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Runs in the Family

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“Come on, Potter...” Scorpius tried again. They were in hogwarts sitting at one of the many tables in between bookshelves. The blonde child was standing on a chair, which was frowned upon in their library. While Mr. Potter had his head on a book trying to study via falling asleep on the pages.

“Pretend I’m your Dad.” Albus looked at him with a ‘fuck off’ gaze. Scorpius took his ink and made a z as if to look like a lightning bolt on his forehead.

“Albus, I don’t want you dating that boy!” Scorpius exclaimed holding his fingers in circle shapes to look like glasses.

“But Daddy I love him” Scorpius said in a high pitch voiced pretending to talk to his boyfriend.

“He’s a man you’re a mermaid!” Albus tilted his head in confusion.

“It’s a muggle movie, Auntie Bella and I watched it last summer. It was pretty good actually.” Scorpius got off the chair and sat down again.

“You’re going to have to tell him sometime ya know. Might as well be now. Plus maybe if you do it in person you won’t get a howler in the mail.

“I heard you can still hear miss Weasley scream through the great hall.” Malfoy giggled at his own joke.

“You think you’re pretty funny don’t you.” he nodded and Albus almost kissed him on the spot. Shaking his head he went back to the giant book, the dust bothering his eyes.

“We need a better plan.” the brunette explained while rubbing his eyes to try and get the dust out.

“You could come home with me for the holidays.” Albus looked at Scorpius with excitement.

“That was a joke, not a suggestion...You would get in so much trouble!” The blonde got anxious immediately.

“HOW! He’d never know!”

“You only have one friend doofus, it’s me! He’s gonna know where you ran off to. Plus my Dad may work with the ministry but people still think he’s evil. If you go missing then they’ll all think we killed you.” Scorpius got sad as he explained the last bit.

“Scorpius, he is a good Dad. He just happened to be on the losing side of a war he was born into.” Albus explained.

“Lucky for us he didn’t win. Wanna go back to our rooms? We could play cards…”

“You hate playing cards.” Albus smiled.

“Yeah, but you don’t.” The two boys got up and wrapped arms over shoulders. Heading into the dungeons to play some muggle games. It was around 2 am when one of the boys got the idea.


“Hey, do you think our dad’s stuff might still be here?” Scorpius got up and went over to his bed, he had picked it out. It had his dad’s initials carved into the wood with his first wand. Scorpius was proud to get to sleep in the same bed. But he had always wondered if his father left something hidden for him.

“You’re just thinking of that now? We’re sixth years.” Albus sighed turning over an ace and throwing it into the pile of cards. Realizing that they were not going to play another round.

“Yeah but...You never wondered?”

“If they great chosen one left me something in Slytherin house? No, can’t say I did.” Albus put his hands on his knees.

“Does your brother still have the cloak? We could get into the common room and see!”

“One, he doesn’t give that cloak to anyone, and two...if there wasn’t something up there James would have totally got it by now. He is the golden boy of that house. Wanna go see if Teddy wants to trade some money for cigarettes?” Scorpius was too busy stomping on the floor trying to see if there was a loose stone on the floor.

“Dude, there isn’t gonna be a trap door or anything like that. You gotta think smaller.” Potter stood up and jumped onto scorpius bed with his converse.

“So you do think there’s something!” The blonde jumped up on the bed too. The two searched the bedpost and under the mattress, nothing.

“Huh, maybe I could ask him.”

“Like, hey Dad..I know you were a death eater but did you also keep any pot in your room?” Albus said and reached into his pocket for his cigarettes.

“You are a basket of deplorable.”

“You’ve been watching too much American TV.” Albus took out his wand to try to make fire but failed and so he got up to look for a match.

“My dad didn’t smoke pot! You don’t even smoke pot!”

“That’s not the point. The point is whatever he hid he wouldn’t want shown.”

“Where would you hide something?”

“If I was afraid of Voldemort, my father, and my impending doom. I wouldn’t keep any secrets where someone could find them.” He said and and jimmied the bottom drawer open the box of matches fell under the bed. “Shite”

Bending over and picking up the match, striking it on the rock floor and then a bit of water dripped from the ceiling and smothered the flame.

“That’s weird” Scorpius moved over on the bed towards the dripping. There was a tiny hole. Hejumped hitting it and it broke with all of the moss dropping and tiny worms and garden snakes slithering away.

“This is why people think we don’t have a cool dorm. They think it’s cold and dank. But in reality it’s warm and full of greenery. But our freaking roof is made out of MOSS!” With this Albus sat on the bed and threw the match to the ground.

“Let’s go into the common room and get some tea.”

“You give up too easily, you go ahead you old posh hag! I’m on an adventure.” Scorpius took the broom hitting the beam officially bouncing the bed. This made more water leak through onto Albus who had, had enough. He got up and scoffed, a little more angsty than before.

“You are not on adventure you’re breaking our room. It’s not my fault I like earl grey and that’s our secret! You promised you wouldn’t throw that back in my face.”

Scorpius stopped, smiling at his boyfriend, he stepped off the bed. Put the broom against the wall and took Albus’ hand as they made their way into the common room.

Boys and girls were playing wizarding chess, doing homework. There was a girl in the corner on a typewriter that was enchanted to go by itself.

The fire on the left side of the room made the green and silver room bright and warm. The dingy windows showed the moonlight on the black mucky water outside.

Timmy and Davis were attempting to duel with each other’s wand to prove a point to professor Mcgonagall and failing miserably.

The boys went to the tea cart by the door and two cracked mugs floated over to them. It was their mugs, each mug was enchanted and the water was poured with loose leaf tea.


Scorpius’ mug has Van Gogh’s ‘Scream’ on it. While Albus had a mug with a picture of a male mermaid who winks.

They walked over to the rug near the fire. All of the teenagers were collected around the sofas and tiny tables. Everyone around each other, but no one really in anyone else's business. When in a Slytherin house, there is a sense of community, yet the ability to be alone while around people. The intensity is saved for classes, and of course the never ending hate of Gryffindors.

The boys also appreciated their house didn’t out them to the rest of the school. Slytherins were loyal to their friends as well as housemates

Scorpius sat on the rug as his old boots warmed by the fire.

“Mate, what did you expect you'd find?”

“I don't know...something that would make him..make sense to me.” Shaking blonde locks from his eyes Albus was reminded that he needed to give his boyfriend a hair cut.

“Why do you have to understand him?” Potter asked “I've never understood the chosen one and I've got along just fine.”

“Your dad also wasn't a death eater… how could they have hated each other so much?”

“Our parents?”

“Do you think maybe you'll hate me one day too?” Albus raised his eyes at his taller friend. The question broke Albus’ heart.

“Alright,” Albus put the cup up in the air and it floated to a coffee table. “Come on. Let's go give the room another look over.

When they got to their shared room the hole in the roof had grown and in its place was a lot of dirt, gravel, and to Albus's endless upset; moss.

But Scorpius saw a black leather bound book.

Grabbing it he went to sit on Potter's bed.

“Oh no that's fine, you read someone else's diary and I'll clean up the mess. Shall I wear a black lace uniform and a feather duster while I do it? Do you need me to do your laundry as well?”

“Albus…'s my dad's”


6am the boys huddled over the journal each taking turns reading Draco’s most secret thoughts.

“‘ sitting in class Harry sent another note. This being the second week of our ‘friendship’ I tried to stay calm. Looking around to make sure no one noticed the boy who lived talking to me. If father found out...well anyway, he asked me to meet him near the edge of the forbidden forest. He said he needed to ask me something… I'm scared he may have found out. I can't imagine how, but I won't confess, no matter what.’”

Albus read the words and then looked to his boyfriend. Were their parents?

“Albus, did my dad shag your dad?” Their mouths both grimaced at the image.