the outlets and he watched as those around him moved in and around his bed. Every time that a person touched his IV lines, Reid flinched. There was something more going on with the younger man. Kara whined and pawed at the bed. Aaron wasn't shocked at that. Kara was like him and had a soft spot for the younger man. Kara liked to bump into him and rub against his leg while he was working. There was never skin to skin to contact that made Aaron feel like someone was walking over his grave.

As soon as the nurses left them alone and shut their door, Kara jumped down onto the floor and then gently up onto Reid's bed. She stretched along his side and laid her head on his hurt leg. She was almost curled around his knee. In that instant, Aaron knew exactly who Ri belonged to.